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Swing Summer Giveaway

Welcome to the Swing into Summer Giveaway, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network and sponsored by

There’s no better way to spend summer than to be outside, so we’re celebrating the season with a fabulous giveaway! Brylane Home has everything you need to get your summer started. Need to re-do your patio? They have the most fashionable patio sets around. Looking for lovely entertaining sets for a 4th of July Summer Cookout? They have you covered there too! You’ll find everything you need for your backyard at fabulous prices!

Even though it’s hot, you can still enjoy the outdoors when you’re swinging into Summer with the Extra Wide Textured Vinyl 3-Seat Swing from Brylane Home. This swing is a great addition to any yard or deck – doesn’t need any extra pads as the seats are made of a weather-proof PVC-coated mesh fabric that dries quickly and allows air to circulate—keeping you cool!

Brylane Home Swing

The steel tube frame is made to hold 3 people and up to 450 pounds. The attached, adjustable canopy provides shade just where you need it to keep you swinging all summer long! Want to see even more of this swing? Lindsey from So Easy Being Green has a full review of the Extra Wide Textured Vinyl 3-Seat Swing for you!

The Family Swing retails for $399.99 but is on sale at Brylane Home right now for $199!

Head to Brylane Home and let me know what other item would make your Perfect for Summer List!

Who’s ready to WIN this swing!?

This giveaway will end on July 8th. It is open to US residents, 18+ only. Please use the Giveaway Tools widget below to enter.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for hosting this giveaway. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. To see your product or business featured in a giveaway like this, please email me at thriftyniftymommy{at}

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  1. Any of the fountains would be perfect for my front porch. I NEED outdoor stuff. Had to get rid of stuff when I moved :(

  2. Renee Woodling :

    I would love to get the Folding Resin Table and Bench.

  3. I want a Zero Gravity Chair to sun bath in moderation of course!

  4. Love this site!

  5. I would love to have the Oversized Instant Pop Up Gazebo with screen. The mosquitoes are horrible in my area so something screened in is a must for entertaining and relaxing outdoors.

  6. I would love the tilt and crank beach umbrella.

  7. Susan Campbell :

    I’m loving the Zero Gravity Chair With Pillow And Canopy!!

  8. Stephanie Davis :
  9. I’d also love to have the 3-Pc Rose Bistro Set in white

  10. Becky Diamond :

    I would love the folding resin table and bench. We have wanted to have a backyard BBQ since we bought our house and it would be perfect.

  11. Sandy McFadden :

    I would love to either have a Gazebo or one of those screens that go over your umbrella.

  12. Mandy Hammons :

    The zero gravity chair

  13. Heidi McDonough :

    I’d love the steel fire pit!

  14. Melissa Easton :

    I would like one of the extra wide outdoor rockers :)

  15. Diana Barlev :

    Nolan 4-Pc. Comforter Set Collection

  16. Robin Marshall :

    I would love to win the covered swing…perfect way to relax after a long day!

  17. Debra Holloway :

    I could really use the 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen. I love this!

  18. A gazebo would make my summer list

  19. A zero-gravity chair would be great!

  20. would love to have the Oversized Instant Pop Up Gazebo with screen

  21. Rose Reeder :

    I would choose the Zero Gravity Chair With Pillow And Canopy!!

  22. Kandis Garcia :

    I would love to have one of their gazebos!

  23. This would be great tp have for our backyard entertaining; Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen.

  24. Jennifer babich :


  25. Brandi Bryant :

    I love the retro double glider. My grandparents had a green one when I was really small. Memories!!! Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  26. Alisha Meyer :

    I would LOVE to have their 10′ offset umbrella! I could REALLY use a bit of shade over my picnic table.

  27. A gazebo definitely.

  28. A zero gravity chair or some patriotic themed outdoor tableware!

  29. Michelle White :

    I would love the Oversized Gazebo with Center Leg.

  30. Kelley Larsen :

    I have been wanting a zero gravity chair

  31. sit down…let it swing

  32. Stephanie Phelps :

    I would also love to have the Retro Double Glider

  33. 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen.

  34. Angela Hendricks :

    I would love to have the 6½-Ft.x10-Ft. Rectangular Umbrella , Resin Table and Chairs for my deck! It would make my summer perfect!

  35. Shark® Rocket™ Vacuum

  36. I would love the 10’x13′ Hexagon Gazebo with Bar Shelf

  37. Vanessa Dalton :

    Tanning Lounger would be perfect for my summer list!

  38. I wan to win it because we are moving at the end of the month and we will not have a porch swing at the new place and we like to sit there and spend family time in the mornings and evenings.

  39. Jennifer Grandt :

    I’d love to have this waterproof hexagon gazebo! For the backyard or to take with us to the beach with the whole family.

  40. A sofa. Cover

  41. A sofa

  42. Christina Meyer :


  43. I like the Kiddie Plastic Back Park Bench

  44. erika olinger :

    the flavor it pitcher 3-n-1 beverage system would be great to cool off during the summer.

  45. 6½-Ft.x10-Ft. Rectangular Umbrella , Resin Table and Chairs
    this set is perfect for me because its easy to store in my stall shed & not very heavy so im able to put it away myself

  46. I love the Funky Floral Oversized Multi-Pc. Comforter Set.

  47. My girls would love this….we can never get them off the ones in the stores! :)

  48. Even though we wouldn’t use it for tanning, the tanning lounger looks like a lot of fun!

  49. I love the Zero Gravity Chairs (with pillow) and the Double Glider.

  50. Zero gravity chair with pillow and canopy.

  51. This would be great for my back yard!

  52. I would get one of the big patio umbrellas. Ours blew away in a nasty storm and when we found it it wad broken. Although the ice maker would be great too!

  53. Julie FIelds :

    I love the Gazebos. This would look great in my backyard!

  54. I would love to have the Translucent Lighted Fountain with Floral Design for our patio.

  55. I’d like to get the Zero Gravity Chair for my patio :)

  56. Cathy French :

    The Water-Resistant Frame Gazebo would surely make my perfect summer list. Thanks.

  57. Kenda Wathen :

    I would love the grilling gazebo. It would make grilling a little cooler on those summer evenings.

  58. Renée Cornelius :

    Extra wide outdoor glider.

  59. The Gravity Lounge Chair looks like a nice chair to sit and read while the kids are playing outside.

  60. The barzebo would be great for entertaining this summer!

  61. Cathy Burnett :

    I want the Solar Lights That Change Color!

  62. I would love a Gazebo

  63. April Farley :

    I just adore the Bistro 5 piece set! It is so nice!

  64. Charlotte Winters :

    3 pc Bistro Set with Iron look would also be tops on my outdoor list!

  65. i really want to get their large grilling gazebo, it would be perfect for all the bbq’s we are going to have this summer :)

  66. Melissa Douglass :

    I would love to have one of their outdoor tables!

  67. I would love the New and Improved Waterproof 13’W Hexagon Gazebo! I spend a lot of time outside with my kids, and it gets hot pretty quickly in the South! Plus, I love to do homeschool outside when the weather is nice, but it’s hard to do with no shade!

  68. Stephanie Foy :

    Wooded gazebo and lighted fountain

  69. I would love the Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen

  70. The zero gravity chairs look great!

  71. I love the Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow and Canopy!

  72. Julie Lynn Bickham :

    Would love to have the Solar Garden Lamp Post.

  73. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A decor/Zero-Gravity-Chair-With-Pillow-And-Canopy IN BLUE SOME DAY!!!

  74. Catherine Alger :

    Oversized Gazebo with Center Leg

  75. The folding cooler and the zero gravity chair

  76. jamese hernandez :

    I would live to have this for my home!

  77. Amanda Alvarado :

    I’d love the Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen for our backyard!

  78. I would like a couple of the gravity lounge chairs!

  79. 10×10 wood gazebo. Would be great for entertaining and or protecting from sun while still enjoying being outside.

  80. Janell Aparicio :

    I would love the zero gravity chair with pillow.

  81. The extra wide cushioned patio recliner.

  82. I would love the Purple Dinnerware Set!

  83. The “tanning lounger” looks like an awesome low hammock for the kiddos. 😉

  84. Adrienne Nettles :

    I would love the zero gravity chairs

  85. Cathy van schoor :

    What a great giveaway- I can imagine sitting on this with a good book, iced tea and the sounds of summer.

  86. Shelly Jones :

    I would like one of their screened gazebos!

  87. Ashley Dionne :

    The Zero Gravity Chair With Pillow And Canopy would most definitely complete my summer list!

  88. julie ferguson gould :

    I oh so LOVE Brylane Home products. I think that I would really be the best wife if I got the Gazebo with the screen :)

  89. stacey kostich :

    I would love the Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen

  90. I absolutely love art…so I would love to have the Abstract Wall Art! It is so different. I’d love to have it on my wall!

  91. what a whopping number of entries , who would be so lucky to win this !! :)

  92. The Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen – would be perfect for our sunny, buggy yard!

  93. I really like the tanning glider.

  94. Arianah Watts :

    THe grilling gazebo!

  95. Oh I also really love the Extra Wide Outdoor Glider!

  96. Any of the gazebos would be fabulous because my son loves playing in the yard but it has full sunlight from around 11 am – 4 pm during the summer, which is when he wants to be outside! He has my husband’s fair Irish skin so he burns easily, and he has my blood which mosquitoes love so he also gets bit! This would help protect him and allow him to play without me worrying!

  97. Jessica Cox :

    I would love to have the Tanning Lounger

  98. Rachel brown hester :

    I so so would love the covered swing!!!! We need somewhere nice and comfy to sit in our backyard!

  99. Mahdi Martin :

    The Corbel Bath Collection would look nice in our guest bathroom. I am so sick of the shower curtain in there!

  100. A perfect item would be the Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen. This would be so wonderful to own at times when I’m having cookouts with family and friends.

  101. Kimberly Schotz :

    I would like a Zero Gravity Chair

  102. A gazebo would be nice.

  103. Elizabeth Turner :

    The Molly bedframe set

  104. The free standing bar table

  105. Would love this for our backyard!!

  106. I’d love the resin rocker on my deck!

  107. tanning lounge { Hammock }

  108. Robyn Chilcoat :

    I also love the tanning lounger. I’ve been wanting something to put in the backyard that I can lay down on and enjoy the summer evenings looking at the stars.

  109. would love to win this

  110. Would love zero gravity chair!

  111. there’s a few things that would look nice on the new deck lol the grilling gazebo – or the table and chairs w/ umbrella or the big gazebo in the yard to keep mosquitoes away and the fountain bird bath would be nice for the yard also -so many nice things :)

  112. Sheila Muhonen :

    The steel firepit or beach umbrella and table and chairs!

  113. I love the Oversized Gazebo with Center Leg!

  114. Country Kitchen Pantry with Copper Accent….lovely! Honestly there is so much on your website I would love to order, I could go broke! :)

  115. The gazebo :-)

  116. I would like to try the anti gravity chair or the grilling canopy.

  117. The zero gravity chair!

  118. I want the Oversized Popup Gazebo with Screen!

  119. Gloria Walshver :

    Love the lounge chairs

  120. rhonda hagy miller :

    The Zero Gravity chairs klook awesome

  121. Aimee webber :

    I would love the tilt and crank beach umbrella.

  122. Jessica Newfer :

    The other Brylane item I’d love to have is the Outdoor Furniture Oversized 5-Pc. Set
    Item #: 1588-36177-1192

  123. Chelsey Jones :

    I would love to get some of the Solar Flower Windmill Light to put outside beside my new swing! :)

  124. bessy thompson :

    definitely the firepit!

  125. Adrienne L Rudolph :
  126. We have several sets of settes and chairs but not one cushion to go on them and they are the type that must have cushions! So along with the swing I have always wanted, I would have to say getting the cushions for all the cushionless seatings I have would make my outdoor oasis perfect.

  127. Oversized Instant Pop Up Gazebo

  128. The Extra Wide Memory Foam Office Chair would be perfect for my husband’s office!

  129. Love the Slate Cascading Fountain!

  130. The rocking patio chairs.

  131. Would love anything to make the backyard more enjoyable.

  132. Hamilton Beach stand mixer!

  133. i like the 10’x13′ Hexagon Gazebo with Bar Shelf, Outdoor Furniture Oversized 5-Pc. Set, but what i really like is
    the red Retro Double Glider:)

  134. Lorayne Gothard :

    I would also like the zero gravity hair so my son can sunbath!!

  135. Bonnie Cantrell :

    Oversized 10′ x 15′ Instant Pop Up Gazebo With Screen because we have horrible mosquitos here in FL!

  136. 300-TC Ikat Stripe Sheet Set

  137. I like the Slate Cascading Fountain!

  138. courtney hennagir :

    I would love the bar-zebo!

  139. I would also love to have the Extra Wide Textured Vinyl Outdoor Cushioned Recliner. I could see myself lounging with a good book on the back patio for hours in the evenings and at night. :)

  140. Tanya Anna W. :

    I love the 10’x10′ Gazebo with Fold Out Extended Canopy

  141. Payton Dockery :

    Cascading string umbrella lights for the outdoor table we got!

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