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15 Fun Ways Kids Can Enjoy Playing in the Snow!

Do you get snow where you live?  Here in Minnesota, it feels like the winter season can last forever!  Some years, it’s a lot of fun though.  If we actually get snow along with the cold temperatures, we have a great time outside! 

kids playing in the snow with a text overlay that says, "15 fun ideas for playing in the snow"

It’s the years when we just have frigid temps but no snow that outdoor winter activities for kids are unbearable.  So if you live where the snow flies, I’ve got a great list of activities that my kids love for playing in the snow!

15 Different Activities for Playing in the Snow

We all love to see that fluffy white stuff fly at least once.  A couple of weeks ago, it already happened here in Minnesota!  When we came out of AWANA, flurries were thick in the air.  It was dark out and the entire ride home, the kids were begging to “go play in the snow as soon as we get home”. 

They didn’t realize that the temps were too warm for those flurries to stick around.  But as you look forward to the upcoming snowfalls, here’s a list of 15 outdoor activities you can do in the fresh snow.

Make the most of your snow days!

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Hit Up The Local Park Or Playground

Just because the snow flies doesn’t mean that parks and playgrounds close!  If the public schools have called a snow day, you can usually use their playgrounds as well. Bundle everyone up and head out to play once the roads are safe to drive. 

While the monkey bars may be too hard to manage in gloves, there are tons of things to still do at the park.  Kids can still play on the swings, slides, and other playground equipment.  My kids seem to have more fun at our local parks when there’s snow involved!

Have a Snowball Fight

Kids love having snowball fights! Just make sure they don’t mix the snow with ice because those balls can sometimes hurt! Growing up we used to make some pretty large snowballs and had a blast having epic snowball fights!

Build a Snow Fort

Building snow forts or igloos in the snow is always a fun way to spend the day in the winter snow! Find some square or rectangle containers to make “snow bricks” to build it. It’s a great way to prep for an epic snowball fight too!

Go Snow Tubing

Have you ever been snow tubing? It is SO MUCH FUN! This was one of the activities I loved as a kid! Find the best place in your area that has a big snow hill and have a blast going up and down the mountain!

Go Skiing, Snowboarding, or Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing is another snow activity I loved and it’s perfect for older children. I would go skiing from sun up until sundown skiing out in the fresh air and winter wonderland of our local ski resort.

Keep in mind too that if your area has not had much snowfall this year, many resorts make their own snow so you can still go there to enjoy the snowy slopes.

Make (and Eat) Snow Ice Cream

It’s easy to make snow cream and young kids love eating it! We try to make it once a year.

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Play With Your Pets in the Snow

Whether your dogs are indoors or out, they also need to get exercise.  So, grab a ball or some treats and head outdoors to play with them! 

We’ve found that our dogs actually really love playing in the snow with the kids.  Of all the different ways kids can play in the snow, don’t forget to include your furry family members.

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Watch Frozen And Then Pretend You’re Elsa

I’m always up for a fun family movie, especially during the winter.  So in the past, we’ve sat down to winter or Christmas-themed movies.  And then, acted out some of the scenes.  Cue: Elsa!

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Make Seats/Thrones

Growing up, my sister and I would “carve” seats in the snow.  We’d create entire make-believe worlds where we were queens as we sat on our thrones. 

We seriously spent hours upon hours in our pretend play.  So I love encouraging our kids to also carve their own chairs and begin their journey into whatever land they wish!

If you have a lot of snow, you could even make a snow castle!

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Build A Baby Snowman

Children are so proud of the things they can accomplish themselves.  And, building their very own mini or baby snowman is no different.  (Check out that little twig arm even!) 

He was so proud that he was able to build that snowman all by himself.  Of all the different ways kids can play in the snow, making a family of baby snowmen is something the kids enjoy every year!

I recently saw a neat snowman kit at Walmart that comes with lots of great items to help kids build a snowman including a felt top hat and red scarf to a wooden pipe, coal mouth and eyes, buttons and carrot nose.

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Go Down Hill Sledding Or Pull The Kids Around The Yard

We don’t have any really great hills in our yard so if the kids want to sled, most days, it’s just on a flat surface.  So usually an older sibling pulls the younger ones around. 

Or else, we’ll hook the big toboggan sled up to the 4-wheeler and dad gives everyone a ride.  Either way, sledding is a staple that has to be done!

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow
Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Catch Snowflakes Or Taste (Clean) Snow & Icicles

Have you ever been outside when the big soft flurries were coming down?  Opening wide and trying to catch a snowflake on my tongue was always so much fun.  Or we’d run around and break long icicles off buildings to lick and pretend we were eating popsicles. 

And finally, scooping up a clean handful of snow to eat.  All of these are winter staples that kids enjoy spending time doing.

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Make Snow Angels

Making snow angels is a must-do each winter, no matter how old you are.   I suggest you lay on your back and have a friend help you get up so you don’t ruin your creation.

Play Snow Games

Just because you typically play them when it’s not snowing doesn’t mean you can’t still play them in the wintertime. Many times the snow adds a whole other level of fun. Haven’t you ever watched football when they play in the snow?

Some games you could consider playing out in the snow are: football, kickball, hide and go seek, & duck duck goose (you could even rename the animals for snowy weather, like reindeer, reindeer, polar bear).

Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow

Bring The Snow Indoors

If it’s just too cold to head out, your child is really young, or mom’s just too tired to bundle everyone up.  A different way the kids can play in the snow is to just bring the snow indoors to them! 

Keep a large plastic rubbermaid-style tub on hand.  You can create an arctic habitat, just add animals and accessories.  Or mix some water and food coloring and let the kids paint the snow.

Don’t Forget to Dress Appropriately for Playing in the Snow

One important thing to keep in mind before sending kids out to play in the snow is that they need to be dressed appropriately. Makes sure your kids have nice, warm winter boots (we love BOGS), gloves or mittens, a hat, a scarf, snow pants, and a nice warm coat too.

10 Different Ways Kids Can Play In The Snow + BOGS Boots Review

What are your favorite ways kids can play in the snow? Send your kids outside for an active day of snow play and soaking up some good vitamin D!

Little boy playing in the snow with a text overlay that says "15 ways for kids to enjoy playing in the snow"


Saturday 23rd of December 2023

Lots of fun ideas.

Maria Egan

Thursday 14th of December 2023

We make a trip to the mountains a few times in the winter to get in some play in the snow. You are so right that having the right gear is important. Cold and wet feet are not fun.

Lauryn R

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

I love the Arcata Stripe Women's Waterproof Winter Boots! They are adorable and look super cozy and durable.

Hesper Fry

Wednesday 5th of December 2018



Wednesday 5th of December 2018

The Mossy Oak kids boots for my daughter. She would love them :)