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I remember when I got a swing set as a kid. It was this immense, awesome steel and rust source of endless entertainment. When people use the term “metal” to refer to something that is awesome (like heavy metal music) they got that from seeing my awesome metal swing set. True story.

My dad found it at a yard sale for a really good deal. I’d imagine that’s because he had to rent a crane to lift it and a semi truck to haul it. One would figure that really added to the cost. But, soon enough, it was in our backyard; a testament to my dad’s ingenuity and stubborn determination.

As a child, it seemed like the pinnacle of man’s creation. The Empire State building had nothing on my swing set. But it was so much more than that. It had monkey bars and a slide too. That eighth wonder of the world was so gigantic and top-heavy, my dad set it in concrete. If that thing fell over, it might have registered as an earthquake and you really don’t want the epicenter of one of those right behind your house. Plus, it would have crushed his prize-winning redwood fence.

Ah, yes. It was solid steel but not impervious to rust, of which it had its fair share. It was old. The exact origins of this monolith are still unknown to this day but vague historical clues point to its creator being Andrew Carnegie himself. My dad and I estimated it to have been built around 1898. It’s design was such that I could incorporate some strategically placed 2×8 boards and construct a “fortress” of sorts. Countless hours were spent upon that wondrous enigma of a swing set… but only in the morning or the evening because the steel got wicked hot under the desert sun.

Looking back, I now realize it was a deathtrap. I probably should have gotten a tetanus shot just from looking at it. Everything about it was considerably unsafe. The jagged edges, the rust, and the sheer height I could fall from (into various species of cacti) all stacked the odds of my survival (or escape unscathed) against me. But people didn’t think about those things as much back then, I guess. Or maybe my dad, like me, was just so awe-inspired by the triumph of mankind that was my swing set that we refused to acknowledge the dangers of toying with things we didn’t understand.

Now that I’m a dad, I want our children to have the same cool things that I had but without the mortal danger. That’s why I love Step2 products. They are designed by people who care about the health and well-being of your children, unlike the designer that built that death machine I used to play on. And with the use of modern resins rather than various metals, rust is far less considerable on these new swing sets.

We got a Step2 swing set for the backyard of our home last summer. Maggie and Jake love it. The poor things are so bummed out during the winter months. They look so longingly at the snow-covered swings from the kitchen window. It’s terrible (for them and us) to be cooped up inside for several months.

We recently had the opportunity to review the new Step2 Play Up Gym Set. We were extremely excited to test out this brand new set, but we didn’t have room in our small backyard for another swing set (nor did we need 2 back there). Luckily, Maggie, Jake and Zellene’s grandparents were more than happy to have a brand new swing set for the kiddos in their back yard!

When the swing set arrived, the first thing I noticed as we removed it from the box was the cool design. The playhouse resembles a tree house and includes climbing steps, a slide and a steering wheel. These features will allow your little ones to dream up a plethora of activities and types of play!

The resin is thick, sturdy and should hold up to years of abuse. While being strong, it is also relatively light. Since it is so cold outside, we assembled the set inside the garage and carried it to the back yard upon completion. We accomplished this with three people due to the awkwardness and size rather than weight. We lifted it over a 3 ft chain link fence with ease.

The assembly, as it always is with Step2 products, was a breeze! The construction is basic and straight-forward as the pieces fit together similar to a puzzle. Fastening is done with the usual fair including screws, nuts, bolts and washers. We assembled the play house section and the swing section separately and combined them at the end. All that was left was installing the swings! Bingo! We were done.

Swing Set 360

The kids were overjoyed to try out their new toy. The cold of the day didn’t seem to matter at all as they eagerly explored the features of the Play Up Gym Set. The swings, I think, will forever be our children’s favorite part of any outdoor play set. They definitely spend most of their time on that portion! Soon enough they will increasingly enjoy the playhouse section as they realize the fun and creativity of fort-building and imaginative play.

Play Gym Fun

The children can’t wait for summer to arrive so they can enjoy their new Play Up Gym Set in a more comfortable temperature. We can’t wait to send them outside and have some peace and quiet for a change! Oh, summer… please come soon.

Check out our video review below to see the Step2 Play Up Gym Set in action!

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  1. Thank you for the review! As kids growing up, my sister and I did not have a home with a backyard with swings, an visits to the park were rare. As a mom, my husband and I live in a home with our son with a generous backyard that this would look absolutely perfect in! My son loves the swings and the slides so I know he would absolutely love this!

    1. My son would love this. Glad to hear it is durable and fun! He has a smaller slide but it’s getting small for him. Thanks for the feedback on this one.

  2. Thanks for this awesome review!!!!! I love the reviews that your blog offers!!! It gives you really good advice on products that I would use for my grand daughter. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Seeing all of that, I’m glad it’s easy to assemble. My hand still hurts from having Mommy Hands from pregnancy. It looks so cute!

  4. I would love to win this Gym Set for my two 2-year-old grand-nephews. I love the safety features, especially because I suffered a couple injuries on swing sets and jungle gyms when I was a little kid. This Gym Set sounds so much safer than the ones we had back in those years.

  5. We’ve owned many of step2 items over the years. Now that my girls are older and we’re starting all over with our little boy, I’m really excited about this. We have a really small backyard. This is the perfect size. I’m loving the durability and the fact that there’s no metal to rust. My son will enjoy this!!

  6. My son is a tall 3 yr old and VERY rough on toys. Would that be strong enough to stay up to him jumping in the tree house … And pretty much climbing all over it?

  7. I have very similar fond memories of my swing set as a child. It was a water park (just put a pool at the end of the slide), a pirate ship (hand a sail off the monkey bars!), a fort (drape with an old shower curtain). It took my anywhere I wanted to go.

  8. This is an amazing set. My daughter would love climbing into the playhouse area before sliding down the slide, I can just picture her having hours and hours of fun on this. Thanks for the review.

  9. The visit links to the contest work but can’t submit the entry. I wasn’t able to complete my entries for visiting the facebook pages. Please fix

  10. I also think that grandma’s house and big yard might be the place for this swingset 🙂 There are already so many Step 2 play items at our house, so this would be a great treat to have when the kids go to grandma’s house 🙂 Since it is easy to set up and light (but sturdy), grandma wouldn’t have a problem having it set up!

  11. This is the perfect size for my preschool grandchildren. No metal to rust. I wish it had a safety seat for the toddlers to swing on.

  12. I like how you said it will hold up for many years that is sure good especially with something like this that will be used a lot

  13. This set looks awesome. My daughters would love it. We are looking into getting some kind of swing set this summer, so I have added this one to the list of possiblities. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reviewing this Play Up Gym. I like Step 2 products, their quality is great. Would love to have this for my grandchildren who are at our home frequently. How much fun could be had!

  14. We love plastic for the same reason!! In Wisconsin weather we deal with so must rust and corrosion on anything that is outdoors and metal that a plastic anything is a breath of fresh air! I love the rope swing ropes for that same reason as well!! What a great set!! Thank you to you and Step 2 for the great review and giveaway!

  15. This would be perfect. I have vaso vagal syncopy aand I pass out when it gets too hot so there are many times we can’t get out in the summer. Having this in the back yard lets them play whenever. I love it.

  16. My son’s would go crazy over this set. My husband and I have been talking about get a set for a few months now.. We’ll have to look into this real soon.

  17. Thank your so much for the great Step2 review and giveaway opportunity! Our fingers are crossed to win this for our daughter! 🙂

  18. I love this. I would love to get this for my grand daughter Breckyn who doesn’t have a swing set yet. Or maybe grandma will keep it for all the grand kids to enjoy. This shouldn’t get hot like the metal ones do. Love the climber on it.

  19. I love this play set! I like that the playhouse part isn’t too far off the ground & it has multiple things to keep the kids entertained. I’m hoping to win it for my neighbors kids, i think they would have a blast. 🙂

  20. thank you so much for reviewing such a great product and relating the ease of assembly and the comparisons to previous set ups!

  21. Thank you for the review this step2 Play Up Gymset is really cool my kids would absolutely love this.We live in arizona and there is not a lot of fun things to do.Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. Love the memory you shared, I think I had the brother of your monolith. With a single mom it was doubly challenging to get it installed so I could clamber :). The new one looks so much easier for a single GMom to be able to set up and watch the grands enjoy.

  23. It is so neat that this has a playhouse a slide with the swings. It looks like something the children will enjoy for many years. Thank you for sharing

  24. My dad built us a mammoth swing set when I was a kid. Back in the 70s it was amazing. Now you can spend a small fortune on getting your kids a play structure that rivals a medieval castle! This Step 2 playset is perfect for our small backyard, and my daughter will be two in May, just as it warms up here in Chicago.

  25. I love the look of this play set. It looks the perfect size for my younger children. We had a great hand-me-down swing set years ago but had to sell it really cheap when making our last out of state move. It would be amazing to have a swing set again for my younger children to enjoy. I never had my own swing set as a child but I did live in apartment complexes and of course, there were swing sets at school. I loved playing on swings and so do my children. Thanks for the review and the chance to win.

  26. First of all, I am totally jealous that your swing set as a kid had monkey bars! My sister and I shared a swing set as a kid and it was just that, a swing set. I always wanted a slide or monkey bars. I enjoyed reading your review! And you are right, metal death traps. Lol! My kids would adore this set!!!

  27. Love the fact that it is plastic and you know that step 2 is quality so it will last for a long time and with two little boys they would have field day playing on this

  28. I have a small in home daycare and my little ones would love this set. We have a set for the older kids to play but this would be so much and so much safer for our littles to enjoy! I love how over the years the products really have put children’s safety into consideration when I was little I remember we played on an old metal swing set with limited options…. Have a great day!

  29. Thanks for your review! So glad to hear that the resin is sturdy and that the set isn’t difficult to assemble. Would love to give it a try!

  30. What a great playset! looks sturdy and easy to assemble! My daugher would love this! would you be able to put a baby swing on it? or would it be too low to the ground to easily push?

  31. I just love the Step2-play-gym-set it looks like so much fun for the kids to swing and climb on. I like that you dont ever have to paint it like the old fashion wooden play sets.

  32. I liked your review. It sounds as though it is light to carry (over a chain link fence) and yet also sturdy at the same time. And, it also sounds easy to put together. thanks

  33. I love how durable Step2 products are. My daughter would LOVE this swing set. I like how it has the slide attached to it. She loves slides and outgrew her old one.

  34. This is great! My nephews would love it. I can’t wait for it to warm up outside so we can go outside and play.

  35. I love the colors they are using for this set.

    Also- I really wish you had a picture of that swingset from your childhood- it sounds interesting.

  36. Thanks for these reviews & giveaways too! Love reading about products before buying, LOVE winning even more! This looks, and sounds, like a good set! Being that it’s from Step 2, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the $$$! Perfect size for 3 of our grandkids, and it would be sooooo wonderful to have something in the yard to keep them busy in the nice-weather months! CAN’T wait for this icky weather to go away!

  37. We have outside weather year-round so this would get great use from both of my boys. Thank you for your thorough review! I might have missed it, but is it possible to switch one of the swings with a toddler swing? Thank you!

  38. This swing set looks like so much fun. I loved playing on swings as a kid & my 2 1/2 yr old loves it now. He would love this in our backyard. Then in about a year, his new baby brother will be able to play with him on it.

  39. Its so cute! I love that its small and plastic and for smaller kids. Thank you for the review! My son would adore having something like this.

  40. Our 2 boys and 4 nieces who I babysit especially during the summer would love this and it would give them something else fun to do besides running around in the yard…

  41. thanks for the great review! Our little one is turning two this may and we are looking to get her a swing set for her birthday!

  42. This is a great review. I just love that you added a video which gives us , the viewers a chance to see the product in action. I know my son would just love this! His Birthday is coming up very soon and this would be perfect. This Step 2 Play Up Gym Set even has swings on it which would be a huge hit at our house! My son loves to swing and go to parks that have swings. Thank you so much for once again blowing us away with an amazingly detailed review! Thifty Nifty Mommy sure knows how to write amazing reviews and give her viewers all the information on products we could ever need!

  43. Love how you added some comic relief in with your very factful review 🙂 I love the safety features of this and would love to have one for my grandchildren to play on in my yard.

  44. I have been looking for a good outdoor climber for my son. I LOVE Step 2 products, and this one is awesome and safe. Thanks for your review.

  45. Thank you for the humorous and informative review! We never got the swing set in our back yard as children but we had the big metal park less than a half of a block away out our back door. It was so much fun playing on a playground when ever you wanted. I want that for my kids, and when we moved here we had that, but since moving here they have removed a bunch of equipment from the playground a block and a half away and haven’t replaced any of it. It was very disappointing. That’s why I am really interested in Step 2’s outdoor play equipment; I can have that in my back yard for my kids and the neighborhood kids to play on and have that enjoyment.

  46. I like that even though it is made of plastic/resin, the set is still sturdy and safe! I appreciate that from all Step 2 products. Thanks for the thorough review.

  47. This would be perfect for my boys. we had a swing set growing up as well but wasn’t a death trap like yours lol. But at least you had memories and yiu never got seriously hurt 🙂

  48. this looks super awesome and fun for my 5 year old and with another baby on the way would be awesome to have been wanting a swing set for a long time would be a blessing to win!

  49. Love that it isn’t made of metal! I want to get my children a playset but don’t like the way the metal ones look after a couple years.

  50. My kids get cabin fever during the winter months, too, which means I get antsy as well! Thanks for the review of this neat outdoor toy!

  51. I agree that the plastic of this set is SO Much better and safer than the old style metal swing sets. I remember how my own rusted as a child and how we still played on it and touched all the rusty metal. I love the durability of Step 2 Products

  52. I think step2 really has toddlers in mind when they create products. The products are always so toddler friendly. And when you have an active 2 year old it is nice to give them an outlet!

  53. This looks like a great play set for my 2 & 4 year old! Our community park isn’t well taken care of, so it would be nice to have something new and safe, yet fun & let’s them explore their imagination! Thanks for the review!

  54. Great review! I’m so glad to hear it is relatively lightweight and easy to assemble. If we got this for our son we would be assembling it when I’m quite pregnant.

  55. I would love to win this for my kids because our closest park is for far it’s not walkable for them. I love that it sounds easy to put together. I also like the size of it, two swings and a slide but it really doesn’t look like it would take up our entire back yard. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. I may need a tetanus shot just from reading about your old swing set! Thank goodness for Step2’s safer toys!

  57. This swingset looks awesome – I think all 4 of my kiddos would enjoy swinging and climbing – if winter ever ends 🙂

  58. Haha I had one of the rusty swung sets that would flip if you swung too high. A huh memories. I do love how this looks ad agree that this is way safer!

  59. i completely sympathize with the rust of old swing sets. I had one when I was a kid and it makes them only look good when you first get it until the rust sets in and then it’s high maintenance from there. This set looks to be promising.

  60. Thank you for reviewing. Your kiddos look like they are really enjoying the set. I love how well made Step2 products are made and this play set looks to stand up to those standards. My girls would certainly love one these in the backyard!

  61. Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on the Step2 Play Up Gym Set! I really enjoyed reading this review and your experience while growing up with a “monster of a swing set”! I know that my kids would absolutely Love this set! We have no park around where we live and I have to put them in the car and drive about 25 minutes to get to a park which has some swings, etc. We have looked at swing sets and the costs is unbelievable! We cannot afford to purchase one for the kids and they would be so happy if I could win this one! We don’t have much for them to play with outside because the price of things is just not in our budget! They love going outside when it’s nice and they play ball, play with the dogs, blow bubbles, etc. This set would surely be a different experience for them both! Thanks so much for the fantastic review, the pictures, and all the information you have provided all of us on this Step2 Play Up Gym Set! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  62. I went to the Step2 website and another thing I saw which I know my kids would love is the Clubhouse Climber! This is really a neat clubhouse for the kids! Many things to use their imagination on! This is really a cute product, like all the Step2 toys are! Thanks so much for asking! Michele 🙂

  63. I love that this is such a solid swing set and built to last. We have a 3 year old, another baby on the way, and will probably have at least 1 more baby after her, so I am looking for a swing set that will last for years.

  64. Lol. I also had a big metal rusty swing set as a child. To my sister and I, it was the most awesome thing in the world.My favorite part was the slide. One day, before leaving for a family vacation, my dad struck the end of the sliding board with the lawn mower. He didn’t realize it at the time, but it left a nice, sharp, jagged hunk of twisted metal exposed at the bottom. We went on our vacation and when we got home, my sister jumped out of the car and ran into the backyard to the swing set, happy to be home. She climbed up the slide, completely unaware of the danger that lurked at the bottom. When she slid down she had both of her hands griping the side of the slide and when she reached the bottom, she sliced her poor little toddler hand open on the jagged metal. We had to all get back in the car and head to the emergency room for stitches. The slide got taken down and was never replaced, always reminding us of what had happened. These days the playground equipment for kids is so much better. Hopefully my children will never have to be without a sliding board.

  65. You did a great job of reviewing this play set. It would be absolutely perfect for my 2 year old. I love the color scheme and all the features-both swing set and playhouse! It’s perfect!

  66. I am cracking up at your description of your childhood “deathtrap”! This play gym looks like a lot of fun. We don’t really have a yard (we live in Philly and we have about a 5×10 foot space, barely enough for the dog!) but this looks like it would fit in my mom’s yard. She watches our son while we’re at work and since she’s older and has arthritis and back issues, this would be great! Instead of having to chase my son around a park or playground, she can relax on her glider as he enjoys playing on this set. Thank you so much!

  67. It looks like so much fun! My kids would play on it in winter, too… they were playing on the kangaroo climber the other day despite the fact we have snow about 2′ deep! I just had to clear a path around the structure and they were playing in seconds! 🙂

  68. I like that the resin is thick, sturdy and should hold up for years. While being strong, it is also light enough to be lifted over a fairly high fence. That in itself, is amazing. I also like that is safe while being constructed which means it should also be safe for the the children.

  69. when i saw this giveaway I knew i had to enter. We just moved into our first home which a nice yard for our boy and dogs. I have been looking for something like this for his first birthday. Really hope to win!

  70. This would be the perfect addition to our backyard! I have 2 year old twins and we do not have a park within walking distance of our home any longer. This would be a perfect things for them to run off some energy!

  71. Great review! Your story about your dad bringing one home when you were av kid is almost identical to my dad. Poor guy had a rough time putting it together

  72. My son would love this! We have a big backyard and no fun toys in it! We love the Step 2 products becuase they are so sturdy and stand the test of time.

  73. I love the swings. it’s so expensive and hard to put swings in your backyard unless you have one of these sets!

    Thank you!

  74. I am very happy to have discovered Step2 for my Granddaughter. This company has designed a play climber, swing for the safety and health of young ones.

  75. We had a metal play set growing up too and we lived on that thing in the summer. The whole thing used to sway back and forth when you were playing on it because the frames weren’t cemented into the ground at all. Definite death trap so glad there are safer options now!

  76. Thankyou for the review and the giveaway! my son would love something like this. the park that is close to us is outdated and a bit rusty so i really dont like to even take him there.

  77. I had a swing set when I was a kid, it was a pretty simple one, but it worked, rust and all. It fell over the first time I used it, so my dad cemented it down, it never moved again. My kids had one, they loved it, we also had a park 2 blocks away, so they could go on other playground staples. Every child should have one.

  78. I love the design and functionality of this play set. Would be a perfect swingset for my son and friends!

  79. I cannot agree with you more, oh summer, please come soon! I love that this set is geared towards younger kids, that’s perfect for my littles and would make me less stressed about potential falls while they played on it.

  80. I too grew up with a metal swing set. My favorite thing to do was swing. The higher the better. My 2 year granddaughter loves to rock & swing. I know she would just love this. How is a guy doing a blog for thrifty nifty Mommy? Just wondering

  81. I think my daughter would LOVE the Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse and the Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  82. Thank you very much for this review. It is helpful to see pictures and hear the testimonial of another parent before investing in something like a gym set. I imagine this would be very much enjoyed by my 3 year old Grandson 🙂

  83. my fiancé and I were considering buying this for our little girls birthday but decided to hold off. After this review we are sure this will be at our house someday soon!

  84. Thank you for the review we are debating between this or a wooden one. I think we will go this route.

  85. Ah memories of metal swings sets! If loves something more safe for my son, and the play up gym set looks amazing! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  86. Thanks for a entertaining review. I love finding parents that know what is the hottest trend and what is good for each age group. My 5 yrs old son and his 7 yrs old sister would love to win something like this because they love to play outside.

  87. This playset looks like it would be perfect for my 3 yr old daughter and her little cousin who comes over to play. It is sized just right for our yard, too! As an overprotective mom, the safety of Step2 products eases my mind. Thanks for the review!

  88. Thanks for the great review. I love your personal story as it brings back memories of our old swing set back in the 60’s. I love the new colors Step2 is using nowdays and the fact that this would be easy to move around the yard if need be.

  89. Thank you for your review. This set looks like so much fun and i would love to win it for my twin god sons who are 20 months old 🙂

  90. Wonderful review, especially the overview of your swing set growing up as a child. This Step2 looks amazing and our 3 kids would love playing on it.

  91. I love this item… love the pictures and comments. I think it would be great for my grandson and all of my daycare children (I run a Licensed In Home daycare) its difficult to afford all the things we need for enjoyment.. Awesome opportunity to possible enjoy this item.

  92. The play set looks like a lot of fun. I love how the swings have a flexible seat so it looks like kids of different sizes could all use them comfortably. And it definitely looks safer than a set built all out of metal.

  93. Lol, I grinned through your review, love the levity; and the fact that not only does this swing set have a great design, but lacks the mortal danger of your steel monstrosity. Of course, we live in the NE, so cacti and desert sun aren’t issues, just the three feet of snow still on the ground 😀

  94. I love step2 play sets because of their ease of construction and their durability. This set would be perfect in our backyard. Thank you for the review.

  95. Great giveaway! Love this place set would be a perfect play area for my youngest & my niecce!! Happy Summer All & Good Luck!!

  96. This was such an enjoyable review. The rust covered metal swing set sound so familiar that’s what we had as children Too! Lol! Your right never gave the rust any attention as to something being unsafe! We did and had so many things back in the day that should have done us in ! Haaa! This Swing set by Step2 is so cute and so well buildt. I would love to have one for our Great Grandchildren. Just love it!!Thankyou for sharing!

  97. I also remember those metal swings. I thought they were the best ever. I wish they still had some around just for adults…LOL. The swing sets now are definitely safer then we had growing up. Thank you for the remembrance of them metal swings. And for this Awesome review!! 🙂

  98. I love how durable Step 2 products are. I would love to have this for my almost 3 year old and 1 year old daughters!

  99. You simply cannot go wrong with Step 2 products. Your review was great. I was wondering how hard it was to put together. I know my grandchildren would love this. Right now they only have a ball and bubbles and sidewalk chalk to play with outside. They would love this!

  100. I wonder whether the instructions are detailed enough to be followed by someone who has never assembled something this large before.

  101. The pictures of the set in use, and your ample descriptions of it’s features are a big help in deciding if this is the right purchase for my family. Thank you!

  102. Thanks for the review. Love that it has swings and a slide and that it’s not wood. I like the simple but fun design.

  103. Great review! As a child growing up I had a metal swing set as well and it end up rusting eventually also. I been looking for a swing set for my kids and daycare kids and I haven’t even looked at the metal ones. I want something that will last a long time along with hold up well for the kids to have fun playing on. I really like after reading the reviews and seeing pictures it not super big and would go perfectly in my front yard since we don’t have a backyard really where we live.

  104. Thanks for the review. There are so many choices nowadays and having such great reviews really helps in decision making!

  105. My children would love a place to do it all- swing , climb and slide. What a great idea and no metal or wood. So much better.

  106. Thank you so much for this review. It makes me really want to get this for my Son for his birthday this year!

  107. My children would love a place to do it all- swing , climb and slide. What a great idea and no metal or wood. So much better. So much safer

  108. We never knew those metal swing sets were so dangerous. This STEP2 is so much safer and nicer! Would love this for my grandkids!!!

  109. Thank you for the review! I feel the same way about my swing set when I was a kid as you did! We had an old, metal, yellow and white, rusty swing set that was endless entertainment and yes, also surely a deathtrap. Luckily no tetanus. Only a dislocated elbow. That’s why I love this new swing set. The perfect size, safe, plastic edges.
    I also loved your use of “wicked” hot! I say that too. 🙂

  110. Thank you for the review! I feel the same way about my swing set when I was a kid as you did! We had an old, metal, yellow and white, rusty swing set that was endless entertainment and yes, also surely a deathtrap. Luckily no tetanus. Only a dislocated elbow. That’s why I love this new swing set. The perfect size, safe, plastic edges.
    I also loved your use of “wicked” hot! I say that too.

  111. Money is tight, especially with a baby arriving in 2 months. My daughter’s birthday is April 21st and I would love to give this to her for her birthday!

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