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5 Teething Products Every Mom Should Have in her Arsenal

5 Teething Products Every Mom Should Have in her Arsenal

With our newest family addition, Gideon, already closing in on a month old, it won’t be long until he reaches the milestone of his first baby teeth. He has been SO easy thus far… or maybe I am just getting more easy-going. The time goes by faster and faster with each new baby so I wanted to start preparing for it now. Zellene had two teeth at 4.5 months so I know it’s possible it could happen soon!

While it is cute to see them growing up, the teething phase isn’t the most enjoyable time. I have one wisdom tooth myself that has been slowly coming in and it’s made me realize (or remember) how painful it is to cut a tooth. Let me tell you, some days it’s downright miserable! Because the teething phase is so tough, there are tons of products to try to help you and your baby through it. Here are the ones I’ve found are most helpful:


There are a TON of baby toys available and every child is different as to what they will end up preferring! Some children like a more solid, harder plastic while teething, and others have liked something softer, like Sophie the Giraffe.  Speaking of the popular giraffe, many people ask me if she’s work her hefty price tag. I didn’t own one until I had my 3rd child and to be honest, she didn’t pay any more attention to it than the other 20 teething toys she had. It also has a squeaker inside of it which can get annoying. She’s cute and great for pictures, but I wouldn’t say she’s a necessity. Just have a handful of teething toys that have different texures and shapes and that should keep your little one happy.

Wear Tough

Baby Safe Cleaning Wipes

While your baby is teething, she’ll go through a lot of toys. When you’re home it’s easy to toss them in the sink or dishwasher to disinfect, but when you go out to dinner, inevitably some of them (and probably the favorite one) will end up on the floor. I keep the new baby-safe disinfecting wipes on hand so we never run out of teething toys when we are on the go. Trust me, you don’t want to be left without clean toys when you are out shopping, eating, etc..

Teething Jewelry

I hadn’t heard of teething jewelry until a few years ago, but I think it’s a great idea! When looking for teething jewelry, search for a brand that offers high quality organic silicone that is non-toxic, soft, heat resistant, eco-friendly, and has no taste or smell. You also want one with a strong cord and safety clasp for easy breakaway. Some are even dishwasher safe! My personal favorites come from a brand called Wear Tough. Their styles and colors are right up my alley and mesh well with my outfits and skin tone plus they are really stylish and affordable too! (Some styles are available on Amazon with free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.) I love mine so much, I’ve been known to wear it even when I don’t have a teething baby. Beyond teething, they are also just great for nursing babies. I have found that around 4-5 months old my babies start looking for something to do with their hands while they nurse. A necklace like this gives them something other than my hair to tug on. I love products that serve dual purposes!

Wear Tough

Teething Tablets

Our family uses a lot of alternative medicine, like homeopathic remedies. I love Hyland’s Teething Tablets and have used them with great success for all 3 of my other children. They really seem to sooth them quickly, especially if they wake during the night in pain. One thing I would note is that they aren’t recommended for babies with a dairy allergy or intolerance because they do contain lactose.


We all probably have these around the house already. Never underestimate the power of a cold wet washcloth! I like to get it damp and then stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. I usually save these for when I’m trying to fix dinner. I’ll put my little one in the high chair and then give them one while I prepare our meal.

The teething period can be rough but just remind yourself that it’s only for a season. Before you know it, your little one will have a full mouth of teeth and will be talking up a storm! When all else fails, just snuggle up together on the couch and hold your little one. Nothing soothes a baby better than being close to someone they love!


Sunday 13th of March 2016

Our little squirt's just about to hit teething (she's at 4 months) and it's got us very, very nervous. Thanks for the tips (particularly the teething jewerly!)