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BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2

Babyjorn Travel Crib Light 2 Review

When BABYBJÖRN was started in 1961, the founder, Björn Jakobson, desired, “To make life easier for families with small children, by developing saef and innovative products of the highest quality for children up to three years.” Over 50 years later, BABYBJÖRN remains a Swedish family company, with products that are now sold all over the world!

A travel crib is almost a necessity for families these days. As Americans, we are always on the go, and we don’t want to let a baby slow us down. I’ve had the opportunity to try out a number of travel cribs, and my biggest complaint with them has been how bulky and heavy they are. I’m a tiny lady, so dragging a portable crib that is long and over 25 pounds (and I have one that is 37 pounds!) is no easy task! If I have to carry my baby too…forget it!

Ruth of Viva Veltoro was able to review this crib a few months ago, and after reading her review (Click here to read it!), I knew I wanted to try this crib out myself! I was sent the Travel Crib Light 2 from BABYBJÖRN, along with an organic cottton crib sheet, (free of charge, in order to provide my honest review) and it arrived the night before we planned to leave for a day at the lake. It was perfect timing to try it!

I was immediately surprised at just how small the crib was when it was in the travel bag. It weighs only 11 pounds (yes, you heard me right!) and measures 24 x 19 x 6 inches. I have never used a travel crib that was so small and lightweight. I was able to carry it, along with my son and some of our other supplies, for our day at the lake.

Not only is the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2 light and easy to carry, set up is a breeze!

I didn’t even need to read the instructions to set up the crib. If you’ve used a travel crib before, most likely you have had to pull up in the middle, lock the top rails, then push down the center. You won’t have to mess with any of that with the Travel Crib Light 2! All you need to do is unfold the frame of the crib, pull the legs into position, then insert the mattress.  You will probably want to put a sheet on your crib as well and BABYBJÖRN makes wonderful, organic cotton sheets that fit this crib perfectly. They are SO soft; your baby will love them!

When it’s time to put your Travel Crib away, it’s just as easy as setup. I take the mattress out first and then flip the crib upside-down  Next, you just pull up on each leg, which releases it, and then fold in towards the center. Once all four legs are folded, just fold the crib in half and pack it (and the mattress) back into the bag. Again, this process will probably take you under 2 minutes.

Now, let’s be honest for a minute. Kids know how to drool, puke and poop (You know, the explosive kind!) in the worst places.  BABYBJÖRN knows this, and that is why they designed the Travel Crib Light 2 to be washable. There are hidden zippers that hold the fabric covering the top rail in place. It is very easy to unzip for washing. The bottom half of fabric on your Travel Crib can be removed by a simple tug on the black pieces at the bottom of the legs. Again, like everything with this crib, cleanup is so quick and hassle free. Removing the fabric will take you about 2 minutes, and then you can toss it in your washing machine on delicate.

I am extremely impressed with this crib from BABYBJÖRN! The mattress is the softest I’ve ever felt for a travel crib, setup and cleanup couldn’t’ be easier, and I love the modern, chic look! What does my son think of his travel crib? See for yourself!

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Buy: The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2 is available at a number of different retailers, inlcuding Amazon, Target, Babies”R”Us. Check out the store locator on their website for all locations.

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