ASUS ME181 MeMO Pad 8 Review & Giveaway

ASUS ME181 MeMO Pad 8

Tablet technology has come an incredible distance from inception to widely-used and, in many cases, necessary, in just a few short years. Much of the work that used to require a laptop computer to complete can now be done with a tablet. The technology in available apps has also progressed in an equally impressive fashion.

Tablets also offer a broader range of available sizes than laptops, which creates improved portability and decreases the used space when traveling. This is especially valuable when traveling via commercial aircraft where luggage space is at a premium. A tablet and its charger are exponentially smaller than most laptops and their respective chargers.

Tablets have become very popular by these merits and in response to the public demand, every major electronics company seems to have its own range of models. This kind of market saturation can make deciding on the best tablet for you an overwhelming task. Because of the slew of options, sometimes it is best to choose a brand name that you like first and then decide on specific model from their range.

One brand that is storming the tablet market with innovation and a tenacious drive to be incredible is ASUS. ASUS is a top 3 consumer notebook brand and makes the world’s best-selling motherboards. In 2013 alone, ASUS took home 4,256 awards and was chosen as PC Magazine Reader’s Choice Award winner. Their performance in a very competitive market is nothing short of staggering.

ASUS recently sent us their newest 8-inch, Android-powered tablet, the ME181C-A1-BK MeMo Pad 8, to test (at no cost to facilitate this review).


Quick Features:

  • Intel Bay Trail Quad Core 1.33GHz processor
  • 16GB memory
  • Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” operating system with Zen UI
  • 1280 x 800 resolution HD display
  • Narrow bezel for a larger viewing area
  • 9 hour battery life
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Micro SD card slot to expand the memory by up to 64GB

The tablet performs admirably, especially considering its excellent price point. The Intel Bay Trail processor handles any games and apps I downloaded with ease. Combined with the HD screen, the gaming looked beautiful. Switching between applications was smooth and hiccup-free with zero lag.

The HD IPS screen is bright and crisp. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching which basically translates to better color presentation (Whites are whiter, reds are redder, blacks are deep, etc.) and better viewing angles (178-degrees) without the screen “darkening” due to the position of the screen. 10 fingers at a time can be tracked by the screen. This new display in combination with ASUS Splendid technology (which optimizes images by enhancing color, brightness, contrast and sharpness) produces incredibly rich color. Just to top it off, there is an anti-fingerprint coating to help resist marks and smudges.

Miracast provides users with a way of streaming multimedia content (up to 720p 30fps) from your MeMo Pad to your TV. Think of Miracast as a wireless HDMI cable. You just need a Miracast ready TV or purchase a Miracast dongle to plug in to your existing TV.

ASUS SonicMaster-enhanced audio speakers are featured at the front of the MeMo Pad 8. These are designed to direct the most amount of sound to the user so you experience top quality audio whether you are listening to your music library or your HD video collection. AptX is also featured on the MeMo Pad 8 so you can use aptX equipped Bluetooth earphones and wirelessly listen to music at the quality level of a wired earphone set.

The exterior of the MeMo Pad 8 will be available in white, black, gold and purple, allowing you to choose the color that best expresses you. This tablet is very portable and lightweight. Weighing in at under 12 ounces and a little over a ¼ inch thick, you’ll barely notice the MeMo Pad when you add it to your bag, briefcase or purse.

The new MeMo Pad 8 comes with ZEN UI by ASUS. ZEN UI is a stylish new user interface that implements over 200 enhancements and upgrades to the Android operating system. The most noticeable enhancements have to do with visual presentation. Zen UI adds cleaner fonts, larger icons, animations, notification sounds and the ability to pick your color theme. It also adds easier, more intelligent schedule management via a feature called “What’s Next” that consolidates all your calendars so you can stay on top of all your meetings and tasks. What’s Next also frees users of having to manage information sources by choosing and displaying what is most important and useful currently on the home screen, the notification window, and the lock screen.


Are you a shutterbug? The MeMo Pad 8 has a camera for any occasion. The Smart Camera features help you get the best picture at any given time. “Time Rewind” records images 2 seconds before and 1 second after pressing the shutter button. 31 photos are recorded for you to choose the perfect one. “All Smile” keeps everyone looking their best in group or individual photos. Activate All Smiles mode and hold the shutter button to take 5 photos. Then you can individually choose each person’s best smile or expression and then combine them into one photo where everyone looks their best. Another feature, “Smart Remove”, even allows you to remove unwanted moving objects from your photos!

Adding additional storage is so handy when we go on trips with the kids. HD movies and TV shows eat up memory rather quickly and my iPad Mini can only carry 1 or 2 at a time. Well, the MeMo Pad 8 removed that ugly, glaring limitation for us with the addition of a MicroSD slot. You can add up to 64GB of additional memory with a MicroSD card for a total of 80GB of memory. I can now fit an entire library of HD movies and shows for the kids to enjoy while traveling. 5GB of Life Time ASUS Webstorage Cloud Space is also included.

I’ve spent a large portion of the past week just playing with the ME181C MeMo Pad 8 and (naturally) comparing it to my iPad Mini. With all the features ASUS packed into the small chassis of the amazingly affordable MeMo, the uphill battle against the iPad becomes much less… well… uphill. In many ways, the tables turned. I found myself comparing my iPad to the MeMo and not the other way around. Frankly, the pound-for-pound, bang-for-buck winner is the MeMo and I can’t believe I am saying it. What you get for what you pay is outstanding. In the $200 and less range of tablets, ASUS has a definite winner on their hands.


Whether you are looking for a tablet to use for a relaxing afternoon on the beach, or something to keep the kids occupied on the long roadtrip this summer, the ASUS ME181 MeMo Pad 8 is a great option and one I’m proud to recommend!

Connect: Visit the ASUS website to find out all about the different tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, and more! Then, make sure you “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Buy It: This feature-packed tablet was just released yesterday, June 22nd with an MSRP of $199.00. You can purchase it at  or look for it in store at GameStop.

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win an ASUS Memo Pad ME176, ARV $149 (a slightly smaller version of the tablet reviewed).


This giveaway is open to residents of the US only who are 18 years of age or older, unless prohibited by law. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm EDT on July 1th, 2014 and a winner will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries received. Enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below. Good luck!


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Disclosures: We received the tablet mentioned above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. ASUS is responsible for prize fulfilment. No monetary compensation has been provided. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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    I love that this is an Asus, one of my favorite brand of electronics. It has a fast processor means faster game load times and apps are faster.

  173. I want to win for my kids, they need one for school.

  174. I love the price of this tablet for everything it does. And also the option to add extra storage with a micro SD card. I’ve been looking at tablets and even if I don’t win this one I might just have to buy it.

  175. I want to win this tablet to put my college text books on. It would be so much lighter in my bag, and all of them would be in one place

  176. Wow.. I have to confess I would LOVE to have this, not only for ME, to take places when I go out, for mapping, etc… but I could let the kids play some of the wonderful games I see them play on a tablet. SOMEtimes it would be nice to keep them busy for one hour for sure.

  177. Sharon Kaminski :

    I would love to win a tablet since we do not own one in our household.

  178. I love that this is lightweight, portable, and has a 9-hour battery life. It would come in very handy for travel!

  179. Amber Ludwig :

    I loved that you added great for little hands too!! My son loves learning games :)

  180. this is a really nice device i would love to have it

  181. Oooh, just what my daughter wants for her birthday:)

  182. The ASUS would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday:)

  183. kelly mcgrew :

    i’d like to win because i have wanted a tablet!

  184. Caitlin Bosselman :

    I’d like to have a tablet all my own since at present my husband and I just share a laptop. This would be great for games, and for down time at my job, where I spend a lot of time waiting for customers, and am allowed to use technology in the meantimes.

  185. I love the 9 hour battery life. That would be perfect for my father who hates staying in one place just to charge something.

  186. I’ve never own a tablet. It always seem lie all the really good ones were a bit too pricey. It looks like ASUS has done a great job of offer hi-tech at a great price.

  187. Adrienne L Rudolph :

    this looks like a great tablet, good for the kids to use too

  188. Adrienne L Rudolph :

    I would like to win because I have never owned a tablet and the kids are always fighting over my laptop. this would be great for the kids to use

  189. WOW!! What a review! I’m surprised this doesn’t have an app to diagnose illness & cook dinner!! I really love the fact that you can expand the memory by up to 64GB & it has a decent viewing screen!! IF I won this, I wouldn’t let anyone play/look at it! This would be a GREAT birthday present for me! THANKS!!

  190. Nicole Bear :

    I have been looking for an affordable tablet (ie. NOT and iPad) that does not have a Windows OS, and I think this could be it!! It sounds like it has everything I am looking for.

  191. Dena Sablotny :

    I have never used a tablet before and this one seems to have all the bells and whistles. I would love to use one, and winning it would be a blessing.

  192. Having one of these tablets would make it easier to keep in touch with the grandkids, accessing my recipes online while in the kitchen, staying organized and playing some awesome games to name a few. Thanks for the great review.

  193. The nine hour batter life would make this perfect for the boy to use for school. He is always assigned articles, plays, and short stories to read and being able to do it on a tablet would make it easier for everyone.

  194. Vanessa Dalton :

    I would love to win this tablet for my son who will be 13 this year. What a wonderful present this would be for him!

  195. Leslie Smith :

    I’d like to have my own device again. The child has claimed the kindle I bought myself.

  196. I have been doing a little research on different tablets and the ASUS ME181 MeMO Pad 8 sounds like a very nice tablet for the price! I would love to win this prize for my fiance’ as he really needs one for work!!

  197. Would love this before the baby comes.. would be great for entertaining myself while nursing.

  198. This tablet would be so much easier to use than my old dinosaur pc. In addition, I could carry it around the house and use it in any room to stay in touch with family out-of-state, play games and access all of my online recipes while in the kitchen. This would be so awesome.

  199. This tablet sounds amazing. I love how much you can do with it. Plus the 9 hour battery life would be great for when you take it on the go with you. I also love that it has such a great camera. I would love to have a tablet so I didn’t have to use my PC for everything.

  200. I am very impressed that it has 9 hours of battery life! Perfect for my son who is constantly on his tablet.

  201. I would love to win this tablet so I could work with my son on educational apps

  202. Russell Moore :

    My wife has been wanting a tablet as a take-along replacement for her laptop. This looks like it has all the features she is looking for, at a reasonable price. We will check it out as soon as it is available locally.

  203. Love all the awards Asus has won, awesome! Also, the front and rear cameras and expandable memory.

  204. Linda Montes :

    Not owning a tablet, I liked the very informative review. I like the detail about the camera and the quality of the image on the screen. I have a grandson and I just can’t seem to have enough pictures. So this is an important quality. Thank you for the informative review.

  205. Linda Montes :

    I would love to win this tablet to share the fun with my grandson.


    I would love to win this tablet because i am physically disabled and this would make my life a lot easier!!! thank you for this chance!!

  207. Love love LOVE that this is an Android device! Thank you doing this review.

  208. I would love to win this tablet for my toddler. He has a pretty significant speech delay. Him playing a few games I have on my tablet has helped him pick up new words recently. I know him having one of his own would help a lot as well.

  209. This tablet looks very nice!! I have never heard of this brand but it has alot of great features!!

  210. Jessica Lodge :

    We have a Kindle that my boys fight over. I would love to have this tablet so they can each have their own.

  211. Carolyn Barnett :

    This sounds like an amazing tablet. It even has a camera and the speed is great so I would love to own one.

  212. At 8 inches, that really is the perfect travel size for little hands.

  213. Love the screen size and it would be perfect for my son to use in college

  214. kelley vain :

    I would love to win this for my hubby!

  215. Deidre LeDoux :

    I love tablets. They are much easier to transport than laptops. I would love to win this wonderful gift.

  216. I’d like to give it to my husband whose tablet is very out of date!

  217. Mariah Applegate :

    Wow, can’t believe that this thing can track up to 10 fingers at a time! So neat. Also really like how it is makes the screen darken less when moved. I always want to show my husband things online but it’s such a pain to have to adjust our laptop screen (which is slowly breaking) so he can see.

  218. Lorayne Gothard :

    I would like to win so that I could use it for school, and also so my kids can play on it instead of using my phone!!

  219. Lorayne Gothard :

    It is cool and impressive that it won so many awards!! I can’t believe it has a nine hour battery life! With a battery life that long, it would be great to take along on the long road trips!!

  220. Joanne Gregory :

    I love the long battery life! This would be a great addition to our household!

  221. Powerful tablet for the whole family to enjoy!!

  222. stacey kostich :

    I have the original large I-Pad, but from your review, I would strongly consider looking outside Apple for my next pad. I love the camera function that I don’t have on my I-Pad.

  223. I would like to win this because my computer is on its last leg.

  224. this would be great for busy toddlers and parents on the go. Allowing our son to watch some PBS or getting caught up on the news.

  225. Awesome i always wanted to have one but we have no money

  226. Awesome llove to win one it would be nice

  227. I would love to win this one my is to slow is about to die and i don’t have the money to buy a another one my is full of cookies thanks for the CHANCE

  228. Leigh Anne Borders :

    I would love to have a tablet that I can use when we are off rather than use the laptop. Plus there are lots of apps that can keep my family entertained.

  229. Deb Christie :

    I am so intrigued by the All Smiles feature. It would be wonderful to have that available for photos. I like what they’ve done with this pad. It’s a perfect piece of tech!

  230. Great giveway!

  231. This would be a great tablet for the kids! I’d love to win it.

  232. Kasee Johnson :

    My tech-guru son has favored ASUS for a while now. And it doesn’t look like this table would disappoint! I’m very impressed with the Miracast technology. And having the speakers on the front would be awesome — I can’t count how many time’s that would have come in handy.

  233. stacey kostich :

    I want to win this tablet because I have 9 year old twins who love to use my IPad, but I only have 1 IPad.

  234. Love that she thinks it compares and surpasses the ipad in many ways!

  235. Anna Nichols :

    I would love to win this. I would give it to my daughter. Our home was recently burglarized and I cannot afford to replace her tv. She could watch her cartoons on this. It would make her happy.

  236. tanya holland :

    This would be a great gift for my teenage son. He could use a tablet.

  237. I would freak out if I won this one I would love to give this to my dad for his birthday.

  238. April Farley :

    I really like the sound of the “what’s next function”.
    I also like that the speakers are in front of the Memo pad. The price point is unbelievable. This is on my Gotta Get one list! SO cool how small it is!

  239. April Farley :

    I am so behind in the times of technology that I have a Desk top computer only. Well I do have a smart phone . A hand me down from my daughter. Still no lap top or coll gizmo. I really would love to be afforded the luxury of laying in bad , on a bad day or on a good day , sitting on the bank of the lake fishing. All the while doing whatever I wanted on that tiny little Memo pad. I would have to share with the fam. BUT this would be one possession I would be a little more selfish with . Is that bad?

  240. Nice review. I love that this has a front and rear camera as well as a 9 hour battery life.

  241. Isabella Taul :

    My fiance and I have never even held a fancy phone let alone a tablet. We would both love to try the Asus, especially me because I work online. I would love to be able to work on the go! This Asus looks really nice; I hadn’t heard of it so thank you for sharing!!!

  242. This tablet looks really sweet. My kiddos would get great use out of it!

  243. tabitha roderick :

    This is a very good review. It covers everything I would have looked for if I was researching myself-and more.

  244. Candy Stephenson-Otoya :

    Thank you for such a in depth review! Our family doesn’t have a tablet yet so we would like to try this one! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  245. My daughter would love this. We were thinking of getting her one just didn’t to get her a tablet or a Leapfrog product.

  246. My daughter would love to have her own tablet. As a stay at home mom, I sometimes use apps to entertain her while I get something done(limited, of course). So, I would love to win it also!!

  247. Gloria Walshver :

    Keep it

  248. Jill Myrick :

    I love all of the features that this tablet offers especially the Miracast feature and the fact that it has a Micro SD card slot to expand the memory by up to 64GB.


  249. cylina williams :

    My kids would put this to good use, I love how tablets have changed the way we play games and read!

  250. Deb Mutz Hartwig :

    The price is wonderful. And I’m sure it would last for many years. Would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  251. Wow, this tablet looks amazing! I love the All Smiles feature, how cool is that?! I have 3 small children, so it is definitely hard to capture picture of all three smiling! I am also a big fan of the Antroid system, and prefer it over Apple. I would love to get one of these to share with my whole family! It has something for all of us!

  252. I would love to win this because I have never owned a tablet before, and it has something awesome for everyone in my family. I love the All Smiles feature, and the back and front cameras are awesome! I am a big fan of the Android system and would download apps and cartoons for my kids as well. I also love how lightweight and portable it is, as opposed to my clunky laptop. It would be a lot better for travel and keeping everyone entertained!

  253. I would love to win this tablet! It would make a great birthday gift for ME! :)

  254. I was very shocked to learn Asus was such a competitor in the tablet market. Your passage: “One brand that is storming the tablet market with innovation and a tenacious drive to be incredible is ASUS. ASUS is a top 3 consumer notebook brand and makes the world’s best-selling motherboards. In 2013 alone, ASUS took home 4,256 awards and was chosen as PC Magazine Reader’s Choice Award winner. Their performance in a very competitive market is nothing short of staggering.”, really opened my eyes. When I think tablet, I automatically envisioned an iPad. That’s just what comes to mind. I have to say that’s not really the case anymore thanks to your review.

  255. I would love to win this tablet to assist me with my upcoming last two semesters at the University of Kansas. In August when my hubby and I go back to school, our baby girl will be 4 months old. Needless to say, I will need all the help I can get! I would like to use this to take notes and assist me in class.

  256. Katie Moriarty :

    Great resource for family!

  257. Jill A. Collins :

    I love that his tablet has a 9 hour battery life!

  258. saminder gumer :

    i would love to have this tablet. i love the fact that the memory is expandable.

  259. I like how lightweight it is and the long battery life.

  260. I have one of these tablets, and they are great! I hope to win one for my mom as well. <3

  261. This would be such a godsend for me. Would help to keep my 4 yr old entertained on the long drives to his grandfathers in Atlanta and would also help him with learning games

  262. I have always wanted to own a tablet. The 9 hour battery life is great!

  263. I love that it has a micro SD card slot to expand the memory up to 64 gb! I use a lot of memory so that is perfect for me! I currently have an Asus laptop and I’ve loved it so I’m sure that this tablet is awesome! :)

  264. I would like to win this so I could have something nice to use for taking pictures, browsing the web, and anything else I want to do without killing my phone battery so quickly! :)

  265. I think this would be so much handier than trying to use pinterest on my android when making recipes.

  266. Kelsey Gerald :

    I would love to win this tablet! Ig would help with my work from home since my laptop is to slow to get anything done! Fingers crossed! (:

  267. Theresa Harris :

    My 5 year old granddaughter would have this guru red out before I would and better pay my netflix bill she’s having a fit but finding new stuff on my one I’m on now. Looks like it has a good grip on it too. Has just what it needs not too much and not too little. Two never helps especially if a battery goes down, cause then she wants my phone.

  268. Stefanie Foote :

    I love that this has a built in camera. I think I’d like to have one for myself.

  269. Heather Voorhees :

    This Asus MeMO is the first tablet I’ve considered buying. The specs sound great, and the price point is hard to pass up.

  270. Jessica Parent :

    these tablets just get cooler and cooler-Love the “All smile” camera feature….With 6 kids that would be so helpful-sometimes I take 30 pics and cant get a good one of all of them together 😉 Great review-Ive never wanted a tablet but I get more and more tempted

  271. I like the size. Its perfect for a busy mom on the go since I usually dont have much space to keep my devices safe. I also like I’m able to expand the memory up to 64GB. Pictures and documents required tons of space! switching between apps and not lag is awesome! Gotta love the 9hrs of battery life :)

  272. Jessica Parent :

    I’d like to win it for my almost 17 yr old son who has been asking me for one for years but I cannot afford to just get him one…even though he deserves it.He works hard and maintains a 95 average in all AP classes

  273. Thank you for your review It sounds like a great tablet. I love the 1280 x 800 resolution HD display and the 9 hour battery life.

  274. I would love to win this tablet for my son. He is always playing with my phone and with a tablet he would leave my phone alone.

  275. Christina Strapp :

    I didn’t realize Asus made tablets. I have a Asus laptop and I love it. It’s one of the best laptops I have had. This looks like a nice tablet and has a lot of features.

  276. I’ve had other ASUS products and they are very good. This looks like a great tablet, especially for the price.

  277. I’d like to win this so I could have something much smaller and more portable than a laptop. Fitting inside my purse would be a huge help.

  278. Cindy Z. Stewart (cindyzs) :

    thanks for all the great info in your review! you always delve into all the products with such enthusiasm and always give us all the info for us to make an informed purchase. thanks for your time in that :)

  279. Cindy Z. Stewart (cindyzs) :

    i need to win! my tablet is full with books for myself and my g-kids, and i never get to use mine because my granddaughter takes it over. i would love to be able to give it to her so she can have her own, plus i will be moving far away from her and that way i can keep in touch with her via skype as they have no computer! thanks so much )

  280. Svannah Morse :

    My daughter really loves to play on my tablet everyday. This would be amazing to win so she can have her very own tablet to play with all the time. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  281. Paulette Dorland :

    I love this brand! Spot on review!

  282. I would like to win so my daughter has something to do research on for school.

  283. I have owned Asus products in the past and absolutely loved them! I can only imagine their tablet is a wonderful product as well!

  284. I would love to win this to keep me entertained whileI’m breastfeeding every hour!

  285. Amber Broussard :

    For my husband to take offshore

  286. I love that it looks easy for all ages to operate. It also seems less expensive than some of the other tablets on the market.

  287. Seems easy to use and my daughter could use that for her school work! Ty!

  288. Penny Delgado :

    This would be something great to have in our household for every day use from everyone. Thanks for chance to win such great giveaway.


    Seems like a nice tablet and I like that the memory can be expanded.

  290. would love to give to my niece for a belated graduation present!

  291. Brandy Little :

    I have 5 kids two of which are teens. I know this would be a great tablet for anyone of them. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a great tablet.

  292. Brandy Little :

    I would love to have this for my kids so they don’t use mine.

  293. this sounds like a great product and I would love to have one.

  294. Jessica Lodge :

    I love that you can add additional storage. What a great review.

  295. Shanon Bramblette :

    T-y for this review. I needed this! I been searchin for a tablet & this seems to suit my needs, perfectly.

  296. This would be for my grandkids to use when they’re here.

  297. This looks like an awesome tablet

  298. I’m not a techie, but I do know this tablet can do more than my laptop can.

  299. I would like to win this so I could replace my old tablet

  300. We have a samsung tablet, but my husband hogs it ~ lol. It’d be nice not to have to share.

  301. Brandi Nolcini :

    Great review! It really let me know about the tablet, usually reviews just have the specs, it was nice to hear an actual review from someone who spent time using it. Thanks!

  302. I want this. Never had a tablet

  303. Jodi Hoppe Wresh :

    This is awesome, and just what i need. would be great for me and my online work! thanks for all the great info about it. i am currently using an older laptop that is Asus eee and is still working great, so they lasts several or more years and even longer. the only thing i can not do is apps, so this would be great. thanks for the great review!

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