American Country Designs Wet Bag Review and Giveaway

It feels like forever since I’ve had a cloth diaper related review/giveaway on here! I know it really hasn’t been that long, but they are some of my favorite to do, so when I go a couple of weeks without, I start feeling sad!

I’m extra excited this time because I’m reviewing a wet bag! I haven’t done a wet bag review in a while! I currently own 3 wet bags. 1 of those wet bags is a pretty well-known brand–and I really dislike the bag. The zipper has never zipped well and after owning it less than 2 years it is REALLY starting to fall apart. It’s not like I use the bag every day either. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks. The 2nd bag I own is okay. Certainly not my favorite pattern and the hook on it does not have a snap, so I can’t hook it to the outside of my diaper bag–which is what I like to do. My 3rd and final other wet bag is a WAHM-made wet bag that I really like! It’s held up great through many washing but it is on the smaller side AND a girly print.

With a little boy on the way, I knew that not only did I need a bigger wet bag with 2 in diapers, but I also needed a bag with a print appropriate for a little boy. American Country Designs sent me one of her Large wet bags in the “Beep Beep” print and I LOVE it!

Let me start out by saying when I say large, I mean large! I was able to fit ALL of these diapers inside of this bag. There are 14 diapers there that are One-Size pocket diapers.  This is just the size I need for our all-day excursions!

One of the new things I’ve started doing is hanging a wet bag on the gate at the bottom of our staircase, then I keep a handful of clean diapers downstairs. This saves me from walking up and down the stairs over and over all day to change diapers. This wet bag is the perfect size to hang off of my gate to store a full days worth of diapers.

American Country Designs offers wet bags in sizes small (11×11, $13.95), medium (14×14, $16.95) and large (17×17 $19.95)

American Country Designs wet bags are cute and easy to carry and store all your wet items. Their wet bags have a waterproof liner made from PUL or Procare with sealed seems to prevent the escape of moisture and odors.  All bags have a snap strap handle to attach to your stroller, diaper bag, door knob, hook, etc. The American Country Designs Wet Bag is a necessity for cloth diapering but can be used for so many other uses such as wet clothes, potty training accidents, trips to the beach, wet swimsuits, gym/yoga clothes, make-up and any other wet item(s).

I’ve had this wet bag for about 2 weeks now and I’m really pleased with it so far! I’d love to get a few more wet bags from American Country Designs and would definitely recommend her work to friends, family, and you! Check her out on Facebook and at Etsy!

Could you use a wet bag? One of my blog readers is going to be lucky enough to win a 50% off coupon to use on a wet bag of his/her choice from American Country Designs!!

If you’d like a chance to win, just fill out the easy Rafflecopter entry form below. Don’t see it? Click “read more” to bring it up! Good luck!

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