Strolling into Spring with the Boba 3G

It’s day 4 and we’re Strolling into Spring today with the Boba 3G!

I have learned a lot as a parent, first thing is that what works for one kid doesn’t work for all kids! With baby #1 I never used a baby carrier, with baby #2 I used one on a rare occasion, well with baby #3 one seemed very , very necessary!

 I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out some great Boba Products! I was able to choose a carrier, and I decided to go with Boba 3G in Tweet! This print is just too cute!!

  When my Boba first arrived I was so excited to try it out! We’ve had some pretty mild days this winter so we have been taking a lot of walks! My oldest loves to ride his scooter and my middle child really wants to ride his little bike, but the problem is I have to push him on it and I can’t do that & push baby girl in a stroller…so the younger two both end up in the stroller.  I don’t know who was more excited, me or him , that he was actually going to be able to ride his bike while I wore baby girl!!

  I was in love with this carrier immediately! It couldn’t of been easier to put on and get baby girl situated!! The sun was shining pretty bright this day so the little hood quickly became one of my favorite features!

Sweet baby girl was so cozy in her Boba that she was asleep less than 5 minutes into our walk! When we got home it was time to get my boys lunch, so I just let baby girl stay in the carrier. I honestly always thought it would be so hard to get stuff done while wearing a baby, oh I was so wrong! The Boba makes it so easy to just do life while staying close to baby! 
Before having the Boba I had also always heard that you can easily nurse your baby while using a carrier. I honestly thought this was CRAZY! So when baby girl woke up from her little nap I had to try to nurse her! First off, easy peasy! I simply lowered her a little bit by adjusting the straps and she was able to eat super easily, then I stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at every possible angle someone could view me from…you could not tell that I was feeding my baby!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! 
Another amazing feature about the Boba are the numerous pockets it has!  You can easily stash your keys, cell phone and even a little cash in your carrier to keep your hands free!!
I also was sent the Teething Pads. These things are great!! I kid you not that almost every time sweet girl is in the carrier she starts chewing on the straps! She is teething really bad right now so she always wants something in her mouth, and well I guess the Boba straps work great for her when she is being carried. ;-) The Teething Pads are easy to put on and take off so I can machine wash them to keep the germs away from her mouth! The fabric used to make them is Organic Cotton and free of dyes! I love this accessory!! 

 If you don’t babywear, I would highly recommend trying it and the Boba is a great place to start! I love how it has deepened the bond between baby girl and I! One of you will win your choice of Boba 3G Carrier AND a set of Teething Pads! Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this giveaway will remain open until Monday March 19th, Good Luck!!


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