Zumu 3-in-1 Bike Trailer/Stroller/Jogging Stroller

Spring is finally here and this mama is LOVING it! It feels like we have been cooped up inside for months (probably because we have been!) and I’m so eager to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Last year at this time I was very pregnant, with my son arriving in May. Because he was just a newborn, we didn’t get to enjoy many outdoor activities last spring/summer, so we’ve vowed to make up for it this year!

I was recently sent the Zumu 3-in-1 Bike Trailer/Jogging Stroller/Stroller to review, and I was thrilled with the opportunity. This is just what our family needs for our adventures outside this spring/summer.

There’s a lot I have to tell you about the Zumu, so I’m going to dive right in!

This was my husband’s favorite part.  While setting it up, he marveled at just how easy it was!  He’s assembled a number of strollers in his day, and he was very impressed with just how easy the setup was for the Zumu. He kept saying “This is so easy,” and “Wow, I love this feature,” as he worked.

Not only is this stroller easy to set up, it is also very easy to take down. This is a valuable feature for anyone who needs to transport this stroller/bike trailer in a smaller vehicle.  The wheels quickly and easily pop off and on, as does the handle, then you can quickly collapse the stroller.  It does take longer to break down than your standard stroller, but it’s much quicker to take down than you would think just by looking at it.

Once you’ve got everything set up, you’re ready to go! There are some features that pertain to this bike trailer/stroller no matter which you’re using it as, and I’m going to talk about those first.

This trailer/stroller can seat up to 2 children (up to 100 lbs total, or 50 lbs per child). You’ll find (2) 5-point harnesses.  One feature I found really nice is that it’s also set designed to work well for just 1 child with a harness buckle located at the middle of the seat. I’m sure there are many times that we’ll use this with just one child, and the ability to let them sit in the middle, and still be buckled in securely, helps to distribute the weight evenly.

The back of the trailer/stroller has a large area for storage. We’re already planning a future bike ride that includes a stop for a picnic lunch during the next nice-weather weekend we have.  There is ample space in the back of the trailer for everything we will need.

Oh, and while I’m talking about storage, let me quickly point out that there are mesh pockets on both sides of the Zumu for your children to store their snacks and drinks. My daughter loves that!

The cover of the trailer/stroller allows you to completely enclose your children, which is great if it’s windy, cool, or raining.  Or, there’s a mesh flap to allow them to get some fresh air while being bug-free!  I am SO happy with this mesh feature. Last summer, we tried to take the kids for a walk along the river and the mosquitoes were so bad, weren’t able to walk long at all. There are also great side “windows” that are completely closed in, but still allow for your little ones to take in the scenery.

Zumu as a Stroller/Jogging Stroller:

If you want to use this as a stroller and/or jogging stroller, the first thing you will do is install the front wheel. It takes less than a minute to slide the wheel into place and secure it. Then, just add the push bar and you’ll be ready to go!

The push bar has a foam grip and a brake-bar within easy reach. When you pull the brake-bar, it causes 2 stamp brakes to slow and stop the back wheels. If you’d like to lock the brake in place, there is a red clip attached to the push bar that you hook onto the hand brake to keep it secured. Again, very easy to do!

This stroller handled jogging MUCH better than I did!  Unfortunately, since I’m so out of shape, I was winded after the first 3 minutes!  Pushing them in this stroller was a breeze though.  It provides a nice, smooth ride and it turns easily.  The brake is able to quickly stop the stroller, even while you’re jogging at a decent pace.  I’m definitely planning a new regimen of taking the kids out a few days each week to start getting into shape!

Zumu as a Bike Trailer:

Honestly, I was (and am) most excited about using the Zumu as a bike trailer. We live about 15 minutes from a great canal trail and love to take walks and bicycle rides on the trail whenever possible.  The Zumu bike trailer is going to be absolutely wonderful for this!

If you want to attach the Zumu to your bicycle, the first thing you’ll need to do is uninstall the front wheel (if it isn’t already). Next, install the large safety flag to increase your visibility.

The foldable hitch bar is attached underneath the body. Just pull it out, and attach to your bike with the included, small, black attachment piece. You can leave the small black metal adapter attached to your bike even when the trailer is not attached, for extra-quick installation.

The Zumu bike trailer has worked great for our family! It turns easily and rides smoothly.  Truly, I couldn’t ask for more! It’s everything we need and would want out of a bike trailer!

We are LOVING our new Zumu! While it might not be the first stroller I’d grab on a shopping trip to the mall, it IS the first stroller I grab for some outdoor time! If you have limited finances, this 3-in-1 truly does it all and could be the only stroller/jogger/bike trailer you would ever need to buy! The kids love being able to sit side-by-side and really enjoy jogging with Mommy and riding along as Daddy bikes!

Find out more about Zumu and stay up-to-date on Zumu news by following them on Facebook and visiting their website at www.ZUMUproducts.com.

The Zumu can be purchased at select Sam’s Club stores.  You can also purchase it at Amazon.com.

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7 comments on “Zumu 3-in-1 Bike Trailer/Stroller/Jogging Stroller

  1. hi I am looking to buy a zumu front wheel tyre or tube size 10*2.125 if you have any information or ph.# for Zomu pl. let me know

  2. I just read the article on the zuma because I have the opportunity to buy one second hand. Do you still love it? Has it held up over the years? Any tips or buyer-bewares when I go to look at it?

    1. Mine has held up great so far….we don’t get to use it as often as I’d like though. It’s just been hard to find the time to head out with the kids on the bikes. I guess it would just depend on the shape of the one you might purchase and how well it was cared for.

  3. Please tell me how to fold the Zumu bike trailer for easy storage. I keep seeing it says u can but I can’t figure it out.

    1. It should come with instructions on taking it apart again. We haven’t broken our down in a while because we use it a lot, so I’ll have to look at it again to figure it out. The wheels should come off.

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