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If you’ve got kids, you know that the expression–they grow up way too fast–is oh so true! I can’t believe that my daughter is 2 already!! Time is just flying by and she’s growing faster than I can keep up with her! Last year, in preparation for this year’s summer I bought her clothes off of the clearance rack–2T. Only thing is, she is a petite, tiny little thing and still fits pretty well in her 18 month outfits and is just now starting to fit into some of her 24 month size clothes. I’m pretty concerned now that the 2T outfits I got her are not going to fit her this summer–and then by next summer she’ll be into 3T and they still won’t fit. I spent all this money hoping to save money this summer, but will now probably end up spending MORE money in the long run having to buy her smaller clothes now, and the 2T summer clothes I purchased going to waste. *sigh* Has this ever hapenned to you with kids clothes?

The Bundle Borrow is a brand new solution to help deal with several age old problems parents face with their ever-growing children. The Bundle Borrow is a subscription based, baby clothing rental service that ships new & gently used baby clothes straight to your door. Think of them as personal shoppers that find out your favorite brands, colors and styles of baby clothing and create the perfect “Bundle” just for you! They pre-wash all their clothing in organic laundry detergent so they are ready for your lil one to wear right out of the bag! You are able to keep the clothing as long as you want, then when your baby grows out of them, the seasons change, or you just want new styles, pack them up and send them back using a pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label provided and they’ll send you another Bundle! It’s kinda like Netflix for kids clothes!

Subscribers can also use The Bundle Borrow as an online clothing consignment shop with a twist! You can trade in your child’s unwanted but “gently” used clothing in exchange for credits toward additional items of clothing to add to your monthly Bundle!

The Bundle Borrow is a group of individuals hoping to influence our society to GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY. Smart consumers realize there are more economical and environmentally friendly options out there than buying brand new clothing every time their baby has a growth spurt. The number of clothing a child goes through in their first year alone is astonishing! By allowing a number of families to borrow clean, stylish, acceptable clothing we offer a new option for recycling, reusing and revamping children’s wardrobe.

We can be very wasteful as a society, so wasteful that the average American throws away over 68 pounds of clothing per person per year! That is a LOT of clothing! Right now, Americans only purchase around 10 pounds of used clothing per year! The Bundle Borrow wants to help raise that number and be environmentally friendly together, so our children can enjoy the home we all share for years to come. In our ultra consumer society, they want to help provide better examples and better habits for our children. With their service, you still get the satisfaction of having “new” things every month but the reward of knowing that you aren’t just helping your family–you are helping many families!

Social responsibility is a key part of their business, even if it is less profitable. There’s a bigger picture and much bigger reward we get when we know we are behaving ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues,and THAT is what The Bundle Borrow is all about!

Just because they care about helping parents save money does NOT mean they don’t care about style! Check out some of their beautiful baby clothes! .

They have all my favorite brands: Carter, OshKosh, Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Ralph Lauren, and more!

Their service JUST launched! You can check them out at Visit their social media sites as well: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

One of my lucky fans has the opportunity to WIN a free 30-day subscription to The Bundle Borrow’s “10 to Use Again” Bundle! This Bundle includes 10 outfits in the style and size of your choice, pre-washed in organic laundry detergent and sent straight to your door. The price for this subscription is  $34.99/Month but the actual “value” is over $125 for this Bundle size. The winner will be able to keep the clothing for a trial period of 30 days. When your trial ends, just send them back with their pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label included in your Bundle. Typically you would be able to keep the clothes for as long as you want; however, for this giveaway you are not on an actual rental plan; therefore, in order to keep them longer or trade them in for new things just let them know you’d like to subscribe!

Right now, the Bundle Borrow is only offered to residents of the following states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland, but this giveaway is open to everyone in the Continental US! They hope to expand after the summer!!
If you’d like a chance to win, just fill out the easy Rafflecopter entry form below. Don’t see it? Click “read more” to bring it up! Good luck!

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