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Summer Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor Review

Thanks to Summer for gifting me the Summer Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color video Monitor for this review. 

As my husband and I prepare for the birth of our first child, our main concern in safety. A parent’s worst nightmare is having something happen to their child. We want to ensure that our baby nursery is well equipped from day one with all of the safety gadgets we can get our hands on. Are video monitors worth it? I certainly think so! When I was provided the opportunity to review the Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 inch Color Video Monitor by Summer, I knew it would be a must-have safety item.

Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor Review

Features And Benefits of the Summer Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Color Video Monitor

There are so many amazing features found on the Summer Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor. Before picking a baby monitor, I did my own research. I found all the features I was looking for in a monitor, but was struggling to find one monitor that did it all and was affordable. This one marked everything off my checklist and some features I was not even aware of.

Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor

SleepZone Virtual Boundary

One feature that the Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor has that I didn’t even know was an option is the Sleepzone Virtual Boundary. This innovative new technology helps parents alleviate some of those naptime and nighttime worries! You can set a boundary box around the baby’s safe space to alert you when your child exits their immediate surroundings. Whether your child rolls into a corner or is plotting an escape, the sound alert will help you to keep baby safe. I imagine this will become much handier the older baby gets. Especially once our little one upgrades to a toddler bed and all the “freedom” that comes with it.

 Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor

4.3 Inch Display Screen And Night Vision

The Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor comes with a 4.3” digital color screen with automatic black and white night vision. This allows you to clearly check on baby any time, day or night. It should be noted that this device is not WIFI compatible. The company has made a conscious decision to go this route due to the recent hacking incidents involving WIFI monitors. This should give parents some peace of mind knowing that they have a safe connection between their monitor and camera. 

Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor

Remote Camera Steering And Three Level Remote Zoom

The remote camera steering allows parents to adjust the camera from the handheld device. I am excited about this feature. Especially when the baby gets more mobile and might not stay in one place for very long. This will allow me to follow the baby’s movement without going into the nursery or playroom to move the camera. I can also get a closer look at the baby with the press of one button with the remote, three-level digital zoom.

Talk-Back To Baby And Voice-Activated Screen Wake-up (VOX)

With the convenient talkback feature, you can easily comfort and soothe baby with just the press of a button, which is perfect for helping them get back to sleep or letting them know you will be right there. Screen wake-up option allows the camera in the baby’s room to notice the sound and wake up the handheld monitor display screen. This is a great way to save on battery life. Although the camera does need to be plugged in at all times to function, the monitor is able to run off of battery power. The battery life will depend on how much energy is used by the consumer. The camera itself is equipped with a 12-foot cord and the monitor has a slightly shorter cord of 6 feet.

Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor

Lullabies & White Noise

The Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor doubles as a sound machine. Soothe baby to sleep with the option of playing lullabies or white noise through the monitor in baby’s nursery. The only downfall is that the white noise and lullabies are set to an automatic 20-minute timer, with no way of extending the playtime without restarting the sound. This could be an issue if the baby isn’t asleep yet after the 20-minute timer expires. However, it is nice to have a two in one system and not need to buy another device to use as a white noise machine.

Room Temperature Display

Featuring a convenient on-screen temperature display, the Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor always lets you know the temperature of your nursery. This will be great for us, who want to keep the nursery door shut at night to keep the pets out. Now we can ensure that the room doesn’t get too hot or too cold by keeping an eye on the temperature.

Expandable Up To 4 Cameras

The Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor comes with one monitor and one camera. It does have the ability to add up to 3 additional cameras so you can view multiple rooms and children. View each room individually or with the 8-second auto-rotation between rooms. We plan to add another camera once the baby is here so we can keep an eye not only on the baby but so we can keep an eye on our three pets as well. I wonder how our dog will respond to the talkback feature?

Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor

Our Thoughts And Experience

Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor Out Of The Box

The first thing I noticed about the Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor was how easy it was to follow the directions right out of the box. It tells you exactly how long the initial charge needs to be, how to power it on and clearly states what each button does and the function. I assume it could be figured out without the manual. But, I tend to be a rule follower and wanted to walk through it step by step. We have not mounted the camera. It does come with everything that would be needed to mount (minus the tools themselves) and seems easy enough.

Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor

Size And Quality

The monitor is not as big as some that I have seen. This was a take it or leave it concern for me. It is plenty big to see what you are looking at but is not as big as others on the marker. The monitor quality is good, but not perfect. It is clear what you are looking at, but not as crisp as images appear on my TV or phone. Again this doesn’t affect your ability to use the product for its intended purpose, which is monitoring the baby. I have not been able to compare the picture quality of the Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor to other brands and models. So this could very well be standard clarity. 

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am really pleased with the Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor. The price point seems to be comparable with similar models. I really like that I can add up to 4 cameras to use in various rooms and situations. I love the multiple features such as the talkback mode and built-in sound machine. The monitor quality and size could be improved but was nowhere near a deal breaker in my mind. In addition, the overall ease of use had me sold from the minute I took it out of the box. I am so glad that we have this monitor and will have it ready long before baby gets here. You can find the Baby Pixel Cadet Video Monitor on their website or Amazon.

What is one safety item for your baby you can't imagine living without? 
Let me know by leaving a comment below.
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Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3 Inch Color Video Monitor Review

Eileen Boyce

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I like the up to 4 cameras features! Thanks

Tiffany S

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I like the two way talk on the camera.

Vikki Billings

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

My favorite feature would have to be the night vision!

Lily Kwan

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I like the sound machine feature.


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I like that this video monitor is so easy to set up and use, right out of the box.