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Benefits Of Playing Board Games – Gifts That Will Make Memories! (+ Giveaway)

Are you searching for gifts that will encourage togetherness, build memories, and not add too much clutter to your home? If so, I highly suggest considering board games! There are so many benefits to playing board games.

Benefits Of Playing Board Games - Gifts That Will Make Memories!

Benefits Of Playing Board Games

Playing board games is a great activity that can bring people closer, strengthen your relationships, and help you meet new people.

Because the majority of board games are geared for two or more people, they offer a great way to connect with others. Playing games gives you something to do which takes the pressure off of pure socializing. Many games help you to engage, utilizing teamwork to play. Overall, they are a social activity that brings people together.

Playing board games teaches you how to be patient.

Most games will take at least some strategy (although you may come across one here and there that is pure luck) to play in hopes of winning. So as you put that strategy into play, it will take patience and time for your plan to typically pay off/work.

Playing board games increases brain function.

Did you realize that playing games is a great way to exercise your brain? This is super important, especially as we age. Playing games stimulates brain areas that are responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes…. and this is true for all ages so get the entire family playing!

Engaging in game play and strategy planning assists in practicing essential cognitive skills such as decision making, higher level strategic thinking, and problem solving.

Playing board games is great for reducing stress and makes for laughter.

If you’ve never had a family or friend game night, get a date on the calendar NOW! You’re missing out on so much fun and laughter. No matter what games you choose to play, go with a great attitude and you’ll see that fun and joy will be there too.

You can play board games with anyone.

There are games available for all ages. So no matter who you’re wanting to engage with, there is a game out there for your needs. When playing with younger kids, you can find cooperative games so everyone is working as a team. Once they’ve mastered that skill, you can move on to games that require more strategy and self thinking. For adults, you can find some awesome group games and strategy games that will have everyone scrambling.

You can play board games almost anywhere.

Games can be played pretty much anywhere you go, even when traveling! There are travel sized games and card game options that are great for those instances. Most board games come in a sturdy box so you can take them with you to a friend’s house or even a park. We play games everywhere!

Playing board games can help create happiness in your life.

One common side effect of board game playing is laughter. When we get together with cousins and friends, it’s inevitable that laughter will break out, sometimes completely uncontrollably because of something that happened during the game. It is one of the vital ingredients for an enjoyable learning experience and increasing creativity. Also, laughing and having a good time in general helps to decrease stress.

Board Games With Benefits

If you're looking to upgrade your board game stash and reap the benefits of playing games, check out this list that we've compiled of some really great games.

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Susan Smith

Saturday 3rd of December 2022

I remember playing HI-HO! CHERRY-O® CLASSIC when I was a child.

Candie L

Saturday 3rd of December 2022

I love old school Barrel of Monkeys. Thank you

Lauryn R

Friday 2nd of December 2022

I loved Pretty, Pretty Princess when I was a kid! I am definitely going to get it for my girls this Christmas.

Rebecca Orr

Thursday 24th of November 2022

I would love to get Canasta Caliente.

Penny LeBaron

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

Scattergories is always a game we have enjoyed playing. We have not played Scattergories stackagories.