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The Adair Group Wholesale Review

As the owner of a small screen printing business I am always looking for ways to remain profitable, a task which has become increasingly difficult given the current economic climate.  Well, when we were approached by The Adair Group Wholesale T-Shirts I was very interested.

My Adair Group Wholesale Review

A quick look at their website fascinated me. Unlike many blank shirt wholesalers who do not actually stock their product but rather contact the manufacturer to ship your order (called drop shipping), The Adair Group actually owns and stocks all the shirts that they sell!

Why is this good?  By purchasing all their stock in large bulk orders from the manufacturers The Adair Group receives the best possible price which, in turn, is passed onto the consumer.  Basically, the “middle man” is eliminated and costs are kept to a minimum.

Another advantage to eliminating the “middle man” is you don’t have to worry about a 3rd party shipping the wrong items, slow shipping, or your items being out of stock completely.  When you order from The Adair Group, a real person receives your order and handles it from start to finish.  Customer service like this is hard to find!

The Adair Group stocks 2 grades of shirts; First Quality and TagCertified Slight Irregular. First Quality items have passed quality control screenings by the manufacturer and The Adair Group before being shipped to you.

The TagCertified Slight Irregulars are shirts that, for various reasons, did not pass quality control screenings by the manufacturer.  Don’t let the term frighten you away from purchasing these shirts!  The Adair Group only purchases the highest quality Slight Irregulars from the manufacturers.  Most irregularities can not be seen with the naked eye and many are microscopic!  These shirts are just as good as First Quality but at a fraction of the cost.

The Adair Group never purchases “seconds” which are shirts that have holes.  The best part?  Every single internet order is quality checked and examined before shipping to the consumer.  Plus, they have a customer satisfaction guarantee and a best price guarantee!  You won’t find a better source for bulk t-shirts, polos, hoodies, and fleece anywhere!

As a screen printer, quality is always on my mind.  We inspect every shirt we sell before and after we’ve printed on it.  I was very excited to compare the First Quality items to the Slight Irregulars. The Adair Group sent us 2 adult hoodies, 2 children’s t-shirts, 2 polos, and 2 adult long-sleeved t-shirts. Some were First Quality and some were the Slight Irregulars quality. I couldn’t be more impressed!  There was absolutely no obvious visible difference between the First Quality and the Slight Irregulars.  The Adair Group has clearly earned a new customer with me!

On a final note, The Adair Group also donates clothing to various charities and causes.  Submissions are carefully reviewed and several worthwhile causes are selected every year.  We all know that everyone needs help sometimes and it’s refreshing to see a company who gives back to the communities it does business in.

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