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An Unsponsored Review of the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier ONE – I’ve Used It For 10 Years!

I have owned this carrier for over ten years. I first shared a review of this carrier back in 2013 and I thought it was about time I updated!

Spoiler alert – I have reviewed a LOT of baby carriers over the years that I have been blogging and this one is my favorite. It’s one of the few baby carriers I’ve kept.

I have used this carrier with all 7 of my children. Let me tell you why I love it!

There Are 4 Carrying Options

The babyBJÖRN baby carrier ONE was designed to be the one and only baby carrier you will need from newborn- 3 years. It has 4 different carrying positions which allow you to carry your baby in a newborn position, inward facing, outward facing, and on your back.

a collage of two images showing the front and back of the babybjorn One baby carrier

Let’s talk about the 4 carry positions, starting with the newborn hold. You can begin using this carrier with your newborn when they are 8lbs AND 22 inches long. For my babies that has been from about 4-6 weeks of age.

Newborn Carrying Mode

To prepare your ONE for a newborn, you’ll need to check two adjustment settings. First, on the inside of the carrier you’ll find a zipper which allow yous to adjust the length of the carrier.

An inside view of the Babybjorn One Baby Carrier with text that says, "Adjust from Newborn to Baby/Toddler with a Hidden Zipper."

For a newborn, obviously you’ll need the carrier to be on it’s shortest setting. It is labeled clearly and very easy to zip into place.

Next you’ll need to locate the leg zippers towards the bottom of the carrier and make sure they are in the “normal” (or unzipped) position.

A close up image of the leg adjustments on the babybjorn One baby carrier. The left side shows the wide leg position and the right side shows the normal leg position.

When I initially wrote this review I did not have a newborn to try out this part of the carrier, so I used one of my daughter’s baby dolls to show you roughly how this will look.

A collage of two images showing a woman wearing the Babybjorn One baby carrier in a newborn hold. She is using a baby doll to demonstrate the hold.

I’m going to be honest, although this carrier works just fine in the newborn hold, I tend to like to use a wrap-style carrier for the first few months of my babies’ lives.

I recommend the Boppy ComfyFit for the first 3 months then move onto this carrier.

Inward-Facing Position

Next up is the inward-facing position. This position has been ergonomically designed for both you and your baby.

You’ll want to begin using this when your baby is 27 inches or longer. First, adjust the zipper on the inner side of the carrier to the baby/toddler height position.

Next, zip the legs into the wide leg position. Now you’re ready to use this carrier for inward-facing. Here is my son Jacob demonstrating this position:

A collage of images showing a woman carrying a toddler in the Babybjorn One carrier.

Forward-Facing Position

Once your baby is around 5 months old, you can use this carrier in the outward-facing position.

To forward-face, you will need to put the leg openings into the “normal” unzipped position. Then, you’ll want to fold down the head support flap so baby can see the world around them.

Now, I know some of you are going to immediately shake your head and tell me that babies should not be carried this way. First, let me just say that, as mentioned above, BABYBJÖRN does not recommend using this style of carrying until your child is at least 5 months of age.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has noted that by the time a child is 6 months of age, most babies have doubled in size. Because the hips are more developed and the ligaments are stronger, the risk of hip dysplasia or dislocation is much less at this point.  

Secondly, I would also like to point out that I have met babies who cry and cry when they are in a carrier and are inward-facing, but the minute you turn them around to see the world, they are happy as can be.

The beauty of this carrier is that YOU as the parent make the choice that is best for your child. You can carry inward, you can carry outward, you can carry on your back.

As my babies have gotten older (usually after about 9 months old), they have loved being able to face outward sometimes.

Back Carrier Position

The last position for the ONE is the back carry. You can start using this when your child is 12 months.

You’ll want to prepare the carrier the way you do for the inward-facing position, with the zipper for the body of the carrier in the baby/toddler position and the leg zippers closed into the wide leg position.

Once my kids are over a year old, I must say that the back carry is my preferred way to babywear. I’m able to be hands-free plus no obstruction up front.

This is great for doing all kind of housework, while keeping my little one happy! The back carry position can be used until your child is 33lbs or 39 inches tall.

In the photos below, my daughter Maggie is a petite little 3-year-old, so she is still able to be carried in this position. And let me tell you, she LOVES it!

A father demonstrating the back hold with the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One with a 3 year old girl.

Overall Review of the Babybjorn One Baby Carrier

So now that I’ve talked about the ways you can carry your baby, let’s talk about the carrier itself.

It is clearly well-made. I have used this carrier a LOT over the past 10+ years and it still looks great! It’s even been through the wash a few times. (Just let it air dry after you wash it.)

The fabrics have all been chosen and tested to be free of harmful chemicals and allergens. The padding is soft and the stitching is precise.

The buckles may have an odd look that you are not accustomed to, but after a little practice, they are easy to use and will give you an audible “click” when they are attached securely.

When it’s time to use your carrier, it is designed to pull over your head like a sweater, rather than slip on like a backpack (the way many other carriers are designed).  I was worried this might be difficult, but it was very simple.

Another feature I love is the handy quick guide with instructions on all of the carry positions. The quick guide is attached to the carrier and stored in a little pocket.

An image that shows the inside of the babyBjorn One baby carrier with arrows that show where the quickguide is located and the zipper adjustment.

Overall, I found that this carrier lives up to the babyBJÖRN reputation of producing high-quality baby gear.  It is comfortable to wear and all of my children seem to really enjoy riding in it.  

Not only that, but thanks to its strong look and black color, it’s a carrier that my husband can use and still feel masculine. In fact, of all the baby carriers I own, this one is his favorite too!

Although some of the pictures may make this carrier look complicated and intimidating, don’t worry–it is really very easy to use and we love it!

My Number One Reason I’ve Kept This Carrier For 10+ Years

All of the things I mentioned above are great features of this carrier but there is one more thing that has caused me to hold onto this carrier and use it with all of my children. My back and hips feel SO much better when I use this carrier, when compared to any other carrier I’ve tried.

Many of the baby carriers that I have tried start to hurt my hips and/or back after wearing my babies for even a short amount of time. I haven’t had that problem with this carrier.

I can’t promise you that you will have the same success with this carrier. Some carriers might work better for someone with a different body shape than mine.

But what I do know is that I have tried others (Moby, Ergo, Infantino, ring slings, and more) and I feel so much better when wearing my One from BABYBJÖRN.

That’s why I keep going back to it as my favorite. I can’t say enough great things about this carrier and recommend it to all moms!

You can view the different color options and order your own on the BABYBJÖRN website. Also check out my review of the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light to read about another product from BABYBJÖRN that I love.

Maria Egan

Saturday 8th of June 2024

How impressive that this carrier has worked so well for over 10 years. It looks like it is a good choice for a carrier that can be both inward and outward facing.

Michael Lambert

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

This carrier looks nice and I like the many different positions you can carry in.

Diana Chastain

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

I have always in been interested in Baby Biorn products, but it thought you weren't suppose to carry children facing out because of hip dysplasia?

Maggie Russell

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

I'm glad to see Bjorn working on producing more ergonomically correct, comfortable carriers!

Lily Kwan

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

This carrier looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!