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About the company: Lansinoh started just 25 years ago when a breastfeeding mom created her own pure lanolin nipple cream when she could not find any.  Today, all of their products are made by moms, for moms, and thought, care, and practicality is put into all their products.  They believe that when moms choose to breastfeed they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all the benefits of breastfeeding and make sure that baby feels the same way.  They create high-quality products moms want and can trust as they nurture babies and develop a bond.

I knew as soon as I found out I was expecting that I wanted to breasted. It wasn’t really a choice I had to make, it was just what was going to be. I knew I wouldn’t be working outside our home,  but I wanted to be able to pump some milk to keep in the freezer so when Andrew and I went out we could leave breast milk with our family who was watching her.  Lansinoh graciously sent me their BRAND NEW Affinity PRO Double Electric Breastpump for review. I was so excited about receiving this because Lansinoh is a trusted brand in our home.  The first thing I noticed was the awesome sticker that sealed the box.  It says, “Breastmilk, the gift that lasts a lifetime.”  It’s something so simple, but it means so much.

While I can’t speak on the difference between this and other pumps because it is the first time I used a pump, I can say that this one was extremely easy from set up to actually pumping. There were just a few steps to get this ready to go. It’s one of the simplest things I’ve ever had to assemble. Inside the box includes samples of Lansinoh lanolin cream, storage bags, and disposable pads.  I love that they include these so moms can get an idea of other amazing products Lansinoh has to offer. 

Since this is a double pump, there are two bottles that each hold 5 oz of milk. Each of the bottles come with a base to place them into so you don’t have to worry about them moving around a lot while you are pumping; however, the bases are also removable if you need to you the bottle right away. The bases also help to prevent spills. This was a huge benefit to me because I had dropped milk before and I don’t know who came up with the phrase “don’t cry over spilled milk”, because they obviously had never worked to produce milk and spilled it before. If you just want to store the bottles there are two lids the come with the kit that just screw on the top. And it’s also BPA free which is nice to know.

The flanges are perfect for a range of sizes and felt comfortable while I was using them.  There is a soft rubber lining to protect your breasts from becoming sore or irritated.

It’s easy to clean. It’s designed for maximum hygiene therefore milk never enters into the tubing so you don’t have to clean the tubing. Everything that does need washes is dishwasher safe saving you time and a headache from having to hand wash all the time.

The pump features an LCD Display screen that was very easy to read.  The picture below is an actual picture that I took, so just seeing how amazing it looks in a picture, should tell you how great it actually looks in person. It tells you different cycles that are available to pump, as well as a timer that keeps track of how long you have been pumping. The base unit works on electric or battery power which is amazing in case there is ever a power outage you are still able to easily pump. There are 3 different cycles that can be changed to meet moms needs best.  One amazing feature is that there is a 2 minute letdown phase before pumping which aids in helping to stimulate natural breastfeeding actions.  The pump actually isn’t that loud either which is great is you are a working mom taking the pump outside of the home around other people!

There is also a carry tote that comes with it is great for traveling and has so much additional room to hold storage bags. Disposable pads or anything else. It would be amazing if the bag (or they added an additional bag) was insulated so you didn’t have to worry about carrying something else if you pump at work in order to keep your milk cold.

I have actually not built up a stash at this point and the main reason is I’m just not comfortable letting anyone watch her so if I don’t have a stash no one can keep her!  One day I’ll let go of my reigns…maybe 😉

Lansinoh was also generous enough to provide me with a box of milk storage bags!  These bags are awesome!  Each box contains 25 bags in a larger resealable bag. Each bag measures and can hold 6 oz of milk.  There are labels at the top for date, amount, and more.  Bags have a double zipper seal, are BPA free, and leak-proof!  They easily laid flat in our freezer and allowed for multiple bags to be stacked.

In my opinion, there isn’t a better option for quality and price available on the market!  

BUY IT: Lansinoh makes amazing products designed with moms clearly in mind.  Not only is the Double Affinity Pro Breastpump amazing, but it comes at a price you just simply can’t beat — $149.99.  You can view the pump, storage bags, and all other products Lansinoh offers, as well are check out their store locator for where to buy HERE.

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