Graco Playard with Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat Review


I only have 3 children so far, but even still, strangers love to mention to me “Don’t you have your hands full!” My response, is always “Yes, happy and full!” That being said, my hands are in fact full more often than not! So naturally any baby gear that simplifies my life is always a win in my book! When I was offered the opportunity to review the Graco Playard with Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat (at no cost to facilitate this review) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

Your package arrives in the mail and you start ripping into it like an eager kid on Christmas morning, well you might not be, but I was. Anyway, you start laying out all of the pieces, taking the protective plastic layers off and envisioning the finished product. Take it from me, reading the instruction manual first is in fact quite helpful. They have a little slot for the instruction manual, so you’ll never lose it! But if you do lose it, never fear – provides you with a downloadable product instruction booklet. Once I realized that there would be a little less sweating and grunting if I actually read the manual first, it was a pretty simple process! I quickly set aside my stubborn I’ll-do-it-myself attitude and read the instructions.


If you’re using the bassinet feature, keep this in mind – The metal pole will gently slip into the slot, but it is not properly and securely installed until you hear the click.


The  Graco Playard with Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat combines a number of products you need for your baby into 1, including a playard/travel crib, bassinet, changing table with storage, & a portable baby seat.

Graco Playard 022

The Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat clicks nicely into place, but can just as easily be removed. Graco recommends that the Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat not be used by infants who are over 15lbs or able to roll over. Clearly Sawyer doesn’t meet those requirements by any means, but I just had to snatch a picture of him in there. There is a safety belt feature on the seat, but 9mo Sawyer’s fat belly wouldn’t allow for such restraints!  The fabric is SO soft, so cozy! Why don’t adults have gear as comfy as this?! I’m excited about this seat for our next baby, I can see it being so useful! You know those times where your newborn is fed, burped, diaper changed and you think to yourself  “Now would be the perfect time to get into that very evasive shower!” You then set baby down and sneak off for a little bit of motherly bliss, you’re just about to step into the shower and you hear their pitiful cry of loneliness! Well a seat like this can easily be picked up and carried somewhere else. (with baby in it I might add) Place it on the bathroom floor where baby can see you, hop in and enjoy! Another feature that baby would enjoy is the battery operated “Speed” and “Vibration”. The “Speed” controls the unique sway motion of the seat, you can sway or vibrate or both at the same time! I haven’t had a baby yet that this wouldn’t soothe. The seat also offers a pop out “rock-lock” for a little extra stability for when the seat is out of the playard. Happy baby, happy Mommy!


Once your little one has outgrown the bassinet feature (like mine has) simply remove it and enjoy the spacious Playard. The padding on the mat is nice and comfy, perfect for naps, quiet time or play time!


Okay, some other loved features – Storage compartments! What mother doesn’t love storage?! Seriously, I’ve told my husband time and time again. “If you don’t know what to buy me, buy me storage… anything!” I’ll love it, I go crazy about it, it organizes, controls and simplifies things for me. Check out the storage compartments on the side near the changing pad, plenty of space for diapers, change of clothes, wipes and some toys for those older babies that can’t seem to keep their hands away from the action!

Also, check out the little crib skirt feature, isn’t it cute?! I know it’s a little feature, but it’s a cute one. If you’re like me, you’ll like the fact that it conceals all of the dust bunnies trapped underneath it.


Last but not least!! Look at the nightlight feature! Okay, its not just a nightlight, but that’s my favorite part. It also offers soothing vibrations, music and some nature sounds. The nightlight is so handy though! Picture this – You’ve put baby down to sleep in a nice, dark and quiet room. Later you decide you need to take a peak on him to make sure he’s still comfy and safe. But you don’t dare tun on the bright light that might actually wake him! Or those 2am diaper changes where you don’t want to be fully awakened by the blinding overhead light but you need to see well enough to get the job done – the nightlight is perfect for that!

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying this Playard. The fact that you have the option to consolidate all of these items into one is amazing. Anyone that’s had a baby knows that with a baby comes lots of STUFF, being able to combine anything is super helpful. It’s getting plenty of use even without a newborn in the house. But when that time comes around again, I’ll be so thankful for this gadget. Graco did a great job with this playard, it will most definitely be simplifying my life!

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Disclosure: I (Heather) was sent the item above at no cost to facilitate this review for my honest opinion.


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18 comments on “Graco Playard with Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat Review

  1. This would be a fantastic item for my newest Grandson, Evan, to relax in when he spends time at “Mamaw’s House”….fingers crossed !!!

  2. What a wonderful and versatile product. Great that it’s portable and can be used actually for many multiple purposes with multiple children at the same time!

  3. We are expecring our first son, due in a few short weeks. This pack and play is on our list of need to haves. In sure do hope we get picked to win this one, as funds are tight as it is. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. We are expecting our first Grandchild in a few months (yay! We have been blessed) and I have fallen in love with this Graco Playard with Nuzzle Nest Sway Seat! I have truly never seen anything like it before. Every single feature is just incredible! It’s like an all-in-one, with all of the products our family would need for our new Grandchild- a playard/travel crib, bassinet, changing table with storage, & a portable baby seat. Truly incredible- In a house of 7 already, I just know that the Graco Playard would be a perfect fit in our home. Our whole family has fallen in love with this, thank you for the opportunity and chance to win such a beautiful and viable baby product.

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