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12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom [+Love And Fit Giveaway!]

12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom is sponsored by Love And Fit.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Moms are some of the busiest people I know.  We tend to wear ALL the hats. 

  • Chef ✅
  • Maid ✅
  • Chauffeur ✅
  • Nurse ✅
  • Disciplinarian ✅
  • Referee ✅
  • Teacher ✅
  • Meal planner ✅
  • Party planner ✅
  • Wet nurse ✅
  • The list goes on and on!

All too often, moms are so busy caring and nurturing others, they forget about themselves!  So today, I’m sharing 12 simple ways to love yourself as a mom.  We are all humans who have basic needs.  It’s time to start ensuring our cups are full so we can pour out our love, time, and energy to others.

Before becoming a mom, I had lots of free time.  I had hobbies!  I loved reading, and as a matter of fact, I used to read several books a week.  While I do still start a book every now and then, I rarely finish them these days.  Why?  Because I just don’t have time.  The age old ‘mom excuse’.  There’s just no time!  But I’m learning that to be the best mom possible, we need to find simple ways to love yourself as a mom.  

Are You A Joyful Parent?

There’s a huge difference between knowing something and actually doing it.  The follow through is so important.  I know it’s easy to feel guilty when you take time to do something for yourself, but don’t let that stop you.  In fact, we’re sharing 12 simple ways to love yourself as a mom to get you started; but you can always brainstorm other ideas too.  

mom and baby - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

First, let me say that you do not need to feel overwhelmed about self care and finding ways to do something for YOU!  We’ve got 12 simple ways that will barely take any time at all but will help make you feel great!

1)  Declutter (Something…Anything!)

We all do it, right?  Buying stuff we just don’t need is so easy to do.  Then, before we know it, the clutter is EVERYWHERE!  But did you realize clutter actually has a negative psychological effect?  Nip that in the bud right now; open that messy drawer, cupboard, or room and declutter it.  You’ll feel so much better the next time you need to grab something from that area!  Plus, this is such a simple way to offer yourself love and self care.  

2)  Unplug – Even For A Day

Studies have shown that surfing social media sites actually brings about a restless and unhappy attitude.  So letting go of your device and spending a day screen-free is an easy way to help you feel better!  You’ll experience 24 glorious hours where you won’t find yourself comparing or feeling overwhelmed by what someone else posts.

Woman with flowers - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

3)  Go For A Short Walk

Whether it’s around the block, down the street, or just a stroll on the sidewalk as you wait to pick the kids up; a walk can be extremely beneficial.  Getting up to stretch and taking a few deep breaths can refresh you and renew your attitude.

4)  Reach Out To An Old Friend

I have a friend who moved away a couple years ago.  So now, instead of seeing each other several times a month, it’s more like 2-3 times a year.  But reaching out to just chat ALWAYS leaves me with a smile on my face.  So if you’re looking for a quick picker-upper, give an old friend a quick call.

5)  Plan A Meal Featuring YOUR Favorites

As the mom, I feel like I’m always catering to what someone else wants.  But there are some days where I just decide I’m going to do something for me and I choose my favorites for a meal… Right down to the dessert!  And guess what, it always leaves me happy and with a satisfied belly.

water with lemons and ice - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

6)  Drink More Water

This sounds so simple but drinking enough water is something that many moms don’t think to do.  Yet, it’s something that can make you feel so much better!  Bonus points because drinking an adequate amount of water helps with clearer and brighter skin!  Check out this 11 Simple Hacks To Help You Drink More Water to help you get started.

7)  Buy Yourself A New Piece Of Clothing

For most moms, your pre-mom bod is something you vaguely remember.  Carrying a baby, delivering that baby, and raising that child takes a toll on you.  But did you know there are options available that are made JUST FOR MOMS!?  Love And Fit is an activewear line designed for all stages of a woman’s life.

mothers - Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

“Stay Put” Leggings, Nursing sports bras, nursing tank tops, nursing hoodies and workout leggings that you can wear through all stages of your life regardless if you are pregnant, in postpartum, have teenage kiddos, even women with none at all!  This lineup is designed to grow with you, through every stage of womanhood and motherhood!

Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

Ultra High Postpartum Leggings

These leggings are designed to be your favorite, post baby.  EVEN if that baby was 5+ years ago!   Featuring a seamless high waist design, the fit offers a smooth style and gentle mid-section compression.  Before kids, I was low-rise all the way.  After 5 kids, I’m in love with this ultra high waist that rises to just below the bra line as it works to conceal my tummy area.  Plus, it’s perfect if you are a nursing mom and pulling up your shirt at times to feed. Of course, no perfect pants would be complete without POCKETS!!!   And the buttery soft, dual brushed sided fabric makes these leggings ones you will want to wear daily!

pants with phone pocket - Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

Performance Long Sleeve Nursing Top

Pull off the perfect athletic and leisure look with this versatile pullover, which features a semi-relaxed fit and light weight fabric that’s perfect for layering.  Whether you’re looking for that perfect top for your morning run or to do errands, this piece will always keep up. The discreet twin nursing zips make it easy to nurse anytime, anywhere!  And once baby/toddler is past the nursing stage, you can keep wearing as nobody will be the wiser!

woman - Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie

The Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie is the softest and coziest hoodie ever!  Plus, it’s designed to make nursing easy and functional for new moms.  Featuring a pull over design, the incognito zipper design allows moms to breastfeed quickly and discreetly.  But because of the ingenious style, the seamed zipper design allows you to keep this hoodie for years even after you’re done nursing!

nursing top - Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

Wear the Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie anytime and anywhere…to the gym, for a run, to running errands or lounging at home!
mom and daughter - Love And Fit Activewear For Moms - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

All too often, post-baby clothing is just completely unappealing; especially nursing clothes.  So I am beyond thrilled to have discovered Love And Fit.  I couldn’t be happier as their clothes are comfortable, stylish, and functional!  As I mentioned, they offer a unique activewear line featuring functional and innovative items for all women.  From their top selling Nursing and Pumping Sports Bra to their Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Leggings.  But the best part is, Love And Fit’s “stay put” leggings can be worn by anyone too!  They are squat proof, have pockets, and don’t fall down during running or workouts! You will NOT be disappointed!

8)  Listen To Your Favorite Song(s)

While I’m not techie AT ALL and have no idea how to make a play list, I do know how to search YouTube for some of my favorite songs.  So while this sounds like a crazy idea as one of the simple ways to love yourself as a mom, trust me on this.  Cranking it up and belting out an old favorite can turn any frown upside down!  I’m not a great singer but catching a favorite song on the radio is like winning the lottery.

Alarm Clock & Stuffed Lamb - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

9)  Get To Bed Early From Time To Time

Bedtime can get rough.  I get it.  Before I had kids, I did in-home daycare and worked 12-14 hour days but I had weekends off.  Even so, once a week, when my last child would leave between 5:30pm and 6pm, I’d grab supper and be in bed by 6:30!  It would boost my energy levels and provide me with some much needed rest.  Now, as a mother, I’m on duty 24/7.  But recently, I headed to bed by 7 and felt so much better the next day.  That energy carried me over for a few days and this is something I plan to implement more often.    

10)  Grab Your Favorite Movie From The Library

Take an evening and cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn and your favorite movie!  If you’re like me and don’t have NETFLIX, just request it from the library for a free night of fun!

11)  Choose A Service At The Salon

I know this can be another splurge item but it really makes moms feel special.  So whether you decide to get pampered with a new haircut, pedicure, manicure, or massage, take that time to focus on yourself.  Taking the plunge for a new hairstyle or color can really boost your moral.  A great massage can help to reduce stress as well as headaches.  In the summer, I love having cute nails.  Really, it’s a personal preference but save up and treat yourself at the salon from time to time!  

notebook, paints, and brushes - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

12)  Pick A Favorite Activity And Do It!

If you don’t have a favorite activity brainstorm some ideas and try something new!  To give you some ideas, here’s a list to get your started:

  • Pick up an adult coloring book and color.
  • Visit a local pottery painting shop.
  • Try glass blowing.
  • Give your hand at gardening.
  • Grab some paper and paints and create a picture.

And if you’re completely out of ideas, one of my favorite simple ways to love yourself as a mom is to take a bubble bath!  

So tell me, do you have any simple ways to love yourself as a mom that you do from time to time?

women - 12 Simple Ways To Love Yourself As A Mom

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Amanda Alvarado

Saturday 4th of July 2020

I like the Guardian Leggings in black! I love that they have grip and will stay up! All my leggings always roll down and it gets annoying!


Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Pumping Sports Bra 2.0 - Charcoal Gray.

Peggy Nunn

Monday 29th of June 2020

I would like the Ultra High Postpartum Leggings - Black.


Sunday 28th of June 2020

I like their Guardian Leggings in black


Sunday 28th of June 2020

I would love to have a pair of the Ultra High Postpartum Leggings.