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When you have a baby, diaper rash is almost inevitable at some time over the course of their diaper-wearing years. It seems as though some babies are more prone to it than others. If your baby struggles with diaper rash, I’ve got a diaper rash ointment for you to try out: Booty Goo.

According to Booty Goo, there are 3 main types of diaper rash (information sourced from the Skin Sake website):

Irritant Diaper Rash The most common type of diaper rash is the irritant rash. This is when the area affected is within the diaper. For instance, skin dermatitis on the thigh area is not considered an irritant type rash. Products containing zinc oxide should be able to address this problem because it will provide a barrier to allow healing. Causes of this type rash can include stool enzymes, soaps and detergents, and baby wipes.

Yeast Diaper Rash A yeast infection can also be the cause a diaper rash. Symptoms of this type include dry, reddish patches with defined edges, somewhat scaly or scab-like. Areas most susceptible to this type rash include the skin folds of the upper thigh. To treat a yeast infection rash, use a product with anti-fungal medication. Yeast thrives in warm, moist skin and should also be suspect when a diaper rash does not improve in a couple days from using an ointment for such. If the baby is, or has recently been, treated with antibiotics, this will increase the chances of a yeast infection as antibiotics reduce the body’s natural ability to fight infection by compromising the good bacteria.

Friction Diaper Rash Friction is also a type of diaper rash, although it originated from moisture. Skin wetness increases friction. Areas usually affected by friction are the waistband and elastic legs of the diaper, especially when they are too tight. When the skin layer is compromised, whether by friction or moisture, bacteria can enter the inflamed area causing an infection. This causes the treatment of common diaper rash to be more resistant.

Booty Goo Diaper Rash Ointment is formulated with high quality ingredients to not only treat diaper rash, but also to prevent future occurances. Features of Booty Goo include:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Aloe and vitamin E added
  • Repels wetness
  • Skin protectant
  • Non-greasy
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Get rid of diaper rash fast and keep it from returning


Don’t you want to try some of this for your baby? There is some in the mail for my son right now! I’m looking forward to its arrival!

Connect: Find out more about Booty Goo Diaper Rash Ointment by visiting their website. Then check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It: You can purchase Booty Goo directly from their website or at your local Walgreens for just $5.99. Click on this link to print out a $1 off coupon that can be used online or in stores! That means you can get it for less than $5 at Walgreens!

Win It: I’m giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 tubes of Booty Goo Diaper Change Ointment (3 winners, each receiving 1 tube)!


If you’d like to win, just enter using the easy Giveaway Tools entry form below. Giveaway open to residents the US, ages 18 years and older. This giveaway will end on 1/ 21/14 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.



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  1. I’d use this for my one year old daughter, when she does get a diaper rash I buy desitin and it is expensive and supposed to be a trusted brand but it does not work for her, I’d love to win this to see if it is the one that works for her!

  2. I just really want to try the Booty Goo Diaper Rash Ointment, I am always looking for a good diaper rash cream! The other products don’t really interest me, because I would never use them, but this product looks wonderful!

  3. I would like to try this product! I am due April 1st with my first baby, and am very excited. It would be used on her.

  4. I’d like to try along with the booty goo diaper change ointment, the skin sake ointment! There are a lot of things it could be used with.

  5. i’d like to win this for myself, we are trying to have another baby, or i might give it to my best friend who has a toddler.

  6. I would like to try the Skin Sake Athletic for Women Comfort Style! Also, booty goo is my new favorite term for diaper cream.

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