Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat Review

Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat Review

I was provided with a sample at no cost to facilitate this Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat With Safety Surround Side Impact Protection review.

The versatile Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat With Safety Surround Side Impact Protection is conveniently designed to be the only car seat your kid will ever need, seating your child in supreme comfort and safety from infancy, toddlerhood, and up to the cusp of the pre-teen years.

Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat With Safety Surround Side Impact Protection Review

Undeniably, the biggest feature of this car seat is that you’ll only need this ONE car seat for the entire time your child needs to be in one (10years)! That’s right, it’s suitable for children weighing 4lbs-120lbs. Finding the right car seat for you child can be quite the production; there are endless choices out there! The fact that you won’t be buying multiple car seats as your child grows guarantees you’ll be saving some $$ when purchasing the Graco 4Ever! Saving money is always a plus, so that fact alone makes this seat worth considering.


Product Description:

  • Safely seats infants 4-40 lb. in harnessed rear-facing mode
  • Safely seats toddlers 20-65 lb. or 27-52″ tall in harnessed forward-facing mode
  • Safely seats youths 30-100 lb. or 38-52″ tall when used as a high back belt-positioning booster
  • Safely seats youths 40-120 lb. or 40-57″ tall when used as a backless belt-positioning booster
  • 5-point Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness features a one-hand, no re-thread harness system that automatically adjusts the height of the harness and headrest together
  • Versatile 4-in-1 design: rear-facing, forward-facing, high-back booster, and backless booster
  • 10-position headrest ensures a proper fit
  • Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability
  • Built-in harness storage compartment holds unused harness straps while in the belt positioning booster mode
  • 2 integrated cupholders
  • EPS energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
  • Side impact tested for occupant retention solely with the integrated 5-point harness
  • SafeSeat engineered and tested to meet or exceed US crash standard FMVSS 213
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable US safety standards
  • Easy-to-read level indicator eliminates installation guesswork
  • InRight™ LATCH system for a quick, one-second LATCH attachment
  • 6-position recline in both the rear-facing and forward-facing modes
  • Plush inserts keep your child comfy
  • Seat cover can be easily removed without undoing the harness and is machine washable
  • Measures 20″ D x 21.5″ W x 24″ H
  • Weighs 23 lb.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


Above is a long list of fantastic features, right?! Let’s talk about the seat cover – it’s designed to be easily removed without having to undo the harness. This feature is as good as GOLD! Whether you’ve had a few babes like me, or only one, you’ve more than likely learned that children (from birth!) can make some GINORMOUS messes. As the nurse at my child’s well-visit said the other day, “Little humans are gross.” It’s a good thing they’re cute, but it’s true – Boy. Can. They. Be. Messy! No worries though, with the Graco 4Ever car seat, those messes can easily be remedied by removing the cover quite effortlessly and throwing it into the wash.


The chest clip has a nice, handy visual reminding you of the proper positioning for the safety of your child. It can be easy to plop your kid in the seat, buckle them and go… when are we not in rush these days?! But this little reminder is like a still-small voice speaking to you every time you get your child buckled up.


When I was initially checking out the features of this seat I had a baby in one hand, which meant there was only one hand left to fiddle with it. This seat was made for a busy mama, whose hands are always full. It was SO easy to adjust the recline of the seat with one hand, as well as adjusting the 10 position harness.


There you have it, all 4 of my kiddos can use this seat!! They’re all 5 and under, so none have even graduated to the Highback or Backless belt-position booster yet. How awesome is that?!

While my older 3 children all seemed to like this new seat, my littlest could not seem to get comfortable. He weighs in at almost 17lbs and to me, just seemed to be engulfed in the seat and quite uncomfortable. All babies are different, so maybe it was just him and your little one will love this seat. Babies can be so particular! I did try removing the various seat cushions to see if it would appease him, but sadly it did not. As I mentioned though, my eldest 3 loved it, they even liked the extra cushioning left in. It makes for extra comfy car naps!


The seat’s InRight™ LATCH system makes for yet another one handed, quick and easy feature! I was quite please at how quickly I was able to achieve a great install.

When looking for a seat you always have to take into consideration the dimensions of your potential car seat, this seat is not the sleekest option out there. The width isn’t really something to worry about, it’s just the depth while it’s in the rear-facing position. It takes up a good bit of space, so if you have a compact car and hope to use it from birth on up, this may not be a wise choice for you. In my Honda Odyssey mini-van however, no problems! Forward facing and beyond, you shouldn’t have any issues, no matter the style car you’ll be driving.


I’m really quite pleased with Graco’s 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat With Safety Surround Side Impact Protection! I love that you only have to make one choice, one purchase and you’re DONE, your child is set for the rest of their car-seated-life. It’s easy to install, easy to use (in each car seat phase!)  and has great functionality. It’s sure to be a happy 10 years with this seat!

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Buy It: You can purchase this Graco 4Ever Car Seat with Safety Surround Side Impact Protection online at and look for it at Babies”R”Us.

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  1. I love the easy to remove cover! My 8 month old sweats so badly (especially here in AZ- even as its starting to cool down!!) that I’m constantly washing his car seat cover! It was helpful to see all 4 kids in it to really get a sense of how they grow with the seat. Great review!

  2. Love, LOVE this review! I’ve been looking at this seat for my 7 month old, because I adore the extended rear facing option. So cool to see the little ones of all sizes in the carseat <3

  3. Saving money with an all-in-one product that also looks SO comfortable and safe! I like saving money without compromising quality. Seems like the perfect car seat for me! Thanks for informing me about it!

  4. I have this seat for my twins (now 18 months) and my review is pretty much spot on with this one. I’m excited that this will be the only car seat they’ll ever need and thank goodness they thought to make the cover easy to remove! For that reason, they also make the strap guards velcro — which I don’t like. My kids pull them off the moment they get buckled and without them, the straps cut into their chubby little necks 🙁

  5. I’m loving the idea of the Sous Chef from Graco! Wish that existed sooner! I already have Graco 4-in-1 high chairs and having that extra 5th position for the baby looks awesome and would have come in so hand to have them at the table (bar height) with us when we were eating meals as a family.

  6. This car seat is one of the best investments ever because it grows with your child and it would be the upmost respect if I were to win this for my daughter it would really help me out so much because it’s really does save you money when you think about how many different ways it can be used. So with that being said I hope I win this giveaway it would be a lot of help to me for my growing baby

  7. Having this would save a lot of money since this one grows with your child and you don’t have to keep buying car seats.I like all the features this one has,and it’s good to know that it’s machine washable

  8. I can’t imagine buying any other brand of car seat for my on child. To me it’s the best in safety and when they make it multi purpose what isn’t there to love. I hope to get this one for my next child. Such an awesome carseat with so many pluses.. Thanks for your review, wish I could get products to review my self as I’m a stay at home mom as well.

  9. I really need/ want one of these for my growing (too quickly!!) 5 month old daughter. This would be such a blessing to win, because we really need it. I know we Will make do when we have to buy one, but this would be a huge stress relief to win one. Thank you for the chance.

  10. This is an amazing car seat. To know your child will be safe from birth until the time they can safely use only a seat belt by one device is such a wonderful thing for new parents.

  11. Thanks for all of the details, really helpful to know that it’s a larger car seat but will fit great once forward facing is established! I have a small Kia Soul and was wondering because I have two little ones one forward one backwards and my husband and I were wanting to get them these since it would be the last car seat we will ever have to buy!!

  12. I love that this seat grows with child! This would be perfect for my grandsons! I also love the two cupholders. Those always come in handy.

  13. I would love this for my home for when my Grand Daughter comes over and we need to run errands I have a safe way to get where were going

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  15. I love how wide of a range kid size can fit in this one car seat! What a blessing to be able to use one car seat for so long!

  16. I absolutely love that this car seat accommodates from infant even 4lb premies to older kids that can weigh up to 120lbs; it will last many years.

  17. I love that the child can use this carseat til they are 10 and all the technology they have put into to keep your child safe as well as all the positions are amazing!

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  21. This car seat is amazing. saving money and not having to buy multiple seats is the biggest plus of all! Graco always makes quality products.

  22. This sounds like a great carseat! I love that this one seat can be used for years. I love the look of it also. Thank you for this review.

  23. I love that I wouldn’t need to get another ever. Completely won me over with the clean the cover without removing straps. I hate hate hated literally taking the whole thing apart on the one I used for my oldest before she out grew it.

  24. I love this product look so confortable for babies and toddlers .. I would love to have one for my baby girl

  25. Love love love!! Im so thankful to Graco for putting us moms into consideration!! One whole seat for the whole car seat life of a child!?!?! What a money saver and an amazing convenience!! No need to shop for another or worry your kiddo has grown out of it!! Amazing!

  26. What a thorough review! I would love to have one of these for my grandchildren…it is hard switching out the car seats with their parents! It looks safe and is a very attractive seat!

  27. My comment comes from a mother of 4. I had 3 of my children in high school and decided I wanted one more. That is a 15 year gap into starting over with another baby. To be honest the rules for car seats had changed and changed alot! I am still trying to figure it out as Hannah grows! LOL After reading Heather’s review of Graco4Ever All-in-one Makes the choice simple. From the safety point of view, and adjustable because it literally grows with you baby. It looks easy to work and LOVE that you can easily clean it! Way to go Graco for making the life of this older mom simpler!!

  28. You will definitely be saving money with this car seat purchase. I’ve heard great things from mothers who have purchased it.

  29. I like that its easy to use one handed, and especially that the lining can be removed without undoing the harness. I think you’re right about the littlest though – even at a young age they definitely have preferences, and he doesn’t look sold on this seat! LoL

  30. I think this review is spot on for anyone that had questions. Out answers any and all questions one would possibly have.

  31. So many things I love about this seat! I love that the cover comes right off to wash, that the straps don’t need to be threaded, and that it grows with your child in each stage. The only thing I don’t like is the price tag.

  32. I wish I bought this one for my niece when she had her daughter. Now we need to buy another one for the stage she’s about to go into.

  33. Love that it’s the only car seat I would need for my new little one. With weight limits 4-120, WOW! With my older child I have already bought the infant and convertible and I know I’ll have the purchase of the booster in his future. Huge Graco fan and would love to win.

  34. I would love to have one of these. My toddler needs a new seat because she’s outgrown hers but we truly don’t have the money for the change 🙁 if I won this, I would legit cry.
    Great review. I especially liked the mention of the seats max child measurements.

  35. I am a busy mom of 4 and I love that this seat is easily adjustable with the reclining and harness options. I always have a baby in hand as well! Thanks for the great review!

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  43. I want this seat so bad! Thank you for the review! It would be perfect for my youngest. He is an infant and almost outgrown his bucket seat.

  44. Thank you for sharing this Graco 4Ever Car seat review. This is really a very nice invention from Graco. As parents, we want to have the best car seat that provides good quality, safety and convenience. This car seat looks so comfortable for the baby. Plus, it will last until my daughter is a big kid!

  45. Good blog post. It’s hard to find good reviews for items that are necessary. I like that it looks safe and compact. Easy cleanup material is a plus. And a car seat that. Lasts for so long is awesome.

  46. We have used Graco products before and they are very reliable. I would love to win this for my niece and her new baby.

  47. My daughter is expecting her first child (my first grandchild) in April and this would be the BEST carseat for her and I would love to be able to win it so I can give it to her!

  48. the car seat is great and hen i woul ld love to have and use the the seat in the truck and car a nd the idea of the seat is design great

  49. This is just what I need for my 8mo old!!!! I’ve been looking at it at work so glad to read a good review of it right at the same time I’m looking at it!!!! Thanks!!!

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  51. Thank you for this review, this car seat have wonderful features.. I just love the all in one grow with your child items, great for me who is on a budget with children products.

  52. This would be such a great seat for my petite one year old. She is almost 13 months old and wearing 6/9 month clothes. With this seat we won’t have to buy a bunch of seats to keep her safe.

  53. I love that it’s the only carseat we will ever need because you can use it up to 120 lbs. The other big factor for me is that the car seat cover is removable and machine washable which is so important for messy little ones.

  54. I love the detail of this review!! And honestly who doesnt love a grow with you baby item?! We have one but not this fancy.

  55. It looks like this seat was made to last. I would love to try it out with my little one. Thanks for the great review.

  56. I love that this car seat can be used for your child from 4 to 120 pounds! I also like that it automatically adjusts the height of the harness and headrest together.

  57. This seat looks amazing. I would definitely buy this seat if I was to have another baby. To have one seat to get you through 10 years is genius!!

  58. I absolutely love convertible car seats. Your demonstrations were great and the little ones are beautiful. I have one for my son(2yo) and its been working great. I’m expecting in March of next year, another baby boy, and this seat would be perfect.

  59. This sounds so nice. I love that you only need the one seat and all the protection it provides for the children. So nice Thank you so much for sharing

  60. Thanks for this review. It’s hard enough to buy a car seat that you think is safe. Love the steel re-inforcements and 5 position head rest so the child can be comfortable. Also rear facing and grows with your child.

  61. I love that it has a steel reinforced frame! The photos of the four different kiddos was really telling on how long and thought the stages that this car seat will last! I love that the cover is machine washable without undoing the harness!!! After having to wash vomit and a blow out out of the car seats on a few occasions, I can say first hand just how difficult it is to get them clean! The cover coming off is wonderful!! lol!

  62. I like a bunch of the review. As we are in our 70’s it is hard to install car seats so we usually just leave 2 in our backseat. Next you don’t have to change for children’s sizes as soon I will have 2 month old, 2 year old and year old to care for. Steel reinforced is great. Love to win because car seats are so complicated for grandparents and we want them to be very safe.

  63. I have been looking for a new car seat for my daughter and this seems to be perfect for her! Thanks for reviewing it so I could get more knowledge on this seat!

  64. Wow love the features on this thing, I like that it has EPS energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management & the weight and safety features rock! Thanks for the review

  65. I recenttly bought a new seat for my daughter, my son has a Graco Nautilus which I love but I went with a different brand for her. Boy was that a mistake! It’s a nightmare to install! So much so that I’ve moved it to my husband’s truck and bought another graco for her. I absolutely love them! Now I need another, I’d like to move my son’s current seat to my husband’s truck and put a new one in my pilot. I will only buy Graco’s from now on, and this would be my first choice if money wasn’t an issue!

  66. I was actually looking at this car seat today in a store. I enjoyed reading your review. It was quite impressive to see all of your 4 children – of varying ages – using this car seat in your photo.

  67. I love Graco. The fact that this seat is so versatile and lasts for so long is fantastic. Car seats can be so expensive, I’m glad this one is reasonable for the features it has!

  68. Love this review. You did an excellent job. I have been looking for a new carseat for my little one. And she will be able to grow into it.

  69. Enjoyed reading your review, I wonder the comparisons of it and the nautilus. The easy to remove cover is a huge score!

  70. Man car seats have sure come a long ways haven’t they? I like that this one is designed to last the whole time a child needs one, because it could get expensive continually replacing them.
    I know many grandparents who buy car seats so they can take their grandkids around, this would be a great seat for that purpose because they would only have to buy the car seat once!

  71. Bought this seat 3 weeks ago for my 3 year old. Now we are saving up to buy another one for my daughter who is 1. I love the fact it can be used for so long, well worth the money!

  72. I’m actually planning to get this seat in the next few months for my youngest. It would be fantastic to win it since my husband is not quite sold on the price.

  73. This car seat looks amazing! I am expecting #4 and really want a durable, all in one car seat this time around. I love the safety features & it looks so comfortable.

  74. I am all about safety and this car seat is amazing!!! I have a little one on the way and will be adding this to my registry.

  75. This is an awesome carseat! I am looking for one that grows with my child and I see that this one goes from 4lbs up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I like how the cover is easy to remove. Especially when washing all the pieces and easy to assemble. There’s so much cushioning and I like the option you can take some cushioning off as you go and what’s the most comfortable for your child. I love the fact this grows with your child and will never need another car seat.

  77. I love the easy install, it’s sometimes hard to get a good install! And I am excited about the easy on and off for the washable cover, I like to wash ours every month or so! Thank you so much for reviewing this seat!

  78. I have four children and would love to have this car seat for my youngest son. He is getting big fast and almost too big for his!

  79. The invention of all in one/convertible car seats is genius! My 6 month is outgrowing his infant car seat, need one of these!

  80. I just love this car seat , all the neat features ! You litarly won’t need to buy any other upgrade as your child grows

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  82. I’ve been doing a lot of car seat research in the past couple of months since we have our 3rd child due in December. I wanted something that will be used comfortably for a very long time, and this seat really seems to fit the bill! Thank you for reviewing this seat! It was very helpful!

  83. Wow what an amazing car seat.Thank you for the review I love that it meets all US safety standards and the 5-point Simply Safe Adjust Harness is really cool.I have been on the look out for a new car seat and this one sounds amazing thank you for all the info 🙂

  84. Wow what an amazing car seat.Thank you for the review I love that it meets all US safety standards and the 5-point Simply Safe Adjust Harness is really cool.I have been on the look out for a new car seat and this one sounds amazing thank you for all the info

  85. I wish I had found this a year ago! We just switched our oldest (4) to a high-backed 5-point harness and needed a convertible for my youngest (6months at the time). This would have been perfect for both! Might have to get one for a grandma car seat since it could fit either kid!

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  87. Thank you for the great review! I would love to win this for my niece who is a single parent. Her little girl is 1 year old and is out growing her first carseat. This one sounds safe and secure!!

  88. I’m really loving the head supports! He’s almost 3, and every time we have a long drive he falls asleep. His head slumps over so badly, I can’t stand to see him like that. His neck must hurt something awful.

  89. This car seat is amazing! It’s about time someone came up with a car seat that grows with your child. I’m due in April and this would be a lifesaver!

  90. I love that this will be the only carseat needed for baby! This would be great for grandparents that have granchildren of different ages.

  91. After reading this review I love to hear real thoughts such as maybe not the exact right choice for a newborn but then again maybe. The fact that this seat covers such a huge age range makes it worth every penny as well as the added safety and comfort it provides. I wish they had more of these cars eats when I was looking first time 6 years ago.

  92. Heather’s review was more informative than most reviews. I have three boys under 4, so it’s good to know that it would fit any of my three boys.

  93. I love love love this seat!! I really want two of them! One for my 21 mo old and one for my baby girl who will be here in 7 weeks!!

  94. Thank you for your very thorough review of the features on this carseat. I’m wondering if you found any cons other than the slightly larger footprint? Thanks.

  95. I love the concept of the Graco 4ever carseat! I have 5 little ones and it would be so nice to not have to buy multiple carseats for each!!! I have actually been interested in it for my 10 month old since he is getting too heavy to carry around in his infant carrier. Thanks for the excellent review!

  96. That’s a pretty great car seat! We have the Nautilus forward facing for the older two kids and I love that this one also has that side impact protection.

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  98. I love that it’s so easy to operate and clean! That’s always the hardest part for me with my grand daughters! You didn’t mention the life span before the expiration date… If I can use it for 10 years does it not expire for that long as well? Just wondering. Thank you for your review!

  99. Two things I love about this that make me want it:
    1) That i’s the only one I’d have to buy. Big savings in the long run!
    2) That there’s a reminder about how your child should be buckled. Because I’ve read a lot about how people get it wrong, and that’s dangerous.

  100. pretty stoked about this car seat, in the market for the next size up currently and this looks comparable to some of the higher price tag seats. I like the easy removable cover to wash and the side impact is great considering most of the accidents I have been in I was hit from the side.

  101. Love to get the chance to win this bad boy! I have always wanted a convertible car seat for my babies. Please pick me! This is a great car seat! Excited to give it a try!

  102. We were so fond of these that not only did we purchase one for our soon to be year old through the BRU trade in program that we went ahead and got a second for our son coming in January. Love the longevity of it, the easy to use/install, the reclining, and the ability to easily clean it.

  103. Heather, I read your review of the Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat. I was impressed with the attention to detail that you showed, but especially the pictures you showed of your children who are at various ages. This helped immensely to visualize what each age would look like. It was also great to hear the feedback of your children, even of the baby. I agree, babies can be quite particular! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  104. I love how safe this is and how long it will last!! How nice would it be to buy one carseat instead of 4-5 different sizes?!

  105. I want this seat so badly for my son. He will be in a car seat for a long time, he was a preemie so he’s still catching up. I love the easy remove cover & how long this seat will last us. I really hope to win this since I can never afford to be able to buy one.

  106. Love that you have a perspective of how it can adjust to growing kids. Seems like a great seat. Hubby just got in a wreck 2 weeks ago and we have to replace a seat. This would be awesome! I love graco products!

  107. I wish I had seen this car seat 3 years ago!! We have gone through 4 car seats for my 3 year old, and we are STILL not happy… This Graco seems to be a much better fit, and my toddler may be able to see out of the window while riding. He enjoys making his own stories out of what he sees outside…but with the newest car seat we bought, his main complaint is that he cannot see…..So, I would love to have this one for him. The removable cover Isa HUGE selling point for us, too!!!

  108. My daughter was showing me this car seat – she would love to have it for her children (6 months and 20 months old). It is something that will grown with the kids. Thank you for the give-a-way!

  109. I would LOVE to win this!! It is good for 4 through 120 pounds??!! I really would love to get one but don’t have the funds at this time due to my husband being laid off. This would be a miracle!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win one!

  110. I love that this ONE carseat will last me the entirety of my child’s need to be harnessed! And I love that it has am easily removable cover to clean!

  111. I love this seat! We are becoming foster parents and will need a seat that can go from infant to toddler + and back down again this could save us money and storage space!

  112. This seat looks so easy.It would be perfect for my tiny almost 2 yr old. She would love a “big Girl”seat like her sister’s,but is still small so stays ys in a carrier.

  113. I was just looking for a safe car seat for out little man. After reading this I know this would be the perfect one for him.

  114. Great review! Perfect car seat . It is so expensive to replace the car seat when they get bigger, this makes so much sense and looks very comfy too!

  115. This seat is totally awesome. I need one so I can fit multiple kids in the seat. The easy adjust harness will let me do that.

  116. I am really pleased with the seat! I’ve seen and played with it in stores, and plan to buy one for my daughter. However, I disagree with you about this being the *only* seat that parents will ever need to buy. Did you know that some children need a booster seat until they’re 12 years old in order for the seat belt to fit properly? That means that, if this seat is used starting from birth, the parent will need to purchase a second seat to keep their child safe. Nothing wrong with that, since backless boosters cost as little as $12!

  117. I LOVE that this carseat can be used for so many years and that you can easily remove the seat cover. My current carseat covers are such a pain to remove and wash.

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  123. We have 3 kids under 5 in a sedan and we are having a hard time finding seats that fit 3 across. Right now we have 2 nautilus and a radian. Which works for now. But once the 18 month old goes front facing they wont fit. Does graco make any more streamlined seats that would work for this? I really dont want to buy more new seats.

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    And I can believe the part about being a busy mama, you need to update your bio to include your little cutie, Wyatt, as your description still says that you’re mama to three 🙂

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