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Disclosure: I (Viva Veltoro) was sent the Combi Coccoro free of charge in exchange
for publishing my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.  
Now that my little guy is turning one, it’s time to upgrade his infant car seat since it only accommodates a baby up to 30 inches tall.  Like most moms, safety is my absolute first thought when it comes to selecting a car seat, but space is also an issue.  I own a small SUV so I was looking for something compact but with extended rear facing capabilites – that’s when I found the Combi Coccoro!

I was sent the the Coccoro in Carrot Caketo review:

Weighing in at only 11 pounds, the Combi Coccoro is a lightweight and compact car seat that was designed to fit perfectly into smaller vehicles.  It’s just over 15 inches wide so it’s even possible to fit 3 Coccoro seats across the rear seat of a vehicle.

The Coccoro accommodates children rear facing from 3 to 33 pounds and forward facing from 1 year and 20 to 40 pounds, and those whose height is 40 inches or less.  It’s available in 5 fun colors (chestnut, key lime, carrot cake, licorice, and cherry pie).  I chose Carrot Cake and I love it!  The fabric is a two tone, waffle weave and the seat is cushioned for baby’s comfort.  There are even shoulder belt retainers (little loops on the sides of the seat to hold the shoulder harness straps out of the way) so you can get your child in and out of the seat easier!

The Combi Coccoro comes with two removable inserts so you can customize the seat to fit your child’s needs.  There is an infant headrest in coordinating waffle weave fabric with ties on the back that slip into the harness slots so you can adjust it upwards or downwards depending on your little one’s height.  There is also a Mommy’s Lap” insert that must be used for children less than 25 pounds to ensure proper harness fit.  You should discontinue the use of these inserts when your child’s shoulders are above the top shoulder strap slots when forward facing, or the shoulder straps become too short to fit your child. 

The Coccoro features a five point harness with a Tru-Safe® puzzle buckle for safety.  All elements must be aligned in order for the buckle to lock into place.  There is also a great color indicator that lets you know that you’re baby is safely buckled into the seat. 

The shoulder straps feature harness pads for baby’s comfort.  These harness pads may be a little long (depending on the age and height of your little one) but they are completely removable just by unthreading the straps and sliding the pads off.  I love having these pads since they are provided and approved by the manufacturer.  I haven’t been using strap covers with my infant seat and the straps often cut into my little guys tender neck leaving red marks.

Speaking of unthreading the shoulder straps, here is a look at the back of the seat: 

There is an access panel (harness cover) on the back of the seat that easily slips on and off to expose the metal harness plate.  This access panel also has great instructional photos of how the rear-facing shoulder belt should be positioned if you’re using that instead of the LATCH system.  Once you have exposed the metal harness plates, the straps can easily be adjusted by un-looping them, then threading them through the harness slots that are appropriate for the size of your baby.  There are four harness slots on the Coccoro.  They are positioned at 9 inches, 11 inches, 13 inches, and 15 inches up the seat back.

The bottom two harness slots are to be used when your child is rear facing ONLY.  The top two slots can be used either rear or forward facing.   You can see in the photos above that the seat back measures about 22 inches high, the width is just over 15 inches and the seat is 12 inches deep.

Adjusting the harness straps once they’re in the appropriate slots couldn’t be easier.  To loosen, just push down on the button (that’s hidden below the seat padding) and pull the straps outward.  To tighten, just pull the harness strap adjuster outward with one hand.  There is even a great little button on the end of the strap so it stays neatly in place.  With my previous seat, the adjuster strap just hung free and my little one would often grab ahold of it and suck/gnaw on it, which was a bit gross.

Let’s switch gears and talk more about the Coccoro’s safety features and installation.  Per Combi, the Coccoro features Tru-Safe® side impact protection with deep side walls and a layer of energy-absorbing foam to distribute crash forces away from your child’s head, neck and spine.”  

The seat can be installed using the LATCH system or your vehicle’s seat belt.  The instruction manual goes into great detail about how to install this car seat and there are even pictures on the seat itself about installation.  Combi makes it even easier for you by color coding the photos and components for installation (blue for rear facing and red for forward facing).  The Coccoro features rear-facing and forward-facing Lock-Offs to provide a tight installation.

The LATCH system on the Coccoro consists of a lower anchor belt with push-on connectors and a top tether strap that has a tether hook.  The LATCH straps for the Coccoro’s lower anchor belt are housed in a hidden pocket along the side of the seat.  They feature premium push-button LATCH connectors for safety and convenience.

The top tether connector strap allows for rear-face tethering (to stabilize the seat in case of a collision) if your vehicle has anchors installed.  This tether is housed in a pocket, at the top of the seat back.  This pocket also stores your instruction manual so you’ll always have it handy.

Here is a photo of my little guy in the seat prior to installation.  You can see that he looks happy and comfy.  I thought he might be too big for the Mommy’s Lap” insert (which must be used until your child is 25 pounds), but you can see in the photo that he fits in the seat perfectly.  He’s almost 12 months old, 30 inches tall and 23 pounds 8 ounces in these photos.  

I tried to install the Coccoro myself, using the LATCH system in the center of the backseat of my SUV, but wasn’t able to secure it properly.  I couldn’t get the LATCH belt tight enough and when I touched the back of the car seat it rocked forward really easily, even with a rolled towel in place at the front of the seat.

I contacted my local fire station and met with the Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician who helped me to install the Coccoro properly.  Turns out, I cannot use the LATCH system in the center of the back seat of my vehicle because the lower anchors are too far apart.  Thank goodness I brought it to the fire station and found this out!  We discussed moving the seat to the either one of the sides and using the LATCH system versus using the safety belt in the middle of the seat.  We agreed to use the safety belt in the center of the seat since that is the safest place for a baby to be seated.  She walked me through the whole installation process and we were able to get the seat in great position with the assistance of a rolled towel placed under the front of the seat to help with the alignment.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Combi Coccoro!  My little guy seems very content and has much more room in this seat compared to his previous infant seat.  I also love that we have plenty of room for growth since it accommodates children up to 40 inches and 40 pounds.  The Coccoro won’t take you all the way through childhood, but this is a great seat for those looking to buy only one seat for the first 3-4 years of your child’s life.

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Disclosure: Viva Veltoro received this product free of charge in exchange for her honest opinion.
No other form of compensation was received.   

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