Kid’Sleep Moon {Sleep Trainer for Young Children}

Kid'Sleep Moon

We were sent the Kid’Sleep Moon at no cost to facilitate this review.

Nighttime can be a challenge for children and their parents. In general, nighttime is intimidating for many children. As any parent can tell you, a frightened child can become a regular visitor to their parent’s bedroom at all hours of the night. Early risers can be another challenge. Janessa and I tend to stay up late into the night working on articles, editing images, etc. We often run short on sleep because our children, almost without fail, wake us up between 6-7 AM. This interruption of a our natural sleep cycle by being stirred from sleep reduces our ability to wake feeling refreshed and alert. Running short on sleep is hard on children and parents alike! But, thankfully, there is a great tool to help train your child to stay in bed until it is time to wake up, which is a fantastic reprieve for parents who have those early risers like ours!


The Kid’Sleep Moon has many benefits, both as a night light and a sleep trainer for young children and an alarm clock for older children. The main screen is divided into 2 picture scenarios: one featuring a rabbit awake and at play, the other with the rabbit asleep in his bed. When the sleeping rabbit is illuminated, your child knows that this means it is not time to start the day. Once the playing rabbit is illuminated, this is indication to your little one that they may now get up. According to the manufacturer, Claessens’Kids, children will naturally relate to the sleeping or awake rabbit and color recognition is not required. What separates the Kid’Sleep Moon from the Classic is the addition of a smaller screen that features a moon on a blue background. In the early morning, the moon will gradually set indicating the approximate amount of time until your child can get up.

Kid'Sleep Moon

Kid'Sleep Moon

The Kid’Sleep Moon has 3 alarm settings including night time, nap and weekend (a new option). In addition to selecting your alarm time, you can also select from 4 choices of alarm sounds. When it is time to get up, a sun will rise and the playing rabbit will illuminate. In the evenings, this works in reverse. The sun will gradually set until bed time and the sleeping rabbit will illuminate.

There are 4 screen brightness settings and a new menu for ease of use and setting. The Kid’Sleep Moon isn’t just a sleep trainer and alarm. It also functions as a night light and offers 2 different choices of lullabies and 2 sound effects. Another picture insert showing only the rabbit sleeping is included if you plan on using the Kid’Sleep Moon as a night light instead. A 10 minute “go-to-sleep” program is included for easy activation rather than programming.

Kid'Sleep Moon

We’ve put the Moon in Maggie and Jacob’s room in an attempt to secure a little more of that precious commodity called sleep. It isn’t an instant fix by any means and a few weeks would be required to teach your younger children the concept. Maggie (4) understood it very well right off the bat while Jacob (2) doesn’t quite get it on his own yet. The advantage of having an older sister is that he follows her lead. In the first week, we did manage to get a little extra sleep time before the kids ran out of patience and woke us up. Hey, I’ll take it! Given a little more time for the kids to adjust to the new “system”, I believe Janessa and I could get a few hours of extra sleep over the course of a week. It may not sound like much, but that really adds up!

Kid'Sleep Moon

The Kid’Sleep Moon is a great sleep trainer for young children and alarm clock for older children. The new features of the Kid’Sleep Moon help set it apart from its predecessor. It would make a great purchase for any parent with young children and a fantastic gift for baby showers!

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146 comments on “Kid’Sleep Moon {Sleep Trainer for Young Children}

  1. Great review,ver helpful.This would be great for my autistic little man, he wakes frequently throughout the night, i think this would help teach him when its time to get up.He also wakes up earlier than needed.

  2. My middle child came running up to me at 2am today (I was on the computer) he screached “Mommy!” at the top of his voice. I winced– afraid he would wake everyone in the house. He thought he slept all night long. Ha! well rested and raring to go, I had to send him back to bed. This sure was on my mind as this all transpired! I knew about this clock but never got it– and wish I did.

  3. This Would be so much more appealing than what we currently do. We put a post or over the minutes
    And tell the kids to watch for the 7. Sometimes it’s hard to see or turned. This is fool proof and Kidd friendly!

  4. This Would be so much more appealing than what we currently do. We put a post or over the minutes
    And tell the kids to watch for the 7. Sometimes it’s hard to see or turned. This is fool proof and Kidd friendly!

  5. I have been considering these clocks for my toddler, wondering if it could help with sleep training. It would be nice to give it a try.


  6. I want to win this because I’d love to be able to sleep! My daughter used to have a great sleep routine and then we moved and it went out the window. It would be a great tool to have to get her back to a routine. Thanks!

  7. I have a few friends that use these clocks on their kids and they swear by them, they work. It would be awesome to get one of these for my soon to be little one.

  8. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while! It would be so helpful for those times when my now four year old wakes up before 7 and also to keep her in her room for nap/quiet time so she doesn’t keep checking to see if it’s time yet. I think it would also be a great help when we eventually move her sister into her room before baby #3 arrives!

  9. I really like the visual of whether it is time to get up yet or not. I have a 2 year old that obviously doesn’t read time, but she would definitely understand this!

  10. Thank you for including in your review how long it took for your kids to get used to it and for it to start being effective and that it didn’t work perfectly right off the bat. I also have a little one who copies her big sister, so while it might be difficult to use with just her, big sister would probably be a big help!

  11. This is awesome! I just told my friend that she needed to get one of these because her kids wake her up at the crack of dawn!

  12. I think this is what my son needs! Sleep is a problem. Either wanting to sleep too early then waking up early or eaking up during the night.

  13. I loove that it works as a night light and has lullabies/sounds. Toddler bed transition worried me because my son uses a crib soother at night to lull himself back to sleep. So not only does this help him stay in bed untill it “time to get up” but it also replaces the soother that he used with his crib. Fantastic idea!!!

  14. I have seen this product on Amazon and told my husband in no uncertain terms that we would be getting it as soon as our daughter is old enough to understand. If I happen to win one, all the better! I love that it has different settings for naps and weekends. What a great feature.

  15. These clocks are so cute. Sometimes my daughter wakes up in the middle of night thinking its morning and time to watch tv. This would help her realize when it’s actually morning. I like that it’s also a night light.

  16. This is such a great idea. I like that it is also a night light. My grandkids love a night light when it is time to go to sleep. Thank you for sharing

  17. What a wonderful idea, wish it had been around for my kids, but now I hope my grandson will be the lucky winner (or should I say my daughter).

  18. I wonder if i were to start really early, if my daughter would understand it better because of association right away. It’s worth a try. Thanks for the review!

  19. I definitely need one or 3 of these. I have 5 boys who all like to wake up before 6 am especially on the weekends!! This would be a great way to get a little more shut eye in the morning.

  20. This would be great for my daughter. We will be transitioning to her big girl bed, and will be needing a way to keep her in there until morning.

  21. Awesome learning aide for those little people whom would stay up all night if they could. Great way to bring peace to the entire Family 🙂

  22. wow how awesome is this, my daughter was just saying she wish they had something to help her with one of her children sleeping .. great review , love how this works

  23. Amazing! I wish this was around for my older children! We’re currently trying to get our youngest on a sleep schedule and this would be perfect!

  24. I like both my grandsons would benefit from the use of this clock, they just don’t want to get up in the morning, they’d sleep until noon if possible! I like that the clock is both a night light and a sleep trainer for young children and an alarm clock for older children. Perfect as my grandsons are 3 & 7 and both go to school in the mornings.

  25. I love how the clock lights up at the appropriate time (daytime or night time) to help train the youngster that it is time to get up, or time to go to sleep.

  26. This is cute- we have a toddler clock but it’s so bright that I have to cover it with a couple of prefolds or else it keeps my son awake!

  27. I would love to win this for my grandson so he can learn when it’s time for sleep and time to get up. I really like the Kid’Sleep Moon! This also is a great night light to make children comfortable in the dark.

  28. This is such a fantastic idea! I would love to have one of these for both my daughter and my son! I think that it would be a great sleep trainer for them. I also love that it doubles as a night light too!

  29. Great review! My grandchildren could really use this. They wake up before the sun comes up! this would help to train them to stay in bed until time to get up.

  30. I love, love, LOVE Kid’Sleep Moon. There aren’t too many products that I must have, but the sleep trainer is one of them. I would like to have one at my house for when my grandkids stay here and one for my daughter for her home. My grandchildren often tell their mom that they are tired and want to go to bed. But this would be a wonderful way for them to learn when it’s time to get up.

  31. I would love to give these a try with my kids. I tried a similar product with my son when he was 18-months-old, but it didn’t work. This looks much more effective, and he and his little sister would both understand the concept.

  32. I love this product so much! Besides it being incredibly adorable, it also has the benefit of being extremely helpful. I love that it is a fun and child-friendly way of establishing a routine bedtime. I think children will find this extremely comforting at night…which will help them sleep better. Great review!

  33. This is a fantastic idea. We have been telling our 3 year old that he cannot get out of bed until the birds are awake (read – sun is up) but with the time change he is some days getting out of bed as soon as he hears his dad and I milling about. Besides that I miss my quiet alone time with my husband, I know he needs to sleep later than 5am. This could be a game changer for us!

  34. I love that there are so many features included in this! I love the idea that it makes it easy for children to know when it’s ok to be up and around and when they should be sleeping. I also love that it serves as a gentle night light… we live in the country where there are no streetlights shining through the windows. It’s a comfort, especially for little ones, to have something soft and glowing in there room. This is so clever!!

  35. I love the alarm features I just wish the backlight was not blue as it can be stimulating. I do love how it’s geared towards children for sure.

  36. I’d love to win this for my nieces! I’m sure my sister would love a few extra minutes of sleep with 3 kids 3 and under!

  37. I love the idea of these I know my little ones have a hard time trying to figure out what time of day it is, these you be a great way to show them that its not time to be up

  38. This is such a unique item! I would have loved to have one of these when my children were young, and would love to get one for my daughter for her children, especially with a new baby in the house cutting into her sleep time.

  39. I love the Kid’Sleep Moon, with its three alarm settings, nightlight function, lullabies, and sound effects! It would be perfect for my nephew, who has trouble sleeping and often gets up out of bed in the middle of the night.

  40. This would be great for my 6 year old granddaughter who has to wake for school and her two year old sister who wants to get up super early

  41. I love this idea, its genius! I have a 3 hear old who needs some help, especially around nap time and I really think this could help things go more smoothly. Thank you for this great review!

  42. I have narcolepsy which is extremely hard with soon to be 4 kids! They like to get up early on the weekends and sleep in on school days! I’d love to try these sleep training products to help my kids stay in bed until it’s time to get up and also to wake up more peacefully on school days!

  43. I’ve been looking for a product like this. I’m glad it has a brightness setting because I’m concerned that some of these okay to wake clocks are too brights.

  44. It’s pretty creative that it has a weekend option like setting my thermostat. We sleep later on the weekends hopefully with this

  45. I love this! I wish I’d had one of these for my oldest daughter. I’ll be getting one for my younger daughter for sure!

  46. I absolutely love the morning and night feature where it lets them know its still sleep time or its get up and go time. my kids have the habit at waking super early in the morning.

  47. This is a great way to teach the kids when its time for play and bed.. My husband doesn’t get out till 1am at night and the kids will wait up for him and once he gets home they will not sleep till we are all in bed and they always manage to wake up at 7am. :/

  48. I would love to win this prize because I am trying to rendition my three year old from sleeping in my bed with me, to her own room. I think it would be a great way to teach her to stay in her room until its time to wake up.

  49. I have the hardest time getting my girls to sleep past 4:30am. This would be a perfect tool to help teach them to sleep until it is time to wake up!

  50. This is a really neat product. My son thinks if there is light outside you should get up. I would love to try out this product.

  51. I would like to win this for my two older boys since they sleep together. My favorite is Kid’Sleep Moon. It can be use as night light and alarm.

  52. My son would love this b/c it would make it easier for him to know exactly when to get up instead of asking every 2 minutes

  53. This is a wonderful review. I am seriously thinking of purchasing after this review. I have older children grown and as the years have gone my home is filled with Foster children. Some who aren’t as skilled as they should be for their age. I really think this would be beneficial to the household.

  54. Oh, how this could help me! My son is almost 3 and sometimes he naps and sometimes he doesn’t. It drives me crazy when he takes late naps and then is up until 2 in the morning. I have tried many things to get him on a sleep schedule and nothing has worked yet.

  55. What a great invention! I love how it teaches kids when to get up! I’m especially looking forward to using this on Christmas when our little ones get up before 5am!!! Lol!

  56. Thanks for the Terrific Review of the Kid’s Sleep Clock! This sounds like a Great Product! This is something that my Grandkids need! They are almost the same age as your children! Nolan just turned 4 on the 15th of Nov. and Scarlett is 18 months old! I’m sure if they can grasp the concept of when they can and can’t get up, my Daughter will be happy! My son-in-law is in the ARMY and he’s up extremely early to report into work! Plus after the start of the New Year, he will be gone an awful lot for months at a time because he’s training to be an ARMY Ranger! However, This would make a great Christmas gift (more so for my daughter than the kids I think!) LOL Again, Thanks so much for the review and the great information you’ve given us on the product! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  57. This is a terrific Giveaway! I really love the kid’s sleep clock the best, however, the other prizes are Great as well! I want the Kid’s Sleep Clock for my grandchildren because they always are up way too early in the morning for my daughter! It would be more of a Christmas Gift for my daughter than the kids though! LOL But, the gift is for my grandchildren! Thanks so much for such a Terrific Giveaway! I appreciate it immensely! Michele 🙂

  58. I have JUST the little boy to try this. Grandson born as a micro preemie 3 years ago and honest to God they have had only ONE night of his sleeping all night. I like the nightlight feature too, and he would enjoy the lullaby music. Heck, I’m a hopeless insomniac…maybe GRANDMA needs this!!!

  59. These are awesome. What a neat idea for little ones. I have three boys (one is a teenager, don’t think it would help HIM keep a normal schedule lol) my middle one is learning to understand time, this would help him a lot.

  60. My grandkids are 4 and 3 now and really into the moon is out so it’s time to go to bed or the sun is up so it’s time to play. I think they would really enjoy this product especially the lullabies to fall asleep to.

  61. I think this product is a great item, what a wonderful way for children to learn to tell time. I really like that it’s a night light and a clock in one. Thank you for sharing this review.

  62. My kiddo has started getting up 1-3 times a night and I don’t know why! I hope this would help her know sleep time vs awake time.

  63. This is such a great idea!!! I love that it lights up as well so it can be used as a night light. My kids are very visual so them seeing that it is not time to get up yet would work great.

  64. What a innovative product. I would love to have this for my grandchildren because they start waking me up at 5:30 every morning. This would help this poor old grandma and the kids get more sleep. My grandchildren cannot yet tell time and I think this would really be a wonderful tool.

  65. I would love to win this for my grandchildren so all of us can get a better night’s sleep and develop a good, healthy sleep routing.

  66. I would love to win this for my grandchildren so all of us can get a better night’s sleep and develop a good, healthy sleep routing. I commented on Thrifty Nifty Mommy’s blog.

  67. My grandmother always told me I couldn’t get up out of my bedroom until she had her first cup of coffee. I remember many a time opening up my door and hollering down the hallway to see if she had. This would be a great help to any parent whose child is struggling with bedtime and getting up.

  68. This is so neat. Would love this for my little one. It’s so cool that it lets the little one know what part of the day it is.

  69. My son totally needs this, especially for the summer times when the sun is up way too early! His room faces the sunrise and I swear he wakes up as soon as the light hits this window. He always comes to wake me up and I have to do the job to tell him its too early! what a great concept!

  70. Would absolutely love this for my 4 year old. She frequently wakes in the wee hours of the morning scared and then again at 7:30 or so, ready to begin her day.

  71. I would love this for my son. He uses the TV for 30 minutes at bedtime so he isn’t scared of the quiet/all the noises. However, this is awesome because it plays lullaby songs, has a dimmer on it, and can be set on a timer to go off so they get used to going to bed!

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