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If you’re using the Internet, I have no doubt that you are also using search engines and Amazon. How would you like to make money off of your daily online activity? I just joined a new program that rewards me for my searches and I’m delighted to introduce this program to you today. This program was first started in the UK and launched in the US on May 13th.  It’s called Qmee and here’s what you need to know!

In order to earn money by using Qmee you’ll need to download their app–their FREE app. Qmee is currently invite only. So, what you’ll need to do first is register your interest at Qmee. (The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll get your invite–so do it now!) When they have an available registration code, it will be emailed to you and you can head over and sign up. The sign up was very easy. In less than 3 minutes I had entered my invitation code and email address, set up a password, and downloaded the Qmee app. You can also choose to sign-up with Facebook or Twitter.

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Now is where the money is made! Every time you search on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, or Bing, Qmee is right there with you. If Qmee has a relevant result, it will appear on your left sidebar, along with an icon letting you know how much money you will make by clicking on that result. For example, check out my search for “Kia Sorento”. You can see on the left side that a Qmee ad has popped up, along with the normal search results. 

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By clicking on the Qmee ad, I will have 7 cents deposited into my Qmee Piggy Bank. It’s really that simple! I just started using this service today, and as you can see, I’m already up to 20 cents.

Now yes, 20 cents is not going to buy you much, but let your cash build up for a month or so, and you’ll really have something there! Plus, you’re going to be making these searches regardless, why not at least make a little something from them!? When I’m ready to cash out, I can either have it transferred directly to my Paypal account or donate it to a charity.

You probably have a lot of questions about Qmee, so I’d suggest checking out their FAQ‘s. That will answer all of your questions, like “How much do I earn by clicking on a Qmee result,” “Is there a limit to what I can earn,” and even “What’s the catch? There’s no such thing as money for nothing…” since I know you’re all wondering that! (Hint hint–when you are clicking on the Qmee results, you ARE doing something, because you’re visiting the advertisers who are paying Qmee.)

I’m really excited to be earning money off of my searches, just another way I stay thrifty as a stay at home mom trying to pinch pennies! Check it out!

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