Denise Austin’s Newest Workout DVDs

I was recently sent Denise Austin’s  most recent DVD releases: Shape Up & Shed Pounds and Sculpt and Burn Body Blitz. Here’s some info about these DVDs:
America’s favorite fitness leader has the formula for pure fat-burning fun with the DVD and Digital Download release of Denise Austin: Shape Up & Shed Pounds. Denise Austin helps fans kick-start their weight loss goals with low-impact cardio and total body toning moves that are perfect for beginners.  Denise Austin: Shape Up & Shed Pounds also includes custom workout and music-only options.
  • Low-Impact Cardio (30 minutes): Mambo, power walk and kick yourself fit with fun, heart- pounding moves that boost the metabolism in a total-body workout that’s easy on the joints.
  • Stretch & Tone (20 min): Sculpt a leaner, firmer more flexible body with yoga leg trimmers, core exercises, plank variations and more that reshape the legs, buns, waistline, arms and shoulders. A mat is recommended for these exercises.
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION– Sculpt & Burn Body Blitz

Forget the “blah” and bring on the “Blitz!” This September, Lionsgate presents the brand new workout DVD from America’s favorite fitness leader, Denise Austin: Sculpt & Burn Body Blitz. A high-intensity cross-training cardio workout, Austin takes the very best training methods to sculpt lean muscle in all the right areas. Each powerful workout – including mixed martial arts, athletic conditioning, cardio sculpt and kettlebell-inspired moves – helps to boost metabolism to dramatically reshape your body in just 30 days.  Denise Austin: Sculpt & Burn Body Blitz also includes custom workout and music-only options.
  • Warm-up (5 minutes): Ignite your metabolism and condition your muscles from every angle with athletic moves that get your body ready to burn.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (10 minutes): Jab the flab and chisel a champion physique with explosive kick boxing moves, power jacks, ab-blasting twists and more.
  • Athletic Conditioning (10 minutes): Train like an athlete and score big with classic sport drills and new interval training tricks that shed serious fat and sculpt strong muscles.
  • Kettlebell-Inspired (10 minutes): Swing, chop and twist your way to a trim and toned body using a single weight and controlled momentum for amazing results.
  • Cardio Sculpt (10 minutes): Double your burn with dynamic combo moves that integrate cardio and strength training to blast several muscle groups at once for a total-body blitz.
  • Cool Down (5 minutes): Release muscle tension and slowly lower your heart rate with critical stretches that calm the mind and reward the body.

An innovator in fitness, Denise Austin is spokeswoman for Skechers Shape-Ups, and has sold more than 25 million workout units (DVD and VHS).

What I Thought:

I have exercised to Denise Austin for years–way back when I was watching her on VHS!! I always find her exercises challenging yet easy enough to follow along, get my heart rate up, and get me the exercise I need! Of all the exercise DVDs I’ve tried over the years, I always come back to Denise Austin as my favorites, and these are no exception. Of the two DVDs, my favorite has been the Sculpt and Burn Body Blitz DVD. I love the mixed martial arts workout–so if you can only afford one, I’d say to go with that one.  You can buy either of these DVDs for less than $10 now at!

*This is not a paid posting. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review items.*


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