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Easy Go Dispenser

Today, we’re so excited to introduce you to a revolutionary new product for moms and babies, the EasyGoBaby from EasyGo Dispenser. It is the perfect addition to Baby Guide 2014: THE Baby Event of the Year!  Here’s Ruth to tell you more about the EasyGo Baby.

EasyGo Baby Powder Formula Dispenser

When I was a new mom, and knew little about the different types of baby products that were available to make my life easier, I admit I did things the hard way without even realizing it.  For instance, when toting around formula to prepare bottles when my little guy was an infant, I often just lugged around the entire can!  Then, I found those handy little formula dispensers, but more often than not the formula would clump and turn into a solid lump due to the humidity here in Florida. They certainly weren’t helping to keep the formula fresh!  Now, I take note when I see a new product that would have made my life easier back then.  There’s one up-and-coming product in particular I noticed recently that would have saved me quite a bit of time, a good amount of stress, and more than a few messes!  Allow me to introduce you to the EasyGo Baby.   It’s brilliant for all parents and caregivers out there who struggle and fumble with making a bottle while on the go.


The EasyGo Baby gives parents the ability to store, carry and dispense powder formula for an instant, mess-free bottle. It can carry a full day’s worth of infant formula and is designed to easily fit into any diaper or tote bag. The base storage unit keeps the infant formula fresh, preventing unwanted moisture or contamination. The center metering unit dispenses precise amounts of formula to the upper funnel section and eliminates the need for scoops or funnels. This ensures all of the formula goes directly into the baby bottle with no spillage. It is narrow in diameter which allows it to fit directly into any baby bottle.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to deal with a hungry, crying baby while out and about, but it puts a certain level of stress on any situation.  I remember feeling panicked at feeding time when we were out of the house and fumbling with the formula and scooper, making a complete mess.  With EasyGoBaby I could have just flipped the dispenser, put the nozzle into the bottle, twisted the handle and voila! A perfect portion of formula and I would have looked like a pro!

EasyGo Baby Powder Formula Dispenser
This product is great for parents and caretakers, and we think it makes a perfect baby shower gift for new moms will be formula feeding.  You should also check out their sister product, the EasyGo Dispenser, which is perfect for protein shakes!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of EasyGo Baby.  Ruth received monetary compensation for hosting this giveaway.  All thoughts expressed are my her own and may differ from yours.  Amazon links are affiliate links.

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  1. I like that the products are BPA-free and that they hold a lot. Perfect for trips.

  2. This is great! My daughter-in-law would love this she is on the go alot so this would be perfect for her.. I really like its BPA-free .. Thanks for the chance :)

  3. Valerie Guerrero :

    there was an error on the page

  4. I like that it is BPA-free

  5. kailee bowman :

    I love that they are bpa free

  6. These are definitely ideal for someone like my son who run cross country. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. BPA-FREE…Everyone should catch on to this idea. Would make the world just a little bit better. Great product!

  7. I learned that the EasyGoBaby comes with 2 measuring units so that you can measure the right amount based on the brand of powdered formula you are using.

  8. Melissa Smith :

    I want the EasyGo Pro Black for myself!

  9. I learned that this company was started by three military men who thought of an easy and convenient way to make protein shakes!

  10. bpa free bottles and great to have on the go

  11. Tiffany Norris :

    This would make life so much easier. They seem so much more convenient. I use the formula dispensers now and there such a hassle. I’m constantly measuring out formula and they take up so much room in your bag!

  12. I learned that Blake Schroedter is the CEO & inventor and the Co-founder of Easy Go Dispenser LLC.

  13. I like the Easy Go 6 Pack

  14. I would love one of the EasyGo Pro bottles! It would be great for mixing up MY drinks on the go!

  15. Barbara Mc/Whenihave Time :

    This is way easier than it was when my son was born….way easier. Love this whole system!

  16. Very neat system. I think my husband would actually like these for his workout shakes!

  17. I love the EasyGoPro in blue. BPA free product!

    alholm.co at gmail dot com

  18. I would love the EasyGo Pro Green for my own drinks!

  19. I will be a first time mommy when my little one is born later this year. I am just now learning a lot about the stuff a baby needs. This is perfect! You don’t even have go measure out anything and when your baby is screaming out of hunger it doesn’t take as long as using the measuring cup that formulas come with.

  20. Valerie Guerrero :

    i learned that they are so easy to use without the hassel of sspilling

  21. I love that easy go has other bottles that adults can use for protein powder shakes. Love easy go pro!

  22. I learned that Blake Schroedter is the inventor of the product.

  23. Have the winners been selected?

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