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15 Screen-Free Travel Must-Haves for Kids

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 A few weeks ago some friends of ours were over to visit and they mentioned a recent family vacation where they drove to their destination screen-free with their two kids. To be honest, I’ve gotten so used to turning the DVD player on any time we are in the minivan that the thought of taking a screen-free trip had never crossed my mind before. But, that’s all I ever took as a kid! We didn’t have a DVD player in our vehicle. We didn’t even have any portable game systems. We had our cassette player, radio, and a bag of fun travel items for our trip. 

I remember one road trip in particular where my friend and I sat in the back of her mom’s station wagon (remember the seats back there that were turned around backward?!) and played round after round of Uno the entire way. It was a blast! 

It got me thinking, with our upcoming trip to the beach in a few weeks, I’d love to go screen-free for the 6-hour drive! My kids could take in the scenery and play fun car games the way I remember playing them. I went in search of the best screen-free travel must-haves for kids and wanted to share them with you today!

15 Screen-Free Travel Must-Haves for Kids

A list of the best travel items for kids so your family can go screen-free and still have a blast on your next road trip!

I hope you enjoyed my list of screen-free travel must-haves for kids! Do you have anything you’d add to the list? What do your kids love to play with in the car? 

Judith Bayer

Friday 25th of December 2020

Wish I saw this blog before my son and his family moved to Hawaii last August because I definitely would have shared with them. However, I am planning to visit them in February and we will be in the car a lot so these suggestions will come in handy then and in the future. Thanks for saving me research time!


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

Really great suggestions here, it's a lot of fun to play different games in the car.

gloria patterson

Saturday 1st of August 2020

My niece and family are headed to Ocean City this month and this would be some good stuff to have for her daughter. I think the lap table would really be good to have my great niece is almost 4. Going to share this with my niece

Em Mahr

Tuesday 9th of June 2020

I love this! We also have DVD players in our vehicle and taking a no-screen trip sounds like a good idea. I'm loving the Chuckle & Roar Pop it! - The Take Anywhere Bubble Popping Game and Mad Libs (I remember these from when I was a kid!).

Teri A Durkin

Thursday 30th of April 2020

We have Pop It! and it keeps our kids (5.5 and 3) entertained for the car and at home!