Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier {Review & Giveaway}


Winix Review

We were sent the Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier at no cost to facilitate a review. We’ve also been compensated to host a giveaway.

About 2 years ago, I was able to review the Winix Ultimate Pet Series Air Purifier. It’s been a great until that we still use today to keep our home smelling fresh and free of excess allergens. My in-laws have been complaining of a musty odor in the finished portion of their basement for some time now, so when I was contacted by Winix again about reviewing one of their other devices, I immediately thought of them. We were sent the Winix FresHome P300; I knew their basement would really put the product to the test!

The Winix FresHome P300 is designed for rooms up to 300 square feet and features Winix’s advanced 3-Stage air cleaning process to effectively remove a broad range of air pollutants. Dust, smoke, pollen, odors, pet dander, mold spores, and organic chemicals are all harmful to your home environment and can irritate your respiratory system. Winix’s FresHome™ is able to reduce the presence of these pollutants so that you can live comfortably in your home. The FresHome is available in p150 (up to 150 sq. feet), p300 (up to 300 sq. feet), & p450 (up to 450 sq. feet), to suit your individual needs.

FresHome Info

The unit was easy to assemble. Essentially all you need to do is remove the plastic from the filters and pop them into place. It also comes with a remote, and you’ll need to insert the batteries (the first 2 are provided). You’ll have it set up and ready to go in 5 minutes.

Winix Assembly

My mother-in-law and I were both eager to see if it would clear up the smell. I placed it in their basement on Friday and spoke with them on Wednesday to find out how the air cleaner was working.   I was very pleased to hear that they feel the unit has made a significant improvement in their air quality and the odor in their basement. My mother-in-law stated that when she checked the unit on Saturday, the odor was improved but was still there.  She felt a little discouraged, but decided to move the unit closer to where she felt the odor was more prominent and give it a little more time.  She went downstairs to check on the status of the unit on Sunday and was happy to find a significant improvement in the odor and air quality.  Once again on Monday and Tuesday the Air Cleaner was checked for effectiveness and it has completely removed the musty odor!

The unit also has an air quality sensor and a light sensor.  When the unit is placed on automatic the air quality sensor detects the presence of pollutants in the air and automatically increases and decreases the fan speed accordingly.  The light sensor automatically dims the lights on the control panel when the room is dark.  It also lowers the fan speed for quiet operation.  This is a great feature if you decide to place the unit in your bedroom.

Winix Purifier

Overall, my in-laws seem quite pleased with the unit. They are really happy that their basement no longer has a bad smell and appreciate the attractive look of the unit. They agreed that they would recommend it to anyone looking for an air purifier.

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Win It: Winix is giving away not 1 but 3 of their FresHome P150 Air Purifiers to my readers! This unit is great for small rooms, offices, or nurseries (great to clear out that stinky diaper smell!)

Win Winix

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187 comments on “Winix FresHome P300 Air Purifier {Review & Giveaway}

  1. It is great that it works, always nice to see a review of a product that has been used and you know that it works. I have a musty basement so this would be great so that the smell wouldn’t permeate throughout the whole house.

  2. Another Winix item I would like to have is the FineCel Water Filtration System™! We have TERRIBLE tap water where I live!

  3. Love your review! We have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. SO there is always dust, fur, and odors from those. And now my son has taken up smoking a hookah – and most of the tobacco smells TERRIBLE! This purifier sounds like something that would be perfect for the living room! And I also love that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set it up!

  4. I’m in need of the water purifier, but I’m also super excited about the prospect of a air cleaner that also humidifies!

  5. I’ve been in the market to buy an air purifier for some time now, but have been confused by all the information out there. We live in a small apartment in hot Florida and suffer from allergies, etc. It’s just not possible most of the year to open up the windows to get in fresh air, etc. This air purifier sounds just like what we need and are wanting! Thank you so much for this information and review!

  6. I love that it can remove such a wide variety of pullutants and still take up such a small amount of space. My husband and I have 2 cats, smoke, and allergies all in a tiny one bedroom apartment, so we could sure use this! I’d be curious to see it’s performance!

  7. (Winix FresHome P150 Air Purifier) This would be a really good air purifier for us to have in our home. We have this one long haired cat named Buddy that sure seems to make me sneeze a lot-

  8. Thanks for the review. With a new baby in the house, I’ve debated buying one. This helps me break down some of the information I was curious about.

  9. i love the new item that will be released soon is an air cleaner that humidifies while it cleans that would be awesome to have

  10. We’d love to have this. We rent an older condo and share walls with a unit where people smoke 24/7. Kind of scary when you have kids.

  11. I really like this Air Purifier…it would be great in my bedroom! I like the fact that it is quiet, comes with a remote control and that it can control pet dander! I have 3 seven month old kittens.

  12. I never thought about air purifiers until recently. With a baby on the way, and with two dogs, this would be a great item to have to clear up pet dander and hair, and everything else. Love that it works on odors too; great for the dirty diapers! Thanks!

  13. I would love to have the advanced Air Washer that both cleans and humidifies your home’s air that’s coming out soon from them.

  14. I’d definitely love to try one, especially after your review. I also like that it has an automatic setting to sensor when it needs to run more frequently. Sounds great!

  15. This is a great giveaway. My daughter has such bad allergies something like this would be great for her room. Now we just keep her room very clean and keep the ceiling fan on for circulation and keep the door closed so the pets cant get in there

  16. Oooo. I would like the try the PlasmaWave Series as well. They’re all so fancy. We need an air humidifier very badly. Thank you!

  17. I have never used anything like this, but I hear they are good to use EO in. I sure do think with me nursing and hoping to get pregnant again so, that this might be a nice to have around.

  18. what a great review and this is such a wonderful system, when you have grandchildren with asthma or yourself this is really nice to have… thanks for the giveaway

  19. I think having an air purifier is so important now adays what with every germ just waiting to attack your immune system. It would be interesting to see if my health actually improved!

  20. I love the fact it takes away the pet odor and dander,but more so
    I think it would be so helpful when the gardeners come around our condo
    and blow all the dust and all I get is a gas smell and dust in my house.

  21. Would Love to win this (Thanks for a chance) Love the Auto Sensors
    another product I would like is the water filtration system

  22. I have severe Asthma. Three of my biggest triggers are smoke, pollen and dust. I have gone to natural cleaning and beauty products this has helped. But pollen still poses a challenge for me. I would love to try this Air Purifier! It may be my solution to my air quality. Thank you for offering it!

  23. I love the automatic the air quality sensor and light sensor. I dread the end of warm weather and having to close all the windows until spring. This would be such a great help here. Thanks for the review.

  24. This would be so perfect! The air where we are at is very much less than ideal & I have been researching purifiers. Hadn’t come across this one & I love the look & features of it!

  25. Looks like a nifty air purifier. We have a small ionic air filter, but I don’t feel like it makes much of a difference. This one might make a dent in the amount of dust floating around our house.

  26. From your review loved to hear that this worked so fast. We live in an old farm house on a farm this would really come to good use and seems these older farm houses collect a lot of dust as well as some odor. Thanks for chance to win one and also for the review as well.

  27. I have three in the house. And we are very satisfied. I installed one in my bedroom and I sleep much better since. I bought several, but after a few months I did not see any results. But since I installed it, I stopped coughing at night.

  28. I would really like to win this. I think it would help with my COPD and maybe I’d be able to get rid of that aggravating oxygen concentrator that I’m using now.

  29. It would be great to eliminate the pet odors and musty smells occasionally smelt. I like that it does so much.

  30. I would love to have a Finecel water filtration system , these look so amazing. I am tired of wasting water bottles. Then getting new filtration systems that are so pricey and require much maintenance and new expensive filters so frequently. They make me question the purity of the water , This Winix filtration system is awesome!!

  31. I saw a cool Air Purifier and Air cleaner they are coming out with soon on the website that looks very very cool. My daughter sleeps with one due to allergies.

  32. I like that it captures pet dander and dust,I always like to hear from someone who used a product before I spend money.Thanks for the great review.

  33. I love that in addition to preventing things from getting into the air, it also cleans the air, making your home a cleaner, safer, environment for my family

  34. The area I live in has a high pollen count for several months of the year. Add a cat into things and I need something that super cleans the air. Winix Air Purifiers sound like they would be a good choice.

  35. I would love to have the finecel water filtration system! With a new baby we ate constantly washing things for him and knowing our tap water us fileted would give me more peace of mind

  36. I like that it gets rid of odors as well as cleaning the air. We have 2 dogs, and it is tough to keep it from smelling like dog all the time. My entire family suffers from allergies. We all sleep with air purifiers in our room. It’s nice to know that this one actually works. It’s hard to tell which ones work before you buy them. We love product reviews. Thanks so much!

  37. I would love to have this air purifier. It’s attractive and technologically advanced. It wouldn’t take up a lot of room.

  38. This air purifier sounds perfect for my home’s needs right now. Our basement often has a musty odor to it that I don’t care for. The FresHome air purifier sounds perfect for eliminating those odors!!

  39. Love this system. Reminds me of wall-e. As a cancer survivor during treatments I always used a mask. This would have been so much better. And would have made life a little easier. Now I love air filters but just can’t see to afford one

  40. I would love to win this. I have asthma. We have pets my husband user to smoke so winning this would really really help us a lot!

  41. Great review I sure could go for one of these machines, since I own 3 dogs and have a husband that smokes, thanks for the review!!

  42. I’m glad that you tested it out in a basement because that is exactly what I’d like to use it for! It’s good to know that it would truly make a difference.

  43. I appreciate all the information in your interview. I’ve always wanted an air purifier and, like you said, it has a beautiful design! Thank you.

  44. I really could put this to good use! I live right off an 8 lane highway, and can’t open the windows for the exhaust. Somehow it comes in anyway, This would be super!

  45. I wish that this could freshen more than 300 square feet, but I really love the idea of it especially since we have to keep our windows closed over half of the year because of the weather!

  46. This machine is amazing. I like how it can sense the air quality and adjust the fan to the right needs. It is really an impressive air purifier especially for it’s size.

  47. wow, having breathing problems this thing sounds amazing, i would love to win this, what a great review, and product i have never heard of this before thank you for sharing

  48. this sounds like a wonderful air purifier- I have mold spores in my home from water damage in the basement, unfortunately with forced hot air heat they end up all over the house and have damaged my lungs 🙁 this would be a great way to keep the air fresh and clean upstairs where I am so I won’t have problems breathing.

  49. I really think air purifiers are so important especially when you have a little one at your home. I really want to win this. I like that it cleans the air my pride and joy is breathing. It’s peace of mind.

  50. I would have loved to have this in my first borns bedroom! That is great that the purifier eliminated the bad smell! We could definitely use one of these with a dog in our home! This unit looks very spacious too!

  51. So thoughtful to use for your in-law’s basement! I have horrible allergies and asthma, and I’m pretty sure that my 5 month old son has some breathing problems as well. This would be a blessing for us!

  52. I really would like to have one of these, mainly for one of our dogs, who has developed allergies over the last few months.

  53. As a chemically and environmentally-sensitive person, I could really use this product! It would help to keep my home free of so many of the allergens that bother me – including dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, etc.

  54. With a baby and a son with allergies I think product would be perfect for our house!!! Love this! Especially in the colder months when all the windows are closed tight!

  55. I’d love to win this air purifier because we are expecting a son in just a few weeks and we have two dogs. Big dogs! This would be perfect to keep the air clean and odor free

  56. i love the fact that the air purifier automatically detects the air pollutants and then it automatically increases and decreases the fan speed accordingly which is a great feature as it would be a hassle to keep a check on the air purifier again and again.

  57. I like that it has an air sensor to automatically adjust the fan speed depending on air pollutants and also a light sensor to dim the lights and switch to low speed when it is dark too.

  58. I love the many features it has. I was looking at one for my bedroom but this review reminded me about our basement. It too has an odor that doesn’t seem to go away. The review was so informative as to how it works and now I’m seriously considering one for our basement. Thanks for the post.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  59. I’ve been wanting a purifier out there but it is hard to know which brand to choose. I have two in diapers and a night trainer so the upstairs smells like pee,A LOT. I’m sure this would help.

  60. I’d like the “ultimate pet 9500”. we have a cat and dog in the house and it is hard on my daughter with asthma and me with COPD. thank you

  61. I love that the Winix FresHome is easy to set up and it will sense the things that cause my allergy’s to go nuts and pull them from the air that I breathe. I have terrible inside and outside allergy’s and this beautiful unit would really be nice to have.

  62. I always wondered why the deep breathes I took in group meditation smelt different than at home in private practice…air purifier!! I just didn’t recognize the product as it was so sleek and unassuming. Would love to have the purifier for my home private practice.

  63. Also the dehumidifier section is something I need to consider for the rear bedroom. While downsizing from East Coast standards..we still retain a great deal of case..leading to poor air circulation and moisture.

  64. I am so thankful for this review. I have been looking into air purifiers because I have respiratory issues that flair up and have been wanting to get one for my home but wasn’t sure if they would really help and wanted to make sure before investing in them. Thanks!!

  65. I’m really glad I found your review. My husband and I have been talking about buying an air filtration system for our home and this was looks amazing. I am still researching and try to learn about them as we go.

  66. It has a great look and I love the fact that it has a remote. We have a dusty smell in our home that never seems to go away, so this would be wonderful. I’m curious as to how loud and how big it is. We have one but it’s quite loud and I don’t feel that it does a great job. I also love that this one has an air quality sensor! That’s a definite bonus!

  67. I’d love to win this for my mom. She has bad allergies and gets sinus infections a lot so this would really help clear the air.Thank you for the great review & giveaway 🙂

  68. I smoke in the house. It’s terrible I know. My 15 year old granddaughter is always bugging me too, because she says she smells like cigarette smoke. She probably does. The air purifier sounds awesome. Everything about it is amazing. I have 5 cats and 3 dogs too so I really need it too.

  69. I cannot believe how attractive this air purifier is and that it picks up 99.97% of all pollutants in the air around us. It is good to know when we have a new baby coming in March 2015 and also a new baby born this June 2014. We have two dogs and a rabbit, so again this air purifier would be put to very good use! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  70. Our basement is a mess too. The cats pretty much live belowstairs, and it’s where our TV room and goofy 1960s style bar are, but I hate being down there because it’s musty and furry. I’d honestly never thought of an air purifier as a solution…. thanks!

  71. My children have horrible allergies, it would be nice to have one of these in each of their rooms. Great review, I would have never though to use one of these in the basement to rid the musky smell.

  72. i live in a world of cheap cotton clothing, inefficient drier screens, pet dust, city dust, pluus i smoke indoors lol. having an air purifier at home is a must, i need one bad, tyvm.

  73. This looks like a very nice purifier. I really need one since I have a few animals and there is pet hair everywhere.

  74. your review is wonderful we have 5 dogs and could use this item to help clean and freshen our home I also suffer from allergies but refuse to get rid of my babies so this would be great for me.

  75. I would love to win this! I suspect that my husband has allergies and would love to see if this helps his night time coughing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!! 🙂

  76. This product seems awesome! I would love to win one & give it a try myself. My husband and myself both have allergies, and my husband has asthma so this would be awesome for our home!!

  77. I would like to own the Finecel Water Filtration System. We have well water and I know a filtration system would give us pure drinking water. I also want to try their hydration product they said coming soon. When our heating system starts we need to put moisture into the air.

  78. I love that it has the light sensor that dims the lights on panel when room is dark and decreases fan speed to make it run more quiet. This is important because I would use it in my bedroom.

  79. Your review was great and informative! I am extremely sensitive to odors, chemicals, dust and allergens so this product would help to rid my home of a lot of the many items that bother me like tree and plant pollens, dust, dust mites, and so much more as well as rid my home of odors.

  80. What a great unit. We have several birds and this would work so well cleaning the air for us from them. I love that it automatically dims its lights and lowers it’s fan speed at night when you dim the lights.

  81. Great review! I’ve been considering purchasing one of these contraptions for a while now, but after reading your review, I’m sold!! My damp & musty downstairs needs one of these miracle workers like, yesterday!! Lol Thanks for sharing your great results!! 🙂

  82. I love that it is small, inobtrusive. Air cleaners and purifiers used to be such large, bulky, ugly things! My hubby and I both have allergies, and he has asthma, so this would be perfect for us.

  83. You did a great review! I love that this unit has a remote, we often place air purifiers in hard to reach places, out of sight. This one looks really nice 🙂

  84. I have severe COPD and am violently allergic to most man-made scents. Your air purifier is exactly what I need. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one.

  85. I really like the Air Washer even though it hasn’t been released yet. A Purifier and Humidifier all in one would be great for us. We live in the mountains and it’s so dry!

  86. Man oh man how this would be heaven sent with the fact that I love my animals but man oh man the keep up has been crazy for the last 15 years of my life of opening my home to animals, thank you for the chance!

  87. I really need one of these! I have 3 cats and my house always smells like cats. I would love it if my house smelled better when I had people over! I also have a 2 year old and a 5 month old, so I would really like the air in my house to be fresher for them.

  88. Most of us have no idea how polluted our homes are. All we have to do is look in our vacuum to see some of the crud in our homes. This purifier is like a vaccum which we all should have for our health. Thank you for the knowledge.

  89. This purifier is awesome. I have really bad allergies from pollen and dust, I could really use a good air purifier. I love the style of it too, not the tall/tower bulky kind. Thanks for the great review.

  90. I think that the IceCore Undersink Chiller looks like a very cool product. I have never seen anything like this and didn’t even know that it existed! I am very picky about my water, and pretty much only enjoy it super cold. So this would be awesome for me!

  91. I think that this air purifier looks amazing! My husband and my son have asthma and so therefore have very bad allergies and all around problems with the air. I would absolutely love to have this for them, I think that it would really help them.

  92. I have a son with a heart transplant so keeping the home clean is important especially the air we breath ! We have cats in the home so it would be great to use the Winix purifier to keep us healthy.

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