Giving Medicine to Young Children Has Never Been Easier


I’m not sure if there is anything I hate more as a parent, then when my child is sick – especially when they are young. About 3 weeks ago, Jacob came down with a horrible cough in the middle of the night. He was coughing so loudly and so much that it woke me up. Sure enough, 3 days later Zellene, Maggie, and I all had it as well. Ugh – I knew I shouldn’t have let them play in that fast food play-place.

Naturally, I did what any parent does when illness strikes. I fired up the humidifiers, broke out the vapor rub, and grabbed my bottle of Hyland’s cough syrup. Everyone got a dose before bed. Maggie (now almost 5 years old) knows the drill and generally takes medicine like a champ. Jake ( 2 years old) – well, Jake runs for it.  I have to tackle that boy and then he generally gives in and just takes it, unhappily. Zellene, well, at just 6 months old, giving her medicine is generally a 2 person job. Orin held Zellene and I ever so slowly used the syringe to drop it in her mouth………….and watched as half of it rolled back out. Ugh. All I could think to myself was, “man, thank goodness this wasn’t a prescription drug she really needed to consume!”

As luck would have it, just as we were getting better, I was contacted by a company that obviously had been reading my mind. Medi-Pals claimed to make giving oral medication to children a piece of cake; I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Medi-Pals are available in 3 fun animal dispensers: frog, ladybug, & crab. We were sent a ladybug and frog to test out and although my kids are no longer sick (knock on wood!) I wanted to go ahead and test them out so I can tell YOU about them while we’re in the thick of cold and flu season.


How To Use

  1. Fill syringe with oral medicine to the dosage specified by the doctor.
  2. Place split-tip nipple into face plate securely (there is a notch in the nipple so it stays in place)
  3. Put syringe with medicine into the back of split-tip nipple
  4. Carefully administer medicine to infant by slowly pushing plunger into the syringe
  5. Wash thoroughly so it will be ready for the next use

Real World Testing

It seemed easy enough to me, so first I gave it a try with Zellene. Now, babies like to investigate everything. I knew the minute I put it in Zellene’s mouth, she’d want to pull it out and give it a good look.  So, before attempting anything else, I gave it to her to play with for about 3 minutes. She looked at it and put it right in her mouth – just the way it should go! She actually seemed to really like chewing/sucking on the nipple. Things were looking good.

She’s not sick, so I just filled the syringe with a little bit of water. Then I enlisted my husband to help so I could snap some pictures. Zellene did GREAT! There are two small slits in the nipple that make it easy for liquid to flow through. She sucked it right down without any of the water spilling. In fact, I think she wanted more when we were done.

Medi-Pals 2

Next up came Jacob. I showed him the Frog and explained that, from now on when he gets medicine, he gets to drink it through the froggie. Well, he thought that was pretty cool and wanted to give it a try too. Again, we tried water, but he was very eager to test it out and (I think) will be eager to use it again when the time comes that he needs real medicine in there.

Frog Medipals

I’m genuinely impressed with the Medi-Pals dispenser. At just $10, if it makes giving my children medicine (especially during a time when they aren’t feeling well) a more enjoyable experience for them, then I’m all for it! Thanks Medi-Pals!

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Buy It: Currently Medi-Pals is available for purchase at the Medi-Pals website. You can also find it at with FREE Prime shipping!


Disclosure: I was sent these items from Medi-Pals at no cost to facilitate a review. I have been compensated for hosting this giveaway. All opinions are my own. Consult your doctor before giving your child medications.


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    1. Sounds like a great investment! I remember working and trying to give medicine to my charges, and they would spit the medicine right now. It involved a lot of tears. I cannot wait to try!

  1. My kids never took pacifiers, so I like how they incorporate the animals into it, this would have been useful this winter thats for sure!

  2. WOW! Thanks so much for the Wonderful Review on Giving Medicine to Young Children Has Never Been Easier! OMG! I am in love with this product! First of all it’s so adorable! and, 2ndly, it must work because you got the water into your little one! It’s so upsetting when the little ones get sick and you try to give them their medication and it ends up all over the place! This product is Terrific! Thanks so much for the Wonderful Review, the pictures, and all the information on this product! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  3. I could have used this this past week. I love that it is just a simple effective way of giving medicine to a baby!

  4. This is an awesome idea!!! As a first time mom, I tried a million ways to try and give my lil one medicine and almost all of them failed or ended with her in tears. Media-pals seem like a fun way to get babies to take their medicine without a huge fuss. Will definitely be investing in one and suggesting to friends. Thanks for the review!

  5. Oh this is too cool! Giving medication to my niece was a challenge, so I’m glad to know of this product I can use with my own littles! Thanks for reviewing it!

  6. I love this idea and what a great help because as we know being parents its not that easy to give medicine to babies, the only thing I would have like to seen on this is a backing, but definitely loving this.

  7. This looks fantastic. I so wish it had been around when my girls were babies. So glad I can pick some up for my niece and her new baby!

  8. This looks very easy to use and a very smart design. My second would definitely use this. My only worry is that if a child wont take a bottle he might not want this. I had that problem with my oldest. Of course the sweet medicine would go down fine, but what about the gross stuff?

  9. What a great product! I wish I had of had one of these when my children were small. It would have made life a little easier when they were sick!

  10. This is something I will definitely be needing some. I almost two year old refuses to take meds, but my older to love medicine and take it like little birdies.

  11. What a fantastic product! This would make such a great gift for a new mommy. I know I wish I had something like this when I had small kids

  12. Man I really could’ve used this with my two year old just a month ago!! He had strep throat and we consistently struggled night after night to give him his antibiotics. This sounds aaaaammmmmazing! and I love your idea of having them check it out with water first!You are so correct that kids always want to investigate everything lol!

  13. This product sounds amazing. I usually have to wrestle my little one to get him to take medicine but this sounds like it could be a much easier process. Thanks for sharing!

  14. my kids always hated medicines no matter how they feel. so i think these colorfull toys like type of medicines is great as they will be distracted and wont feel a thing about medicines. its a great product.

  15. I used to do this with the nipples to a bottle. I love the ladybug because I call my girls ladybugs. Makes it a bit more of a happier moment for the child and parent.

  16. What a handy little tool. I wish I would’ve had one of these last week when I was giving my two little ones medicine around the clock.

  17. Seems like a great idea, but I’d love to hear from parents who’ve tried it with medicine. I think kids know the difference, and once they realize the “lady bug” dispenses yucky tasting medicine, they won’t be as inclined to use it.

  18. These are really a great idea. I’m a mom and an RN, and anything that helps give the correct dose and makes it more fun is wonderful!!

  19. Wow, this is really neat!! I never would have thought to do this, but I’m glad that someone did! When we try and give medicine it causes a huge mess. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. This will help me so much. My daughter always spits out medicine when I give it to her, and it always makes a sticky mess on her face and clothes. What a clever idea!

  21. This is such a cute idea! I love it! This will make giving meds so much easier to my babies! Love the lady bug one.

  22. Giving medicine is so terrible when they are little. You know they need it, but they don’t and it tastes weird and is cold and you both end up covered in sticky pink stuff (not that it’s ever happened to me personally or anything). This contraption may not have helped my current youngest who refused a bottle, paci or anything else made of latex, but maybe the one on the way would love it!

  23. What a cool product. I was just showing my mom this because I remember when my brothers were little she use to always talk about how she wished they would make a product like this.

  24. This would have been great to have with my first three children, we’re trying to have another so if we do I’ll be getting one of these.

  25. This is something to try when all else fails. My grandchildren run from the very meds that can help ease their symptoms.

  26. Thanks for the great suggestion of letting the baby explore and play with it before trying to give the medicine through it.

  27. This is very cool but wouldn’t do very well for my guy when he was small. He didn’t like pacifiers or take a bottle. He was a boob baby and a thumb sucker. He didn’t like plastic.

  28. What a joyful review on a new Idea. It think this new idea is Great!!The characters are bright colors and adorable and giving the child their meds couldn’t be anymore fun!! Your children are adorable and looked so cute taking their meds. Lol~~ Thankyou for this awesome review!

  29. Looks like a helpful product! I like how you gave it to your little one to play with and explore before trying to use it to dispense medicine 😀

  30. Great product! I think the hardest part of the process will now be trying to get the Medi-Pals dispenser back from my son

  31. This is such a clever idea! It is such a challenge to give my little ones medicine when they were babies, now with baby number 3 coming in April, I’m glad medi-pals came up with this just in the nick of time!

  32. This is awesome! I wish I had had this when my children were small. I sure will be passing this on to my daughter for my grandchildren though!

  33. Your little ones look like they had no problems at all with using this dispenser. Even though you only used water, they seem to not notice that you were administering anything and like they were focused on the cute “toy” that was in front of them. Awesome!

  34. any thing that makes it easier to get the correct medicine into a sick child is wonderful. My son had seizures and I had to get the meds in him there was no other choice and now he is wonderful but I see so many parents that really struggle with this issue.

  35. I think this is brilliant! I am a new mom of a four month old, wonderful baby boy. Unfortunately, he has recently gotten sick and I’ve struggled to keep his medicine from being dribbled back out.

  36. This is such a genius idea! I would love to have this for my soon to be little one! She’s due at the end of February and then s product seems like it would take all the fussiness of trying to give a sick kid medicine they need to feel it!

  37. This is a neat idea. I don’t remember the last time we gave our kids medicine, but I have had that experience of the liquid flowing right back out of the mouth. My 2nd child wouldn’t take a pacifier or bottle, so I wonder how this would work with other such children, but it sure looks fun!

  38. Very cute product! Though I’m skeptical if my 9 month old would use it…he hasn’t taken a pacifier since he was 3 months old and when he finds his pacifier pets he bites the nipple. I’m sure if he were olde like your son he would enjoy it more!

  39. Thanks for the great suggestion of letting the baby explore and play with it before trying to give the medicine through it. It is something I look forward to trying.

  40. That looks like a great tool to get kids to take their medicine. My grandfather used to add brandy to the medicine…huh, guess this is a better idea 😉

  41. What a great idea! I like that they are cute little animals instead of a plain type pacifier looking dispensers. I’ll definitely be looking into getting one of these to have on hand.

  42. I really wish this was around when my first son was born-he struggled with taking medicines. I think this would be perfect for my new son

  43. What a wonderful idea. I sure wish this was around when my kids were little. They just keep coming out with such neat items to make being a mom and parent easier. I had not heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with my daughter taking her medicine, the few times she has needed it, however this is an awesome product for new babies! I would love to get one before I have another child, in case that baby doesn’t like taking it’s medicine.

  45. Oh my goodness, how practical is this?! Seriously wish they had invented this 5 years ago for my daughter who was always on meds. You would think she would have been used to it after a while but it was a daily struggle! I would so give this as a new baby gift.

  46. These are adorable! What a great idea! I really like how you thought ahead and used water in them to test whether the kids would use them. I hope you don’t actually have to put any medicine in them for a long time!!!

  47. This is a great idea, its so hard to get little ones to stop squirming around when giving them medicine. Plus these are really cute too, so it probably helps distract them.

  48. This is a cute way to get medicine, easily to that babes! I try to make medicine my absolute last resort, often also turning the humidifiers like you mentioned, but it would definitely be helpful for when the time came around!

  49. I wish they had something like this when my older children were little. Now they are at the ages that they take medicine well most of the time. My youngest son who is 4 still gives me problems when it comes to taking medicine. I will definitely need to look into getting one of these for the new baby coming in September. I may even get one for my sister-in-law who is due in July too.

  50. These are adorable. I wish when mine were little they had something like this. I am glad they do now for my grandkids. I use to hate struggling with my little ones to give meds.

  51. These are absolutely adorable and such a great idea!! These will be on my “to buy” list for future baby showers and for my niece too!! The pics of your little ones trying them out, are just too cute!! 🙂 ~ Carrie Demas

  52. I love that there’s a syringe involved instead of just the medicine cup with a nipple… it’s nice to know that your little one will get the full dose of medicine. Seems very easy and convenient!

  53. What a wonderful idea. As long as the child will take a binkie this would work wonders. Now you have to come up with a sippy cup idea.

  54. this is really clever! I can’t believe this wasn’t though of sooner. Seems simple. Thanks for sharing, very cute baby you’ve got there!

  55. this is a really cute idea..both of my kids hated taking their meds so I wish we had something fun like that when they were growing up. Now of course with my grandsons, they are just like my son… hate taking meds so I will have to check this out for them.

  56. It is definitely an easier way to administer their medicine without the hassle of them spitting it out. The adorable bright colored animals make it so much more interesting to hold and keep their attention. Clever product indeed!

  57. I love the idea and the pictures. I have been a pediatric nurse for almost 15 years and giving medicine to any child can be difficult at times, especially ages 2 and under, and worse when kids don’t feel well. We have often used the nipple part of a baby bottle to let them suck the medicine down, instead of squirting it in with a syringe and having them spit or drool it back out. It works really well, but this product looks bigger and easier to hold onto. Plus the cute designs are sure to be appealing to the slightly older children. I’m thinking that it should work great, even with medicine in it. Awesome idea.

  58. First, you should have a link at the top to take you(me:) to this box, especially when there are tons of comments 😉
    Second, great idea!
    Third, my grands are so grumpy when they don’t feel good I can’t imagine them being excited about anything 🙁 I still think this would make it easier though!

  59. Where was this when my oldest children were my youngest? LoL
    This would have helped make the struggle of medicine dispensing a whole lot easier.

  60. What a great idea. I have twin boys who do not take medicine well, this looks so much easier than trying to force it down their throat with a medicine dropper.

  61. I have a 1mth old niece so this would come in very handy to have for her. With our 2 boys and my other 3 nieces we have tried different medicine dispensers that just didn’t work the way we had hoped ,but this looks great!

  62. I would really benefit from this product!!! I love it!!!!!!! It’s always so hard to give them their medicine…but if they are already sucking and you sneak it in there I think it would do the trick. I wonder if it would reduce the vomiting :(. lol

  63. First I love your kids, the pictures and you telling us in detail how to get that medicine down was outstanding! These animals products was a very clever idea. Children just love them. So a huge Thank you Medi-Pals for your help on making it easy to give our children their medicine!

  64. This is such a great idea for kids of ages! I love the bright colors and the easy medicine dispenser. I will definitely recommend this to all my moms.

  65. This is such a great idea i love that you will know they are getting the correct dosage with no spills i will have to get one

  66. How neat I wish I would have known about this before unless it’s new It has always been such a pain to give them meds

  67. Interesting idea. My son never really had a problem drinking medicine from a syringe, except for when the medicine tasted gross. I’m guessing that even the frog wouldn’t help with that problem.

  68. Glad to know it actually worked with children. Sometimes you wonder if its really as easy as the company shows it to be. Thanks for the information.

  69. this would have been a life saver the 1st time babygirl got sick she didn’t want any medicine the doctors finally resorted to putting it in her milk and her bottle into a stuffed animal thing called a bottle buddy she finally took her medicine this looks much better

  70. This seems pretty nifty. It would have been great for my first. My second wouldn’t have gone for it though. He hated anything not attached to mommy. My third seems to be slightly more accommodating of non-mommy indigestibles.

  71. This is an awesome idea! I wish I would have had one of those when my daughter was younger! That would be something to get for my next one!

  72. I love this concept and would definitely love to try this! My son does ok with meds but usually a fair amount escapes his mouth.

  73. They say that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and how true in this case! Thanks for your review of this amazing product! I will be recommending this to every parent of infants/toddlers that I know!

  74. Wow with the help of this product its makes giving babies medicnes so much easier and very relaxing! i would love to buy this product for my baby as she is just months old and gets very cranky when i have to give her medicines for flu.

  75. I love how this product appeals to a baby’s natural desire to stuff things into their mouths lol. I can’t imagine a better (or cuter!) way to give baby his medicine.

  76. This is so brilliant! Why didn’t one of us think of this? LOL! I wish I had one of these with my daughter 29 yrs ago. I’d love to have one for my granddaughter. My daughter gives her medicine with the syringe and she gets most of it but there’s some that she doesn’t get. When my daughter was a baby and she got sick my mom and I had to hold her down just to make sure it all went down. Anytime she saw that medicine come out of the fridge she bolted.Lol! I actually had to take a little of it to show her it was good. I love this Ladybug one 🙂

  77. Love the medicine dispenser! Genius idea and it looks like it’s a breeze to get baby to use! Totally have to get this so I don’t have to struggle during medicine time!

  78. Makes medicine time fun. We used to give our babies their medicine in a small bottle with a little juice. They sucked it on up. As long as they ALL GET BETTER!!

  79. It’s the worst when kids are sick and they won’t take their medicine! What a cute product. Glad it works. Sounds pretty straight forward.

  80. What an absolutely wonderful invention!! I am definitely buying this!! Administering medicine to my little guy is a nightmare!!!

  81. Your review was right on. I think my daughter would find this “fun” and would not mind getting her medicine from this.

  82. I like your idea of letting them explore it before trying to give the medicine. I wonder how well this works with thicker liquids.

  83. Clever idea!! The nipple looks more like a bottle nipple…I have seen the ones that are a pacifier and if your baby only likes a certain shape for their pacifier, they won’t use it. :/ We had to resort to putting medicine in our son’s bottle but we never knew how much he actually got if he didnt eat everything….luckily it was never prescription but still. Also using a syringe can be very scary when your baby is crying….you always try to get it in their cheek but even so I was always afraid if aspirating.

  84. We’ve done lots of meds prescription and not prescription, this would definitely be helpful! what a great product 🙂

  85. This is a great invention! I usually mix meds with my son’s bottles but now that he’s on milk, I don’t think that’s going to work as well. I need this!

  86. When your kids are sick the last thing you want to do is make them cry, Mine always did when I had to give them medicine. I would have been nice to have this dispenser. I will recommend it to all my friends whe have babies

  87. This looks and sounds like an ideal product. As attached as my son is to his pacifier this would make giving him medicine so much easier.


  88. Cute and functional! This will come to good use when my first baby is born this May! Can’t wait to see how well it works!

  89. Wow, this is a great product and I wish it had been around when I had sick little ones in the house. Now it’s the grand kids and I can pass on these helpful products like this to my kids.

  90. What a great product. My baby is 7 week’s old, so far she does fine with the syringe. I can see how later this product would be a life saver!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  91. Oh wow, we could use this right now. Both of my granddaughters are sick with bad colds. They have to have medicine every 4 hours. My 5 year old granddaughter takes hers pretty well because it doesn’t taste too bad. But the baby who is 5 months spits hers out and doesn’t take it well. I wish we had these!

  92. My daughter was good at taking medicine til she was20 months old now it takes two of us to get her to take it… sounds like this would be a life saver!!!

  93. I wish we had had tjis dispenser when our daughter was young. Giving her her medicine was a struggle. My wife and I both had to try to give it to her and we wound up wasting a lot of the medicine.

  94. It’s funny, I saw something like this on Pinterest months ago and just pinned it for future reference. Great to know who actually makes them!

  95. This is really cool and something I wish I had for my daughter when she was a baby. This would be good for baby #2.

  96. These are really clever! I’m glad to hear that the kids like them. I’m definitely considerin getting one for my littlest.

  97. These are really clever! I’m glad to hear that the kids like them. I’m definitely considerin getting one for my littlest.

  98. This product is genius! I completely failed at giving our daughter medicine for the first time. This would have been handy.

  99. This is really funny! One of my foster babies has always been anemic due to his NAS. The hospital told me to give him his iron in an oz. of formula but it seemed to make the formula lumpy. He loved the bottle nipple so I always put his iron in the nipple and he took it all no problem. I should have invented this!

  100. These are adorable and such a great idea!!!! Would love to try these with my son and my niece and nephew twins soon to be!

  101. This is a great idea! I always remember warnings to parents that it’s a really bad idea to tell their children that their medicine is “candy” as the kids might decide they want to take it when they’re not sick, which, of course, would be very dangerous! This would be a much safer way to give medications to children.

  102. This would take the hassle out of holding my kids hands down in order to get them to take the medicine. It’s the worst part of parent hood 🙁

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