Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Review and Giveaway

It was almost 65 degrees outside yesterday and today its supposed to hit 70! I am SO excited!! Maggie and I are going to be heading outside shortly to go for a nice long walk with her new Wagon for 2 Plus PINK wagon from Step2!!

We–well Daddy, with the “help” of Maggie, set her wagon up about a week ago, and Maggie has wanted to take daily walks in it since. Now that the weather is warming up, we can really enjoy those walks!

The wagon was pretty easy to set up–even with Maggie wanting to put the wheels on herself and then climbing in and out, in and out, in and out while Daddy worked.  You know how that goes! Even with her help, it took my husband less than 15 minutes to get it all put together. Watch the wagon come together:

The day the wagon was put together it was very sunny outside, but COLD and windy! That didn’t keep Maggie from wanting to try it out! We bundled her up and took her out for a walk and she loved it! When Daddy and I were frozen to the bone, she was still begging to walk longer.

One of the things we love about this wagon is that the handle folds up underneath the wagon. This makes it easy to take in our van. We packed it up and took her for a walk along the Potomac river yesterday and she had a blast! I have a feeling that this wagon is going to be well traveled over the next few year!

Maggie loves the storage compartment that is under one of the seats. She has been using it to store books to read on her walks! It’s a great place for storing extra snacks, drinks, sunscreen, you name it! The wagon also has 2 cup holders! I don’t know how your child is, but Maggie seems to always be thirsty and asking for a drink cup!

Some other great features of this wagon is that it comes with seat belts, a door that is easy to open and close, drain holes for rainy days, and of course, since it’s made by Step2 is it very durable!

Lastly, many of you know that we are are adding a little BOY to our family in just a few weeks. I was excited to find out that you can purchase a “Tag Along Trailer” to connect to this wagon! The Tag Along Trailer is Green, so next summer when our little boy is old enough to ride with his sister, we can add the trailer for him!

Maybe you don’t have a little girl, so a pink wagon is not what you’re looking for. Don’t worry–Step2 sells a wagon identically to this one in two other colors: Willow Green and Denim Blue! Here is what the green wagon looks like, with the optional Tag Along Trailer!

The Pink Wagon for Two Plus is available exclusively at ToysRUs for $79.99! The Willow Green and Denim Blue Wagons are available at for $69.99.

I’m so excited today to offer a giveaway of the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus to one of my readers. The winner of this giveaway will be able to choose the Pink wagon OR the Willow Green wagon!

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