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I own a few different Oh Sew Green items now and I love them all! The very first item I ever received from Oh Sew Green was an assortment of felt foods that I got for my daughter for Easter (yes, you are seeing an Easter kitty in that basket–my daughter is way into kitties, so we figured, why not!) . They are all SO cute! My absolute favorite item was the chicken with removable wings and legs. I also love the banana with removable peel.  All of these felt foods have been a big hit with my daughter though and her guests! She really loves the bag! She has fun stuffing it full of food and sharing it with our dogs. We play with this food on a daily basis!

Racheal at Oh Sew Green recently sent me a cloth diaper to review and it’s Oh Sew Cute! Even my husband said so! It is a tie-die patterned, AI2, sized diaper.  Right off the bat, I can tell you that I love how trim this diaper is!  So many of my daughters diapers fit her, but on her tiny petite body look SO BIG. This diaper fits her really, really well and doesn’t look too much bigger than a ‘sposie under her shorts.

One of the unique things about her AI2 diapers is the soaker. She uses a quality prefolds (not the Gerbers!) and then sews a stay-dry fleece layer on top, in the middle (see picture below!). I wasn’t sure at first how this would work for us. I used prefolds for the first couple of weeks with Maggie when I started cding and wasn’t too impressed. I had SO many leaks. I think it was just because I didn’t know how to get them on right, or had a cover that wasn’t as good. Whatever the reason was, I haven’t had any problems with this diaper. I’ve had great absorbency and no leaks. In fact, she wore the diaper today for over 2 hours without the slightest of leaks.

When I look for a good cloth diaper, I look for 3 things. One–cuteness, I can’t help it, I want me diapers to look sweet. Two–Trimness, I want them to not add a lot of bulk, Three–leak protection–really, who doesn’t want that?! My diaper from Oh Sew Green passed all three tests with flying colors! We really love it and I’m sure this diaper will be found in my dirty diaper basket a LOT because I plan on using it all the time!

(Yes, I realize this picture is a blur–this is my daughter when I try to get any pictures usually these days–she takes off running!)

I thought I’d take a picture to just to demonstrate how trim this diaper is. This is the diaper next to a FuzziBunz One size on the setting I use for my daughter. Big difference! The one size diapers are nice because of the fact that they can be worn as your child grows, but these sized diapers are SO nice because of the fit! And, at only $13 a piece plus shipping, you can afford to buy sized diapers! I’m already planning on getting some XS sized diapers from her whenever we get around to baby number 2!

If you’d like to win a diaper from Oh Sew Green, you’re in luck! She has a Newborn fitted diaper in my big July giveaway! Click here to go to the giveaway and enter. You also have a chance to win a set of bibs from her in my Girl’s Giveaway AND Boy’s Giveaway!

Besides making felt food and cloth diapers, you can also purchase un-paper towels, reusable snack bags, cloth trainers, and mama cloth from Oh Sew Green, all at GREAT prices! Visit her on Facebook today!

I also have 2 trainers from Oh Sew Green. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, (we went on vacation and had so much going on, I sorta fell off the potty training bus)  but I’m hoping next week we can hit potty training hard again!

*I was not paid for this review. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review diaper.*


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