Let the Fun Times Roll With The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set!


I (Kim) received the Step2 Busy Ball Play Set as part of the Step2 Ambassador Program. All opinions are my own.

Step2 makes the best toys! When I was pregnant with my daughter and I first came across Step2 I was blown away at all the creative and ingenious toys they had. I mentally started picking out items I wanted to get for her and pictured all the fun times we as a family would have with them. I am excited to say that the fun times have started rolling with the amazing Step2 Busy Ball Play Set and I am thrilled to tell you about it!


The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set comes with two toys, a fun house and a play table. They complement each other perfectly as they both have bright, cheerful colors with a ton of engaging and interactive fun! Set up was easy for both pieces as the instructions are clearly written and parts go together well.


The WonderBall Fun House is just the cutest thing ever! The house has so many fun features sure to keep your little one entertained for hours! My daughter LOVES going in and out of the house with the cute red door and checking her “mail”. Ahh… just like her mama, hehe.  She gets super excited when I toss a bunch of balls on top of the roof and enjoys watching them bounce and roll their way down the tubes, coming out all the different locations. It is very exciting for her and there are lots of shrieks of glee! The house also comes with a play frying pan and kettle. She liked taking a ball and placing it inside her kitchenware to “cook” it up. Sometimes her pots and pans end up going with her on her walk over to the play table. She loves going back and forth between the two toys!


The Busy Ball Play Table is great with water in the summer and on warm Spring and Fall days. We recently had a beautiful, sunny 75+ degree day and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put some water in the table. My daughter loved splashing in the water and playing with the floating balls. She got quite the kick out of spinning the wheel and watching the balls fly off into the water. And of course, the amazing tower! There are three holes in which you can place a ball and watch them roll or slide down the tubes until they come out to the table below. And, when you are done playing, you can unplug the stopper and let the water drain out. It’s so simple!


Not only are both the fun house and play table fun, but they are also a great learning tool! They teach hand/eye coordination and cause and effect. By placing a ball in any of the different tubes, holes, and/or shoots and seeing where the balls go, it’s such a fun way to learn!


My daughter went from one toy to the other and then back again every time she played. It was so cute as you could tell she was so excited she didn’t know what to do first.  She loves moving balls from one play toy to the next and then bringing other ones back. She has so much fun checking her “mail” to splashing in the water. This is a wonderful set that my daughter has already gotten hours of playtime with… and I foresee many more!

Check out this short video I made so you can see this set in action!

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Busy Ball Play Set Giveaway

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160 comments on “Let the Fun Times Roll With The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set!

  1. I really love this! Anything to keep them busy! I love that the house isn’t too big for indoors…and the table looks like fun even without water!

  2. Super fun!! What kiddo doesn’t like balls riight?!!?!? I swera the movie Inside out only makde that love even bigger lol!! These look like so much fun!!

  3. I love that Step2 makes toys tough enough for free play. The bright colors & moving parts will hold my child’s attention for a long while. 🙂

  4. My kids would love this. I have an 8 year old and even he would love to play with this. He will play with his little brothers.

  5. My son loves ball toys! Sometimes we even fill our mesh laundry hamper with balls and he will jump in! I know without a doubt that he would just absolutely love this toy.

  6. These Step 2 Toys are really great on entertaining kids and making them to keep up moving! I love it when my daughter is more active and busy to play on her own. Step 2 makes really cool and fun toys!

  7. These toy are absolutely amazing. I’d love to get these for my niece or even my kids in the future. My niece would have so much fun playing with these toys and would learn alot to were always looking for new toys to keep her buys and entertained, she loses interest fast but with the busy ball play set there is so much for her to do she would play with it for hours.

  8. I adore Step 2 Toys. They are not only bright and colorful but they really engage kids. I like that this set does not need batteries. They are durable and stand the test of time. My son would get hours of enjoyment out of this set!

  9. She look so Ike she’s having a blast! My toddler daughter would love this as well. She can be entertained for hours on end by putting things in holes or through something else. This is perfect for her busy mind and body!

  10. Thank you for the review.Step 2 makes the best children’s toys.I love that it teaches children while they play it doesn’t get much better than that.My kids would have so much fun with this awesome play set.Thank you for sharing this

  11. My son is obsessed with balls right now, he would love this set. We have been taking him outside to play more and to parks, but on hot days I rather just take him into the backyard to play so we can shower off right after. This would be great when his cousin comes over too.

  12. This is just so much fun. I am so impressed by how many different ways there are for kids to play and learn. So nice that it is easy to put together.

  13. These Step 2 Toys are really great on entertaining kids and making them to keep up moving! I love it when my grand daughter is more active and busy to play on her own. Step 2 makes really cool and fun toys!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the busy ball table! How much fun is this thing? My little brother would have a blast playing with the balls in the water. This is awesome! Perfect for the summertime!

  15. My toddler loves a ball, water, and a door! These would keep her busy for a long time!! The little mailbox is adorable!

  16. I just love this. The bright colors are great. I like that it also comes with a table. So much for for the little one and it is something they can use their imagination. Thank you so much for sharing

  17. It’s really cool that it’s more than just a playhouse. I love the idea of having balls shoot out at different locations. My daughter would love that!

  18. Great review! There are so many neat features to this set. I have no idea where we would put it since our small townhouse doesn’t really have individual dedicated yard space, but I’m sure grandma and grandpa could keep it for us. 😉

  19. I can just picture the twins playing with the playhouse and fun table every day. Their parents would be the ones who appreciate this the most. Safe, fun and endlessly entertaining!

  20. My twins would love this. I locenthat it combines the play house and the ball pit in one! Our house is getting too crowded!

  21. This is a very in depth, awesome review. I don’t think there was anything you didn’t cover! This looks and sounds like it would be an amazing interactive learning toy for children and I am definitely going to look into getting one for my daughter. Thank you!

  22. Love the review my sons will have a ball with these I have a full basement that I converted into my boys play area these will be so much fun down there

  23. Thank you for your review! I am considering gifts for christmas and the review made it easy to know if my daughter would enjoy one of these.

  24. What a fantastic review, I had no idea that the play table could be used with water! My grandson would sure enjoy both of these soon. He is only 3 months old but he will be 1 in no time and I love the hand and eye learning coordination that these teach. Thanks for the review!!

  25. This looks like so much fun! I live that it seems to have a wide age range so by the time my son (who will be 3 in 2 weeks, eek!) outgrows it, my daughter (5 months) will still be able to enjoy it.

  26. Sensory heaven! This seems to have been made for my Autistic son! We are trying to steer him away from turning and spinning wheels, so he can learn through play and this is just wonderful!

  27. I think this is neat to that they have put so much into this with exciting features for kids to enjoy my kids would love trying to find where all the balls go when dropping down the tubes from the roof nifty idea thanks for the colorful review kim

  28. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Let the Fun Times Roll With The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set! This Step2 Busy Ball Play Set is awesome! I know that my little Scarlett will positively love it! Your little girl seems to be having so much fun with hers! I love Step2 products, even though we don’t have any! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Let the Fun Times Roll With The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set! with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  29. Thanks for this review, these two play set looks super fun and amazing! I can keep the kids busy for a long time! Love all the pics you always put into these.

  30. Oh my!!! I read the article & watched the video. That cute little girl was having a blast all by herself!
    I loved when she kept opening up the tube & grabbed the colorful balls as they were falling out!!
    Also what little kid or big kid, doesn’t like playing in water?? She was having a blast with the balls & water
    Another Step 2 winner!!

  31. Those 2 toys could keep kids happy for hours. Also, it would be a big hit at any playdates or birthday parties! My sons would enjoy the ball launcher. Also, what kid doesn’t like water and balls.

  32. My toddler daughter and niece would really enjoy these. And ME too! Haha! Great for building those motor skills and to have some play at the same time! Love Step2!

  33. This is awesome! nothing else says is more FUN than a STEP 2 product! Love their durable life-long lasting products! Bright colors are sure to capture kids big imagination! Would love these for my daughters. Thank you for the chance to win!

  34. We live in Florida so any type of toy that involves water play is used and enjoyed almost year around. These activity toys are really nice! My grandson would certainly enjoy them. 🙂

  35. I have 3 kiddos under the age of 5 and another on the way, so we would get hours and hours of fun out of this. Thanks for the chance to win and the great review.

  36. My toddler loves playing with balls and this is the absolute perfect outside or basement toy. It seems like it keeps the child so easily entertained!

  37. Such adorable photos! I have a 4 year old daughter who would have a blast with this. I love that it has a kitchen area, place for mail and door. I can imagine my daughter spending hours playing with these awesome Step2 toys. All of their toys are such great quality.

  38. Thanks so much for the great review , i know my son would really enjoy these! My son loves balls and would play with this all day!

  39. My nephew would be busy all day playing with this. Step 2 makes some really nice toys for toddlers, I really like this one.

  40. This looks like so much fun, I know my grandsons would get hours and hours of play. Of course the dogs would eat the balls, but that’s what they sell refills for, right? Great review, I love the pics, your daughter is beyond adorable. 😀

  41. Love love love this! The colors are so vibrant and it looks like so much fun! My toddler and baby on the way would get hours of enjoyment out of this! Love how durable Step2 products are too!

  42. These look absolutely awesome! Every kid loves to play with balls and add in the water and it would be a def hit with my kids!!

  43. So much fun! Love that it keeps them active and offers lots of activity choices to keep the kid’s attention for a LITTLE bit longer! lol

  44. My daughter loves to open and close doors so I can see her loving that door! I am really impressed at how creative these step 2 toys are I think this is going on my idea list for her birthday next June.

  45. This looks like tons of fun! My daughter would have a BALL with this! I love how colorful it is and the water table is a big plus!

  46. I was having a hard time deciding what to get my 1 year old for Christmas that he could “grow into” however after seeing your review I know for sure my little one would LOVE this!

  47. We have a big yard and I’m always trying to find ways to keep my son from running off down it as I can’t always catch him before he gets to the ditch and falls. This would be awesome for keeping him close to were I’m sitting and not have to run lol.

  48. Thank you Kim for the fantastic review and wonderful pictures. The Step2 Busy Ball Play Set looks like hours of fun! What a great way to keep the kiddo’s entertained outside while enjoying the fresh air. Very colorful with many different play options. Would love to give this set a try with my little ones.

  49. sounds like a perfect toy to keep my two under 2 busy! What mother doesn’t love that! Def will be putting on our holiday shopping list!

  50. This toy looks so neat. I have been thinking about getting my daughter one. I love that you can put them on the roof and they swirl down.

  51. The look on her face is priceless, you can see the joy in her face.

    I think my little guy would really love this when he gets a bit bigger.

  52. How cute, My son would love this in his playroom… I am only curious as to how little kids can reach the top to put the balls up there?.. Maybe I will find out..Crossing fingers..

  53. This looks like so much fun. I work around kids, and will have one of my own soon and know how much they’d enjoy one of these!

  54. I have not seen either of these! We love Step 2 products and love seeing how interactive these are. Unless we win, these will be on the birthday list for 2 foster babies!

  55. This toy looks so bright and fun. My 7month old baby boy would love it.you review of the toy makes want to go out and buy it if I don’t win.

  56. I love how this gives a very colorful vibe to a normally very dull category – outside toys. This could keep the attention of any toddler.

  57. This would be a wonderful addition for our newest upcoming addition (grandbaby) to our family! Looks to be just soooo much fun for the kids! Would love to have for new baby & her/his big brother!!

  58. I think my grandson will have hours of fun with this as long as his big brother (dog) does not steal all the balls away lol.

  59. She looks like she has a “ball” playing with both playsets! I’m sure my daughter would REALLY love the water table one because she loves to play in the water, especially if it’s outside! Thank you so much for your review of these two products!

  60. Step 2 makes the best toys I think. I love their toys and it lasts a lifetime. These two Step 2 toys are a must for the little ones. I love the colors and how it keeps the kids entertain for hours. So Much FUN!!!!

  61. It’s nice to see your child enjoyed her new toys. I guess my child would love it too as he were also attracted to balls plus the dufferent colors they have.

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