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Welcome to the KidsEmbrace Character Car Seat Giveaway! Hosted by Thrifty Nifty Mommy & Viva Veltoro and sponsored by KidsEmbrace!

We all know that It’s important for your young child to be in a car set. Many children however, are not very excited about being IN those car seats. KidsEmbrace is putting the fun into car rides with their one-of-a-kind character car seats! Currently, they offer car seats with Batman, SpongeBob, Dora, and Dale Earnhardt Jr covers.

Car Seat Features & Specs:

  • Harnessed Booster Weight Limit: 22-65 lbs.
  • Booster Seat Wegith Limit: 30-100 lbs.
  • Extended Use Five-Point Harness
  • Easy to Install LATCH Connectors
  • One Hand Harness Tightner
  • Two-Position Crotch Strap
  • Built In Belt Guides
  • Two-Position Recline
  • Deep Seat
  • Wraparound Headrest
  • Side Impact Tested
  • High Density EPS Foam
  • Removeable and Machine Washable Cover
  • Three-Position Adjustable Headrest
  • Dual Cupholders
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Seat Shell
  • Patent Pending High Position Top Tether System

Car Seat Embrace

About the KidsEmbrace Company (information modified from their website):

KIDSEmbrace™  is set apart from our competitors by our people and their unequalled dedication to the product and service for our customers. With KIDSEmbrace™ our purpose is to establish and maintain a lifetime relationship with our customers and to satisfy their needs. We work closely with parents, reviewing their input, and in doing so we have delivered a product that is unmatched in safety, appearance, quality and comfort. KIDSEmbrace™ also involves the child with the parent in the selection process of the car seat. Interaction between child and parent will play a key role when arriving at the final decision.

Our team includes engineers who led development of the industry’s most successful child safety seats. Our chief engineer serves as a consultant to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal agency that sets standards for vehicle safety.  Rest assured, this is not only a fun product, the KIDSEmbrace™ child safety seat is also one of the safest seats available today. Our 5-point harness design was developed in partnership with the European company Sabelt®, the race-tested supplier of safety harness systems to NASCAR® and Formula 1™ race teams.

In sudden stops or crashes, the KIDSEmbrace™ seat controls forward movement of the child’s head using our own patent-pending high-position top tether system, which allows the head support to rise and lower with the tether in place. The KIDSEmbrace™ car seat offers side-impact protection and our deeper “wraparound” headrest design shields the sides of your child’s face from flying glass in event of a collision. In fact, no other child safety seat on the market has the same combination of features as this one. We are providing the highest quality product, conceived by a veteran design team and engineered to NHTSA rigid crash test standards and our own rigorous KIDSEmbrace™ quality standards.

Connect: Find out more about KidsEmbrace Car Seats by visiting their website, Then make sure you “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well.

Buy It: These car seats range in price from $129 – $149. You can purchase them from or look for them at Toys”R”Us.  You can also purchase them directly from the KidsEmbrace website.

Win It: Don’t you think your little girl or boy would be delighted to have one of these adorable car seats? KidsEmbrace is offering one lucky reader a car seat in the character of his/her choice!

Open to the  Continental US only, ages 18 and up.  Ends 1/20/14 at 11:59 PM EST.
Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below.

Disclosure: I will be receiving a KidsEmbrace Car Seat as compensation for hosting this giveaway.  This post contains affiliate links. The participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Please contact thriftyniftymommy (at) with questions.

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  1. Nicole Liller :

    I’d choose Batman for my.little guy

  2. Batman, for sure!

  3. My son would love Batman but just tonight he said he loves astronauts!

  4. Ashley Harris :

    Id choose batman for my lil guy

  5. Batman

  6. Melissa Giannopoulos :

    Spongebob! I think my girly would adore it. And its just cool!

  7. my son would love the batman carseat!

  8. Tricia McGill :

    I would do Batman for my littlw man

  9. Tricia McGill :

    I would do Batman for my little man

  10. Jaimmie Dressler :

    My daughter would love the Spongebob or the Dora. However, I do have to say that the Batman car seat is AWESOME!

  11. Amanda O'Donnell :

    My daughter would love the Dora one!

  12. batman my son loves him,

  13. Jessica Fletcher :

    Love batman!

  14. Carole Ingram :

    How adorable is that! I would pick SpongeBob for my son! I love these!!!

  15. I would chose Dora for my little girl!

  16. Bonnie Cantrell :

    I would have to choose Batman. Would love to see some more choices!

  17. Sponge Bob!!! He works at the Krusty Krab fast food restaurant as a fry cook and owns his own home. I think this would be great I have two grand kids when one grows out of it the other can use it… Boy or Girl they all love sponge bob..

  18. samantha Wagner :

    I would choose spongebob for my daughter

  19. My girls would love the batman!

  20. Spongebob Squarepants!

  21. Dora! :)

  22. OMG those are SO COOL! I have 3 boys, so I think I’d have to choose BATMAN!

  23. I’d choose Batman.

  24. Jacq Danielle :

    My son would be spazzy excited for the batman seat and I love that it has a cover so awesome

  25. My son would love the Batman one. They are all really nice, though. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  26. Alycia Mundall :

    Oh man I would have to pick the Batman!

  27. Michelle Moyco Penaflor :

    Dora :)

  28. My son would love the batman car seat :)

  29. mercedes hanks :

    Batman, always batman. My daughter loves her batman toys.

  30. I would choose the Dora caraway for my grandaughter.

  31. these would be fun to have what a nice giveaway ! thanks for my chance to win my son wkuld love batman!

  32. Faith Bradley :

    I would pick Dora!

  33. I would like to have the batman one. 😀

  34. jennifer velazquez :


  35. I would pick Batman

  36. My son would love either the Batman or Sponge Bob car seats. Thanks :)

  37. I would get batman for my son..

  38. batman!

  39. We would choose SpongeBob! :o)

  40. My son has been wanting the Batman one!!

  41. Erica Underwood :

    My daughter would love the Batman seat!

  42. Carrie Patton :

    Batman, for sure!

  43. sherry blamer :

    I would choose the batman car seat.

  44. I would choose batman for my little man!

  45. I would chose Dora for my daughter!

  46. Batman

  47. The KidsEmbrace car seats are adorable! I also love the weight limit-30-100 lbs..that allows families to keep their car seats until the child is ready for a regular car seat. Awesome! I really like the Dora car seat!

  48. My son is a spongebob freak! He would LOVE spongebob!

  49. Mary Williams :

    I would definitely choose the Batman carseat!

  50. I would choose Spongebob , my daughter loves Spongebob.

  51. LOVE Batman!!!

  52. Definitely Batman!

  53. My son would love the batman one!

  54. dora!

  55. i would choose the batman seat!

  56. I like the SpongeBob one.

  57. I’d choose Spongebob – so cute!

  58. Carrie Phelps :

    I would select the super hero Batman seat for my little super hero grandson.

  59. Michelle Elizondo :

    Id choose batman for my nephew. I hope I win.

  60. Amanda Alvarado :

    I would pick the Batman carseat!

  61. Dale Jr

  62. Kimberly Bartley :

    I’d love the Batman one for my son.

  63. Batman

  64. Molly Conetta :

    My son would love the Batman car seat!

  65. Love the Batman.

  66. I’d choose Batman. Daddy is a comic book nerd, and our little fella already has Batman, Superman, and Spiderman jammies!

  67. What a great idea! I would pick the batman one for sure, love the cape part =)

  68. dale earnhart jr. carseat is pefect for my space loving son

  69. I would have to pick the batman one for my older son and spongebob for my younger son and my daughter is only 7 months but i would pick the dora one for her :)

  70. Defiantly batman for my little hero

  71. dora or spongebob

  72. I’d love to choose Dora the Explorer

  73. Jessica Shorey :

    My 3yr. old son would pick Spongebob, however my daughter would choose Dora.

  74. Robyn McIntosh :

    We’d choose Batman in a heartbeat!

  75. Batman!

  76. Lilia Kharabora :

    Dale Earnhardt Jr Car Seat :)

  77. My son would love the Batman one.

  78. I would love to win the batman carseat, that is so totally cool.

  79. My son would love batman

  80. Randy Giamanco :

    I would love this for my son

  81. I’m in love with the batman cape. It not only makes the car seat more awesome but its a blanket too!

  82. I like Batman

  83. I would like to have the Dora or the Dale Jr

  84. I’d choose Spongebob

  85. BATMAN!! Without a doubt would be chosen for my little guys :)

  86. batman, wish they had more girl characters.

  87. Batman all the way!

  88. Batman.

  89. I love the batman one for my son ..its so awesome that its fits from 22-100lbs and it has Two-Position Recline

  90. Rebecca Parsons :

    I would probably choose the Spongebob Character KidsEmbrace Car Seat.

  91. My super girl would LOVE batman!

  92. I would totally choose the Batman car seat for my son!

  93. We would choose Batman. My son would be ecstatic!

  94. The Batman seat is a must have!!! I know three different boys who would all love it and am passing the ‘where to buy’ info on!!! :)

  95. I would love to get Batman for my little man

  96. It would be batman for my little man for sure!

  97. I would choose the batman carseat!!

  98. My grandson would love the batman

  99. Ohhh, I like the Nascar.

  100. dora!!! :)

  101. Tiffany Dover :

    I would SO go with batman. our 2 year old loves batman!

  102. Natalie Martinez :

    I would choose Batman for my son!

  103. I see that if you buy one on their site, they offer free ground shipping!

  104. Batman! Definitely has to be Batman.

  105. Adrienne L Rudolph :

    I would choose dora

  106. Chrystal Swenson :

    These are the coolest car seats! I wish they had them when I first started having kids!

  107. My daughter would like the Dora seat.

  108. I would do the Dale Earnhart Jr. one. If I have to hear Dora sing one more time, I am driving off the road! LOL

  109. Annette Herbst :


  110. I would get Spongebob

  111. I would choose Spongebob or Batman I think. Both are so cute.

  112. Batman!

  113. Batman defiantly Batman !

  114. I would be a tough call between Batman for my oldest and Dora for my baby girl :)

  115. jolene Edmiston :

    Batman is the only way to go for my little girl!!

  116. Batman nanananananaaaaa BATMAN

  117. Christina Freeman :

    I would love Spongebob or Batman!

  118. Trista Wilson :

    My daughter would LOVE the Dora one.

  119. Definitely Batman! How cool is that?!?

  120. Krytal Clough :

    My little guy would be so amazed by the Batman seat! It would be so fun!

  121. Spongebob

  122. My grandson has had ear infections since he was 4 months old. He has had about 20 ear infection and tubes in his ears 2 times, he is only 2 years old. Now on Christmas Eve his ear drum bust and last week the other one did. Has of last night they did again. He would love to have a batman carseat for mimi’s car. Thanks

  123. Claire Rheinheimer :

    I’d definitely get the Batman seat, my husband and son would both love it!

  124. Batman seat, all the way!

  125. My nephew would love the spongebob car seat.

  126. Gotta say Spongebob!

  127. I would choose SpongeBob.

  128. I would choose sponge bob square pants, this is so cute!

  129. I would like the transformer one.

  130. I would choose the Spongebob seat!

  131. Lorayne Gothard :

    We would pick Dora the Explorer

  132. Would love spongebob

  133. dora

  134. I would love to win the Batman seat for my Nephew :) He would love it!

  135. Jessica Harvey :

    I love them all but would prolly pick Dora for my daughter :)

  136. I would choose the BatMan car seat.

  137. I would choose the BatMan for my little man!

  138. candy kratzer wenzel :

    Batman or Dora, we have both.

  139. I would choose the Spongebob car seat for my son.


  140. Jennifer Johansen :

    I’d choose Dora. Too bad there aren’t more female character options!

  141. I would definitely pick batman! My son would love it!

  142. I love that it has two reclining positions and can be used for up to 100 lbs! My daughter would love the Dora one!

  143. I would choose the BATMAN CAR SEAT.

  144. i learned that KidsEmbrace has a patent pending on a unique safety feature for children’s heads in the event of a sudden stop. I think we’d choose the batman style.

  145. cindy vickerman :

    Learned they have to be 1 yr old and 22 lbs to use, and it would be spongebob thanks to daddys influence.

  146. I want 1 for my baby his name is leonardo but we call him turtle soo I would like to know when & where can I buy a leonardo ninja turtle booster car seat @!?

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