How To Make Your Own UnPaper Towels

So cool! Make your own UnPaper Towels!

Perhaps you have heard of unpaper towels and have wondered what they are? Unpaper towels work just like the paper towels used in the kitchen and for cleaning but are made of cloth. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by paper towels. Unpaper towels can be used like paper towels but when you are done you just have to wash and dry them and they are ready to be used again!

Here I’ll show you how to make your own unpaper towels! It’s not too hard – you can do it!

You will need

  • 1 ½ yards of flannel / ¾ of each fabric if I want two different colors
  • 1 ½ Yards terry cloth / ¾ of each fabric if I want two different colors
  • 24 snap sets
  • Snap Pliers
  • Pins
  • Scissors / rotary cutter
  • Something to mark fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • A pencil or stick
  • An empty paper towel roll

Now you are ready to start!

1. Wash and iron the fabric before cutting.

2. Cut 13×13 inch squares of each fabric, 12 of each or 6 if you’re using two different colors. You can mark the fabric to know where to cut with scissors or to know where to put the ruler when using a rotary cutter.

3. Now separate the fabric into pairs, one terry cloth with one flannel. Put the right-side of the flannel facing the terry cloth.

4. Secure the fabric together with pins in each corner and in-between the corners so it does not move while you sew. You may want to use more pins if it is easier for you.

5. Adjust your machine as you like for straight seams. Here is how I have it set.

6. Sew around the fabric, leaving an open space between where you start and stop for when you have to turn them right side out. I sew by lining up the edge of the sewing foot with the edge of the fabric. When you reach the corners make them squared.

7. With scissors cut the corners of the squares without cutting the thread. This helps so that the corners are not bulky.

8. Now turn the squares right-side out through the opening you left.

9. Push the corners into points using a pencil or stick.

10. Sew around the edge of the towels.

11. Sew a line from one corner to the other dividing the towel. This helps the towel maintain its shape when you wash it.

12. Put snaps in the corners of the towel. Make sure you face them the right way so that the towels can snap together.

13. Roll the towels onto an empty paper towel roll.

Now put them where you normally put your paper towels and they are ready to use!



You can read more from Raquel (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.


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7 comments on “How To Make Your Own UnPaper Towels

    1. I keep a small basket under one of my cabinets for any laundry from downstairs (unpaper towels, dirty washcloths, hand towels, etc) then take it up to wash once or twice a week.

  1. Thanks for the great step-by-step picture show. I have been thinking about making a set of these and trying to decide if I should bother with snaps or just put them in a drawer.

  2. Are these hard to wash? What sort of mess do you use them for? I use paper towels for disposable mess like vomit that needs to be got rid of asap. (As well as normal kitchen stuff). Or do u only just use on small spills etc?

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