Delight Your Kids Christmas Morning with the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser!

step2 cruiser

Our family was sent the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser at no cost to facilitate this review. 

It’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping and if you have a child in the 4-8 age range, I  have an AWESOME new toy from Step2 to introduce you to: the Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser!

I’ve been following the development of the Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser for months now. We were given the chance to preview it in person when I visited the Step2 headquarters back in August. I knew immediately that Maggie would LOVE it. When I was told that we’d have the opportunity to review it before it even hit the shelves, I was pretty excited!

step2 xtreme

The Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser™ by Step2 is a battery powered ride-on designed for kids ages 4-8 years old. Rather than a steering wheel, the Xtreme Cruiser features 2 joysticks.  It’s 12 volts of power allow your child to cruise over  grass, dirt or on hard surfaces in low (2.5 mph) or high (5mph) speed with the flip of a switch. What sets this ride-on apart is it’s ability move forward, backwards, spin left, then spin – 360 degrees of fun,  with zero-turn capability! It is made in USA of US and imported parts (electrical and battery components made in China). Like the other Step2 toys we are accustomed to, the Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser is made of durable, thick molded plastic. It’s certainly made to last for years of outdoor fun!

Our house doesn’t have much of a yard, and what we do have is home to our swing set, so we decided that the Xtreme Cruiser would live and Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Setting up the car was so easy, I didn’t even bother to take pictures of the setup. Just screw the joysticks into place, lift the seat to connect the battery, then charge for 16-24 hours and you’re ready to go! It’s important to note that you should let the cruiser get a FULL charge the first time you use it. This will help you get the most life and charge out of your battery over the lifetime of it.

Spin & Go Step2

Maggie could not wait to jump into the car and get going. She grabbed the joysticks, slammed that pedal to the ground without hesitation, and was off. She drove it all over the yard and had a blast. It took her a little bit of time to figure out which way she needed to move the joysticks to make the Cruiser turn the way she wanted, but after a few minutes she had it all figured out. The grass was rather tall and wet, so we found that high speed was the best option for her – she has a need for speed! Telling you about this Xtreme Cruiser is great, but it’s even better to SHOW you, so watch our video below:

I can’t say enough good things about the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser. We’re putting this on our Holiday Gift Guide because frankly, we can’t think of a child who wouldn’t love this!

Connect: You can connect with Step2 on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You’ll also want to make sure to sign up for their Birthday Club where you’ll get great coupons before your child’s birthday plus other special offers and deals!

Buy it:  You can purchase the Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser from It is priced at $249.97.

Win it: One lucky person is going a Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser!!

spin & go

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367 comments on “Delight Your Kids Christmas Morning with the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser!

  1. This looks so fun! My nephew and my daughter would love a ride in that. I’m sure my husband would jump in for a spin. Thanks for the review and info on this product.

    1. My daughter would love it. It goes with outdoor tomboy attitude. She loves riding around in golf carts and going fadt. She is a girl but love her cars, bikes, and fishing. This car would make her Christmas

      1. This is a unique battery powered ride. It appears to have more control and stability then other motered
        Toys I’ve seen. I’m sure my grandson would love this and I would feel comfortable about him riding it.

  2. I love all the wheels on the cruiser, makes for great fun! I think it’s cool that they can to use the joysticks type handles to move around. Sounds like the battery will last a while if it’s charged up for 24 hours 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  3. Awesome review! This seriously looks like so much fun! I bet my kids would love it! Thanks for the video it was great seeing it in action!

  4. This is so cute and look like tons of fun!
    My son would love this and I’m sure would love to take his baby sister for a ride too lol!
    Very neat idea!

  5. The Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser looks like a lot of fun! I take care of little ones ages ranging from 2-8 and I know they would really love this cruiser. I’m a kid at heart and I know that if I was small enough to fit in it I would use it myself haha. Judging from the video it seems to go at a great speed for the kids and what’s better than 360 turns? =) This is definitely an investment due to the price being a bit on the expensive side but this Christmas I want to get my kids, nephews, and nieces the best! Good Luck to everyone, and thank you for the opportunity.

  6. Great review. I like that this toy can be for a girl or boy. Sometimes we tend to think of things like this as for boys. My granddaughters would love this.

    1. This is Awesome, my grandson would love to have it. They sure sure have came along way since I was a kid! Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. This looks AWESOME!! I have a very active typical little boy. I had planned on getting him a motorized vehicle like a jeep. Now I’m second guessing that choice. I don’t know which one he would enjoy more. The most important thing to me aside from safety is getting the one he will have the most fun with. Spinning 360 degrees sounds pretty fun to me, especially if I was a four year old little boy. What does everyone else think?

  8. What a cool toy this is and I think the joy sticks would make it even more fun to drive. My youngest would have a great time with this also

  9. This is the coolest ride on toy I’ve seen yet. Who ever gets this toy will be the envy of every kid in the neighborhood!

  10. I have 9 grandkids! All under age 6! OH what fun would it be to come to grammas to play with this at her house! What a cool toy! Why didnt they have fun stuff like this when my kids were little!

  11. I would love to win or have the little bakers kitchen from step 2 I love that it makes noise and that there is the dolly seat and that it is pink 🙂 thank you for this awesome giveaway

  12. I really like that the Spin Master2 is for up to ages 8 so that my little girl would get a lot of years out it and hopefully enjoy it for a long time. I really like the way that they get to stretch out and enjoy the ride and there is even room for Mr. Bear to ride along with her. This looks like a excited Christmas and birthday gift id be thrilled to surprise her with something so cool thank you for reviewing such a great toy and Happy Holidays

  13. Im wondering how well the wheels hold traction. I’ve purchased 2 different brands of battery powered ride-on toys such as this and the wheels didn’t hold up to my expectations. Anyone have personal knowledge on this one?

  14. I love that this Step two product is made in the USA, and that it is made for children to use till the are eight. I do know how well their products hold up very well.

  15. I am super impressed by this cruiser! I love that it allows 360 degrees of movement and I also love it’s safe design! I really like that this toy can be used throughout the looks like it would have no problem getting around in the snow! The powerful battery life is also a huge plus! This cruiser would definitely make any child happy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. I would love to win this for not only my son but for the two boys I babysit also. The three boys would have so much fun taking turns on this.

  17. This is a gift that my great grands would love. For one thing I can put it together,That’s a big plus, sturdy,easy for them to drive and it can go over the yard.

  18. I love the way it’s able to turn 360°. It would make any child’s day to have one. I like thecontrols,while being fun,it can also teach dexterity by using thesticks to control the way you want to go

  19. It’s nice to see something for bigger kids. My 3 & 5 year old grandsons are big for their ages (55 & 72) lbs. They can’t ride on the smaller ones. The youngest just stripped the gears on a police trike. He wasn’t happy 🙁

  20. This looks like so much fun! My daughter watch the video of your daughter and of course said she wants that! I the zero turn feature, that is really different for a child’s ride-on.

  21. I think as my daughter is getting older (2 1/2) I’m struggling more with buying a gift that isn’t just some little toy that will snap into little pieces, but rather something she can grow with and really get her use out of. I think Ride-Ons are perfect for around this age for her, and this Xtreme Cruiser is well made, really cool looking, and I’m sure would last my daughter a few years. It’s also made in USA, and STEP2 products are always durable.

  22. I can’t wait to get one for my son! His dad is a mechanic and cars (even the kids ones) are a wonderful way for them to connect. The zero turn feature is what I’m totally excited to see!

  23. My newly-3-year-old is the size of a 4.5-year old so the majority of batter-powered riding toys are too small for her. It’s so great to find out about one she can comfortably use!

  24. What a great toy! I love how it looks with the six wheels, and I was glad to read that it featured joysticks instead of a steering wheel. I definitely know some kids who would put this xtreme cruiser to task.

  25. This looks so awesome. Watched your sweet video and I like the speed not slooow but not dangerously fast. Wishing this for my two littles!

  26. i love how easy it is to put together, i would be the best gramma on the block if i had one of these for the grandkids! What a great toy!

  27. This looks like so much more fun then the ride ons that just go forward and backward, I can picture my daughter giggling her head off ridinf in this. Way 2 go Step 2!

  28. Omgosh this looks soooooooooooo fun! I love that it goes on all terrain and is easy to put together! My son would be so thrilled to see this by the tree on Christmas morning!

  29. This toy would be great for my son and other nieces and nephews. It looks very durable and easy to navigate. And the other plus is it can drive in the yard and not just on concrete.

  30. OMG!! I loved watching the video 🙂 you can always tell when its a really good product from the child smile and laughter 🙂 And if she is having that much fun I am sure one of my granddaughters would be also.. Thanks for hosting

  31. My grandson would love this and it looks like he would be able to ride it in their yard .. he doesn’t have ride on this because they have a smaller yard and he can’t turn things easily

  32. My youngest son would have a blast on this! We have a John Deere Gator ride on toy and my 2 oldest sons love it but with 3 kids one always gets left out. It would be great to let the youngest one have his own toy to drive.

  33. I love that it has a higher wieght limit. My boys are large and they always seem to grow out of this type of stuff so fast. I think my 5yr old would be able to enjoy this for a few years!

  34. It is refreshing to see a toy that extends past the age of 5. My son is just now 5 and to think that this could last 3 years is awesome. He would love the fact that there isn’t a traditional steering wheel but that there are two control levers that allow him to spin 360 degrees. What an awesome toy! I wish I could afford one outright!

  35. My boys are 3 and 7 and I think they could both enjoy this ride on. Although I really wish it was a two seater so they could ride together.

  36. This looks so fun for children. I would love it for my three. It is not like any vehicles I have seen in stores. And it looks so easy for them to operate.

  37. This cruiser looks totally awesome! My kids, their cousins and all the neighborhood kids would be at our house for this thing! It also looks like it could handle our big yard, as we have had issue using other cruisers in the past. Would love to get this for my girls!

  38. Thank you so very much for the Super review of the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser! I absolutely Love it! It’s awesome looking and I know my grandson will definitely love to have this! Your daughter sure was having loads of fun with hers! She drives great! I love Step2 because they have so many wonderful products! This would make a terrific Christmas Gift! Thanks again for the review and the information on this product! Michele 🙂

  39. This would be perfect for my son. He just turned 4, and he can’t do much in the backyard except play in the dirt (which he loves). We don’t have a swing set, and he can’t really ride his bike around because it’s too bumpy. He would have a blast with this thing. We love Step 2 products as well because they are made in the USA!

  40. I love that this is good for four to eight year old. My grandkids would love this. We have a very large yard and this would give them hours of fun. It looks very sturdy and durable. Thank you for this opportunity to win

  41. Oh wow, this is impressive. I cannot believe it has zero-turn capability! I’ve never even used a machine with that before, lol. My daughter would be the happiest little girl in the world if I got her this.

    1. This my first time on this site I’m still unclear of what exactly to say but it seems all the comments have been positive on this product.

  42. My son would love this. He sees things like this at the store and has wanted one for years. We have never been able to purchase one for him.

  43. This is such a fun looking vehicle for kids! I love that it has the joysticks instead of the steering wheel so kids can maneuver it better. I also like that this toy is geared for kids up to 8 so that both my son and daughter could use it. I really enjoyed this review as it is gave me a chance to learn about an awesome product I had not heard of yet.

  44. My Grandbabies would LOVE THIS !!! All of the prizes you offer are wonderful…hope we are lucky enough to recieve one…Christmas is coming on too fast now, and any of these would make WONDERFUL gifts.

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for commenting! It certainly looks like he LOOOOOOOOOVED it! 🙂 I hope he got (or is getting) one!

  45. This thing is insane! It reminds me of the old school Nintendo game Blaster Master haha My son would absolutely love this.

  46. I enjoyed reading the review- and seeing the cruiser in action. My sons would love to have this and any kid would be so lucky to win one. This is probably one of the best ride-ons I have seen on the market currently as far as speed and features go.

  47. What a cool toy! My grandchildren would have a wonderful time with this vehicle, buzzing around the yard! Thank you all for the opportunity to try and win this wonderful toy, good luck all!

  48. My sons would love this cruiser. Never saw this one before and I think that it’s great. We love Step2 products. They are so well made and last and last.

  49. My grandchildren would love to have the Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser at grammy’s house when
    they come visit. It would make a great gift for them if I won.

  50. My brother and daughter would have a blast with this toy. It would definitely drain the never ending energy that he seems to have.

  51. this is certainly a fun new type of ride on. I love the higher weight limits for my older kids! I am definitely hoping to win but if I don’t, I am definitely checking it out for christmas

  52. I know my 4 year old grandson would love this. He tells me he need a new car so he can take his girlfriend from Pre K on a date. I think this would work.

  53. WOW COOL!!! I want one in my size this looks like a blast. Thanks for the review I have to look into this my grand kids would love this.

  54. thanks so much for th review…now I want one even more, this is such a neat & fun looking ride on for all my kids

  55. i am so happy to be able to enter this one. i have 10 grandchildren and with them of all sizes i am sure that will have some that will be able to drive and ride the other ones.. they will have a wonderful time.. i would put it up for my daughters to have for them to have Christmas morning. i can only imagine what their eyes would look like!!! thank you for having wonderful giveaway and letting all of us have a chance to win!

  56. I LOVE it. As I read through it I saw they had a small space and so they decided that the Xtreme Cruiser would live and Grandma & Grandpa’s house. As Grandparents we would love that. Hope to win!

  57. This is fabulous! Reminds me of the Krazy car, my favorite childhood toy! I love that this has the same turning concept but is battery powered and plenty of power too. Thank you for the review!

  58. I think the 360 degree spin feature is wonderful (and something kiddos would love). I see many cars that go forward, backward and turn, but not 360 degrees. I have a feeling these will be very popular for the holidays!

  59. Great Review. Looks like quite the toy. I love how well it moves and the turning radius looks really good! We have a big yard and this would be super fun. I love the video you did, really shows off how well it moves and the smile on your “model” says it all 🙂

  60. I have two boys and four nephews who would absolutely love this! I hope it has a great battery because I can imagine my kids wouldn’t want to get out of it!

  61. i would love to have one of these for my 4 year old. only thing is i know from experience the hard plastic wheels usually have problems getting over wet grass and gravel. could you say that this one would do well under those conditions?


  63. I honestly don’t see how my three year old would not have fun with this toy! Especially off roading all over the snow in the park! I may sneak a ride. 🙂

  64. This is so neat. I know my grandchildren would love it. I love that it goes on grass too. I think they would have a lot of fun with this and I would love to see how excited they would be when they open this at Christmas..

  65. Finally a powered vehicle I think my kid will love! I have bought so many and he could care less..he does not like steering lol he’s a bit lazy and would rather enjoy the view, press the pedal and have you mess with the steering wheel, so seeing this has joysticks..which he does like and you get to lay back a bit..i think it would be perfect!The fact that its great at different terrains is a bonus!

  66. This looks like a very well built, super fun product. How I wish they had something like this when I was a kid. Would love to get this for my two kids, who won’t love this. Keep up the amazing work Step2!

  67. I have all boys and they would love this. It looks like so much fun! We would have to keep it at grandma and grandpa’s house, too, but there’s a ton of room there!

  68. Oh my goodness I love it!!!! We live out of town and I have been wanting to get my girls 3 and 5 a type of power wheel or four wheeler bit we are at that age where a power wheels is too babyish and a four wheeler (even a governed one) is too fast. This would be perfect. No way I could afford it this year winning it would be absolutely amazing. The look on my girls’ faces opening up that for Christ!as would be priceless. Thank you, this will be amazing for whoever wins.

  69. We don’t have a large yard either so this would be really fun to go around in circles, etc., I wish I could ride in it with my grandson LOL

  70. I really like that the toy seems sturdy and won’t tip. It also looks like it would last for years. I like to get my grandson toys that he can use for a long time.

  71. that looks really cool but i wish it were a little more active for the kids. with some of the other toys they are doing more

  72. This looks like a lot of fun. The spinning feature seems very useful for younger kids instead of all the back up move forward, repeat motion required by many other similar vehicles.

  73. When my boys were little we had a similar one, but nothing like this! 6 WHEELS!!! WOW!!! This thing can move a bit faster too! Loved the video, THANKS!!!

  74. This looks like so much fun for the kids. I know they will be playing outdoors for a long, long time. I have three toddlers who are my g/grandchildren, plus one newborn, and one to be born. They are could take turns when they are able to.

  75. This looks so cool! My twin boys would love it and winning one would mean I would only have to buy 1 instead of 2. 🙂

  76. My 2 year old would love this. Her older siblings have Power Wheels and she always fights with them over it. But I love how different this is from your standard battery operated ride ons.

  77. I love this! It’s great that it will go on the grass. It allows for me to feel better with the kids not having to drive down the road. I like the looks of it & the sides.

  78. I think Step2 hit this one outta the park with the joystick steering gears. So different than the standard wheel. My daughter has the need for speed also this looks like a great toy.

  79. My daughter Mya would LOVE this!! I love that it is 12v and can spin 360 🙂 she would have tons of fun playing with this toy and her friends would love to take it for a spin too!

  80. Excellent review! Both my boys would absolutely love this! Love how its controlled by joysticks! Looks very durable to! And i Love how it can spin,my boys would have lots of fun with this!

  81. This is so cool! My son is 5 years old & would absolutely love it! He’s wanting something like this for Christmas to ride in. I love how the kids can spin around & how great it goes in the grass! Thank you for the review 🙂

  82. What kid wouldn’t love this?! This would get lots of use by my kiddos (and their friends and their cousins). Haven’t seen anything like this before, Step2 offers a ton of great toys, playhouses, ride-one, etc, thanks for the review!

  83. I know my grandchildren would love this. Often, I wish these companies would make these really cool toys in adult size because I would even enjoy a toy like this. I know this would last for years because it is made by Step 2.

  84. Thanks for the tip on helping it last longer. I never bought a power wheel for my son but plan on getting one sometime for him and my daughter to share. The weight limit of 81 lbs is perfect for them to enjoy for years.

  85. What an awesome toy my son would love to have one of these. He doesn’t have any ride on toys like this and this one seems unique over the models I’m used to seeing.

  86. My son would LOVE this! It looks so COOL! It seems so much safer than most ride-on toys I’ve seen. Thanks for the review!

  87. This looks like so much fun. My older boys are sad they are too big to ride it but my special needs 2 year old son would be in heaven.

  88. The fact that you can go into every directions makes it so incredible especially for little dare devils like my grandson. There is nothing I have seen on the market. This would be such a wonderful Christmas gift.

  89. I swear they come out with cooler and cooler ride on toys every single day. This thing is awesome. So many of them just don’t make it in the grass. We have a big back yard, but it’s all grass. This would be awesome for the backyard.

  90. I like that it can drive about anywhere because we live on a dirt road with a lot of yard so that is the only thing they can drive on with something like this! My son would have a blast with something he has to use joy sticks to drive it with. A lot different from other ride on toys out there.

  91. Wow! Maggie drove it like nobody’s business! I love the way it turns and what I love most is it can be driven in the yard on grass. I have huge backyard that my 4 yr old Daughter Emily could drive that all over. That is awesome! It moved way better than I expected on the grass. Great review!

  92. This looks like so much fun! My daughter would absolutely love this. There is a wide open field very near our home, and I would love to just let her go for awhile.

  93. Thinking of grand son but thinks his sister will take over .. I love the door opens and wow how fast .
    they would love this and gl to all who enter ..Thank you so much for the chance

  94. I can see my grandsons riding around in our yard with this especially the older one since he loves to ride on papaws tractor

  95. Grandson loves to be outside and loves anything with wheels….. if he had this we’d never get him inside. Grandpa would be wanting to drive it too! lol

  96. WOW this is fantastic!!!! You must know how much kids would LOVE this. I have 14 kids that come here all the time.. and I guess they would fight over this. I”d have to set a timer… and have extra batteries!

  97. That looks like so much fun! I know for some kids, power wheel toys are the first step in learning how to drive a vehicle. Do you think these work better with the joysticks or would a steering wheel be better?

  98. zero turn capability and the ease of use for the children sounds so great and fun for them ! not like some of the other cars out there that need tons of space to maneuver.

  99. Love this. It is great because it looks rugged enough for my 7 year old and safe enough for my 5 year old. Your video is great too.

  100. My friends’ little boy would go crazy over this! It’s definitely a step up from other ride-ons because of its cool spin action! Fantastic!

  101. This looks like it is built very sturdy like. With children it that group would have to be that way for the item to last after the different things they will be trying to do. The review answers a lot of questions I had before I started reading and seeing. Thank You

  102. Wow! This looks so fun! I like that it has 2 speeds to choose from and has a wide range of kids ages that can ride in it. It’s ability to spin is really unique and the kids will love that! I’m sure it may take a minute to learn the controls but that is all part of the fun for the lucky little one who wins it 🙂

  103. is it just me or are the ride on toys getting better as we get older i mean we had pedal cars but now a days it seem our kids ride on toys are getting better & better as they keep coming off the line i love them blessed be & have a safe and happy holiday season ,katharine

  104. it looks like it does really well in the grass. since we don’t have a concrete driveway, it will have to be “off road”. my son would have a field day with this in the yard. probably chase the dog around the yard! lol

  105. I love Step 2 products. They always last thru multiple kids and can pass them down to younger siblings. Fun
    And built to last! KIDS would live this!

  106. I really enjoyed learning about this Step2 product. I really think that this would be a great item that would be very sturdy and be able to last through my 3 Grandkids and their wildness 🙂 Thanks for the great review

  107. This is beyond Awesome! I have 3 boys so we could definitely get a lot of use out of it. Some lucky child will be thrilled beyond belief. Good luck all!

  108. This looks like a really awesome choice for a child’s powered vehicle. My son is larger than most of his age and this is something he can grow with and use for more than just a year (unlike the cramped cars that they offer). It’s a major benefit to be able to go all-terrain and to be able to turn as needed!

  109. It’s nice to see something a little different on the market. Love that it is gender neutral and something that both my son and niece will want to play with.

  110. I run a daycare and the kids would love this! We have a large yard to really take advantage of it. My son saw this and asked for it but it’s a tad expensive for us right now.

  111. This looks so awesome! I have a 2 year old that loves cars and it would be wonderful to be able to put it under the tree for Christmas for him this year.

  112. Looks cool and fun. We don’t have sidewalks, so looks like it would be great for driving in the yard and on slight inclines. I know the other kids like to pile in so I wonder how it would do with 2 kids in it. Love the rotation on the wheels.

  113. I love all the cool stuff you always have on your page!!!! Always the best!!!! This looks like it would be a blast and I want to get this for my son sooo very bad now haha.

  114. Always had good luck with Step2 items. Have a Step2 bed and many other toys great company for kid items My 3yr old son would love this

  115. I am glad you posted the review, I would love to win this for my daughter. I think it looks more sturdy then other ride ons

  116. Wow, this is right up my two boys’ alley! Heck, I want one that I can use haha. It’s so different tan anything else out there, love it.

  117. I love the 360′ turn capability and that its fire engine red my boys fave color. Ijust wonder with so much technology in this world why it still take 16-24 to charge the battery , all kids toys need a battery system for sure !!!!!!!!

  118. my kids would love it i have a boy and girl who would love to spend hours playing in the field with this and the backyard.

  119. This looks awesome my kids would be in heaven expecially my son, he loves cars, anything with wheels and he is trying to fix and etc. and he loves to try to drive too.

  120. With 1 girl and 3 boys, this would be amazing! Especially since we are always outside. It looks like a lot of endless fun

  121. This toy is really cool and I think my daughter would have a blast. I like how roomy it is, she can fit all her babies in it with her.

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