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Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

This Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review is sponsored by Backyard Discovery. As always, all opinions are my own.

Earlier this summer, a big storm damaged some of our outdoor play equipment. One of the things the straight-line winds destroyed was our Backyard Discovery Grand Escape. (Head over to my Instagram post if you’d like to see the damage.) So as we went about re-creating our outdoor space, I once again turned to Backyard Discovery to help. This time, they sent me their Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse to review.

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review (1)

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse

While this play set is quite a bit smaller than our original Grand Escape, I was excited for it because we’re expecting and I think it will be perfect for our new little one as she grows.


This playhouse came in three boxes. Now, if I hadn’t seen how well the giant Grand Escape came packaged, I would have thought we didn’t have the correct number of boxes. However, I love that they were labeled ‘box 1 of 3’, ‘box 2 of 3’, and ‘box 3 of 3’ to confirm. They came on a regular delivery truck and were placed by our front door. While heavy (for me, especially because I’m pregnant), they are manageable and my husband brought them into the garage.

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review


While it’s best to lay out all the pieces to make sure everything is accounted for ahead of time, we knew we wouldn’t be able to finish in one day as we got a late start and had to quit to milk the cows on our dairy farm. So instead, we did some minimal organizing of the pieces by separating like parts but didn’t do a full check.

When we got about 2/3 of the way through assembly, we did realize we were missing 2 pieces that were essential for the framing of the playhouse. I called the number in the instruction manual and spoke with a very kind woman who got those pieces en route to us asap.

Assembly in and of itself was not terribly difficult but it was a bit time consuming. We spent about 3 hours working on it the first day (with 2-3 adults helping) and another 3 hours the second day (with 3 adults and 1 teen this time).

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

Final Product Results

Once our Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse was completely assembled, I took a step back to admire. It’s absolutely adorable with its charming windows and trim detailing!

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

Overall, this playhouse is great! Features include:

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Imaginative Play: Play kitchen, powered blender, working bell and working hinged door all included.
  • Elevated Play: Raised playhouse to accommodate compact spaces.
  • Wave Slide: Equipped with a high-rail 6-foot wave slide.
  • Capture Memories: Growth Board included to document children’s growth.
  • Flat-Step Ladder: Wide, flat step ladder creates an easy access point for children of all abilities.
  • Easier assembly: Supported by the step-by-step, interactive and voice narrated BILT app for ease and convenience during assembly process.
  • 100% Cedar: Made with durable Cedar wood, naturally resistance to rot and decay. Pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled for added convenience.
  • Worry Free: Backyard Discovery provides a full 2-year warranty as well as an extended 5-year warranty on wood rot and decay.
  • Safe Play: Engineered to meet or exceed ASTM standards (code F1148-19). This product is intended for RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY. Any use of this product outside of a residential setting will make the product warranty null and void.
Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

My kids especially love all the little features incorporated into the design. The mini kitchenette inside the playhouse portion is quite popular. (It even came with some pans and utensils!) They LOVE the dinner bell too. The slide is also the perfect way to make a quick escape when playing games or just a fun way down.

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Playhouse Review

If you love the Beacon Heights Playhouse but the color isn’t for you, be sure to check out the Echo Heights Playhouse which is a neutral brown. Backyard Discovery also has a great selection of playgrounds, swing sets, pergolas, gazebos, and more available over on their website! Don’t forget, Christmas is coming and any of their items would definitely make a great ‘WOW’ gift this year!

Echo Heights Playhouse - Backyard Discover

Tell me, who do you know that would love this playhouse?

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Bracha Sandner

Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Do you think it would possible to swap the ladder and slide placement? Wondering if the space is the same width. Thanks

Mia Rose

Saturday 6th of November 2021

This has so many fun features that kids of any age would love with the slide and the neat kitchenette.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 5th of November 2021

That is a great looking playhouse. I am sure your kids love it!