Shaving Cream Art

The weather is getting cooler here, which means we are spending a lot more time indoors.  My daughter is the kind of child who is not keen on entertaining herself. Although there are times that I insist she find something to play on her own, I also know that that is just her. She loves other people, wants to be with other people, and that is okay.  One of the things I like to do with her are crafts. I’m always trying to think of fun and exciting craft projects we can do together, so I thought I would try to start sharing them with you.
Today’s craft is Shaving Cream Art!
First, I’d like to start out by saying, if you play your cards right, this craft can keep your child busy (hopefully) for an hour or longer.  You will need one bottle of shaving cream (I just bought the cheapest I could find) and a container for the shaving cream (I used the bottom of the broiler pan for our stove). I also put a towel down on the table to make clean up a breeze.
First, start by filling the container with shaving cream, then let your child have at it! Maggie had fun building towers and things for quite a while, with the shaving cream alone. Once she started to get bored with that, I added in the next element: Hide & Go Seek in Shaving Cream. I found little items around the house (a spoon, cookie cutter, quarter, etc) and dropped them into the shaving cream. Then Maggie had to try to dig them out with her hands. She had a lot of fun playing that game!
Once she started to get bored with that, I brought out the paint. I added in a number of different colors of paint in long lines across the shaving cream, then I gave Maggie a butter knife and spoon and let her swirl them. Again, she had fun swirling the paint and spent a good bit of time mixing the colors everywhere. Lastly, I got out some white paper and let her press it lightly into the shaving cream. When you pull the paper away, the result is a colorful picture that your child will love! Maggie made a number of pretty pictures and then decided she was done….or so she thought.
So yes, as you can see by the pictures, she had it in her hair and on her clothes by the time she was finished, which was fine. I’d planned this on a day she already needed a bath, so when she was done, I whisked her, and her shaving cream, up to the tub. Once in the tub, she had more fun playing with the shaving cream in the water for probably another 20 minutes. Of course, all that paint and shaving cream in the water, she ended up needing fresh water to really clean herself once she was done playing, but she had a BLAST! Playing with shaving cream was a huge hit for her and something we will do again soon!

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9 comments on “Shaving Cream Art

  1. I've done shaving cream before with my boys, but I love all the elements you added: the hide and go seek, the paint, then bath fun! Gonna have to use this since it's started to get chilly!

  2. I've never actually tried it because I taught older grades, but I heard school teachers talk about using shaving cream to teach children to form letters on their desks. Fun and informative. AND it's actually a cleaner. Maybe next time you won't want to put so many towels down since it will clean your table better than you can!

  3. I forgot about shaving cream as a good option for playtime. It is fun to make it different colors and has such a neat feel to the little ones.

  4. I’ve also heard of using the shaving cream to paint the outsides of your windows in warm weather– then just spray it off with a hose to wash your windows.

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