Saving Money Just Got Easier At Your Local Food Lion


Disclosure: I was sent a gift card from Food Lion to go shopping at their store and facilitate this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

When I moved out one my own, and then for the first few years of my marriage, I used coupons religiously. My husband and I were dirt poor–dirt poor–and our grocery budget each month was extremely small. By clipping tons (and tons) of coupons, I saved us a lot of money, but boy was it time consuming! Yes, I was that girl who could get a $130 grocery bill down to $15! I would always say that no matter how much money we were earning, I would never stop clipping coupons.

Then, I had children.  Children bring additional expenses to a family for sure, but I found myself unable to find the extra hours needed in a week for all that coupon clipping and shopping store to store to get the best deals.  To be honest, it already takes me 2xs as long to go shopping at just one store now that I’m taking 2 children with me. I’m lucky that I even manage to find the time needed to grocery shop each week, much less clip out a ton of coupons. So, sadly, I gave up my coupon ways about 2 years ago, and literally have been paying the price ever since.  Every time I leave the grocery store, paying upwards of $200 for our groceries, I think to myself that I must start couponing again. So, when I heard about Food Lion’s brand new Digital Coupon Hub, I was THRILLED!

Food Lion’s Digital Coupon Hub launched on January 31st, giving families an easier way to save money as they do their grocery shopping. Food Lion’s “MVP Coupon Hub” allows moms to load coupons directly to the MVP card via the Food Lion website. Thus, moms can save not only on money while shopping for the groceries, but also on a LOT of time.


Loading the coupons onto you MVP card is quick and easy. First, if you haven’t already, you’ll want to register your MVP card at Next, click on “coupons” located at the top of the homepage and scroll through to find savings on brands you already know and love. They have coupons for everything from diapers to cookies.  Every time you find a coupon you’d like, just click on it. Once you’ve scanned through all the coupons and chosen the ones you’d like, click “Load to Card,” to add them directly to your MVP card or, if you prefer, you can still print them at home. If you are worried that you won’t remember the coupons loaded on your MVP card, you can also print your coupon list to take with you shopping.


Food Lion kindly sent me a gift card so I could try out their new MVP Coupon Hub and go grocery shopping at their store. I visited the Food Lion website last week and was delighted to find that, not only were some of our favorite products on sale, but they even had coupons to go along with the sales! For example, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks were on sale, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. They also had a coupon for 50 cents off of 2 boxes. I combined the sale with the coupon and purchased both boxes for just $2.29 ($1.15 a piece!). My kids LOVE fruit snacks and at that price, I’m planning to stop into Food Lion again before the sale ends to pick up another 2 boxes!


Altogether I used 8 coupons and, by combining those with sales, saved over $23 on my recent shopping trip to Food Lion. To be honest, I haven’t shopped at Food Lion lately, fearing that their prices would not be as competitive as my local supercenter. However, after doing the math, I would have actually paid more for those same items at the supercenter. I will be shopping at Food Lion a lot more often, and I’m excited to maximize my savings with the new MVP Coupon Hub!

Food Lion2

Food Lion is currently hosting a “Save to Win” sweepstakes for 4 weeks to celebrate the new MVP Coupon Hub. It began on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and will run through Tuesday March 4th, 2014. During this time period, Food Lion will select 8 winners each week for a $25 Food Lion gift card (to be loaded onto their MVP card) for visiting and experiencing the “MVP Coupon Hub” by clicking a coupon to their MVP card. Also during this time period, a grand prize winner will be selected to receive $1,000 loaded onto their MVP card to use for their grocery purchases!


I’m delighted today to also be able to offer an awesome Food Lion gift card giveaway to my readers! Four lucky readers will each receive a $25 Food Lion gift card so you can experience the MVP Coupon Hub savings for yourself!


This giveaway is open to residents of the US only. It will end at 11:59 pm EST on February 25th, 2014. Enter using the Giveaway Tools widget below. Good luck!




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27 comments on “Saving Money Just Got Easier At Your Local Food Lion

  1. I too have beena couponer and have saved loads of money through the years. I have found there are some times when it’s more possible than others to look for coupons and deals, but I’m always concious of sales even when I don’t have time to collect or register for electronic coupons.

  2. I use only around 3-4 coupons per shopping trip, but they’re usually high value coupons. I think the coupon hub at Food Lion is great because you get to load the coupons onto your loyalty card, which is great for me because I often lose coupons. I shop at Food Lion every couple of days so it would be awesome to win a gift card! Thanks.

  3. I envy those who can pay next to nothing for their groceries after coupons………….however the coupons I see are never for products I would buy…………….i.e. whipped cream, cottage cheese, energy drinks, never on meat, fresh vegetables etc……………….or a coupon for a ‘name’ brand reduces the price to what the store brand cost is every day…………….just my experience so far.

  4. I don’t use coupons nearly as much as I used to. I used to use 20 every time I went to the store, but now I don’t even take them every trip.

  5. I usually have at least 10-15, sometimes a little more if the Martins ad has coupons in the Sunday paper or not. Tonight I actually went to Target to get a few things and had about $8 in coupons and totally forgot to use them!!! Total fail on my part! I called them when I realized it a few hours later and I have to go back tomorrow to get my money lol

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