Preppy Personals Review and Giveaway!

Company Overview:

Preppy Personals is about everything we love…all things preppy, and all things personalized.

Products (everything personalized!):

Nursery art, children’s art, stationary, invitations, announcements, gift packages and more.

About Preppy:

“On The Day You Were Born Prints” were created and designed last year after the birth of my daughter while I was a stay at home mom. After previously working and designing invitations, stationery and announcements for over 5 years, I decided to create a keepsake about my little one’s entry into this world and frame it. I received such a positive response from friends that I began creating these special prints as gifts for my friends’ children and it took off from there…retailing in many of my favorite preppy stores around the area, reaching the tiniest members of preppy nation around the U.S.

When approached about what I make for older kids, I thought about my passion for teaching and education and created “alphabet soup” prints. I loved the idea of using the ABC’s to help kids identify letter/sound recognition and an object that corresponds.

Most importantly, I love the feeling of creating a piece of art that makes every child’s room unique and preppy!

Visit me on facebook and become a fan! Each day preppy showcases a special little one on their fan page wall!

What We Reviewed:

Preppy Personals sent Maggie an “Alphabet Soup” Print-Small ($60 Value)  and an “On the Day You Were Born” Print-Large ($80 Value). Have a look:

What We Thought:

Maggie absolutely loved the Alphabet Soup print! The minute she saw it she asked for it and then wanted to carry it all over the house. I let her for a few minutes, figuring she’d get tired of it…but she didn’t. I finally just took it away from her because I was afraid of her cracking the glass–she was not all too pleased with me! It is rather cute and I totally understand why she loves it so much! We decided to put that one up on the wall by her changing table.

The “On the Day You Were Born” print is just so sweet! When I talked to Preppy Personals, I gave her all of Maggie’s details and told her that her bedroom was headed towards a princess theme. This print fits in perfectly with her room! I love that it shares all the sweet details of her birth. We decided to put this print on her bookshelf and I really like it there!

Preppy Personals also sent us 3 sweet “Maggie” cards. They are really cute! Yesterday was Grandparents day and I let Maggie use one of them to “write” a sweet card to her Grandparents.

Both of these prints arrived at my house heavily wrapped in bubble wrap and the shipping time was quick! I couldn’t be happier with these prints and I’m so proud to display them in Maggie’s bedroom! Check out Preppy Personals on Facebook and see what she can do for you! Click here to visit her Facebook page!

Win It!

One lucky Thrifty Nifty Mommy Reader will win their own Alphabet Soup or On the Day You Were Born Print (winner’s choice!!)  Just use the easy entry form below to enter. Good luck!


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