Diono Pacifica Convertible + Booster Car Seat Review

Diono Pacifica Car Seat Review

I was provided the Diono Pacifica Covertible + Booster car seat for review at no cost. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of unintentional deaths for children ages 0-19 in the United States, according to statistics gathered in 2007. Even if you are an extremely safe and cautious driver, you never know what can happen on the road or what kind of other drivers you will come in contact with. I see far too many people driving with their cell phone in their hand.  That’s why deciding on the car seat our children will ride in is of the upmost importance to us. Ever since our family had the opportunity to review the Diono Radian RXT, my husband and I have been huge fans of the Diono brand.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review the Pacifica Convertible Plus Booster, I eagerly agreed!

Diono emerged into the child car seat world in 1999 when they introduced the Mighty Tite, a device designed to assist parents in tightening the seat belt during car seat installation. They then released their first car seat, the Radian, in 2005, which was the first ever steel-reinforced folding car seat, designed to make travel and storage more convenient than ever. Today, Diono continues to produce innovative car seats, convertible boosters, storage solutions, stroller and travel accessories that consistently earn high ratings from industry experts and families worldwide.

One of the first things you will notice about this seat is just how heavy it is (at 27.4 pounds according to the product specifications on Amazon.com). That’s because it has a full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides for unmatched safety. It also has reinforced extra deep sidewalls lined with energy-absorbing foam for superior head and body protection. It is also NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions.

Diono Pacifica 3

One of the reasons I love the Diono brand so much is that they are strong supporters of extended rear-facing. Research has shown that children are safer in the event of a crash when their car seats are rear-facing and the Diono Pacifica gives you amazing extended rear-facing capabilities. In fact, your child can comfortably rear-face in this car seat from 5 to 50 lbs.!  When you are ready to forward-face the Pacifica, it is approved for children weighing 20 to 90 lbs. in 5-point harness mode.  Additionally, it converts to a booster for children between 50 and 120 lbs. or up to 57″ in height.

This seat comes with a body support pillow (to be used for infants and toddlers) and a head support pillow (to be used for infants). It also features a memory foam bottom for a more comfortable ride. If you are on a budget, purchasing this seat to begin using at birth (as long as your child is at least 5 pounds) will save you money in the long run, since it would probably be the only car seat your child would ever need, thanks to its industry-leading 12 year product life (from the date of purchase).

Support Pillows

When you purchase your Pacifica, it will arrive with a number of extra pieces and accessories. Included are:

  • Additional set of harness pads to use only when the child is over 65 lbs in the 5-point harness
  • Angled cup holder (not in the picture below)
  • Head and body support pillows (as mentioned and shown above)
  • Rear-facing tether connector strap
  • Detachable base (only used for rear facing)


The Pacifica is approved by the FAA for airplane travel. It folds flat for easy storage and transport. If you plan to fly often with your Pacifica, you can purchase a carry strap for your shoulder, or 2 carry straps to wear it like a backpack. You can also carry it by the red security strap, as I’m demonstrating in the photo below.

Diono Folded

Now that you know the basics of this seat, let’s talk about securing it in your vehicle. I can NOT stress enough how important it is to read the manual that comes with this car seat (or any other car seat you are using for that matter!) and your vehicle’s manual. Every car seat is different and in order to achieve the safest installation, it’s important to read the directions and follow them. I have already flipped through the manual a dozen times for this seat. Like other car seats on the market these days, you have the option to install using LATCH or the seat belt depending on your vehicle. The manual gives clear, easy to follow instructions to install using the method of your choice.

My son (who will be the main child using this seat) is 32 pounds right now and turned 3 in May. We practice extended rear-facing, so we installed the Rainier rear-facing using the LATCH system. (Because of the 65 pound LATCH rule, we’ll need to switch it over to a seat belt install when he weighs 35 pounds.) My oldest child is 5 and weighs in at 35 pounds and my youngest is 17 months and 20 pounds. All 3 children are able to sit in this seat and are quite comfy with plenty of room for growth.

Diono for 3 Kids

While my children aren’t ready for it yet (they need to be at least 50 pounds and 40″ or taller to use this seat as a booster), when the time comes they can use it as a highback booster. The seat features shoulder belt guides on both sides plus lap belt guides to help ensure that the belt is placed in the proper position on your child.

Pacifica Installed

My son seems extremely comfortable riding in his seat, and the lower sides mean that he is able to climb in on his own now, without my husband or I having to assist him. I feel like my children are as safe as they possibly can be when they are riding in their Diono seats, and I love knowing that my son can use this seat for years to come. Overall, we are once again quite pleased with this car seat from Diono!

Connect: Visit the Diono website to find out more about the Pacifica and all of the other car seats and accessories available from Diono. Then, make sure you “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Buy It: The Diono Pacifica has a suggested price of $339.99. You can purchase it through (my favorite) Amazon.com or use the Diono store locator to find a location near you.

Win It: I am pleased to tell you that one lucky reader is going to WIN a new Diono Pacifica Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat! If you’d like to be entered to win this awesome car seat, click HERE to be taken to the entry form. Good luck!

Diono Pacifica Giveaway


Disclosures: I received the car seat mentioned above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours and/or Diono’s. Amazon links are affiliate links.


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  1. I would love this for traveling as it folds up and I can easily take it around the airport and then install on plane and in the car at destination.

  2. This looks like a super comfy & safe carseat. I love he orange, it is a nice bright color. My 2 year old would love the roominess of it, his convertible one is almost too short for him (he’s very tall for 2).

  3. I love these seats. We have twins and as the girls are growing out of their Boulevards we need a seat that will last a while.

  4. I LOVE the fact that this has not only a infant but a toddler cushion. If theres one thing i hated about all the other carseats we checked out it was the fact that there was no extra padding for the toddlers (Who complain the most I mean come on!) We’re looking into getting this car seat after reading your review. my rf (39.5 inches) 3 year old would LOVE to win this but either way we’ve got to make room in the budget for it.

  5. This seat would be amazing! My daughter is on the small end of being ready for a booster but in her mind, she is there. I like that I can keep her in a 5 ot harness and it will switch when the time is right to a high back booster. I also love that if I have other kids in my car (which I do a lot) this could work for the younger kids as well. Great seat! So impressed!

  6. My daughter recently outgrew her infant carseat. We would love a Diono! The toddler pillows look so comfortable and I love that it’s geared towards extended rearfacing 🙂

  7. This is a wonderful convertible seat! I like the visual with the kiddies. I would really like a gray one of these for my little giirl now and save it for my next baby ?

  8. I love Diono! I love how they advocate for extended rearfacing. I like how their seats have full steel frames and are so sturdy.

  9. Diono is already my favorite car seat manufacturer – we have a couple of the Radians. I would love to have another Diono to go in my husband’s vehicle so we don’t always have to switch cars!

  10. My daughter just outgrew her carseat & we’re currently in the market for a booster. By your review, this one sounds & looks perfect!

  11. Such a fun and exciting giveaway! I’ve always wanted one of these but am still saving my pennies for one! I would adore one for my little gal <3

  12. This is a very NICE car seat. Love the all in one factor. You only have to buy a car seat once. Thanks for a great review Janessa.

  13. I love the features and the fact that this will be the last seat to buy, without having to change and search for a new one at each stage. Thanks for the review.

  14. How amassing to think from 5lbs-120lbs.
    I like how you mentioned the lower sides so he can scoot on in. I am looking for something more accessible.

  15. My daughter is also due with her first and could really use this car seat. Love all the safety features and the fact that it would last for so many years. Orange is my favorite color!

  16. Would love to win this for my son. He will be needing it soon he will move from a infant carrier he turns 1 on the 1st.. Pick us!!!

  17. So many great features – rear facing up to 50 lbs, which would be great for now, but eventutally Gabe will outgrow that and then this would grow with him (unlike his current seat). My daughter would be ecstatic if I won this for her.

  18. I love that it will harness to 90 lbs. That is awesome my son has mild CP and deals with some trunk control while sitting. So I love that it has a high harness weight plus a 12 year expiration. He is almost 5 and weighs in at 33 lbs so he would be in this seat until forever. My husband jokes that he will go from a car seat to driving.

  19. This caraseat looks amazing. My son is 5mo old but looks more like a 9-10mo old. He is outgrowing his infant seat very fast. By your review this would be perfect for him.

  20. This would be awesome for my granchildren! Thank you for your review and the chance to win one of these awesome car seats!

  21. I have the grey diono rxt for my 3 year old and I LOVE IT! We just had a baby 7 weeks ago and would love another diono car seat! Due to me choosing to stay home now so I can be a only breastfeeding mom we can’t afford to buy another now. I really think the extra money spent on these car seats is fully worth it, besides the stylish looks the safety is beyond comparable in my mind. ?

  22. I love the color orange. It is fun to see new products in such vibrant colors. But more importantly it is nice to have such a detailed review. It is incredible to think I could use one car seat for the entire time a child needs to be in a safety seat.

  23. My youngest is growing out of his carseat fast. I’ve been looking into buying a 3 in one carseat for him. This One looks perfect, i really love the orange one. Thanks for the chance

  24. This seat looks great! But since you own both, I was wondering if you could tell me how large this is in comparison to the Radian RXT. I like how narrow the Radian is and was wondering if the Pacifica was wider (it looks like it probably is in the pics). Thanks!

  25. Wow!! This seat and the rainier are so similar!! I almost couldn’t tell the difference between them so I have to google it lol!! We have the Rainier and adore it!! Diono is truly the best car seat money can buy in my opinion!! They have just thought of everything!!

  26. I love that it can fold flat! Some of these convertible car seats are big and cumbersome so it’s wonderful to see one that can also space save too!

  27. I gasped out loud when I read that it has a 12 year product life, that’s awesome! And the high weight and height range too, it truly seems like a seat that will work for your children as long as they need a seat! Also the travel straps is an awesome idea.

  28. I have been researching carseats for a log time for my daughter who is rapidly outgrowing her infant seat. It would be super amazing to this!
    Some questions:
    How wide is this seat, how much space will it take up in a small car?
    Is the fabric washable and breathable?

    Thank you for always giving quality reviews and great giveaways!

  29. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome carseat! My newest addition is due next year and this would be a tremendous help!

  30. Love the review! I’ve been looking at new carseats for my Littles and keep hearing about dionos. Definitely helpful in my decision!

  31. We have rear faced my grandsons until the age of 3 years and would love to have this new seat for new granddaughter due in December!

  32. This definitely looks like it will be a car seat to “grow with” the child! I am impressed by how all 3 of your children fit and look comfy in the seat. I like how trim it looks. I’ll be buying a new car seat soon and it fitting in the back seat with the other 2 was a concern.

  33. We have a Rainier that we use for our youngest, (though I use that term loosely as we as currently expecting another little one). How does this compare to it, or the Raidian RXT for that matter? I know the Rainier is wider than the RXT, so it cannot fit 3 across, but could the Pacifica?

    I would love to win this one for our girls, (though I would probably give it to my current youngest and give the Rainier to our littlest when he comes along).

    1. I have a Rainier, this Pacifica, and a Radian RXT. If you want to fit 3 across, you’ll want to go with the Radian RXT. This seat is basically a slightly cheaper version of the Rainier, without the headwings. The Pacificia also has the metal guides at the top of the seat for a seat belt when you upgrade to booster mode — the Pacifica and the Radian do not. These are the only differences I’ve noticed.

  34. Very thorough and informative review. I love how this seat folds up flat and can be used on an airplane. Great pictures as well.

  35. I love the steel frame and fold flat feature! I also like that it’s a one and done purchase – once you’ve gotten a seat, no more money for other seats or boosters.

  36. I really love that this seat folds and can be carried with the strap. However, with the weight, I don’t think I would want to have to carry it too far. I also like that it is FFA approved and how narrow it is so you can have multiple seats in a backseat of your car and they fit well.

  37. I have only heard great things about this brand of car seats. I love the fact that they are trim and fit easily into car. The 50 lb rear facing is great and they can be used from birth and beyond. Who could ask for more!?!

  38. We have 2 RXTs and an Olympia! Love them sooo much! They really are some of the best seats out there ! 3 in a row was what caught my eye!

  39. We have 2 RXTs and an Olympia! Love them sooo much! They really are some of the best seats out there ! 3 in a row was what caught my eye!

  40. this seat is incredible. i love the shape of it as it fits better in a vehicle. I love the weight limit and how safe it is as well. we could definitely use an upgrade!

  41. I love this car seat and I also would like the sous chef that graco has the way it grow with your child like the diono car seat does. Great products.

  42. I love this seat. Diono has such a great reputation, and with my daughter at about 30 pounds we are ready to move on to the next size seat for her. I still rear-face at 2.5 years, and love how Diono supports rear-facing!

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  45. Besides loving the bold color of this, I love the security features and also that it can go from a smaller child to a bigger child, I also love the fact that you can easy carry this out and place it in another vehicle if need to.

  46. I am a huge fan of diono, I love their car seats. I feel like i’m giving my child the best safety available. They have great features, and this would be great for baby #2!

  47. This is a great seat! Love the high boostering and RF limits. My rear-facing 2.5-year-old is already on the verge of outgrowing her seat and I would love to keep her rear-facing much longer!

  48. Great review of such an awesome seat. We have these for my son and would love to win another for out other son. They’re such versitle seats

  49. With 4 kids ages 3 months to 6 years and a van with a very narrow back seat I feel as if this car seat would be the absolute perfect pick for our family. I love that it last 12 years as my children are short and would get the maximum use out of it. I love that it has such a high rear facing weight limit also as my children are a lot more comfortable riding rear facing.

  50. I love this is a “one and done” carseat you can use from 5lbs to 120lbs! I love that its on the slimmer side. Im going to need 3 across soon and Diono is one of the few that can fit 3 across. Although this isn’t there slimmest seat it would still help out a ton! As i have to buy 2 carseats, my other sons will be expiring soon.

  51. I love this seat! My daughter is ready to move out of her carrier, and we need a seat that will last! I especially love that it’s rear-facing!

  52. I love this seat and it would be great for my grandson however, it is just out of my price range at this time. I will keep it in mind and watch your products they seem to be great.

  53. I love how it has 12 year warranty life on it and you can adjust it from 5 pounds up until your child is out of a car seat. Easy to wash and clean and the color is phenominal.

  54. The price of this car seat was a little high at first but after reading about Diono Pacifica I can understand the price! I love that has a steel frame and foam inside. So awesome it will grow with my kids and I love how the seat folds up for easy carry!

  55. This looks like a great car seat. My 3 year old is over 44 inches tall and 50 lbs. he sits forward facing, but I am not ready for him to just be in a booster. I like that this has both options and a higher weight limit so we could use it longer.

  56. right when I thought I was done raising my children the universe decide to favor me with another child. So much has changed in 18 years. Just read the review and I must say Im pretty impressed. I like the fact that your child can literally grow with this car seat & the safety features are pretty good

  57. Awesome review! Love that it is geared towards extended rear facing, and all the safety features. I also think it is adorable that your two girls had on matching tights.

  58. We have a small hatchback and are working on growing baby number two, which we plan on sneezing both our babies into the back seat with one more spot for an adult. This looks like a perfect fit for us.

  59. I’m really impressed with the specs on this car seat, the higher rear facing weight allowance is great since my almost 10 month old already tips the scales at 27lbs and I want to keep him rear facing as long as possible. The fact that it folds for storage and is an industry leader in safety with a steel frame is icing on the cake.

  60. I have always used more budget friendly carseats so to read the safety information is a definite eye opener. Thanks for sharing!

  61. It’s great knowing first hand how reliable a product is when it comes to our little ones. Thank you for this awesome review.

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  63. Thanks for the review. I love the “one and done” concept since we always went with a carrier then to a convertible and then to a booster. I also love the steel frame and how it is easy to fold I would love to win this carseat and thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  64. I love that this seat is reinforced with extra deep sidewalls lined with energy-absorbing foam for added comfort and safety.

  65. I’ve honestly never heard of this brand. We’ve been using an infant peg perego and it broke after a year. My son only used it until 4 months so I’m extremely angry and some buying seats based on price. Thanks for the honest review!

  66. I love this car seat has so many great features and would be perfect for traveling from California to Texas this December thank you so much for the opportunity

  67. I love our diono radian RXT I am sure this one is just as great! I love the extended life of the seats and how easy they are to use!

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  70. As a city apartment dweller, I’m so thankful for the ease of storing this. We have to make the most of our space. I appreciate that this can be used through so many stages too! A great investment.

  71. my sister just found out a month ago that Shes pregnant. I have-still am entering So many sweepstakes for my new neice or nephew! I ??? this!!!

  72. Even if the Diono car seats tend to be heavier than others, I also appreciate the support to extended rear facing, and the 12 year lifespan of the car seat is significantly longer than most. So worth the price!

  73. The extended rear faced option is wonderful. Extremely safe. Would love this for my car so I can keep my granddaughter safe. Thank you!

  74. I love the bright orange. I also like how it grows with the baby (my baby 6months) I would love to win it my baby’s outgrowing his car seat, it would be perfect timing thank you

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  77. I like the car seat for one it has been state tested and approved and it is adjustable and I like it that it goes by weight and and easley can be stored and u don’t have to by an booster seat it comes in it
    Safety first and this has it all.and my grandson would fit it perfectly. due to he has an skin care problem and the seat that he has puts bubbles on his skin and the material is just right.I would love to win this beautiful prize giveaway.

  78. I love how it will grow with my granddaughter and I’m very excited about how safe it is even though it would be quite heavy for me. Then my grandson can go in it after her!

  79. This seat looks great! We have an older style that my 2 year old is rear facing in, but she is the 3rd child to use it in the last few years and it’s showing it’s age. Not expired yet, but it won’t be long before we need a replacement seat and I like that this model converts to a booster.

  80. I love everything about this car seat. As a great-grandmother, I would love my g/grandchildren to have a safe car seat to travel in. This car seat gives me peace of mind with all of its features.

  81. I have wanted this seat ever since I saw it. It is the only seat that will fit 2 in the back of my car, rear facing. Love, Love, Love.

  82. my sweet grandson is soon to transistion out of his 30lb and under car seat. This would be such an awesome gift for my daughter to have ready for him,…very soon now… it goes so fast doesnt it?

  83. Great review. I love that it can rear face even when my daughter gets a bit bigger. Also, this orange is to die for. I love the color! Thank you for the review!

  84. I have been really wanting one of these and your review helped a bunch. Love the support pillows for every stage!

  85. I am actually wanting this exact seat for my son. I love the extended rear facing and booster addition. The memory foam makes it extra comfortable for the child which is really important to me. I also love that it folds and has a carrying strap for easy transportation. Definitely a top notch seat.

  86. I’ve been trying to figure out which car seat to get as our next step. This looks great. Thanks. My daughter is 6 months old and growing everyday!

  87. I love the detailed description you give here of the Diono, I actually almost bought one with my firat two kids when they transitioned to bigger seats and was talked out of it. I did not realize it had accessories for infants! Now I really want one as number three is due in January. P.S.- Your photos are beautiful, that color Diono is fantastic.

  88. I’ve been wanting my kids to have diono car seats for a long time! I think my youngest would especially like this seat so that she has more leg options!

  89. I absolutely love this carseat. I love how it grows with child and how it is easily compacted for travel or storage. Great seat!

  90. I love that the range is 5lbs-90lbs and that rf is until 50lbs. Such a great option especially for those of us w kiddos in the 95%.

  91. I love the idea of a seat that could really be used from birth, on. Others may make that claim, but don’t seem to be able to do it safely. This one sounds like it is really designed to protect my babies as they grow, without having to change seats.

  92. To me, it is important to have a seat that grows with the child. I hated having to buy an expensive car seat and then yet another booster seat for my kids when they outgrew the carseat. This one is erfect because it can be used for many years.

  93. This car seat would be perfect for my son! I love the color too. I worry about accidents and it sounds like a great choice keeping safety in mind!

  94. I love the option to carry it as a back pack, we own the Diono radian , but it’s on the heavier side of car seats. I know that that means it’s heavy duty. I appreciate their quality.

  95. I love love love that this seat rear faces up to 50lbs! I anticipate having large children, husband is tall, so that’s just what ‘m looking for 🙂

  96. I love that this car seat has a full steel frame, so It’s incredibly sturdy and safe! I wish I could get one for all 3 of my kids!

  97. This looks fabulous! I am committed to keeping my DD rear facing as long as possible, so a 50lb weight limit to RF is awesome! Love the idea that it can easily be taken onto an airplane, that would be so helpful. I would like her to be able to stay in one seat, and with a 12 year expiration date, maybe another little could even inherit!

  98. I would love to get this for my 3 year old whose current carseat expires this month! It would be perfect for her forever!

  99. I love this car seat and all of the features that comes with it .I have also read that is o e of the best.brands and I would love to win this for my grandson he has have a serious skin problem that he was born with and the ones they sale and he got irritate s his skin.but this one here the doctors from Cleveland and in ar,ziona says this would be great if I win this .so I have my fingers crossed for a win

  100. We love these seats & have been wanting one for awhile now. One of our cars is smaller & we cannot fit the 2 car seats in the back & still sit a guest comfortably back there. I have heard great things about Dionos allowing a lot of room with multiple seats.

  101. Thank you for review of the car seat!! Has me really excited!! Hope you and your family have a awesome Christmas.
    God bless you!

  102. I love that this car seat grows with your child and how it is easily compacted for travel or storage. Great Car Seat!!!

  103. This seat is amazing. The safety features are unmatched, I love the head protection espeically. I have a teenage daughter with a traumatic brain injury sustained in a car accident last year. It’s so important to me to protect my little ones while I still can!

  104. Awesome review. I would love one of these seats, I have three grandbabies total that would put this seat to good use ranging in ages from 19 months to 5 years old. Love the fact it can be used for all three!!!

  105. Thank you for the comprehensive review! I love the photos and details. It helped me realize this was an appropriate seat for my kiddo. I appreciate your honest and in depth review.

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