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So you’re getting married, buying your first house, having a baby…what do those things have in common? Well, in many cases, when these events take place, people buy you gifts (yay, right?!) SO, you go out and set up a registry. 

Have you ever set up a registry before? I remember the first time I did it. I was registering for my baby shower for my daughter Maggie. I thought it would be SO much fun. Well, a half hour into it, I realized it was not as “fun” as I’d imagined. I started at Target, and although they had some of the things I wanted to register for, they didn’t have all of them. So then I went home and registered at Wal-mart…and then BabiesRus. It was a nightmare. We have family all over the country so while some had a BabiesRus close to them, others lived by Target. There are also some items that are exclusive to certain strores. By the time I finished registering I was frustrated with the whole process and swore I’d never even bother doing it again.
Apparently, (thankfully!) there was someone reading my mind and the minds of registry creaters everywhere! Finally, there is a registry service that allows you to put items on your registry from ANYWHERE! Let me introduce you to ThankYou Registry.

I just created a registry for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. Now when people ask me what she’d like this year, I can easily direct them to this site. I was able to put items from Little Tikes, Amazon, Step2, and Target websites quickly and easily onto the registry….and for FREE!

Here are the details of how this website works. You can list up to 10 gifts free (any gifts, from any site, anywhere). After that, if you’d like to list more gifts, you can upgrade your account. To list 10 extra gifts, the cost is $19.95 or you can upgrade to an unlimited number for $49.95.

With ThankYou Registry, you can also give your friends and family the option to gift you cash (there is a small fee for this option), or for higher priced items (I’d really like to get Maggie one of those blow up bounce houses this year) people can chip in together towards a gift!

It takes about 60 seconds to sign up for an account, and then you’re ready to start adding items from anywhere online.

Here’s a screen shot of part of the registry I made for her:

ThankYou Registry is SO easy to use and such a great idea! I will never again register for items at another site.  If you have a big event coming up, check out ThankYou Registry before you try any other sites. I know a lot of you mamas are expecting right now; this will take the headache out of registering for you!

Find out more about ThankYou Registry by visiting their website, “liking” them on Facebook, or following them on Twitter. 

ThankYou Registry has offered to give away 5  free upgraded registries. That would include all upgrades: list an unlimited number of gifts and Guests choosing to contribute through ThankYou wont be charged any Thankyou Service Fee on their contributions.

If you’d like to win, just enter using the easy Rafflecopter Entry form below. Good luck!


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