Diono Rainier Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat Review

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

Disclosures: I was provided the Diono Rainier Covertible + Booster car seat for review at no cost. All opinions are my own.

From the moment you hold your newborn baby in your arms, you want nothing more than to protect them from anything and everything bad in the world. Motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of unintentional deaths for children ages 0-19 in the United States, according to statistics gathered in 2007. While I consider myself and my husband to be pretty safe drivers, you never know what can happen on the road, and there are plenty of other drivers out there that I don’t trust! That’s why deciding on the car seat our children will ride in is of the upmost importance to us. Ever since our family had the opportunity to review the Diono Radian RXT, my husband and I have been huge fans of the Diono brand.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review one of their newest convertible car seats, the Rainier Convertible Plus Booster (at no cost, to facilitate this review), I eagerly agreed!

Diono burst into the child car seat world in 1999 when they introduced the Mighty Tite, a device designed to assist parents in tightening the seat belt during car seat installation. They then released their first car seat, the Radian, in 2005, which was the first ever steel-reinforced folding car seat, designed to make travel and storage more convenient than ever. Today, Diono continues to produce innovative car seats, convertible boosters, storage solutions, stroller and travel accessories that consistently earn high ratings from industry experts and families worldwide.

The Rainier is taking Diono car seats to a whole new level thanks to their new, extra deep side walls, providing enhanced side impact protection. The aluminum reinforced headrest has 12 height positions for adjustable head support and additional EPS foam surrounds the child’s head and body for complete side impact protection. The Rainier is also NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions.

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

Research has shown that children are safer in the event of a crash when their car seats are rear-facing and the Diono Rainier gives you extended rear-facing capabilities. In fact, your child can comfortably rear-face in this car seat from 5 to 50 lbs.!  When you are ready to forward-face the Rainier, it is approved for children weighing 20 to 90 lbs. in 5-point harness mode (up to 57″ in height). As of the date of this publication, this is the highest forward-facing capacity of any car seat with a 5-point harness. Additionally, it converts to a booster for children between 50 and 120 lbs. or up to 57″ in height.

This seat comes with a body support pillow (to be used for infants and toddlers) and a head support pillow (to be used for infants). As I’m typing this review, our new baby hasn’t arrived yet, but if we chose to use it for her/her, we could. To be honest, I prefer an infant car seat for the first few months because of the convenience of being able to take the infant car seat in and out of the car with ease. However, it is important to note that you CAN use this seat with your newborn (as long as he/she is at least 5 pounds). If you are on a budget, purchasing this seat to begin using at birth will save you money in the long run, since it would probably be the only car seat your child would ever need thanks to its industry-leading 12 year product life (from the date of purchase).

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

Now that you know the basics of this seat, let’s talk about securing it in your vehicle. I can NOT stress enough how important it is to read the manual that comes with this car seat (or any other car seat you are using for that matter!). Every car seat is different and in order to achieve the safest installation, it’s important to read the directions and follow them. I have already flipped through the manual a dozen times for this seat. Like other car seats on the market these days, you have the option to install using LATCH or the seat belt depending on your vehicle. The manual gives clear, easy to follow instructions to install using the method of your choice. My son is 26 pounds right now and turned 2 in May. We practice extended rear-facing, so we installed the Rainier rear-facing using the LATCH system. As you can see in the pictures below, we also used a Diono angle adjuster to put his seat at a more upright angle and leave more room for the front passenger seat. It’s important to note that you can not use the angle adjuster for newborns or infants.

Here is what it looks like for my son ( 25 months and 26 pounds) and my daughter (age 4, 32 pounds) to rear face in the Rainier. My son will be the one using this seat (Maggie already has her Radian RXT) but I wanted you to be able to see how it looks for their size/weight.  They are both quite comfy and have plenty of room for growth.

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

When you purchase your Rainier, it will arrive with a number of extra pieces and accessories. Included (and pictured below) are:

  • Additional set of harness pads to use only when the child is over 65 lbs in the 5-point harness
  • Angled cup holder
  • Head and body support pillows (as mentioned and shown above)
  • Detachable base (only used for rear facing)
  • Top tether strap for rear-facing installation

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

The Rainier is approved by the FAA for airplane travel. It folds flat for easy storage and transport. If you plan to fly often with your Rainier, you can purchase a carry strap for your shoulder, or 2 carry straps to wear it like a backpack. You can also carry it by the red security strap, as my husband is demonstrating below.

Diono Rainier Car Seat Review

If you are debating between the RadianRXT and the Rainier, you are probably wondering what the differences are.  The main difference comes down to the weight of your child and the longevity of each seat position and the car seat itself. The new Rainier can be used in the rear facing position from 5-50 pounds, while the RadianRXT can only be used for 5-45 pounds. At the rate my children gain weight, the extra five pound weight limit would probably give them an additional 6 months to a year of rear facing time. Once you decided to forward face your child, the Rainier can be used from 20-90 pounds with the 5-point harness, while the RadianRXT can only be used for children 20-80 pounds. Again, this is giving your child an additional 10 pounds of growth before they need to change to a booster. The Rainier also has a product life of 12 years, while the RadianRXT has a 10 year life. There are 2 other differences I noticed between the RadianRXT and the Rainier: price (The Rainier is priced higher and sale prices are not as discounted right now) and available colors/prints..

Are they any things about the Rainier I would change? Yes, just one. When it is time to adjust the straps, you will need to rethread them. With many car seat manufactures switching to a norethread system, I hope that Diono will also do the same soon. This is certainly not a deal breaker for me, but one worth mentioning.

My son seems extremely comfortable riding in his seat, and the lower sides mean that he is able to climb in on his own now, without my husband or I having to assist him. Since I’ll be recovering from childbirth over the next few weeks, this makes me extra happy! I feel like my children are as safe as they possibly can be when they are riding in their Diono seats, and I love knowing that my son can use this seat for years to come. Overall, we are once again quite pleased with this car seat from Diono!

Connect: Visit the Diono website to find out more about the Rainier and all of the other car seats and accessories available from Diono. Then, make sure you “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Buy It: The Diono Rainier has a suggested price of $359.99. You can purchase it through (my favorite) Amazon.com or use the Diono store locator to find a location near you.

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Disclosures: I received the car seat mentioned above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours and/or Diono’s. Amazon links are affiliate links.


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  103. Thanks for spelling out the difference between the Rainier and the RadianRXT. I have the RadianRXT for one of my sons and love it, but the Rainier has a higher weight limit!! Even better! Great post

  104. This is a very informative review. I like that the booster seat is NCAP tested and that it conveniently folds for easy storage. But the best feature, I think, is the extra padding and head rest positioning…so the booster seat can be adjusted as your child grows. Best seat I have seen. Thank you for the review.

  105. Oh wow!! I have been desperately wanting a Diono Radian RXT for a long time for my son who will be one tomorrow <3 I really want to extended rear face for as long as possible because of how much safer it is but just simply cannot afford to buy one 🙁 We've been saving but aren't anywhere close to the cost. I would love to win this, and would be incredibly grateful as well! Thank you so much for the chance as this is the best carseat on the market today, and what an amazing seat it is!!

  106. Seems like the design was well thought out. How many car seats fold and doesn’t seem bulky. You want the best for your children its hard when price comes into play.

  107. I love this carseat because of how long it can be used for. I am glad that they increased weight limits, but sad that you still have to manually re-thread it as the kid gets bigger. I would still love this carseat for my baby. Thanks for the review and giveaway. <3

  108. I don’t own a Diono car seat but I love this brand, what impressed me most about Diono is that you can fit 3 Radian XTs across a back seat of a sedan.
    I love that there is a 12 yr product life for the Rainier and that a child can rearface in it up to 50lbs. If I had a Rainier my 4 yo would still be rearfacing right now.
    Do you know if you can fit 3 Rainiers in the back seat of a sedan?

  109. Thank you for specifically preparing the RadianRXT and Ranier. I have been struggling back and forth. Thank you for all of the pictures!

  110. This is an amazing seat! Really, the only one you’d ever need. Rear-facing to 50lbs is a huge plus and I love all the safety features – aluminum re-enforced head rest, memory foam, deep side walls…the list goes on!

  111. The Shade Maker Canopy for strollers would be nice. Out small stroller has such a tiny canopy that it’s pretty much useless.

  112. i love how your little ones look so cute and happy in the car seat, and i love how you provide pics with the description written on the pics! very informative!

  113. I loved your comparison between the RadianRXT and the Rainier. I love Diono but it can be so overwhelming and confusing to go back and forth between the pages to figure out which one to choose from. I also love that you mentioned the one negative you found in the seat. I’m looking for real, honest reviews and so often they’re all rainbows and butterflies. The strap re-threading is a minor factor for me, but it helps with the credibility of the whole review. Thank you!

  114. I would love to try the Little Tikes® by Diono® Car Seat Mat. Anything to help protect my car from goldfish crumbs is a must!

  115. This is a very thorough review and I couldn’t have read it at a better time. We are planing a trip and have to fly, I did not know there were car seats that fold up!! That is amazing. I’m going to try to find one (or two) locally. Thank you.

  116. I am in love with Diono! I researched and researched carseats and love the Diono. Except I simply couldn’t afford two at once. I have two boys – one year and one day apart. The older one was a preemie and came home just a few months before my second one was born. My older son has some muscle weakness due to extreme amounts of time in the hospital over the last few years and we are keeping him in a five-point harness for longer than most . It’s been hard to find a carseat that will adjust for his height since he is so tall. Diono would be perfect for him!

  117. I LOVE that this seat folds and has the adjustable side supports! A seat that really grows and conforms to a growing child is so handy!

  118. Needing to replace my current Diono RXT after an accident and saw that Diono has updated their line with these – except they’re all on a 4-8 week backorder everywhere! This is a great review, and I love all of the updates to the chair.

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  122. This looks like a very safe and comfortable car seat, plus it would last for a long time with the weight limits too. Thanks for sharing.

  123. I would also love to have the Stuff ‘n Scuff item to keep the back of my car seats clean and have extra storage.

  124. Wow this is cool, I can honestly say that I have never seen something so advanced for a kids seat! Woah! : ]]

  125. I LOVE the weight limits on it! I especially like that you can keep them in the harness forward facing up to 90lbs! Dd has just about outgrown her Britax and most other carseats that are convertible from harness to booster have pretty much the same 50-60lb weight limit for the harness system

  126. This car seat gives your child an additional 10 pounds of growth before they need to change to a booster. The Rainier also has a product life of 12 years! WOW! I hope to own two one day for my sons.

  127. I need a car seat for my granddaughter in my car to end the hassle of taking the car seat from my daughter’s car. This Diono car seat has great features (new, extra deep side walls, providing enhanced side impact protection, aluminum reinforced headrest has 12 height positions for adjustable head support and additional EPS foam surrounds the child’s head and body for complete side impact protection). On top of all that, it has a 12 year product guarantee.

  128. I like that it folds up for easy transport, as well as the increased longevity of the Rainier vs the RadianRXT. Baby stuff is expensive, so looking for products like this to stretch ever dollar is essential.

  129. Diono also offers a a Shade Maker Canopy that looks like it provides significantly more sun cover compared to shades that most strollers have. Can’t have too much protection for our loved ones!

  130. Such an amazing looking car seat! I would love to have one of these for my daughter! I love hat it folds for transport!

  131. I like their Super Mat. My kids can always use extra pockets to keep snacks and activities in to keep them busy.

  132. The seat capabilities of the Rainier is unbelievable! The life of the seat is also fantastic as it will grow with my baby until he is big enough to truly no longer need a carseat. Love this seat!

  133. So many great features to this car seat! Love that it folds up too, that seems a little rare for car seats, but sooo convenient!

  134. I own two of the stow and go back seat organizers and they are great ! Perfect to keep all my older kids stuff off the floor of the car.

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  137. We love our Radian RXT that we currently have for our son, but I really like the prospect of the extra rear-facing time that this seat offers. With our second child on the way I really like all that this seat has to offer including the extra 2 years before expiration as well. Though I agree that Diono really needs to figure out how to keep the straps threaded when adjusting.

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  140. Diono carseats are my favorite. I love that they’ve made my favorite carseat even better. The higher weight limits and the deeper side walls are wonderful. My favorite feature is one that you didn’t mention: the SafeStop. My kids tend to be really small; my 4.5 year old is only 32 pounds and wants to forward face. This is the only seat I feel comfortable letting him forward face in because the SafeStop would let him ride down a crash without his head flying forward.

  141. It’s hard to find the perfect seat. Especially one that is both safe and comfortable. Looks like it’s also easy to carry. I would love to win this!

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  144. What impresses me is how long this would last. I have 3 kids and I’m looking for a good Grandma/backup seat, something that would cover newborns to booster-aged kids, and this is it. The fact it folds up would make it easy to store as well.

  145. I love that it has extra deep sidewalls for better side impact protection! With 3 seats across the back, someone has to be next to the door. 🙁

  146. We love the Diono car seat, we have one already for our oldest who is almost 3 and still rear facing. We also have 7 month old twins and we plan on putting them on the same car seat. We love being able to fit 3 across! Awesome car seat!

  147. This carseat is fantastic, seems Diono thought of almost everything, I like that it can be used for more years as the child grows.

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  155. I love the extra weight limits! I have a chunky guy so that means we will be able to rear face longer 🙂

  156. I’ve been looking at all the Diono products. Thanks for the review on this one. I’m just wondering if its back is so tall that my rear view mirror would be blocked when rear facing and riding in the middle seat, or if it would fit on one of the sides.

  157. I love how easy it is to switch between RF and FF, as well as the ease of installation. Grandparents have one for our littlest and it’s easy for them to install and remove without us, and I don’t have to worry about an incorrect installation. Plus, there’s still room in their backseat for two other people!

  158. The angle adjuster is a ‘must have’, and I think I’d also like to have the Pacifica, it comes in my favorite color – orange! 😉

  159. i like the position adjuster – We have the RXT and i think we will get it to get some more space for the front seat drivers.

  160. Love, LOVE the extra padding and that this can be folded up for convenience. Parent convenience was taken into consideration without sacrificing safety.

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  165. Thank you for your review on this car seat. I have heard lots of good things about this seat. I’m pleased to know that this seat can comfortably rear-face my kiddo up to 50 lbs! And that it can also ff from 20 to 90 lbs. in the 5-point harness mode and up to 57″ in height!! This is pretty awesome too that the booster can go from 50 to 120 lbs. or up to 57″ in height! Love it!!

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  167. I love the fact that you can use this car seat for a very long time. 5-120 pounds! Thats awesome. Also the fact that the longevity of the seat is 12 years. Plus you can fold it up for easy traveling. Thats a plus in my book! The truck we have now only has 4 back seats 2 up front next to the doors and 2 in the very back. So having to put my daughter next to the door always worries me and a car seat with side impact is always a must. Overall this seems like an amazing seat.

  168. Like how it folds for easy transport and that it can be used long-term. Just discovered we’re expecting our 5th so this would definitely be a great addition. Thanks for the review!

  169. I love that it has 12 height adjustments and a 12 year life. Most carseats expire so quickly it seems like. This is definitely worth the money seeing as how it would be the only seat needed from infancy up into childhood. I would have like to have heard a little more about the cup holder. Does it fit a sippy cup well, is it deep enough and easy enough for the little ones to use? overall it seems like a wonderful seat that i would love to have in my home for my son.

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  180. I love the extended rear-facing of the Diono seats and the slim sides. They’re a “Very useful Engine” to quote Thomas and Friends.

  181. I want the Radian Travel bag to keep our seat safe on our upcoming flight. Our little girl is big enough to fly without the seat on the plane – but it makes me nervous to check it!

  182. Love, love all the safety features. That alone makes me want one of these. Very nice car seat. Also, pretty great it stays rear facing up to 50 pounds!!

  183. Thanks for a great review!! I’ve been looking at Diono carseats for a while now and just couldn’t make up my mind about them. I think this review really addressed so many of my concerns, especially the child being able to get in and out on his own without needing the parent to lift him up and put him in! I’ve always loved the ability to do extended rear facing with Diono car seats too!

  184. Another thing that Diono makes that is of interest to me is their ever popular Radian RXT seat! I love the built and is narrow yet very safe and comfortable for the child to ride in!

  185. We LOVE our RXT, and this one looks even better! We want to rear face as long as possible, so the extra five pound limit sounds great! Our RXT has gotten a lot of use in multiple cars and planes. The ability to fold it up and go is invaluable.

  186. I love that this brand of car seats is so safe and that they expanded the weight limits both rear and forward facing.

  187. I love that my daughter would be able to climb in and out on her own. I am currently pregnant, and it is not easy to get her in her current seat!

  188. I really love how it would grow with my child and the beautiful bold colors. It’s really cool that it can fold flat and would last a really long time for my son!

  189. I like that it has enhanced side impact protection. And the aluminum reinforced headrest with 12 height positions sounds both extra safe and extra comfortable!

  190. I love all of the safety features this convertible car seat has to offer. I espcially love that it can remain rear facing up to 50 pounds and that it can be used with babies that weigh as little as 5 pounds. It’s seems like it could be used from birth until the child no longer needs to be in car seat or booster anymore. It’s definitely has a long life unlike many other car seats!

  191. I love all of the safety features this convertible car seat has to offer. I especially love that it can remain rear facing up to 50 pounds and that it can be used with babies that weigh as little as 5 pounds. It’s seems like it could be used from birth until the child no longer needs to be in car seat or booster anymore. It’s definitely has a long life unlike many other car seats!

  192. This is a seat I really need. I need to fit three across in my minivan and three of these would fit perfect. I like that it has side impact protection as well. It seems like a really well made seat. Thanks for the helpful and thorough review.

  193. My son is about to outgrow his car seat so I was happy to come across your review of this one! I really like the Padded head rest & sides, I want him to be comfortable because we go out of town alot. I know my husband would like the ease of the carrying straps as well! And it’s got a cup holder! How cool! Thanks for the review

  194. This is an awesome booster seat! My grandson will be needing this soon. He definitely needs this seat!

  195. This seat sounds even better than my Dion RXT. I am the owner of two and absolutely love them. So I won, I can use it towards my older son. 🙂 Very convenience with more padding.

  196. I love everything about this car seat its great that it can be used as a booster seat i also love how easy it looks to take off the cover and wash it this would be important to me and the safty features are great

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  200. I love that the seat can be rear facing in the car for a long period of time. However, it looks rather large. Do you know if it can fit into smaller cars, rear facing for the same amount of time or if the height gets to be too much? This would be an awesome thing to win!!

  201. I love how headrest pillows adjust I love that its 3 in 1 seat I love that ots folds up Ilove how comfy and supportive it looks kinda wish there was an adult version I love that it has angle adjuster I love the seat covers are removable and washable I can go on and on about everything I love about this car seat I hope I win my son is growing out of his carseat

  202. My four year old is 45 pounds and 50 inches tall. She will out grow her car seat soon. I’ve been searching the internet trying to decide which would be the best for her next seat. The Rainier sounds perfect. That way she can be harnessed for as long as possible.

  203. I would love to get the Little Tikes® by Diono® Sit & Play Bouncer for my niece that is due in August.

  204. Thank you for sharing your review! I love that it has super deep side walls and all the different positions for the head rest!

  205. Thanks for your review! We just bought the RadianRXT for my car, but we need another carseat for my husband’s car. My LO is really uncomfortable in his carrier car seat, although you’re right, it was very convenient to get it in and out of the car when he was tiny. He’s 10 months old now and ready for something bigger!

  206. I really enjoyed reading your review on the Diono Rainier. It was very informative and I like how you were honest about what you didn’t like.

  207. I love that it’s so versatile! There are so many things kids/babies need, it’s refreshing to have something that will “grow” with them.

  208. I love both this and the Radian. I like the extended weight limits and that you can use it for a baby too. My little one due in August would love it!

  209. Thanks for the awesome review! I love seeing the pics of your kids in the seat! It really helped me to visualize how a child that is 4 could still be rear facing. I always thought that if their legs touched the back seat, it was time to forward face them, boy was I ever wrong! I also really love that his seat folds flat for carrying on an airplane. That would be awesome when flying! I tend to take the seats on the plane b/c my kids will sleep the whole flight. It would be really nice to be able to fold this seat flat and then have the two straps and wear it like a backpack, especially if I’m traveling without my husband.

  210. Love love love this carseat looks amazing its so hard to find the carseats that support the bigger kids the support and padding is great would so love to win this

  211. Diono makes such a great seat! We have one for our 2 year old and plan to get another for the next baby due any day now. Great review of the Rainer..it helps the decision making of which diono seat to get easier!

  212. Love that this seat will truly grow with ypur child and not having to buy 3 different seats. Does anyone know how well this seat will fit rear facing in a Toyota Prius C? Im looking for a convertible to fit in the husbands commuter.

  213. I love that this car seat is convertible so that it can be used for years instead of wasting money and buying several different sizes.

  214. Wow, this seat would be so great! Expecting baby #2 soon, and with both space and safety to consider, this seat would be ideal!!

  215. Oh how I wish I knew about this seat. My son is big for his age..52lbs & 42inches tall at 4 years old. We’ve cycled through many car seats to accommodate him that its ridiculous! I like that its a 5-point harness all the way up as I don’t feel very comfortable driving around with my son in just a seatbelt (I feel even at his height & weight) he should be in a 5-point. Now that we had my daughter (she’s 4 months) this would be great considering a few of our seats may expire before she grows into them.

  216. Love the added impact protection. You are absolutely right that you can never trust other drivers to do the right thing. Hopefully car seats like this will also encourage people to use them longer.

  217. What an incredible seat! Sounds like it is totally worth the investment! I especially love the extended rear facing!

  218. Wow this car seat seems to be a winner! From the latch system, extended rear facing, side impact and all the other features make this a good buy! Looks stylish as well.

  219. I love that it folds flat. I don’t travel a lot but I live in NYC and only use a car on occasion so this would be great for storage when not in use.

  220. This looks like A Very convenient car seat to Have… I Think It is A must Have!!! I really Enjoyed Your Review on this & It makes me understand even More about The Importance of A Car Seat… I Have Two Kids… One is jn A Booster seat & The other is in The Front Facing seat… & I Am 8 Months Pregnant Again & Will Have An Infant in A Infant Car Seat… Sooooooo, this would b Very Helpful!!! Thank You for The Great review!!!

  221. I like the fact that the car seat has 12 height positions for adjustable head support and additional EPS foam surrounds the child’s head and body for complete side impact protection.

  222. Thanks for such a detailed review. The accessory package, safety measures, airline portability, and length of use are desirable features in my book. Looking into this seat for Daddy’s truck.

  223. I enjoyed your thorough review of this Diono Ranier Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat. I had not heard of this company before and this car seat is by far better than many I have seen out there. I think my nephew would benefit from this car seat as well as any new nephews or nieces on the way. 🙂 I love love the extra protection features. Safety is a must for me at all times but most especially when moving your most precious cargo to and from places. Thanks again for sharing this new to me company. 🙂

  224. It is very important that it has the side impact protection!! I also like that it is so big and roomy. It looks like a great car seat, and I just love the color!!

  225. I love how long they can use this single car seat for! My newborn never liked her infant car seat and hated being carried in and out in it so we always ended up just taking her out of the car seat instead of clicking her seat in and out.

  226. this car seat looks amazing. I am a huge fan of Diono and when we move to the ext size will definitely be looking at them for options.

  227. I have heard great things about the Pacifica. Wouldn’t mind having that also. Shoot I would love them all lol

  228. Looks SAFE and Secure My Nephew and His Fiance just found out they are having a Baby….
    I Know they would just Love this when its a Bit Bigger

  229. I like that they improved the seat with extra deep side walls. The bright, blue color fabric is beautiful too.

  230. I would love to win this for my baby since he’s growing so fast. A couple more pounds and he will need a new one—

  231. I would love to win this seat. I just wish that the booster mode was more useful than it is, but considering how long this seat can keep kids harnessed, it’s almost irrelevant.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. Why are all car seats not required to be this good. Oh how I wish I knew about this seat when I purchased my sons. I almost feel guilty that my daughter will have this seat and not him. Winning might mean he could have one too.

  233. I love how compact this car seat it, I love the wide weight and height range that this seat can accommodate.

  234. I knew Diono was coming out with a new car seat and I’ve been wondering what the difference was between the Rainier and the Radian. Thanks for the comparison! This is great for extended rear-facing, and definitely a seat we’ll be looking at for #2!

  235. Your little ones looks so cute and comfy RF’ing! The seat is all around awesome, but I love the low profile. It makes it so much easier to get RF’ing kids in/out…

  236. Just about ready to make the transition out of our infant seat and I appreciate the good review! Thanks!

  237. I love that the Diono car seat has such excellent head and side impact protection.


  238. Thank you for the review. I had wondered what the difference is, now we just have to decide if the extra weight limits are needed for our family as our kids tend to be taller in torso height rather than gaining eight quickly.

  239. This would be so great to have for my 2 boys since we could really use an extra car seat for my husbands vehicle there isn’t much space available.

  240. It looks like they really put a lot of engineering work into this seat. I especially like the extra deep side walls, providing enhanced side impact protection.

  241. After reading this review I would feel totally at ease giving this to my niece to use for my new great nephew who is due in November. It has lots of safety features and I love the fact that she can use it from birth till he no longer needs one as she is on a budget.

  242. I loooove all the safety features of this seat! We have been Graco peeps – but with all the recalls, we’d love to switch.

  243. Wow, this is like the best car seat I think I could possibly buy for my son. The 12 height positions just goes to show how versatile the seat is and the extra deep side walls are a big plus.

  244. i love this car seat because i have a 6 month old that weighs 21 lbs now and with him growing so fast and so big. this is the perfect car seat to help with his growing weight. I also love that the car seat folds up for easy carrying.

  245. I loved the review, especially with the pictures of the kiddos! I need this for my 3 year old grandson and it looks super safe!

  246. I am currently dealing with almost having to buy another rear facing car seat because my 5 month old is getting too tall for his current infant carrier. I appreciate this review.. It seems like this car seat would be a great investment. I like the features of it, and like that my child can stay in it for years to come.

  247. This is my DREAM come true! My 7 year old could still ride in a 5-point harness! What an awesome seat. I know he’d especially love the blue color.

  248. I love that I only need to buy this ONE carseat from birth through the time my child no longer needs a booster.

  249. How very impressive all of those safety features are! Equally impressive are the many adjustments to accommodate baby as he/she grows. Extremely attractive, this is the “Cadillac” of car seats; others definitely pale by comparison.

  250. The limits on this seat are awesome! Also the expiration date is the longest I have seen. This would be great for our family since we have foster children of all sizes.

  251. I love all the features of this car seat. Would love to have one for my daughter knowing it would last her so long.

  252. I’m glad that it’s non-rethread straps…. That means they are replaceable!! If they become overly wet, etc., they need to be replaced for safety.

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