Habé Naturals Acne Treatment

I have always had horrible problems with acne, even into my late 20’s. I have tried all kinds of remedies and even if they worked for a little while it would always come back after a few weeks of using the product. I was pretty excited to try something more natural!

Habé Naturals Acne Treatment provides you with an effective natural solution to your acne problem without harsh side effects that you get from other acne products. Their natural acne treatment does not contain bleach or other chemicals that are harmful to your skin. They use only 100% natural ingredients that your body recognizes and are manufactured by an herbal products company that has been in business over 70 years.

The Kit includes:

·         15 ml Topical Acne Solution

·         100 Vegetarian Capsules

·         Tips to Better Skin Guide

It was pretty easy to use the kit that Habé Naturals sent me to try out. You take 2 all-natural herbal capsules 3 times a day with plenty of water (16oz.). It was so nice to see that there were only a few ingredients in the capsules and that they were such natural ingredients and not a long list of scientific sounding chemicals. I was a little overwhelmed with taking 6 of them a day so I usually only took 4 daily but even then I noticed that my skin wasn’t as oily as it usually was and I wasn’t breaking out as bad as usual.
My favorite part of the kit is honestly the Topical Acne Solution. I have used other ones that are astringents and they just leave your skin dry and feeling like it is on fire and smell awful! Habé Naturals solution does tingle just a little bit but it didn’t give my skin a burning feeling. I love that it soaked right into my skin quickly and it smelled so fresh and citrusy.

With both products used together this kit works great and I don’t feel like I am polluting my body with nasty chemicals and ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Overall I was impressed by how good and healthy the products made my skin feel.

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HabéNaturals is giving one lucky reader one of their awesome Herbal Acne Kits!

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