Must-Have For Baby: aden + anais swaddles

Must Have aden + anais

When you are pregnant with your first child, and maybe even your second, I’m sure you have a long wish list of items for your baby. Since I already have a boy and a girl and kept most of their baby items, as I’m nearing my due date with baby #3, I have to admit that my wish list is rather short this time around. However, there were still a few things on that list, and aden + anais classic muslin swaddles topped it.

Believe it or not, until just a few days ago, I did not own ANY aden + anais products. I have heard over and over again how wonderful they are and how I MUST have them for our new baby, so I was delighted when aden + anais agreed to send me some of their classic muslin swaddles (at no cost) to facilitate a review. Not only did they send me some, but since we are on “Team Green” and chose not to find out the sex of our baby, they sent 2 boxes of swaddles: one in boy prints and one in girl prints!

I had a horribly hard time deciding which muslin swaddles collections I wanted to receive. After a lot of debate, I settled on liam the brave and for the birds. I absolutely love the prints in both of these collections and couldn’t be more pleased with my choices.


Thanks to the high quality cotton muslin, aden & anais wraps are the ultimate in breathability and softness. The fabric has a light, open weave which allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally in order to prevent overheating, and it gets softer every time you wash it! Not only are these great for swaddling, but thanks to their generous size (measuring 47″ x 47″), you can also use them for a nursing cover, floor blanket, stroller cover and more!

I decided to go ahead and prep both sets of blankets for the new arrival so they will be ready when the big day comes. Since I am planning a home birth, I’ll be able to wrap our new little baby in one almost immediately. After washing and drying (just once!) these blankets are so soft and snuggly. It brought back memories of a quilt my brother had when we were growing up. This quilt had been made by a great aunt (I believe) and my brother found it one day in our cedar chest and claimed it. It was old and really, really worn. I remember thinking it was the ugliest quilt, plus in its old age it had developed holes. Yet, despite that, he kept it on his bed and slept with it every night, even as a teenager. Then came the day my brother left for boot camp and I decided I was going to see what was so special about this ratty old blanket. All it took was one night of sleeping with it on my bed and I was hooked. It was extremely soft and kept me cool in the summer but warm in the winter. I never knew what was so special about it until now. Looking at (and feeling) these aden + anais  swaddles has made me realize that it must have been made using cotton muslin. I’m so excited to have cotton muslin in my life again!

a+a swaddles

Although our new baby isn’t here quite yet for swaddling, these blankets are already in use by my two older children who are loving their softness! I’m hooked on aden + anais and already contemplating what pieces of their collection I want next! I’m so excited to be able to swaddle our newborn in these!

Snuggling with a+a

Not only did I receive the swaddles, but aden + anais included something extra special for me and my growing belly: their stretch mark reducing cream! Now (and please, don’t hate me) so far I haven’t gotten a stretch mark from my pregnancies. I don’t know if it is because I drink a lot of water or if I’m just blessed with good skin. Whatever the reason, as you can imagine, I’m pretty happy about it. Just because I don’t get stretch marks however doesn’t mean that my skin doesn’t itch and feel tight when I’m pregnant, because it certainly does! I find that putting lotion on it can be so soothing. I’ve been using this lotion from aden+ anais, and I really like it! Not only is it light, non-greasy, and easy to spread, it smells really good too! I try to put it on every night before bed, but sometimes I will put it on midday just to enjoy the smell and soft feeling.  So, while I can’t tell you with certainty if this cream will help with stretch marks, I can tell you that it will make your skin feel and smell wonderful!

Belly Cream

Keep an eye on my Instagram feed over the next few weeks and you’re sure to spot some pictures of our newborn snuggled up with his or her aden + anais blankets!

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  1. I haven’t tried Aden & Anais yet either, but have heard such great things about them. I love that these swaddle blankets are over-sized, I think it makes it easier for first time Mom’s (like my daughter) to swaddle nice and tight. I also love that are lighter weight so the baby won’t overheat.

    1. These are by far my favorite swaddle blankets!! The material is light and airy so I feel like my babies do not over heat. They are bigger than the typical swaddle blankets out there too.

    2. Very informative and descriptive review. i found it to be extremely helpful in choosing a swaddling set. I love the fact that she mentioned how hard it was for her to actually choose them, also she stated how pleased she was with her decision. Her review is written honestly and from an open minded point of view. I appreciate the fact that she went in to this never owning any swaddler stuff from aden+anais . She was objective and spoke her review as a real mom would. Thanks for the great review.

  2. I love these muslin blankets! They are a perfect weight for summer and the size makes them so versatile. They are easy to pack in the diaper bag, big enough for a nursing cover, and make great sun shades. You cannot have too many!

  3. this review was great…these look perfect 🙂 I am currently pregnant with my first and I have read a lot about these. Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I agree these swaddles are great. Love that they are breathable for summer and large enough to grow with baby.

  5. I am pregnant with baby #5 and I didn’t get a blanket like this til #4. These blankets are definitely worth having!!! They are perfect for all sorts of coverage, (i.e. nursing, carseat cover, stroller) but also wonderful for sleepy time. Not too hot and not too cold. Love them!!!!

  6. I adore A&A! I use them for my two girls and tell every new mom about them. They are amazing for so many things! My youngest has to sleep with one every single night!

  7. I LOVE the aden + anais swaddles. It is on my recommended list for all new moms. I ordered two sets when my daughter was a newborn. They were wonderful for a car seat cover – kept people from touching my preemie! And she didn’t like her arms swaddled so these were the best for swaddling the rest of her at night. 🙂 Then we used them as a blanket in the crib. They kept her warm at doctor’s appointments, protected on floors, and warm in the car during the winter. You should also try their burpy bibs – I couldn’t get enough of those!

  8. I absolutely love these blankets. I wish I had known about then with my other babies. I use them for everything. I do not use a nursing cover no more I use these soft, wonderful, breathable blankets. they are so much more comfortable for me and baby. These are the only baby blankets I own anymore. I got rid of all the rest.

  9. I have two kids and I wish I had these with them. Not pregnant yet but will love one for the next one. Great review btw.

  10. I received some Aden & Anais swaddle blankets as a shower gift. My friend who gave them to me swore by them, yet I was still skeptical. I almost returned them for store credit, but then decided I would be a gracious gift receiver and give them a try. I am so glad I did! I use them for everything from a nursing cover to a swaddle blanket to a shade cover on the car seat. They are so light and airy that I can use them even in the summer.

  11. These swaddled blankets are great on so many different levels! Their soft Muslim cotton is perfect for a newborn, great for traveling, they don’t take up much space in your diaper bag. And because the material is so breathable, I love them for the summer months. I can’t get enough of this brand! The one thing that disapoints me is this product is made in China. I would prefer paying $50 for 4 swaddle blankets that are made in USA.

  12. These swaddles are amazing. I used them with my first baby and bought more for #2 on the way since it’s a different gender this time. I’m hooked though love all their products!

  13. Great review! We love the swaddle blankets! My twins loved to be swaddled when they were smaller and these were the perfect size! The girls currently use these in their car seats and for snuggling, they’re just enough to be warm but not too hot. We would love to have another set with stars!

  14. I love the swaddles! They are so soft and light- I use mine as a nursing cover and a blanket for my little guy to keep the sun off of his legs in the car.

  15. We have not used these swaddle blankets yet either but all I hear is amazing things! I would love to try them with or new little girl coming in September!

  16. I adore these swaddlers! They are the best for using as a nursing cover and wonderful blankets for summer.

  17. I love my Aden + Anais swaddle blanket. I have one on the real elephant print for my son. It’s so soft and breathable for the summer.

  18. Love these for swaddling the newbies and my toddler used it as his blanket in day are because they are so nice and big

  19. I never thought that 100% cotton would feel different product to product but when I saw this giveaway I decided to touch the blankets for myself. Off to the store I went with skepticism in hand. Well, these blankets felt substantial and soooo soft! Instant love. I want these blankets at my home! Hoping to win these!

  20. I haven’t tried these yet, but i do have a couple of muslin blankets from summer infant (I think), & love those. I’ve heard arden + anais are the best though!

  21. Great review on the Baby Swaddles~ I also love Cotton Muslin. They look so wonderful.
    Also thanks for sharing the information on stretch mark reducing cream ♥

  22. I love Aden + Anais products! My daughters have the Hello Kitty muslin collection and the Pyara bamboo collection. We also have the burpy bibs. The bamboo swaddles are mt favorite and they are so soft!

  23. Your daughter is adorable. I’m not surprised at all that she’s stolen the babies swaddles, they’re such light and comfy blankets!!!

  24. I love Aden & Anais! I’d love to have one of their Dream blankets. Their items are so soft and cuddly.

  25. I wish I would’ve had some of these swaddlers for my last baby. They would be great now for covering when nursing or as a light blanket this summer now that she’s older. They are very versatile.

  26. I havn’t tried these yet, but have heard so many great things. Their designs are so cute & we look forward to trying some with our new addition!

  27. These are the best swaddle blankets around! Have you tried the bamboo muslin swaddles they make? Amazingly soft!

  28. From sleeps sacks to bibs, muslin swaddles to bamboo swaddles, from Dreams to Daydreams and all of their skin care products….you can’t go wrong with A+A. And yes, the softness that comes from washing these products is what makes them amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I am a huge fan of aden + anais swaddles! The thing I like best about them is how light weight and soft they are! I was gifted a set for my first son and we have used them nonstop. I would love to win another set for my youngest boy as these are hands down the best swaddles/blankets around!

  30. I have a a+a sleep sack, but no swaddle blankets yet! I cannot wait to try out some on our newborn later this summer. They’ll be the perfect weight and I’ve heard such AMAZING things about them!

  31. Oh my! I want a pack of these badly. I didn’t get them with my 1st pregnancy, but it’s on my “must have” list for this second pregnancy. My hubby has some reservations on them since they are a bit pricey, but it’s not like we had to buy a whole lot of stuff for baby girl #2… I think we can swing a pack!

  32. I’d also love to have the daydream blanket! I already use the smaller swaddle blankets sometime when taking a nap, but to have a big one made for an adult would be like a piece of heaven!

  33. I’d also love to have some of their snap bibs! We were horrible at keeping bibs on my DD, after going through all my baby clothes, a couple of weeks ago, I had to toss a bunch due to terrible spit-up stains! Eek!

  34. Everything they have seems so soft! I also have had 2 kids and still don’t have anything from them! I certainly would love to though. I think the print selections you picked are really adorable and perfect!

  35. I am in LOVE with these swaddle blankets. I didn’t purchase them with my first thinking I didn’t need them but I will definitely get some with my second. I love how soft they are and how big they are.

  36. My son’s “blankie” is an Aden and Anais swaddle (luckily he doesn’t have a favorite yet so we can rotate through them). We always have to have one in his crib, one in each diaper bag, one at daycare, etc. These blankets are so perfect- he is 16 months and began sleeping with them at 12 months, before that it had to be an Aden and Anais muslin sleepsack. It is so sweet watching him bury his face in them and rub them on his cheek. I nursed until 15 months and they made an AWESOME nursing cover also, big enough and most important- breathable so that my son and I do not get too hot. These are my go to shower gift, even if a mama didn’t register for them. I cannot say enough good things about them.

  37. With my daughter these blankets weren’t really ‘out’ yet so we didn’t have them. For my son they were on my ‘must have’ list and I am so glad! They are amazing! They are good for so much more than just swaddle blankets. Love them!

  38. I Loved your review. It was so informative. I Just know they are the softest Swaddles around! I have heard of Aden & Anais but have never used them.. I would Love too!

  39. i’ve heard nothing but good things about this product. I love how big they are and the patterns are cute

  40. I love their muslin blankets, but I didn’t realize they got softer with each wash! I like to tie them to the “oh crap” handles in my van and tuck a corner in to the car seat mirror and one end behind the car seat. This creates a nice sun block for baby but is thin enough so light gets through 🙂

  41. I haven’t had the pleasure to try aden+anais yet, but I love how I keep hearing they get softer with every wash abd how versatile they are. Added bonus is the temperature regulation!

  42. I think I’d also like to try the dream blanket! Looks perfect for a nap for an older sibling or even mom or dad!

  43. I am obsessed with these! Will be getting them for our second baby. We also love the washcloths and crib sheets! All of their products get softer as you wash them.

  44. I love that these blankets can be used for more than just swaddling! They’d make a perfect nursing cover like you said!!

  45. I got a pack of these with my first and they are STILL going strong. She still uses them daily….so many uses as you mentioned! I would like to add cardboard box peek aboo blanket hiding spot fort builder and ghost costume to the list of uses! 😉 Thank you for the chance to win a set for our new baby due in Aug.! I love the two choices you selected to!

  46. I’m expecting my first and excited to use these as they are not only functional but so cute. I also like their sleeper ones.

  47. I was eyeballing these, but I think I am going to try and get some of my friends to get me these because I can’t justify spending the money for them, but I would like them. Thanks for the lovely review <3

  48. The swaddle blankets were recommended to me by a friend because we’re expecting a summer baby (in a week!!) and she swears by them. She suggested we use them over the baby carrier instead of a heavier blanket. They’re on our registry, but I’ll definitely be picking some up if we don’t receive them as a gift! It’s good to know how soft they are, I just expected them to be thin.

  49. Love aden and anais! used for my 2 boys and now getting ready for the third one.
    My boys still love and use their blankets…
    still in the same great condition 4 years later.

  50. I would love to have these blankets! I have a bamboo swaddle blanket that my son still uses(2yrs)! They seem so light and airy and make perfect nursing covers too.

  51. I enjoyed the review and would love to get my daughter Aden and Anais muslin swaddlers for her second baby. Great grandma made for the first homemade fleece swaddlers, but I think these would be so much cooler in our desert heat. Thank you for this opportunity.

  52. I love that these can be used past the swaddling stage as blankets, playmats, etc! And they are super soft!

  53. I love these Aden & Anais blankets for swaddling and many other uses. They are such a great size and cute patterns.

  54. I fell in love with Aden + Anais when my sister in law received some at her baby shower last year! She has 2 sets and my niece has to have them to sleep and nurse with. It was the first thing I put on my baby shower registry when I found out I was pregnant this time around! They are so soft, a great weight and have fantastic prints- would love to win a set!

  55. Great review! Just found out that my daughter is expecting a little girl so I am definately in the market for the Aden and Anais muslin swaddlers. I was surprised that they have an open weave so that the baby doesn’t get to hot. Also loved the idea of their multiple uses: especially as a carrier cover or feeding cover up. Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway. Sending blessings your way for you & your newborn.

  56. I am excited to hear that these are pretty lightweight. I live in Florida, so I have heat for most of the year…scorching heat and humidity so I may want to give these a go for not only swaddling but as a nursing cover so we do not get hot during that time!

  57. My kids would probably love to try the new Bubble Bath.

    I’ve gotten their laundry care items before and LOVED the way it smells.

    I’d also love to have one of the Dream Blankets.

  58. Great review! I love them, too, because of all the reasons you mentioned. Because of their generous size, they have so many different uses – blanket, swaddle, shade, nursing cover, mat, etc. There’s a reason they’re a “cult” favorite!

  59. I have been eating to try the aden & anise blankets. I am due June 30th with a little boy and would love to win these blankets. Summer is super hot here in KS and theses blankets would allow me to swaddle him and keep him cool as the same time!

  60. I would love these for my little nephew, Declan. He loves to be swaddled, but the ones I have are thicker, so he gets really hot.

  61. I discovered swaddle blankets with baby #4 and fell in love! Before that, I would try with regular baby blankets without much luck. With baby #5 on the way, I need to get some new ones!

  62. It’s great to see that the blankets can be used as baby grows. I loved seeing all the new prints they’re coming out with too.

  63. I have never tried these but after the review I will have to. Love that they would be great for all seasons!

  64. We are past the swaddling age, but my 2 and 3 year old still love their a and a! We never leave home without them!

  65. As soon as I figured out that my due date was in the summer (next week!), this was one of the first things I thought of. The muslin swaddlers are perfect for a summer baby, especially here in the South! I’m so looking forward to using them!

  66. I just brought my baby girl home from the hospital on Friday and I must say our aden + anais swaddles have been a LIFESAVER. She loves being swaddled up tight and rocked. I wish I had my own daydream blanket personally so I could enjoy the aden + anais comfort while napping 🙂

  67. I didn’t really know if these swaddle blankets were worth the price, but now I’m tempted to get a few! They sound lovely!

  68. Kinda hard NOT to hate you! lol I wasnt even that big with our son and I have stretch marks GALORE!!! They go from the bottom of my stomach all the way to my midstomach. I itched soo badly and nothing really seemed to help….but anyway I say its the elasticity of your skin because I was drinking over a gallon of water a day and I still got stretch marks. :/ Anyway…I would love some of these. When we wrapped our son in regular blankets, he would get so hot and sweaty…we had to keep checking on him to make sure that he wast getting too hot. He is too old to be swaddled now but it would be nice to see if he would attach himself to one of these. Right now he has an Angry Birds fleece blanket which wont last long (aka for years and years to come)…which I still have my blanket from when I was born 🙂

  69. I wish I could get this for my baby that will be born in the last days of December this year !! They look very practicle and convinient.

  70. Swaddling is such a great thing for the baby! These blankets are so big and soft and comfy. The prints you chose are really cute, too!

  71. I love the versatility of these blankets, you can do so much with them! Definitely one of my favorite baby items.

  72. I would absolutely love the Day Dream Blanket for myself! Who says 30 year olds can’t have blankies?!

  73. I am newly pregnant with my 4th child and have never heard of these before. I would love to give them a try! the look so comfortable and versatile.

  74. I love, love LOVE these blankets. There are too many styles to choose from, but I used them with my second and can’t wait to use with my next. Softer the more they are washed!

  75. I received a set of aden + anais swaddles at my baby shower for my first child. At first I didn’t know what to do with them because they were so different than other blankets I had received and made. However, once I started to use them, it became apparent that they would be my favorite swaddles/blankets. I love how light they are. I could use them with my daughter without worrying that she would overheat like she could with fleece. They were also so much easier to take on the go – they take up less space.

  76. They definitely look soft! I would love to try these. I’m never used cotton muslin blankets before, and these look like they are a nice size.

  77. I used these swaddle blankets to swaddle my daughter when she was born and we LOVED them. She is now 2 years old and we are still using them! We are now expecting a little boy in November and can’t wait to use them again with him!

  78. I would also love to own the splish splash hooded towel sets, I am always looking for good towels for my girls!

  79. I have a package of these and have registered for more! Can’t wait to snuggle our new little on in these wonderful blankies that are perfect for all baby situations!

  80. With baby #2 on the way, I would love to get him/her some of these beautiful muslin swaddles – haven’t used this brand, but I realized with my 1st baby that muslin swaddles are a necessity!

  81. I love A&A swaddle blankets for their versatility alone. I’ve found myself cuddling under them as well. I think I may end up splurging and getting myself a Daydream blanket!

  82. I love the patterns of the swaddles you chose! There are so many pretty ones! My little girl is due any day now, this post made me so excited to swaddle her. These look so soft and sweet

  83. These are the best I’ve been able to find! I would love to try some of the products I haven’t seen or used yet.

  84. We LOVE a+a! Their swaddles are the magic wand of mommy hood! We swaddle with them, use them as nursing covers, burpers, sun-shields, emergency diaper-change pads, ice-holders for boo-boos, teethers, scarves, wrapping paper, light covers, headrests, make-shift capes & parachutes for toys. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many!

  85. I haven’t tried these, but love the fact that “the fabric has a light, open weave which allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally in order to prevent overheating, and it gets softer every time you wash it!” I have tried other baby blankets with my daughter, and it seemed like they either made her too warm, or as soon as I washed a blanket, It wouldn’t feel as soft and nice as before I had washed it, which is a huge disappointment! I would absolutely love to try out some aden + anais swaddles! I feel like they would be a great choice!

  86. As a nanny I loved using these not just for swaddling and cuddling but also for blocking the sun when baby was in the stroller. Now that I’m pregnant these are definitely on my must have list.

  87. I would LOVE to have the for the birds collection! I’ve always wanted a set that matched and looked put together, yet one that I could enjoy looking at 24/7. This set it perfect! I want to decorate my daughter’s room in light pink, gray, and white, which is this set pretty much spot on! We love owls, so the fact that there are cute little owls sitting on pink trees is just an added bonus! This is definitely my dream set!

  88. I didn’t have these the first time around for my baby, and I’m looking forward to trying them out with my next one due in July! It would be awesome to win these.

  89. We loved the size of the swaddles when we were swaddling our baby. Now that he’s 5 months old now, he loves to snuggle in the blanket 🙂 I’m pretty sure my son will be like your kids and love the swaddles as toddlers too!

  90. I love love love aiden and anais I bought them fort second son because he at a year still wanted to be swaddled they are absolutely amazing

  91. I love the moonlight bead bamboo changing pad cover! Ok I love all of their products, but the next thing on my list to purchase are changing pad covers. 🙂

  92. I love muslin fabric! But I didn’t realize until I read your review how big these swaddle blankets are. What a great idea to use them as a nursing or stroller cover!

  93. I live in Florida and I’m expecting a baby boy in July. I’ve heard amazing things about these blankets, especially for the summer months. Would LOVE to try one!

  94. I use blankets for so many things aside from swaddling, and now that it’s summer I need some that are much lighter than the ones I’ve been using. I love muslin, and I’ve eyed friends’ A+A blankets. I’d love to have some for my little one.

  95. absolutely love a+a. Have been impressed with all of their products I have tried and could use more swaddles for baby #2 coming this fall. They are perfect for so many things—nursing cover (great big size), swaddle blanket, toddler snuggle blanket. We use the four we have daily.

  96. I would love for my daughter to have blankets she can use and keep around for the rest of her life – I have my baby blanket! It meant a lot to me and I imagine if she’s anything like me having one of her blankets to pass down to her little ones will be important to her. They’re such a great, cuddly, blanket!

  97. with my first baby, i used any kind of blanket to swaddle him in. sometimes they quickly unswaddled because the fabric was too thick, too slippery, too small, etc …
    with my second, i bought those velcro swaddle blankets. they worked. kinda. within weeks. he learned how to unvelcro. bummer!
    with this baby … if we dont get any swaddle blankets, then I gotta buy these. because i love how you mentioned that they were just so large and breathable! i can imagine how stretchy they are and worth every penny!!! thanks for the review!

  98. I am the same! Haven’t tried (mainly due to price) but have heard they are the absolute best! I do love how soft and breathable they are but am curious if they are warm enough for a winter baby?

  99. I absolutely love their blankets and didn’t have any of their products until #3 arrived this spring. I agree they are now a must have! They are perfect for keeping the sun off the baby when outside!

  100. I love swaddling, and have done so with all 3 of my children! It is definitely a life saver for me when they are newborns, as it helps them feel safe and snug so they sleep better. These swaddles look SO soft! I love the look, and how lightweight they are. I would love to have a set for my new baby girl, who is 3 weeks old today.

  101. I’ve heard so much about these blankets lately. A friend from church used it for their baby girl and you’re right…they are oh so soft and cuddly! She would carry hers around all the time and I can see why. I hope your little baby loves their new blankets!

  102. I’m obsessed with these swaddle blankets! I am dying to get them for my little one when she comes in August!

  103. They make the best blankets. I love the patterns they make. The material is perfect for little ones. Thanks for the nice review and information. Nice about the stretch cream too. I was lucky. I had 2 babies but on the second I could see I was just about to rip but it never happened. I had some olive oil on my stomach a couple of times but was lucky too.

  104. these are definitely on my registry for my second child (due in a month! ahh!). the large size makes them incredibly versatile – can be used as a nursing cover, blanket, stroller cover, etc., as you mentioned. i found out that most receiving blankets are useless after baby is 10-12 lbs. because they are so small. these would be perfect for my new baby!

  105. So sweet! Breathable and Beautiful. Would love these for a special someone that I know who is expecting very soon!

  106. These continue to make me wish that we had these swaddles! I love seeing older kiddos with these as well, it makes me feel like you can really get your moneys worth out of them! 🙂

  107. I love the idea of a lightweight, stretchable blanket for swaddling! I am expecting a baby in August and this would be perfect!

  108. I have some muslin swaddling blankets from another company and they are by far our favorite blankets for our new baby. I would love to try the Aden and Anias blankets that everyone raves about.

  109. I am slightly addicted to these blankets! My 2 1/2 daughter still snuggles up to the swaddles and I LOVE them for swaddling my 2 week old son!!

  110. I love these blankets too! I used them for swaddling and for nursing covers, for spit up, for my older kids, for everything! They are so versatile and great!

  111. I did not have these for #1, but like you, these are now on my wish list for my next baby. I LOVE how breathable and lightweight they are and how many things you can use them for.

  112. A friend of mine says these are the best wraps for baby! I’m due in December and hope to get some!

  113. A&A products are so soft! I love them! These blankets are so versatile and can be used for so many things.

  114. I’d love to try the big blanket for mom. I absolutely love the swaddle blankets, I wish I could have one for myself!

  115. I’m having my 3rd baby I have a 5yr old and 3yr old and have wanted to try these for a while! I wasn’t able to have a baby shower so I didn’t get to ask for these but I wanted to and now after your review not going to lie I’m envious! Love that there lightweight and soft. Hoping I have some 30th birthday luck and get to spoil my baby when she comes! thank you for the great article! xo

  116. i love these blankets. They have so many uses to them. Great for babies and when they get older too. Supe soft.

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