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Aobosi Car Refrigerator Review

I received an Aaobosi Car Refrigerator in exchange for this review. As always, opinions are my own.

I recently discovered that a cooler that doesn’t need ice exists! Summer can be a busy time for camping, hiking, road trips, sporting events, hunting trips, and more. I’ve discovered the Aobosi Car Refrigerator is a must-have if you are a person or family that is always on the go.

Cooler - Aobosi Car Refrigerator Cooler Review

What Is A Refrigerator Car Cooler?

A refrigerator car cooler is a type of cooler that can keep food and drinks chilled and even frozen, with no ice required. My family and I love to camp! How we ever lived without this car cooler is beyond me. The convenience of being able to load up the cooler and have everything cold when we arrive at the campground is amazing.

About The Aobosi Car Refrigerator Cooler

Dual Zone & App Control Car Fridge

The AAOBOSI 12-volt refrigerator adopts the latest dual-zone dual-control technology, which can independently control temperatures of two zones from 68℉ to -4℉. You can choose any zone independently as a refrigerator or freezer to meet your various needs. The app even allows you to control the temperature of the cooler from your phone!

Fast Cooling & Large Compartments

With compressor refrigeration technology, the Aobosi car freezer could achieve a temperature from 68℉ to 32℉(0°C) in a matter of 15 minutes, and about 60 minutes to reach its lowest temperature of -4°F. Smaller in size but still with decent capacity, this car cooler can hold 54 cans of Coke, 29 bottles of water, or 16 bottles of red wine.

Low Noise & Anti-Shaking

This 12-volt cooler featuring a low noise of 45db, is designed to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for you while the cooler is running. The Aobosi portable cooler/freezer is equipped with a multi-functional non-slip base that helps to reduce lateral displacement and prevent shaking during use.

Energy Saving & High-Quality Compressor

The Aobosi 12-volt Refrigerator Cooler adopts advanced 3D refrigeration technology and is equipped with a powerful compressor for fast cooling, which consumes very little energy. You could choose ECO mode for energy-saving or MAX mode for fast cooling.

The RV refrigerator includes three power-saving levels: low, medium, and high. These modes reduce power consumption to the desired level, maximizing your car’s battery life. Its USB port even allows you to conveniently charge your phone.

Aobosi Warranty

Aobosi provides a 3-year warranty on the compressor, a 1-year warranty on all other parts, and quality technical support. I also appreciate how this 12v car cooler is equipped with 100/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which can be used at home or on various vehicles.

Specifications & Features

  • Weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.27 X 23.94 X 20.8 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Capacity: 44 Quarts
  • Detachable 2-Way Doors
  • USB Charging Port
  • App Control Option For Android And IOS
  • Manual Control
  • Max/Eco Cooling Mode

Aobosi Car Refrigerator Review

The Aobosi Car Refrigerator Cooler is the handiest item I didn’t realize I needed until I had it! I like the size and weight of this cooler as I am able to lift it myself without any additional help. Being that this cooler has a motor, it is a bit heavier than a traditional cooler. If the cooler does get too heavy for me to lift into our vehicle, depending on what we pack inside, I just remove a few items and then add them back in once I have the cooler placed in the car. The other option that I often choose is to load the cooler up with items after I’ve placed it in the vehicle and plugged it in.

I really love that this car cooler has dual control compartments so that I can put cold beverages in one side and ice cream treats in the other for those hot summer days! There are built-in cup coasters on the cover of the cooler, which is nice to set your drinks on. It also has handles on both sides of the cooler so I am able to carry it easily to any desired spot. The charging cords that are provided are long and I haven’t had any problems yet with not being able to place the cooler where I want it. This cooler comes with a charging cord for your vehicle which is especially handy for longer road trips!

Overall Thoughts

This refrigerator cooler truly provides my family with convenience in our travels. No matter what we need to pack, I can keep it at the perfect temperatures. (This is especially handy for grocery shopping on hot summer days too!) If you are in the market for a new cooler, I highly recommend you check out the Aaobosi Car Refrigerator Cooler. You will not be disappointed!

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Wednesday 1st of May 2024



Friday 6th of October 2023

What an amazing little fridge.

Anne Perry

Friday 1st of September 2023

It has been so warm that when we go grocery shopping, I place dairy products in our cooler. This looks like a great product to have for camping and if the grid goes down.

Peggy Nunn

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

That would be good right now if we had to evacuate for the hurricane.