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Nothing beats the colors and smells of a tepid evening in the Mojave desert in southern California. It cannot be described justly in words, but the fragrance of the creosote bushes, especially after rain, is one that I have missed since moving to the East coast. Most tend to think of a desert as being a barren, bleak landscape. That may be true of some deserts, but not the Mojave. The Mojave can be outright beautiful certain times of the year.

BOB Revolution SE

Taking an evening walk was something my parents were fond of and I can remember tagging along for many of them as I grew up. My parents would walk at a casual pace with our German Shepherd and our Dachshund which afforded me the opportunity to explore the desert on either side of whatever dirt road we were following. Reptilian life was plentiful and the challenge of catching them was ever-present. It was a great place for a young kid growing up.

Stroller Quality Matters

Rewind to the year 1987 and I am not yet a year old. My family is on one of their regular evening walks, enjoying the comfortable temperature as I ride along in my stroller. Little did they know that they would be harshly introduced to the hood and headlights of a 1969 Ford Mustang. Yes, a negligent driver rocketed that beautiful machine directly into my father, mother and me, and scattered us like bowling pins into the desert sand. Luckily, the vehicle missed my older sister.

I, in my stroller, sailed a fair distance off of the road and into the desert where I came to a halt on my side. My dad was knocked unconscious several yards down the road. My mom, who was conscious, had a concussion and several other injuries. My sister, who was somehow missed by the ballistic missile of a car, took me from the panicked driver who had removed me from my stroller.

We were, clearly, very lucky to have survived that without more serious injury. Had I been carried rather than in a stroller, I might have been seriously or fatally injured. If my sister had been hit, she could have been killed. Given the situation, it could have been a lot worse than it ended up.

Technology incorporated into strollers has come a long way since 1987. The type of stroller I was in would have been very basic and spartan. No off-road wheels. No five-point harness. No suspension. No cup holders. No basket for additional items. It was a stroller for on-road use and nothing more! Modern strollers are simply better built and more utilitarian than the strollers of the past.

Because a stroller very well may have saved my life, I’m particularly invested in the purchase of strollers for our children. I want to make sure they will have a stroller that’s not only attractive and functional, but also of the highest safety standards. Of the many options available to consumers, BOB has some of the most creative and utilitarian strollers available.

BOB Strollers

BOB (short for Beast of Burden) is one of the originators of the modern jogging stroller. BOB was originally founded by Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny to produce bicycle trailers for hauling additional gear. When Roger and Philip began to start families, they were inspired to design and build a superior jogging stroller that held the same high standards as their trailers. The result was the BOB Sport Utility Stroller, complete with patented suspension system, tough polymer wheels, easy-fold frame, a reclining, padded seat and several other features no one had ever put on a stroller before. Just a few years later, BOB introduced a lockable swiveling front wheel to their line of strollers. This dramatically improved the turning radius while maneuvering in tight spaces. BOB was acquired by Britax in 2011.

When we were given the opportunity to review a BOB Revolution SE, we jumped at the chance. BOB has always been a well-respected name and their quality speaks for itself. We love being outdoors and the Revolution SE will be fantastic for our spring, summer, and fall excursions. I cannot wait to get it out on a trail.

BOB Revolution SE

Features of the BOB Revolution SE

The Revolution SE comes packed with features. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, in fact! With a BOB, you are definitely cruising in style.

Lockable Swivel Front Wheel: The lockable front wheel is great for indoor or outdoor maneuverability. When trying to navigate tight spaces or congested locations, unlocking the front wheel to allow free rotation improves the turning radius and cornering ability of the Revolution SE. Should the terrain turn rough while out on a trail or path, the wheel can be locked forward for increased stability.

Adjustable Suspension: Any feature that decreases the chance of waking a sleeping child is a good thing. The adjustable suspension helps improve ride quality so your children aren’t constantly jostled around like clothes in a dryer.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Revolution SE

BOB Travel System: BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seats and the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter allow for easy transition from house to car to stroller, all without having to unbuckle your baby! If you are a parent, you will understand how much more convenient this really is. These items are sold separately.

BOB Revolution SE

Accessory Adapter Ports: The Accessory Adapter ports allow for quick and easy attachment of a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or snack tray.

BOB Revolution SE

Reclining Seat and Multi-position Canopy: The padded, reclining seat gives your child increased comfort over other stroller brands. If your little one falls asleep, the last thing you want is to injure their neck muscles as their head slumps forward. Reclining the seat allows them to nap comfortably. The large canopy will protect them from sun exposure and the elements. The five-point harness assures that your children cannot wriggle out of the seat and provides increased safety over a lap belt. A viewing window is stitched into the top so you can check on your child with ease.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Revolution SE

Polymer Composite Wheels and Pneumatic Tires: Rough terrain is no problem for this stroller. The tough polymer wheels can stand up to daily abuse. There are no solid plastic “tires” here! The actual pneumatic tires and tubes will help dampen the toughest of rides.

BOB Revolution SE

Cargo Basket: The undercarriage basket and seat-back pocket assure that you can comfortably store plenty of essentials while you are out and about.

Parking Brake: When engaged, the parking brake helps secure a stopped position. It can be engaged/disengaged easily with one foot.

BOB Revolution SE

What We Think of the BOB Revolution SE

Our outdoor activity had been limited by the recent rash of snow and ice but an excursion on a rare warm day was just what we needed. The BOB performed magnificently, as expected. This performance held true even on the last remaining remnants of ice and snow.

Having a front wheel that can be toggled between locked forward and free swivel is great for steering options on various types of gravel or pavement. It definitely made turns and position adjustments a lot more simple. This, in addition with the quality tires and the suspension system, makes the BOB comfortable and easy to control, even with one hand.

The cargo basket is large enough for basic necessities that are a given when one has a young child. Items such as snacks, toys, blankets and the like fit easily enough and it lightens the load on your shoulders if you are accustom to carrying a backpack or diaper bag.

The brakes are very simplistic but this gives them the benefit of being almost fail-proof. The brakes engage with the quick touch of your foot. This simplicity is quite welcome when you have your hands full!

The accessory ports that allow the quick addition of a snack tray or car seat adapter are a nice feature. We did not have the opportunity to test any available accessories but the system seems simple enough. Having an adapter with which you can attach a BOB B-Safe Car Seat is a great help. It definitely beats having to take a sleeping infant out of their seat to transfer them into a stroller.

The reclining seat in combination with the large canopy makes for a dark, cozy place for your little ones to nap. Keeping the sun out of their eyes is always a concern on any parent’s mind and the canopy of the Revolution SE assures that you get maximum coverage, especially when compared to many other brands. The viewing window on the top allows you to check on them without stopping or disturbing their sleep. Jacob found that he enjoyed talking to us through this little port.

BOB Revolution SE

We were definitely happy with the handling abilities and utility of the BOB Revolution SE. It handled any terrain we felt fit to take it across with ease and provided a smooth, comfortable ride for our children at the same time. The quality of construction is top-notch while still being light weight. It collapses very simply and to a surprisingly small size for a larger stroller. It can fit in most modern vehicle trunks with a little room to spare. If you need it to break down even smaller, the wheels can quickly be detached and reattached at your destination.

Janessa and I agree that the BOB Revolution SE would be a great purchase option for any reader who loves outdoor excursions. The large tires, swiveling front wheel and suspension combine into a fantastic package and because the stroller has a 70 pound weight limit, we are able to use it for any of our 3 children. If you are in the market for a stroller, make sure that BOB is on your list! Make sure you watch our full video review to see this stroller in action!

The BOB Revolution SE is not only a stroller that we recommend, it made onto Babies”R”Us’’s Moms Love It List. This list features all the best items for babies, voted most-loved by real moms! You can purchase this stroller directly from Babies”R”Us  or add it to your registry. Thanks to their generosity, you can enter to WIN a BOB Revolution SE stroller too!

To be taken to the BOB Revolution SE stroller giveaway, just click here. Good luck!


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  2. The story of your family’s accident is horrible! I’m so happy that you didn’t have more serious injuries. I had no idea that BOB stood for Beast of Burden! I was wondering about that. I have a BOB Ironman with a fixed wheel and I absolutely love it, but there are times where a swivel wheel would be convenient. I also found that the wheels and suspension system make for a nice ride. I’ve used it on many kinds of terrain with a sleeping child and she seems to find it comfortable.

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  6. BOB strollers are a far cry better than those of 1987, I totally agree with you. My son was born in 1986 so I am quite aware. Big and clunky and hard to maneuver . It was horrible. I just gave one of these to my niece and now my son is mad so I am gonna enter and see if I can get one for my grand kids too.

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  17. So very interesting. I enjoyed the review, especially the story of your family. I can imagine that old time strollers like the one you were in weren’t safe. I am totally amazed at the stroller you reviewed and how safe and modern it seems. I would love for one of my grandchildren to be in a stroller like that. Thank you for the chance to win one.

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    I love that it holds kids up to 70 pounds and has a Large canopy to keep them shaded on sunny days.

  35. I would have read about anything after your short story about your family’s experience, but it definitely fits that what followed was your review of a BOB stroller. My sister has one and takes it on trails in the Poconos, she couldn’t be happier with its features, and your review certainly highlights even more than she has told me about. Thanks for sharing.

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  67. This review is one of the Best I have ever read. Starting with your near brush of death in your Baby stroller as a child, in which you credited your stroller for saving your life..You have done a lot of research on strollers to make sure your own Babies had a well built safe stroller! You gave Bob an awesome review. The stroller sounds like everything I would want for my for my soon to be Great Granddaughter. Thankyou so much for this awesome review! Have a great Day!~!

  68. we jog a lot here in Arizona there are a lot of mountains, so I’ve really been looking for a great jogging stroller!


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    And, I loved reading about when you were a child and the majestic Mojave Desert (except for the accident part).

  73. Thanks for the great review and the clear pictures with labels for those of us who like to see what something really looks like from a consumer and not just the manufacturer. So Glad things worked out for your family all those years ago.

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  78. I love BOB. I borrowed a Bob Duallie for a zoo trip and put 2 35 lb 3 year olds in it… it pushed like a dream!! I could even push it with one hand!!! Thats the trick with trying out strollers.. they all push great when they are empty. Add some weight and it gets tough. Except with BOB.

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  80. While happily anticipating the birth of my first, I spent an abnormal amount of time researching strolllers. I probably should’ve been stocking up on sleep, but there ware so many choices on the market, it became almost a full-time job! I wanted one that would suit the city streets where I live, but that I could also use when I visit my parents in the more rural upstate area.
    I hit a stroke of luck at the Big City Mom’s biggest baby shower- I found the BOB and was immediately sold. This carriage is amazing! Lightweight, sturdy, pushes smoothly and comfortable. Its all I ever wanted in a stroller.

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  82. Safety is so important!! I wasn’t sure what to look for as far as strollers are concerned because I just figured if it was on the market it was tested for specific things… But after hearing about accidents and finger pinching incidents, it reminds me that you can never research too much for the safety of yourself and your family!

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  86. WOW!!! What a story to tell your children… getting hit by a car in the desert & surviving! THANK GOD!!! This Beast Of Burden is truly that! Does all the work, so mom, or grandma doesn’t have to! Love the big canopy, and OMG those tires! Can’t believe you can actually put air in them LOL Great piece of machinery here!

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  91. I have always loved BOB Strollers! They are workhorses and I so wish I owned one. What’s not to love?! The suspension (my fave for NYC pavements), the dual brake, the large canopy basket, the smooth handling, the locking feature are all what make this stroller my fave!

  92. I think I would be too scared to take a stroll through a desert. I don’t think my two daschunds could protect us from critters! your photo is beautiful though. I’ve heard great things about this stroller. Our neighborhood sidewalks aren’t new, nor even, there are some small obstacles because it is an old town. I think this stroller would handle it nicely. thanks for doing this.

  93. There are so many great features the BOB stroller offers. The tires look amazing for running which I plan on continuing after I deliver. I would love to own one of my own but the price doesn’t fit into my budget. I enter the giveaways in hope of being able to finally able to own a BOB.

  94. Some of the roads around me are horrible, a few that I walk on are dirt roads. I think this would be amazing!

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  96. Our family is outdoorsy and always on the go. After reading up on all the strollers out there, none compare to the BOB Revolution. The durability and extra features go a long way.

  97. Amazing product! I bought my revolution used and my only complaints are-I wish I could find new covers/fabric and the size makes it hard to take everywhere, although the front tire removes with a latch. Besides that I love this stroller more than I thought possible, it is extremely well built and makes everything else look so puny. It is structurally sound and safe and maneuvers so well even one handed. If you invest in one if these be sure to get the revolution model(s)-the sport utility and ironman only have fixed front wheels which is essential for running but horrible for everyday walking when maneuverability matters. Can’t wait to get a dualie once I have my next baby!

  98. I love everything about this stroller. It would be so perfect for us. We walk and ride bikes on our bike trail, and the safety features of this would make me feel better about strolling my little one on the path.

  99. What an awesome versatile stroller! I have multiple mom friends who swear by the BOB strollers for running. I am doing an upcoming ‘glow run’ in my city and this stroller would be perfect for my youngest!

  100. It’s so hard to find a stroller that has all the necessities AND wants but it seems that BOB has done it with this one. From the adjustable handle, to the suspension, the cushioned reclining seat, and extra large canopy (because you can usually only get one of those last two) with the added bonus of extra bells and whistles that you can pick and choose from to add to the stroller.

  101. I like that this stroller has an upright position. My current stroller doesn’t allow my son to sit all the way up and my son doesn’t like it.

  102. I have been looking at reviews for many different jogging strollers. I keep coming back to the BOB, but I have yet to see a review of how it performs on rougher trails. My favorite trail has quite a few bumps and hills and am wondering if this stroller could handle that.

      1. Thanks! It is finally starting to look like spring where I live, hopefully it will warm up soon for you. 🙂

  103. I have big boys so I love that this has a 70 lb weight capacity. I think it would make a great city walking stroller.

  104. Awesome stroller! The best things in my opinion are the adjustable suspension and the large cargo holder on the bottom. Would be an amazing stroller to give to my sister as a baby shower gift.

  105. I love this stroller, so many wonderful feature. The adjustable suspension, tires, large canopy, and cargo holder. Plus its lightweight. Fingers crossed!!

  106. This is a great stroller with lots of nice features. I like the way the wheels go on like a bicycle and the easy way it folds and unfolds.

  107. My daughter would love rides in this stroller, its almost spring and therefore we will no longer be indoors, yippy!

  108. love a lot of the features of the BOB! The high weight limit would allow me to use it for any of my kids if necessary. Versatility is a must for any baby/kid products in my house.

  109. I love this stroller! I like how it easily becomes compact also! It would be great for the little one in my belly 🙂

  110. I love everything about this stroller. It is so cool and perfect for running. I also like how easy is to open and fold.

  111. Absolutely love Bob strollers but can’t swing the price, this would be the perfect stroller for our little one for myself or my husband to go running with!

  112. Love this stroller so much!! I could see myself taking my son for country walks in our hometown and so easy to fold up in the back of the car to grandma’s house. You did a wonderful review and helps to have a easy video to follow for putting it together. Thank You!! ☺

  113. An awesome stroller that I would love to have, especially for its great steering options and the fact that it can be used on gravel or cement. That would enable me to jog on the unpaved, dirt roads that I prefer!

  114. Thanks for the review, I love the tires, suspension, and that its lightweight. I’m training for 1/2 marathon and would love to start bringing my son on runs.

  115. There are so many things I love about this stroller! I like how easy it is to assemble. I also like the large basket underneath. I love the large canopy also.

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