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10 Reasons Why the Target Baby Registry is the BEST Registry

This post about creating a Target Baby Registry is sponsored by P&G but all opinions are my own.

You’re in your second trimester, you finally know the gender of your baby (if you chose to find out), and now it’s time to create a baby registry. There are a lot of registry options out there so you might be wondering where to go. As a mother of 4, I’ve made a few baby registries myself. I’ve also done a LOT of baby shopping over the years. There are a few important do’s and don’ts when creating a baby registry and one of the biggest Do’s is that when it comes to creating your baby registry, you want to create a Target baby registry! Here’s why:

10 Reasons to Create a Target Baby Registry

Cloud Island

I’m starting with Cloud Island because basically, I’m obsessed and I’m certain you will be too. Just looking at the Cloud Island lineup had my ovaries aching. If you have not been down the baby aisle at Target yet, you need to go now and you need to check out Cloud Island. It’s the best thing to happen in the baby gear world this year, hands down. The prints are so adorable and chic and even better, they are extremely affordable! I’m talking $14.99 for a 3-pack of hooded bath towels, $9.99 for fitted crib sheets, $19.99 for a 3-pack of muslin swaddle blankets and so much more. I honestly can’t say enough great things about Cloud Island and this brand is exclusive to Target. When I’m pregnant again, my Target baby registry features a ton of Cloud Island items!

Target Baby Registry

Target Baby Registry

Ease of Use

Making a baby registry could take you a few hours at other places, but not at Target. The Target Baby Registry app makes adding items from your phone, in the comfort of your home, quick and painless. You can also go in store and use your phone to scan items to add them to your list or borrow a scanner from the customer service desk.

Free Gift for Signing Up

Everyone likes free stuff! When you sign up for a Target Baby Registry, you’ll receive a FREE gift, valued at over $50! It includes things like coupons and product samples. Additionally, I’ve noticed that by creating registries with Target in the past, I’ve been sent coupons throughout the first year of my baby’s life to use towards baby necessities at Target. I’m talking about good, high-value coupons!

Check out this video to see what’s included in the free gift bag!

Ability to See Products Up Close

Confession: I love babies and baby products. I like to stay up to date on all the new items that are coming onto the market in the baby space. Although I’m not pregnant and my youngest is nearly 19 months old, I often find myself meandering down the baby isles at Target to get inspiration for products I want to feature on my site. I go to Target to look at baby products because they offer the ability to see so many of the products up close and personal — I’m talking out of the packaging, where you can literally feel the products and see every feature.

Target Baby Registry

My local Target had 2 different glider rockers on display. I sat on them to try ’em out and let me tell you, I’m sold on this glider! If I have another baby, I’m getting one for our nursery. It is 100x’s more comfortable than the wooden glider I have now.

I’m also obsessed with the baby carrier display, where you can pull each carrier down and look them over closely. Seeing items out of the packaging can really make a big difference when you’re deciding between a few brands.

Target Baby Registry

You’ll find displays for many other baby products in store: playards, swing, bouncers, car seats, bottles, breast pumps, video monitors, and more! Target is the place to go to look at the popular brands up close!

Huge selection

Not only does Target give you the ability to see products up close, they also have a huge selection. And while you can see many items in store, there’s an even larger selection online. On the off chance that you can’t find the item you want at Target, the universal registry feature allows you to add virtually any item from anywhere to your Target baby registry.

Unique Items

The Target Baby Registry has done a great job of bringing in items and brands that are up and coming and not as well known. Yes, they have the tried and true baby brands that our moms purchased, but they also carry the new stuff, like Dock-A-Tot (one of my must-have items if we have another baby), Tula, bumGenius, Cybex, Skip Hop, 4moms, and plenty of eco-friendly and organic options too. They also have Target exclusive products, like this cute floor toy from Infantino.

Target Baby Registry

The Target Baby Registry Offers Helpful Advice

There are SO many things you need to add to your registry that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Target has taken the steps to guide you through creating your perfect registry. In fact, because they know that all moms will need diapers, when you sign up for your Target Baby Registry, you’ll find size 1 Pampers diapers already added to your list. (Here’s my own bit of helpful advice — add more Pampers! Lots of Pampers! You will never regret getting tons of diapers at your baby shower. You will go through thousands in the first year alone! Make sure you add various sizes of diapers too and don’t forget the Pampers wipes!)

Target Baby Registry

Target also features a selection of “Mom’s Picks” items. These are products that BabyCenter moms across the country have voted on as their favorite, must-have baby items. If you’re unsure of what brand or baby gear items to add to your registry, this is the place to start!

Integrate Your Pinterest Board

This is one of the coolest features I have ever seen for a baby registry! If you’re like me, you’ve created a baby board on Pinterest and pinned all of the coolest baby items you’ve come across. Now you can integrate that board with your Target baby registry quickly and easily!

Ease of Shopping

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about baby registries. Sadly, not every shower attendee will purchase from your registry. That’s just how it goes. However, they are more apt to purchase from your registry if it’s somewhere they already frequently shop and/or they offer an easy online shopping experience. Target has both of those! Life these days is so busy; Target is convenient!

I have friends who have created multiple registries at various locations and they all agree that it was the Target registry that almost every shower attendee purchased from. Don’t waste your time on multiple registries (which gets hard to manage anyway and increases the chances that you’ll receive duplicates of items) and just go with Target. It will make the baby registry experience easier for both you AND your friends and family.

Completion Discount

Unfortunately, there’s a really good chance that you won’t receive every single item on your registry at your baby shower. Thankfully, Target will send you a coupon to save 15% off of the remaining items on your registry or 20% off if you use your REDCard! That can add up to huge savings since you have so much to buy for a new baby!

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in life. I’m so thrilled for you and I’m here if you have any questions about what to put on your Target Baby Registry.  Leave a comment below or ask me on social, I’d be happy to answer all your baby gear questions!

Target Baby Registry

Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

I like Target. They have nice baby things.

monique s

Thursday 26th of November 2020

Target seems like a great choice as they have so much selection and cover all the areas from accessories to toys, clothes, etc.


Monday 13th of July 2020

Someone ordered on target a baby rocker on my registry and I already got the same baby rocker from someone else ,how do I return to target cos the item already arrived ??please


Monday 13th of July 2020

Hi Fiona,

Just reach out to your local Target store for help. :) For me, they've always taken back, as long as it's new and unopened, and then given me in-store credit.

Mia Rose

Wednesday 29th of August 2018

Every single one of the baby showers I have attended recently have had a baby registry at Target. I love how convenient it is and fun to look at the baby items.

Alison Jones

Sunday 24th of June 2018

The Target registers are GREAT! I love to be able to pick an item I know the parents want and can use for baby. It's so convenient with Targets all over!