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10 Totally FUN Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle

Are you on the hunt for some open ended toy options that will last your family for years? Toys that will bring enjoyment from baby through toddlerhood, preschool age, and even school age? We’ve found some really neat options over at Bunny Hopkins and are super excited to partner with them and share with you today!

Kids Playing On Piklar Triangle & Wobble Boards - 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle-

Best Montessori Toys For Kids

Whether you’re new to the Montessori world or been looking into it for awhile, there are some toys that you’ll see getting recommended again and again that tend to fit the Montessori style.

As a mom to six as well as a former daycare provider, I’m excited to share a bit more about the best Montessori toys with you. While many Montessori toys tend to be geared for birth through age 6, you’ll find some bring many more years of enjoyment, play, and exploration after that!

Kids Playing - 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

Having high quality, open-ended toys in my home is a must. These types of toys are a huge asset and help us keep screen time extremely limited. In my opinion, the perfect Montessori toys are ones that inspire creativity, work on child development skills, STEM, imagination, and more.

Top on my list are the Pikler Triangle and Wobble Boards! High-quality options for both can be found over at Bunny Hopkins.

What’s The Importance Of Open-Ended Play?

Children usually prefer play that stimulates their curiosity and allows them to become engrossed in their own imagination and creativity. Open-ended play begins in very early childhood when children use objects to learn about the world around them, with no guidance or prescription by adults.

This type of play offers children the freedom to discover and create while providing the adult insight into children’s thinking. Open ended means not having a fixed answer, unrestricted, and allowing for future adaptations.

This type of play allows children to have no fear of doing it wrong, since there is no correct method or outcome. It’s all about free play – the freedom to invent and discover, fostering talent in a relaxed way.

10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

What Is A Pikler Triangle?

If you’ve seen a climbing (or Pikler) triangle, you probably have already thought ‘wow, that’s adorable and I should get one’…..but do you know what it is?

We all know that babies who can’t even walk yet, will climb! So giving them the tools and toys to use their energy in a safer manner is smart.

I wish I would have had one with our younger kids as EVERY single one went through the phase where they would climb on our kitchen table. I’d take them down. Then the cycle would repeat. For weeks!

girl on piklar triangle - 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

10 Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle

  • Indoor Play Fort: While I grew up having to use tables, chairs, and blankets to create my forts, having a Pikler Triangle makes it easier! No more destroying the fort so the family can sit down to supper. Just hang a sheet, blanket, scarves, or even rug over your Climbing Triangle to create your indoor tent play fort. Easy peasy!
  • Use As A Step Ladder For Your Toddler/Preschooler: Regular ladders are used by adults all the time when they can’t reach something. Using your Pikler Triangle as your child’s ladder offers a much safer option for their size! Place next to a book shelf or toy/game closet so your child can gain independence and self-sufficiency as they get the tools and toys they want to play with.
  • Obstacle Course: While free play is always great, creating a challenge course for your child will help encourage even more skills to develop. Incorporate your Climbing Triangle in an obstacle course set-up, designed based on their age and skill level.
  • Toy Car Track: Prop your ramp against your Pikler Triangle and another piece of furniture (or leave it angled to the ground) and race your toy cars around it!
  • Baby Play Gym: The rungs on a Climbing Triangle are perfect for attaching baby toys for a custom mobile. Switch out the toys as needed to keep baby interested.
  • Create A Shelf: Adding a flat piece of board across two ladder rungs will provide you with a shelf space for storing toys! (You can do this when your Pikler Triangle is set up or in folded position. NOTE: Not all triangles fold.)
  • Design A Comfortable Reading Nook: This option goes hand in hand with making your Climbing Triangle a play fort but this time, add some comfy pillows and a basket of books inside for a quiet and welcoming reading space.
  • Make A Puppet Theatre: Place your Pikler Triangle on its side, drape a sheet and put on a puppet show!
  • Life Size Abacus: Have your child help you make paper circles and tape or staple together around the rungs of your Climbing Triangle to create a real life sized abacus. This is a great activity to do with your child and then they can practice their counting, utilizing what you’ve made together.
  • Use As A Drying Rack For Your Child’s Chores: Part of the Montessori lifestyle is learning real-life skills. Hanging clothes on a wash line or adult-sized drying rack can be tricky. So instead, have your child use their Pikler Triangle as their very own child-sized drying rack.

Of course, you can always use your Pikler Climbing Triangle for its original intent, CLIMBING~!

boy playing on climbing triangle 0 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

Bunny Hopkins Climbing Triangle and Wobble Board Review

Recently, I was able to check out several products from Bunny Hopkins and am happy to share our report back with you.

boy on piklar triangle - 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

Rainbow Climbing Triangle

The Bunny Hopkins Rainbow Climbing Triangle can be purchased alone or with one or both versatile reversible 2-in-1 Ramps.

  • 2-in-1 Reversible Ladder/Slide
  • 2-in-1 Reversible Rock Wall/Slide


– Large Size Triangle when open – 42″ long, 34″ high and 24″ wide
– Ramps – 48” long by 16” wide

boy playing on piklar triangle -10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

Overall, the Bunny Hopkins Rainbow Climbing Triangle and Ramps are a great, USA made development toy that encourages children to explore and enter the world of imaginative play.

This collection unlocks a host of skills – including awareness, resilience, perseverance and more. Playing on these pieces are great for promoting and helping with balance control, creativity, motor skill development, and many other critical aspects of your child’s life. High quality, sturdy and well made, our kids have been loving it!

kids on piklar triangle - 10 Activities To Do With A Piklar Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Review

Wobble Boards – Rainbow Wobble Board + Diversity Wobble Board

The Bunny Hopkins award-winning, made-in-the USA wobble boards are available in two sizes: Starter and Regular. This best-seller is a fun open-ended toy that has been carefully handcrafted to perfection.

kids on wobble boards - 10 Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board Review

Difference Between Wobble Board Sizes:

Regular size – It’s easy to introduce children to the amazing world of open-ended play and also develop critical gross motor skills such as balancing with a wobble board. The Bunny Hopkin’s regular size Wobble Board measures 36 inches curved length and 32 inches end to end straight length, 12 inches wide, 7 inches tall. It’s built to support 450 pounds.

girl on wobble board - 10 Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board Review

Starter size – Ideal for toddlers, the Bunny Hopkins team has specially designed the arch/curve height, for infant and toddler safety, to be just 3 inches tall. It’s the perfect height to be continually inviting and exciting for the youngest, creative explorers.

The starter Wobble Board measures 23 inches end to end straight length, 12 inches wide, 3 inches tall, allowing it to support 350 pounds.

boy on wobble board - 10 Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board Review

The kids love playing on these wobble boards. They set them up in their obstacle courses and also enjoy using them to rock on, walk over, and lay in.

kids playing - 10 Activities To Do With A Pikler Triangle + Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board Review

Bunny Hopkins products make the perfect Christmas and Holidays gift for kids!

Check Out Our Rainbow Climbing Triangle And Wobble Boards In Action

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Lauryn R

Sunday 5th of December 2021

Besides this awesome Rainbow Wobble Board, I would also love the Rainbow Climbing Triangle! I can definitely see why these open-ended toys are so popular! My kids would have so much fun playing on these, there are so many ways to have fun with them. I also love the rainbow colors, so pretty and engaging!

Amanda Alvarado

Sunday 28th of November 2021

I like Holiday Wobble Board. It would be great to play on and I love the colors!


Sunday 28th of November 2021

I like the Rainbow Bunny Hopkins™ Climbing Triangle because it also includes 2 versatile reversible 2-in-1 Ramps.

Ashley Parks

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

I love the Natural Climbing triangle! I think my kids would love playing on that. It looks engaging and sturdy!

Laurie Nykaza

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Rainbow Climbing Triangle looks like so much fun to climb on hours of good fun.