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We are a big dessert loving family! However, I don’t make a ton of desserts because well…we don’t need all of the extra calories, and we don’t like wasting food , and if I bake a cake typically half of it will end up in the trash because our family just doesn’t go through it quickly enough. So normally I end up just making cookies because they are an easy grab dessert and tend to stay fresh longer. But sometimes there are occasions that call for a yummy special dessert!!

 I was very excited when I was given the chance to try out some wonderful cakes from Galaxy Desserts right before Valentines  Day! My hubs and I had planned a fun night of making dinner together once the kiddos were in bed and I was thrilled to know that we would have some fabulous desserts to enjoy together at the end of our dinner 🙂

 I was sent a box of 6 Mousse Cakes, 2 each of the Chocolate Ribbon Mousse Cake, the Grand Sequoia Mousse Cake and the Triple Mousse Cake.  First let me say these cakes arrived with great timing! I chose the day I wanted them to arrive and they were here by noon that day! This was plenty of time for me to take the ones we were going to eat later that day out of the box, unwrap them and put them in the fridge to thaw out.

  After our fabulous Valentines Day Dinner of scallops in prosciutto , polenta and arugula (wanna see a pic??)

We were so eager to try out these desserts!!

First these things looks so pretty!! Don’t they? I mean really, they just look elegant so they already were the perfect start to the end of a great meal.  So the hubs and I began to dig in and OH MY,these were incredible!! Really we didn’t need to sit and eat all 3 of these, but we ended up justifying it because they are a smaller dessert 😉  They were just so good!
The hubs and I both agreed that the Triple Mousse Cake was our favorite! It was so light and fresh, really AH-mazing! I am drooling a bit just remembering how fantastic it was!! Now the hubs and I DID NOT agree on our 2nd favorite, which was ok because that just meant we each got more of the one we enjoyed the most 😉 Secondly the hubs liked the Chocolate Ribbon Mousse Cake which is a Saboyan chocolate mousse cake with whiskey in the ribbon. Neither of us drink , and we both agreed the whiskey taste was very very subtle! For me I really enjoyed the Grand Sequoia Mousse cake, this is a bittersweet chocolate with orange & again the orange is very mild, but SO yummy!!

  I really would eat them all again! They were delicious, and of course so easy since all you need to do is keep them in the freezer until you are ready to eat them, they only need about 2 hours to thaw. 🙂  You can purchase these yummies and many more on the Galaxy Desserts website and one of you will win the same box of desserts we tried out.

 Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, I will leave this open until Tuesday March 19th. Good Luck!!


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