Tender Tushies Cloth Diapers Review and Giveaway

Fluff lovers get ready! I’ve got another review and giveaway for you from Tender Tushies Cloth Diapers!

Tender Tushies is a Maple Ridge, British Columbia based company that strives to provide cloth diapers for every budget!

Tender Tushies sells 2 types of diapers. The first diaper is a one size fits all pocket diaper. The outer pul material has a slight stretch to help hug in all the right places and also has the extra thigh snap for a stay put fit around babies leg. The inner lining of the diaper is made of a soft micro fleece that helps wick away moisture and keeps tushies dry. The insert is 5 layers of absorbent microfibre. These diapers are a breeze to use, machine wash, machine dry! Sold in a variety of colors.

The second type of diaper they sell is a super soft blend of organic cotton and bamboo. The inserts are made of 5 layers 2 bamboo, 3 microfibre. This diaper is ultra thin but extra absorbent.

I was sent one of each of these types of diapers to try out. This was my first experience with a bamboo diaper and I LOVE it! The  insert is soft and so much thinner than the typical microfibre insert. This of course makes the diaper a lot trimmer on my girl. It also absorbs really well! I really liked the way this diaper felt on the outside as well. The fabric feels like a well-loved tshirt–so soft! You can see the bamboo diaper on the left side of the above and below pictures.

I was also sent a diaper with a microfibre insert. This diaper worked great as with, with just slightly more bulk than the bamboo diaper. I can happily recommend both to my fans!

You’ll see a $3 price difference between the microfibre and bamboo diapers. If your budget allows, I’d say take the splurge and go for the bamboo diapers!  Because the bamboo diaper only costs $12, it’s still a better deal than more diapers out there on the market! If you’re short on cash, the regular microfibre diaper is a great choice as well.

If you decide to use either of these diaper for a nighttime diaper, you will most likely need to double up on the inserts, but for daytime use I had no problems with fit/leaks!

Tender Tushies also sent me one of their wetbags to try out. My favorite thing about these wetbags is that they have 2 separate zippered compartments. I can put clean diapers in the front, and put the dirty diapers in the back pocket. The only thing I’d change about this bag is the handle. I wish that it had a snap on it so I could hook it to my diaper bag. At only $10 for a medium sized bag (I can fit 5-6 dirty diapers in this bag) it’s a great buy as well!


Visit Tender Tushies HERE and check out their selection! You can also find them on Facebook!


Tender Tushies is going to give one of my readers their own microfibre diaper! You pick the color/print! Just fill out the easy entry form below!

*This is not a paid posting. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review and giveaway items.*


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