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Baby Doll Accessories Every Little Girl Needs + Giveaway

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I am the mother of a mini mommy. My daughter is all about her baby dolls, and therefore she is also all about baby doll accessories! She loves rocking them, feeding them, diapering them, and laying them down to sleep while singing a lullaby. I love watching her play and mimic the very things I do every day with my daycare babies. It is also a great reminder that our little ones are watching us! I thought of all the baby doll accessories she would need to play mommy and teamed up with Badger Basket to complete the list. 

Doll Crib and Girl With Doll Stroller-Baby Doll Accessories Every Little Girl Needs

Must Have Baby Doll Accessories

Baby Doll Cribs And Beds

To start, I thought about all the daily activities I do each day to care for my daycare babies and niece. First, her dolly would need a place to sleep. Badger Basket has the cutest bassinet ever! It comes with a mobile that plays a sweet melody and two storage containers at the bottom to store all her doll accessories. It is said that when children play with dolls, they develop empathy. The world can definitely use more empathy and it starts with teaching it in our homes to our children. Playacting is such a simple way for us to encourage developing empathy in our children.

There are also many different types of baby doll cribs and beds you could choose from. Like bunk beds, bassinets, moses baskets, playpens, your typical baby doll crib, and many more! Badger Basket has many different options of doll cribs and beds to choose from on their website.

Even though I referenced a girl playing mommy because I have a daughter, you may want to consider having baby dolls accessories for the mini daddies out there too!

Baby Doll Clothing

Are you familiar with the kid’s storybook called “If You Give A Moose A Muffin?” If you give a moose a muffin, he will want some jam to go with it. Well, if you give your child a dolly, they will want some clothes to go with it! It is great to have at least one change of clothes to add to their doll accessories. Perhaps if the doll came with a set of clothes, maybe consider pajamas to put the baby down to sleep.

Baby Doll Wardrobe

My daughter loves to be able to change her doll’s clothes every day. Having a special wardrobe for doll clothes is a great place to store them! You can even get hangers that are the perfect size for little doll clothes!

Little Girl With Doll Crib- How to create a space for the mini mommy in your life

Baby Doll Blanket

Every little girl needs a blanket to swaddle her baby in. If my little girl is holding her dolly, most likely she has a blanket as well.

Baby Doll High Chair

Another item a little girl would need is a spot to feed her dolly. Badger Basket’s Doll Highchair with Accessories checked off this box! The tray of the highchair lifts so that my daughter can easily take the doll in and out of the high chair by herself.

Doll In High Chair- How to create a space for the mini mommy in your life

Baby Doll Feeding Accessories

Every little mommy needs a bottle, bowl, spoon, and bib to feed her baby. You may even want to consider adding kitchen accessories such as plates, cups, spoon, forks, play food, so that your little girl can sit down and eat with her baby.

Play Kitchen Center

To go along with the baby doll high chair, it would be a great addition to add a kitchen center! She can prepare the baby doll’s food and bottle. She can wash the dishes after feeding her doll and also is the perfect spot for her to store all the kitchen and doll feeding accessories.

Baby Doll Stroller

This beautiful summertime weather calls for a stroll. My daughter loves taking her dolly for a walk around the house and outside. Badger Basket’s Daydream Multi-Function Single Doll Pram & Stroller is absolutely adorable and will have any little girl feeling all grown up!

Little Girl With Stroller- How to create a space for the mini mommy in your life

Baby Doll Changing Mat

As we know, a newborn baby mostly eats, sleeps, and poops! This brought me to my final thought of getting my little girl a diaper bag with a changing pad and accessories. My daughter has a habit of playing with her own diapers and pulling out all the wipes from her container. Since getting her a pretend play set for her dolly, she has taken less interest in that now. Thank goodness! 

Baby Doll Swing

Girls love to have all the same accessories we moms have in real life. A baby doll swing is the perfect place for her to put her doll while playing with her other toys.

Repurpose Baby Items You Already Own

Many of the items I have listed above, you may already have around your home! Some dolls fit in newborn clothing perfectly. You can also reuse baby bottles (the 4 oz size ones are great), bibs, burp cloth, blankets, and much more!

Baby Doll Accessories – Complete!

Now that my daughter has all the major doll accessories every little girl needs to play mommy, she can play on her own, with her little toddler friends, or with me! I no longer have to worry about her wanting to use real-life baby products and she has her very own doll accessories to play and run with her imagination.

Do you have a little girl that likes to play with baby dolls? What other doll accessories would you suggest I add?

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High Chair, Cribs, Swing, Armoire- How to create a space for the mini mommy in your life

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