Gabby Wren Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

We’ve got a new cloth diaper in our house–you know that makes me happy!! It’s from Gabby Wren Cloth Diapers and it’s SO cute! Have a look:

Now, I know you’re thinking–wait, don’t you have a GIRL?! Yes, I have a girl and she is dinosaur obsessed! She must get it from her father, who also loves dinosaurs. When I saw this diaper on Gabby Wren’s page, I knew without a doubt that Maggie would love it. She was SO excited when she saw it and wanted to wear it right away. Ever since we’ve had this diaper, if she sees it in her clean diaper drawer, she asks for it. It is the only diaper she has ever asked for! I’m not quite sure if the reason she loves it the most is due to the dinosaurs or the super soft inner liner. Whatever the reason is, she’s loving her new dino diaper!

So, it passed the first test–the Maggie approval test. But, what about how it works, right? Well, first, let me show you how you change the size. This diaper comes with 2 sizes/snap settings. This is the diaper on the smaller setting:

These diapers are different from the other diapers I’ve tried when it comes to changing the setting. I’m going to try to explain how you change the size as best as I can. (It will probably come across sounding a lot harder than it actually is) If you are like me, you are used to the snap-down settings that are on the front of the diaper to change the size. With these diapers, the top flap that you see above is actually snapped onto the diaper right now.  When you are ready to make this diaper bigger (which is the setting I’m using right now for Maggie) you unsnap it and then turn that top row basically inside out. Inside snaps are hidden by a fold over flap of minky so they do not irritate bigger babies. When you have done so, the diaper will then look like this:

Here is what the inner pocket looks like:
As I said, I think when you read that it might sound a lot harder than it really is–I promise, it’s super easy to figure out! I really like it too! I have officially been converted over to this new way of diaper sizing!!  It keeps your diapers looking really nice and not showing all those extra snaps down the front. If however you are intimidated by this, have no fear–Gabby Wren Cloth Diapers has just started to offer a snap-down rise on custom orders.

So, now that I’ve got the snap settings explained, let me tell you about the other features. These diapers are designed to fit most babies from 10-35 lbs. Diapers from Gabby Wren consist of a cotton print outer, stay dry minky inside, with a hidden layer of PUL.   The inner fabric is SO soft. It is by far the softest inner cloth diaper fabric we’ve tried. The pocket on this diaper is VERY easy to stuff because it opens down the middle. I haven’t had any problems with the Zorb II insert agitating free during the wash either–and I have had issues with that with some of my other pocket diapers. I’ve also found that the Zorb II insert if very absorbent. I haven’t had any leaks from this diaper yet!

I’m loving our new diaper from Gabby Wren! I want more!! You will be amazed at all the cute fabric choices that Gabby Wren has to offer! There are SO SO many prints that I want to get!! Not only does Gabby Wren make cloth diapers, but you can also purchase Mama Cloth from her! I swapped some blog ad space for a set of her mama cloth and although I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, I’m excited to have them for postpartum!
After visiting her Facebook page and Hyena Cart store, I know you’re just dying to try a diaper yourself! Here’s your chance to win a diaper! The winner of this giveaway will can pick any instock diaper or a custom! Use the easy entry form below to enter. Good luck!

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